Dear Protesters

To begin with, let’s differentiate protestors from those who would loot and destroy property. The latter are criminals. Protesting is not a crime. At worst, protestors may be guilty of breaking traffic regulations by being in the street. They’re getting a raw deal these days from people who view protesters as nothing more than a nuisance. Well, in part they’re supposed to be. But it passes. For those of you who condemn protesters out of hand let me remind you of what took place in Visalia on May 30. Three people in a Jeep deliberately struck two women in the road. Now, for those of you who insist the women were at fault for being in the road, let’s imagine charging them with a crime. Jaywalking. To keep it equal, let’s apply a crime to those in the Jeep. Vehicular assault. Do those two even approach bearing the same gravity before the bench?

If you think so, you might want to stop reading here. Because I’m writing an open letter to protesters across the nation:

I applaud your efforts to urge our country forward, and it’s my most fervent wish that your endeavors are rewarded. Your success would help restore united to the state we’re currently in.

While protest has enjoyed a rich tradition in our government (think First Amendment) and in Christianity (think Protestantism) taking to the streets or writing letters to editors or government officials are not the only arrows in your quiver. You can vote.

Let me repeat that for those of you old enough. You can vote.

Why appear at a street corner and fail to show at the voting booth? You could even mail your ballot in to the registrar.

What’s more effective–and, let’s be honest, gratifying–than voting out of office those whose policies you oppose?

Please take a moment to consider how much could be accomplished if the same zeal you’re displaying now were extended to polling places in November. The amount of positive change that might be wrought is incalculable.

So, keep it up and stay safe. Just remember that in five month’s time you’ll have a duty to perform. Remember the old adage “The pen is mightier than the sword?” Nowhere is that more applicable than on a ballot.

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  1. The video I have seen shows objects being thrown and people coming aggressively towards the jeep. People still have a right to peacefully counter-protest without fear of assault? I’m old enough to have seen people pulled out of their vehicle and beat damm near to death in these protests.

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