Contentious Election Erupts at Sierra View Hospital

Editor’s Note: A statement from Sierra View Medical Center, October 8.

“This article contains false statements about Sierra View Medical Center. Readers are asked to review Sierra View Medical Center’s press release issued on October 8, 2020, which provides the actual facts regarding Sierra View Medical Center’s financial stability, quality of care and transparency. The false claims and misrepresentations given to the Valley Voice are not taken lightly.”

Editors note: A statement from Ela Pandya October 16. “My statement regarding a hospital grant for COVID-19 during a recent interview with Catherine Doe was misinterpreted. I didn’t mean to suggest that hospital administrators used the COVID-19 grant to give themselves salary or bonus payments. There was a misunderstanding due to multiple issues being discussed at the same time.”

When Sierra View Hospital Trustee Daniel Smith decided not to run for Zone 1 the vacuum left behind attracted three very different candidates with three very different motivations.

Jyotsana Pandya, known by her friends as Ela, decided to run for the board because, “the hospital needs me to protect them from the direction in which the hospital is headed.” She has been active in the Porterville community for 32 years.

Dr. Bindu Sagar Reddy, an interventional cardiologist, said he is running because he doesn’t think it is appropriate for a husband and wife to be on the same hospital board. Pandya is the wife of Zone 2 Director Dr. Gaurang Pandya. Questions have arisen if she is legally a resident of Zone 1.

Dr. Kiran Sandhu, a Porterville dentist, was the first to file papers to run for Zone 1 but has since pulled out of the race. Dr. Sandhu said that friends approached her to run because they wanted someone honest and trustworthy to be on the board. But after Sandhu researched the board’s duties, she realized that her career and family would prevent her from putting in all the work necessary to be an effective board member.

She pulled out of the race too late to get her name removed from the ballot.

Sandhu is supporting Dr. Reddy.

“There is so much corruption”

Finances, quality of care, and transparency are just a few of the issues Pandya worries about concerning the hospital. She said that while the CEO continues to get raises the quality of care diminishes.

The hospital recently received a COVID grant according to Pandya, but decided to financially compensate the upper management and gave nothing to the medical staff working on the front line.

Pandya added that when her husband tried to get more information concerning hospital contracts that the board changed its bylaws so board members could not get the documents they needed.

Of concern is the hospital’s contract with Comfort Care Anesthesia, which has been renewed every year for 11 years. According to Pandya the company gets three times the market price at  $3.2 million dollars a year whether they work or not.

In March of 2019 the hospital board requested that the administration put out a request for a new contract with other anesthesia companies. Pandya said that the administration never sent out the RFPs and simply renewed the contract with Comfort Care for $3.7 million.

“What did the board do?” said Pandya. “Nothing! Their response was that they did not want to tell the administration what to do.”

The issue Pandya has with Comfort Care isn’t just compensation but quality of care. According to a report written by the California Department of Public Health, one of their anesthesiologists left the room during a C-Section. Allegedly, the anesthesiologist turned the volume down on the machine’s alarm before leaving and the surgeon and staff had no idea the mother was in distress. The mother turned purple from a lack of oxygen. The baby survived but the mother died 28 days later.

The incident put the hospital in “Immediate Jeopardy” of losing their accreditation. Pandya said there have been 15 other complaints lodged against the hospital.

Because of her concern for the hospital she bought a house on Brian Lane so that she could run for the seat in Zone 1. Her husband lives on North Belmont and is running in Zone 2.

“I have to be living here 30 days before the election. That’s what the law says.”

“This is now my official domicile and where I am registered to vote. If I have to make the sacrifice I will have to live away from my husband,” said Pandya.

When asked about concerns from the community that she and her husband will form a voting block she said that she brings a needed set of skills as an owner of a surgery center independent of her husband.

“This is my calling. I know health care. I know how insurance companies do not serve patients or doctors. I am an independent thinker and will not do just what my husband says. Why would I waste my time with that?”

