“Drill for Will” Project for Well Deepening Reaches Out to Visalians

Paul Buxman, Tulare County’s premier agricultural landscape artist-in-residence, has launched a rescue effort for Fresno County farmer Will Scott, Jr. Scott is a small-scale, organic Black farmer who has organized other Black farmers for mutual support, aided young people in getting back to the land, and produced healthy food once common in rural Black diets […]

Groundwater: Resource Remains Vast, Difficult to Define Fully

It’s a vital California resource, but groundwater isn’t easily understood—and during the state’s four-year drought, as groundwater pumping has increased in response to reduced surface supplies, it has been the subject of sometimes-alarming, but not necessarily accurate, public statements about the health of the resource. The drought has focused attention on groundwater and newly adopted […]

USDA NASS Begins Gathering Fruit, Vegetable Operation Food Safety Data

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is now surveying produce packers and other post-harvest businesses to help fruit and vegetables operations as they prepare to implement new federal food safety requirements. The 2015 Produce Post-Harvest Microbial Food Safety Practices Survey marks the first time since 1998 that such a survey has […]