Statement by Congressional Candidate Dary Rezvani on the Targeted Killing of Soleimani

My father fled Iran in 1979 precisely because of men like Soleimani. He was an evil man
responsible for thousands of deaths and plotted terrorist attacks against the United States
and our allies.

The strike that led to his death was reckless, impetuous, and to be clear – an act of war.
This administration has put thousands of our servicemen and women, as well as innocent
civilians in the region in harm’s way while at the same time threatening to further destabilize
the region. The possibility of war with Iran jeopardizes the safety of millions of Iranians who
do not support the current regime.

The President’s unilateral decision to assassinate a high-ranking government official will be
seen as a reminder of the Bush/Cheney doctrine that led us foolishly into war in Iraq under
false pretenses. We have heard the phrase ‘pre-emptive strike’ before and I urge Congress
to immediately begin oversight hearings.

I won’t be so cynical as to say that this is just President Trump initiating military action to
distract Congress and the American people from impeachment because if that is the case,
then he is playing a very dangerous game by putting our troops’ lives at risk.

This is not how foreign policy should be conducted and especially not from a golf course.
This is not a decision you make lightly just to get yourself re-elected.

Most importantly, this is not who we are as Americans and the Trump Administration does
not speak for us.

So what now, Mr. President?

One thought on “Statement by Congressional Candidate Dary Rezvani on the Targeted Killing of Soleimani

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  1. “So what now, Mr. President?”
    For Trump, there is never a “what now?” There is never a plan, never a strategic view, never a consideration for consequences. He’ll stumble us into war with no coherent plan, no exit strategy, and no support from our allies.
    He assassinated a member of a nation’s military without any legal authority from Congress or under any international law. There is no state of war declared between the United States and Iran, and the AUMF does not apply, despite Pence’s lies that Soleimani was involved in 9/11.
    I’m concerned that Soleimani will be this century’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
    The only winner in this will be arms manufacturers.

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