Reader invites Tulare residents to join Caring Cause Facebook group

Letter to The Editor:

As the founder of Caring Cause, I realize the majority of Tulare residents aren’t aware of our Facebook Group. Therefore, I’d like to tell the community a little bit about Caring Cause and invite them to join.

Originally, the name of our group was Caring Cause – Stop Neglect at Tulare Public Cemetery and was formed on July 5, 2016. Back then the cemetery grounds were in deplorable conditions and each time I visited the cemetery it seemed things had just deteriorated even more since my previous visit. Finally, I decided something had to be done and Caring Cause was formed. In less than a month we had over 400 members who shared the same concerns and now we have over 1,700 members.

On July 21, 2016 myself and other members of Caring Cause attended the first of many Board of Trustees meetings to express various issues concerning the maintenance of the cemetery grounds such as: Dead lawn in large areas of the cemetery, lack of proper mowing and edging, neglected shrubs and shrubs, broken and chipped headstones and sinking graves (a list of 13 graves were reported at this first meeting).

While Caring Cause was formed due to the neglect of the grounds, eventually it was discovered the office was also lacking in various areas such as: There were no By-Laws, no employee job descriptions and no modernization of bookkeeping and payables which was being done manually.

Since the formation of Caring Cause many improvements to both Kern and North Cemeteries have been made along with improvements in the office. While we believe Caring Cause was instrumental in achieving these improvements nothing would have changed without the efforts of the Board of Trustees (some past and current) and the hardworking cemetery crew so a big thanks to all for your efforts! Due to these improvements the name of Caring Cause was changed to: Caring Cause – Support Tulare Public Cemetery.

Caring Cause ha generally had a good relationship with most of those that have or do serve on the Boar of trustees. Although in February two disturbing issues occurred…one was receiving a private message from a trustee stating “You just put the final nail in the coffin of CC”. Then a few days later another trustee called and requested I close down the Caring Cause Facebook page as “Caring Cause had served its purpose and was only causing negativity for the cemetery”. I’d like to state this trustee admitted they had never seen the Caring Cause Facebook page

Though one trustee, unfamiliar with the Facebook platform asked me to delete the Caring Cause page and another told me “You just put the final nail in the coffin of CC” when I changed the administration policies, Caring Cause has not finished its work. Caring Cause was the catalyst for many positive changes in the board and at the cemetery in the pasts three and half years, but anyone attending the meetings or watching via live stream can see many more improvements are needed.

Caring Cause – Support Tulare Public Cemetery will continue to go forth and be the advocate for the community of Tulare with cemetery issues. We will do our utmost to support the Board of Trustees and employees, however, we will hold them accountable just as we’ve always done since the formation of Caring Cause.

Again, we invite anyone desiring to join Caring Cause to go to our Facebook page and request to join.


Elaine Hollingsworth, Founder

Caring Cause

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  1. If it weren’t for Elaine and Careing Cause the cemeteries would still be in total disrepair. Because no. One cared that it looked so bad for over three years.
    We all love you Elaine and what you have accomplished for our Cemeteries.. Love you dear lady.

  2. The current Chair (as of Jan2020) of the Tulare Public Cemetery, Steve Presant, should respond to this article. Similarly the former Chair, Xavier Avila, should also give a response. Xavier has been posting on Facebook constantly about Caring Cause and on the page itself. GOOD JOB to Elaine & her CC team for standing up to better our community & standing up to those who are in the way. Both past and present!

  3. I once followed Caring Cause because I supported their good work and their good intentions in regards to the overall betterment of Tulare’s cemeteries. Much like everything in life there has been some really good things that had resulted through the good work and intentions of Caring Cause but unfortunately there were also some disturbing things that occurred as well. While it was primarily only one or two Caring Cause members who became emboldened to push the boundaries of what should have been respectful public communications between individuals posting on the group’s Facebook website as well as posting public comments directly pointed at certain board members it soon became distasteful enough that I elected to cease following the group. I am however glad to learn that they are continuing with their good intentions and good work. People may come and people may go but hopefully the good works of Caring Cause will continue to prevail.

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