Anyone Can Be a Medium

A wise man once said that you teach what you need to learn. Michelle Tedrow is the poster child for that saying. After her brother died, she had a spiritual awakening and decided it was her calling to become a medium. She read the best books on the subject and sought out the advice of […]

Is My Husband Still with Me?

This is Part II of the series “Speaking to the Dead – Are Mediums Real?” Losing a husband or wife is one of the main reasons that someone will seek out a medium. The following is Valeria’s session with medium Michelle Tedrow. Valeria lost her husband last November, and then the grandmother who raised her […]

Political Fix (19 June, 2014)

Primary Predictions In the May 15th issue of the Valley Voice, I published my predictions for the June 3rd primary. I made predictions for the first and second place winners for six races, and first place winners for District Attorney and Sheriff. Out of my fourteen predictions I got twelve correct. Of the two predictions […]

Political Fix (5 June, 2014)

People’s Sexiest Men Alive It’s old news who the Tea Party hates more than a Democrat–the same person who a Democrat loathes, a moderate Republican. Actually, Democrats don’t hate them: They fear them. Enter stage right, Neel Kashkari. If Mr. Kashkari decides to run again in 2018, no one will be more of a threat […]

John Hernandez Confident of Victory

John Hernandez, running for the 21st Congressional District, is confident of a victory in June. He isn’t trying anything flashy during this campaign, just going back to the basics. Referring to his last match-up with Fresno City Council member Xiong Blong he said, “This time it’s a little different but we still think we can […]