She said Dr. Rakesh Jindal, Dr. Ashok Behl, and Smith often voted as a block and creating a three–two split on board decisions. According to Pandya, when Smith decided not to run, Jindal and Behl wanted the new trustee to join their “cabal” and recruited a mutual friend, Sandhu.

Pandya filed her papers the next day. When Reddy discovered Pandya was also running  for Zone 1, he quickly threw his hat into the ring.

Pandya’s husband’s seat in Zone 2 is also up for re-election, and to thicken the plot, his challenger is allegedly an owner of Comfort Care Anesthesia. According to Pandya her husband’s challenger, Kuldeep Jagpal’s, official domicile is in Porterville. But she says that he lives fulltime in Morgan Hill and has hospital contracts up and down the state.

“Why is he allowed to run but I am under scrutiny? This is how the crooks win.”

“We need to educate the people that two Pandyas are trying to get on the board”

Reddy said he was asked by several of his patients and hospital staff to run for the Sierra View Hospital Board in order to challenge the “attempted takeover by a husband and wife.”

Reddy said the couple were “disingenuously contesting from 2 different zones” even though they are married and had allegedly lived for more than 30 years at the same address in Zone 2, where Dr. Guarang Pandya has been a board member for 12 years.

Reddy intended on running for the board in 10 years after he retired, but, under the circumstances, decided to run for Zone 1 now. Reddy does not want to be on the board long-term and would prefer more community business people rather than doctors run the hospital, adding that, financially, the hospital was in a strong position.

While serving on the board Reddy said that Guarang Pandya “has all these weird ideas.” He said at one meeting Guarang proposed that Sierra View buy the Porterville State Hospital. He said the matter was quickly dropped.

Reddy was also critical about how Guarang micro manages and inappropriately interferes with the medical staff. He said that it is not appropriate for one board member to be collecting information about individual staff, but that it needs to be done together as a board if there is a problem.

“There is a due process for complaints against a doctor and they go to the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) and the board needs to support the MEC,” he said.

Reddy was the former MEC Chief of Staff but now is a member at large.

He feels that Ela Pandya is running for the board to push her husband’s agenda. Guarang has allegedly maneuvered to get four times the pay at the hospital but Reddy said that the board has always rejected his requests.

Reddy is not familiar with the contract with Comfort Care but said that Guarang doesn’t like some of the anesthesiologists and allegedly some of the anesthesiologists don’t like to work with him. Reddy said that Guarang was just jealous of their hospital contract.

When asked about the COVID money doled out by the hospital Reddy said he didn’t know about the grant specifically but said that Pandya was lying.

Reddy was also not aware of the report completed on September 4, 2019 by the California Department of Public Health concerning the hospital being under “Immediate jeopardy,”

“I do not think it is factually correct.”

Reddy has complained to the Porterville Recorder, hoping that it would do an article on the Pandyas, but said it hasn’t reported on the election, possibly “because of the heavy advertisement that Dr. Pandya does in the local newspaper for his business.”

Reddy questioned Guarang’s need to advertise.

“Why does he advertise in the paper? I can’t see any patients unless they are a referral. I am busy as hell.”

While Pandya says that Reddy is aggressively campaigning against her in order to continue the corruption, he insists that he is running at the request of the community “to stop this fiasco from happening since I felt it was unfair and unethical to have two family members on the board at the same time.”

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  1. Hospital is rated “A” by Fitsch with over 485 days of operations reserves and it has received accolades from AHA for stroke program, Cath lab operating with active PT CA. No layoffs or furloughs through the Covid crisis. For self-serving reasons, the Pandyas want more money for on-call coverage, as articulated by Ella on a paid YouTube ‘interview’.
    Their Natraj surgery center has been cited for numerous violations by CMS, which is verifiable public information. Maybe Pandya is not be finding qualified Anesthesia coverage, hence the angst against with the present group? The Board reviewed the current anesthesia contract and never asked for alternate RFP. Covid funds were meant for patient care and not for physician enrichment since we all received our own subsidies separately. We do not wish to follow Tulare hospital into insolvency.
    Rakesh Jindal

  2. Trustees are entrusted by the community to set policy and overview the operation of the hospital. An obvious conflict exists when a trustee practices his craft in the location that he or she has overview responsibility. It is regrettable that townspeople don’t rise to the task of becoming board members thus requiring practicing physicians to fill the void.

