Blue Ribbon Task Force Says No New Taxes

The Blue Ribbon Task Force Committee decided Tuesday, June 18th, not to recommend an increase in Visalia’s sales tax. The committee was appointed by the Visalia City Council to investigate the possibility of putting a sales tax measure on the November ballot. After seven weeks of presentations and in-depth discussions, they concluded that not only […]

Protect Yourself from Cybercrime

Nearly all banks offer online banking and electronic payment systems to their customers, and there are many benefits to using this technology. Unfortunately, criminals have developed increasingly sophisticated methods of stealing money from customer accounts. Intrusion into computer systems for criminal purposes, also known as “cybercrime”, is becoming more prevalent. In recent years, the theft […]

Tulare Company Invents New Tiller

Tulare-based Tillage Management, Inc., has perfected the science of tillage as embodied in its patented Optimizer™ line of one-pass tillage equipment. The company’s founder, Kevin McDonald, a farmer and inventor, and its chief executive officer, Mark Hoffman, a Stanford-educated engineer and farmer, lead a team of engineers that continually improve and expand the Optimizer line […]


ARIES (March 21-April 19) In spite of your usual initiative, by afternoon you will find time to relax with friends. This will backfire. While you are busy seeking connections, you can’t always anticipate what others want. Someone in your circle is tired of you. This is a good day not to answer your phone. TAURUS […]