Is My Husband Still with Me?

This is Part II of the series “Speaking to the Dead – Are Mediums Real?” Losing a husband or wife is one of the main reasons that someone will seek out a medium. The following is Valeria’s session with medium Michelle Tedrow. Valeria lost her husband last November, and then the grandmother who raised her […]

Political Fix (19 June, 2014)

Primary Predictions In the May 15th issue of the Valley Voice, I published my predictions for the June 3rd primary. I made predictions for the first and second place winners for six races, and first place winners for District Attorney and Sheriff. Out of my fourteen predictions I got twelve correct. Of the two predictions […]

Political Fix (5 June, 2014)

People’s Sexiest Men Alive It’s old news who the Tea Party hates more than a Democrat–the same person who a Democrat loathes, a moderate Republican. Actually, Democrats don’t hate them: They fear them. Enter stage right, Neel Kashkari. If Mr. Kashkari decides to run again in 2018, no one will be more of a threat […]

John Hernandez Confident of Victory

John Hernandez, running for the 21st Congressional District, is confident of a victory in June. He isn’t trying anything flashy during this campaign, just going back to the basics. Referring to his last match-up with Fresno City Council member Xiong Blong he said, “This time it’s a little different but we still think we can […]

Political Fix (15 May, 2014)

Nate Silver is notorious for his uncanny accuracy in predicting presidential elections. Between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Mr. Silver correctly predicted the winner of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. But local elections can be a bit trickier. Mr. Silver had the advantage of many national polls from which to choose and […]