  3. “Reddy intended on running for the board in 10 years after he retired, but, under the circumstances, decided to run for Zone 1 now. Reddy does not want to be on the board long-term and would prefer more community business people rather than doctors run the hospital, adding that, financially, the hospital was in a strong position.”

    I couldn’t agree more. I want bankers/accountants/teachers/mechanics to populate the oversight board, not practicing physicians.

  4. I completely agree and call upon ALL physicians and their spouses to withdraw from race. I will be happy to .
    Rakesh Jindal MD

  5. I agree with Dr Reddy, I would like less physicians on the Board, 1 physician per board cycle is enough as long as the person can help the board understand the intricacies of health care and patient needs; along with helping balance hospital needs to stay financially solvent. I do fully support ELA PANDYA for Hospital Board because I have always known her to be active in the community with no agenda other than servicing and promoting the health and needed projects like Zonta, providing scholarships for young women and sponsorship of Leadership Porterville . Her work speaks for itself over the last 25 yrs. Let’s play NICE IN THE SANDBOX. We have a hospital with great potential. Donna Hefner,CEO and Jeff Hudson ,Director of Nursing have done a great job with the COVID 19 crisis,considering all the problems we faced. Women in general can be good team players, so I support Ela Pandya and Sherlyn Porter for Sierra View Medical Center Hospital Board.

    • How is it fair for the rest of candidates if you’re buying two seats in the board. Your wife stated she bought a hime in zone 2 just to get a seat? Your also mentioned other Doctors had financial interests? How about your independent surgical center that was shut down by the state? Are you trying to get more operating time?

      • Dear Mari,

        I’m glad you are interested in local issues. I’d like to clarify my position by saying that I didn’t buy a seat, I bought a house. In 2016 Dan Smith did the same when he wanted to join Dr Jindal and Dr Behl on the hospital board.

        Having said that, I still need support from people like you. If you go to my website,, you’ll learn about my track record of community service and my detailed platform for what I’d like to see in my hospital when we put patients first.

        When Dan Smith announced that he wasn’t going to run again, the hospital acquired the voter list and went shopping for his replacement. They asked the dentist, Kiran Sandhu to run for Dan’s seat. She said someone from the hospital came and asked me to run and I said “yes.” But then I learned about the duties and responsibilities of a hospital board member, so I wanted to pull out but it was too late.” I believe that was very irresponsible of a professional to agree without understanding what was being asked of her. And it was unprofessional of those who asked her.

        Later, during the week that the County Elections Office extended the deadline by a week (as is customary when the incumbent decides not to run) Dr Reddy rushed to file because,”Ela is running, and Pandyas want to benefit from being on the board.” This sentiment is very disrespectful and does not make sense. Because two out of five doesn’t form a majority, it takes three, which is what has been for last four years with Jindal-Smith-Behl. Reddy is implying that one other board member will not be able to think for themselves once both Pandyas win.

        After we found out that Dan Smith wasn’t going to run again, we combed zone 1 for someone who is responsible and knowledgeable and has a history of community service. We found someone but he had moved to Visalia. We also reached out to another elected county official and asked him for a recommendation but he did not have any suggestions. Having no other option I decided I had to do it.

        What is Reddy so afraid of, that even when he doesn’t believe that doctors should be on the hospital board, he is running to stop a non-doctor from running?

        Sometimes people present things in a simplistic manner assuming the residents of Porterville wouldn’t care or understand. I’m glad you’re proving them wrong.

