The Blue Meanies

The plate number is 8JUK695. And there is no excuse for what the driver of this jeep perpetrated on the streets of Visalia on May 30 during a protest against the death of George Floyd, a Minneapolis resident, at the hands of his own police department on the 25th.

Proudly flying our nation’s flag along with a Trump campaign banner, this driver and his three companions deliberately rammed a protester, accelerating into her intentionally and pinning her body to the hood of the jeep before–miraculously not running her down–fleeing in cowardly haste.

The driver and his cohorts are phenomenally fortunate that no harm befell the protester. But it so easily could have gone otherwise. That’s why charges should be filed against, at least, the driver. Do I think it was attempted murder? Certainly not. But it definitely was an assault of some type, and one with a deadly weapon. This woman could have lost her footing or had a bad knee–anything, really–and the outcome could truly have been dire. And there’s always hit and run. Last I looked, that is a crime.

It doesn’t matter the reasons for the protest, just as it’s immaterial the reports that the jeepsters were on hand to jeer the protesters. What matters is that a motorist attacked a pedestrian. What matters is that charges are filed against this “man.” So I call on Tulare County DA Tim Ward to do just that. And I’ll sure as hell want to know why not if he punts.

This incident is all over the internet. If nothing else, he’ll have political cover.

Protesting is a right, a tradition–how we wrested our country from the British, and often achieved change in general. Holding a drivers license is a privilege, and never includes aiming your vehicle at anyone

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  1. Please! Stop diverting attention from the real person at fault. The one in the street impeding traffic.

      • I seen the video but ain’t nobody pinned her down. She’ll be fine but it ain’t smart to stand in front of a car that is getting stuff thrown it. And what does the Trump or American flag have to do with it?
        You dudes are doing the most bro.

        • Dude the jeep was defiantly flying a T-Rump flag and in the middle of a protest march mocking the marchers. They were making the the T-Rump flag a part of the story.

  2. You do realize people on Twitter are suggesting that his house be burned down… and you’re sharing his license plates and personal information… You are a newspaper for god sakes… WTH is wrong with you. I always thought the Valley Voice was better than VTD… guess I was wrong… Just lost a Supporter, congratulations

    • We only shared the plate number. Not names, which were already online. Hell, we got the plate number from twitter. All of it was already out there. I used the plate number so the police can’t wiggle out of this.

      • It was all over Facebook including a petition with a picture of driver and license plate number as well as father being a cop. All of these lame brain T-Rumps already know this. They love your paper because they love to raise hell the liberals and your paper gives them that opportunity. They are never going to stop reading this paper. They lie.

        • Here a lie to all California citizens.
          Especially those without criminal records, the “zero bail order” by Gavin. If these individuals did in fact commit a crime, and I cannot say, because I was not there, and they are caught, and have charges brought against them, and again, I do not want to get ahead of anything like everyone else, they will be back on the streets the same day because of the great governor of this state order to release mutiple repeat criminals back on the streets over and over, crime after crime. Is that the narrative you speak of O’Great American Patriot? Is that a lie? Look that up on Facebook, if that is your pefered media platform of choice, because I cannot make that shit up. You probably need to just go pound sand.

          • You need to learn to “read” Frank, pay attention to actual words. When I said they lie I was talking about the lame brain T-Rumps saying they are going to stop reading the Valley Voice. They love to raise hell with the liberals and the Valley Voice gives them that platform. You probably need to just go clear out your brain because it clearly is full of your own shit.

      • Just because it was already out there doesn’t mean you have to add flashing lights to it so even more people see it.

        • Wasn’t that their purpose…. to be seen and be noticed by purposely driving to a well publicized protest march in a jeep with a large T-Rump flag flapping in the wind and verbally taunting the marchers? Talk about adding flashing lights, they were shining an oversized spotlight on themselves.

    • Okay so just because it’s all over FB and Twitter it’s ok? As a professional news outlet I’d expect more from you, but as a liberal rag, it doesn’t surprise me… Trumpers, nice non bias reporting… #MiniMiniCNN #WannaBeVTD

  3. Using a Jeep to hit someone you dont agree with is assault, and not just a difference of opinion with someone trying to disrupt the status quo in a protest. Pedestrians have the right of way, even if they are jaywalking or standing in the middle of the road. The driver made a choice, and a terrible one at that.

  4. This happened in Bakersfield last night, my understanding is that BPD is in fact considering attempted murder charge in their case.

  5. If this upsets you, take action: vote, call the VPD, donate to caues, sign petitions, and get involved.

  6. Good luck getting our piece of shit D.A. to file anything .. hes so far up Trump’s ass that he was politicizing the porterville library fire…Trying to make the fact that they can’t be tried as adults as a tragic and dire and such a bad thing and that they need to go out and vote. First of all it was a GOOD thing they can’t be tried as adults cuz then they couldn’t be sentenced TO C.Y.A. which is harder and tougher than any of these state prison…I bet ward does everything in his power to keep a fellow Trump-tard on the streets.

  7. Accelerating with a human in front of you, whom you can avoid, IS assault.

    Besides. Thought all the neocon maroons have god and guns on their side so don’t tell me they need to play the fear card over ‘a bunch of crying liberals’

    It’s assault. I’m looking forward to their tearful mugshots and lame excuses.

  8. The protesters shouldn’t have blocked the street but the driver of the Jeep should have not egged on the protesters. His relative being a cop that’s not important. Both sides were at fault. I passed a street in Fresno and you kinda have to ignore people you disagree with. Plus, I feel sorry for Trump supporters because I think he’s going to lose in a landslide because most people know he’s he is incompetent.

  9. the police are incompetent. They should be :for gun control, bring back the death penality and carry it out 100 times a day for gang members and keep druggies and thieves in jail and jail the homeless. I don’t think Cops are racist there ignorant. They run the courts, jails and prisons like the 3 stooges. This is why we have crime. There is no consequences for people stealing and taking drugs. And gangs are everywhere including Visalia

  10. 3 people were found murdered in the Golden West parking lot. Where’s the outrage. Where’s the: police chief, sheriff, DA? What are they getting paid for? That should not be happening in Visalia. But nobody gets fired. Gang members are garbage and druggies & thieves and homeless people should be told there going to go to: a church, mission or jail. Visalia and everytown has gone to the toilet.

  11. Me 260lbs vs. Jeep 4500lbs
    Common sense says I loose.
    Wait maybe I have a chance because im with a crowd. Wait, what
    Did my parents teach me. Oh yea,
    Jump in front of jeeps that have a difference of opinion!

  12. Goggle Reginald Denny LA Riots. The protesters looked to throw objects at the jeep then approach in a threating manner? Watch the Denny video of what not to do. Sit there and get drug out of your vehicle.

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