I Hope He Stays There

I can’t not write about the murder of Cecil, the 13-year-old famously black-maned lion lured out of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park and shot by an American hunter, Dr. Walter James Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota. Yes–I meant murder. The shooting was the final act in this grisly drama, after Palmer first shot Cecil with a […]

Commission Files Findings of Fact on Saucedo

On July 8, three Special Masters for California’s Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) filed their Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law regarding their inquest of Judge Valeriano Saucedo of Tulare County Superior Court. Pivotally, the tribunal found Tovar’s testimony at trial compelling while alternately characterizing Saucedo’s testimony as lacking in credibility. Indeed, the tribunal […]

Our Own Legerdemain

They say practice makes perfect. This isn’t necessarily so. In all my years as a practicing Catholic I was never a perfect one, and am now in a lapse that has lasted 35 years. To be clear, I’m not even a Christian anymore. But neither are those who ascribe natural or man-made phenomena to the […]