Holiday Treats Can Lead to Tooth Pain

The abundance of hot drinks, cold drinks, sweet treats, hard candies and other indulgences over the holidays sometimes leave us with more than just sugar-induced regrets; sometimes they reveal tooth pain and sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity and tooth pain are common complaints. One or both can be an indication of dental problems that need attention. Possible […]

Central Valley Enrollment Figures Released By Covered California

Covered California and the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) announced that from October 1 to November 30, as a benefit of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, an estimated 30,161 individuals in the Central Valley started applications for Covered California health insurance plans. Cumulatively, 7,660 individuals in the counties of San Joaquin, […]

Sequoia Riverlands Trust Earns Accreditation

Following a rigorous evaluation, Sequoia Riverlands Trust (SRT) has been awarded accreditation from the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. SRT is among just 11 such land trusts nationally to receive this recognition in the current round, and nationally among just over 200 total LTA-accredited land trusts. “Sequoia Riverlands Trust has earned the public trust in our […]

You and Your Personal Super Computer

The Head Line in your hands illustrates the unique operations of your mental system. Just as your computer has a CPU (central processing unit), you do, too. You employ your mental system when you plan dinner, a vacation and your New Year resolutions. In hand analysis, the length, shape and quality of this line are […]

Response to Tulare County

In response to the Valley Voice’s article on the “County Responds to Mooney Grove Cat Controversy,” Dr. Weber, a TNR volunteer, had these comments: Supervisor Cox was offended that the county was portrayed as all we want to do is kill cats, which is far from the truth. What is the truth? As has been […]

Rethinking Medical Marijuana

Recently, medical marijuana has been repeatedly attacked in both local media in Tulare, and even statewide. We often will read in the paper, or watch mindlessly on our TV screens, disinformation that teaches us of apparent “inherent violence” in the medical marijuana community. What a lot of these stories being run are not telling you […]

RE Report: Winter Housing Market

As we enter 2014, there is renewed optimism in the real estate market. Varying expert sales forecasts have somewhat tempered expectations, but new residential construction activity and solid existing home sales hint at continued market strength. While the number of sold houses over this summer and holiday season has not increased in comparison to the […]

Valley Ag to Reap Rewards of Blooming Trade Pacts

The San Joaquin Valley has suffered for years from over-regulation and a resulting man-made drought. With the U.S. Senate having blocked a comprehensive water solution, the lack of surface water is creating excessive demand on the aquifer, threatening even worse water problems in the future. These policies – imposed by big-government adherents and environmental extremists […]

Kaelble: “Louisiana Style Politics Has No Place in the Central Valley”

Ralph Kaelble, candidate for Tulare County District Attorney, has accused his opponent Tim Ward of “playing politics” after his wife Afreen Kaelble was recently fired from her position as a Supervising District Attorney. Ward, the current District Attorney, is running against Ralph Kaelble in the upcoming June elections. Kaelble has earned a number of endorsements […]