      • Dear Mari,

        The board seats are not for sale. These members are elected in a public election. Any one can buy a house that does not guarantee a seat on the board.

        The Sierra View Board is a community oversight board. There is no salary for the board members. Actually by law the board members are forbidden from financially benefiting from the hospital. You should vote to decide on selecting your board representative to decide on how the hospital is run. You are asking good questions and we will be fortunate to get your vote.

        As far as Natraj Surgery center is concerned it is doing well and not shut down. I know that there are competing entities that are spreading rumors to damage our business.

        You asked if I am trying to get more operating time?

        As you may know General Surgeons like me take care of very sick critically ill patients and timely surgery can save them. These patients do not make an appointment. They arrive in the ER or they are already admitted to the hospital by other physicians who do not have training and experience to operate. I am trying to make sure that these critically ill patients have timely access to operating room and anesthesia service providers. Unfortunately it is not always the case despite the fact that a lucrative exclusive contract was awarded to Dr. Jindal’s friend Dr. Jagpal’s Comfort Anesthesia Group.

        I hope that answers your question.

        Please contact us if you want to learn more. or go to our web sites.

        • Truth, board seats are not for sale. However, when only two (2) people are running for one (1) seat the odds become very favorable. Call it what you want, but the average person can’t just simply go and buy a house 30+ days before an election. Also a husband and wife on the same board only spells disaster.

          • Hi Bob, you are right. Most people cannot buy a house at short notice. Most people that can wouldn’t do it in order to serve the community, either. The Pandyas have been very transparent about it. The outrageousness of their purchase is diminished by the outrageousness of the issues that urgently need to be addressed in the hospital environment, which the general public would not have knowledge about without being healthcare providers. That is the whole point. Don’t be distracted by physicians running to take advantage of public lack of insight into hospital affairs. No other candidates have offered truth, transparency, or solutions. No other candidates are using their ability to buy a second home to invest back into this same community in order to maximize their ability to perform their civic duties. Thanks for your comments.

          • The spinning of Papa G’s “just buying a house” comment into “most people who could buy a house wouldn’t, so that’s evidence of a pure motive” is hilarious and doesn’t carry water for any intelligent person — nice try. Most people who could just buy a house are probably also not so power-hungry, and, for instance, do not run full-page ads in the Recorder about relatively trivial family accomplishments. In the Indian community, the self-aggrandizing behavior of the Pandyas is well-known and a source of amusement for decades. In light of this, having both husband and wife in a position of power is incredibly stupid and anyway sets a dangerous precedent moving forward. #NeverPandyas

        • No body is spreading rumors . this is the truth. Please contact any employees in Sierra View hospital and they will tell you the truth about Pandyas.

      • Dr. Pandya Na his family is to be investigated. I heard they opened a Company for Non profit. I strongly believe this Company should be be investigate to make sure they are how much they are paying and showing to their Family . Their record in the community and the Hospital is well known . We all have to expose this family .

  6. This election should be about only one thing: community benefit and good stewardship of public money for that purpose. This requires honesty and transparency.

    You can tell the difference in the legitimacy of a candidate by looking for whether she or he is offering you clear and open truths. The statements in this article by Dr. Sagarreddy and the comments by Dr. Jindal are personal biases, straight lies, lacking in facts, or a combination of those. Neither of them offer you sources to verify their statements. Hypocrisy and internet trolling is below the dignity of the medical profession and the board of directors.

    Dr. Pandya and Jyotsana “Ela” Pandya aren’t doing any of that. They are running to highlight the urgent facts of the day which are purposely hidden from the general community and honest colleagues by the majority in current hospital leadership. That includes Dr. Jindal, Dr. Sagarreddy, and Dr. Jagpal, when it comes to the current Board election, and many others in internal leadership positions.

    Lack of honesty and transparency is bad for everyone, ESPECIALLY PATIENTS. Dr. Pandya and Jyotsana “Ela” Pandya’s unorthodox dual campaign is a signal to community members that these ARE drastic times. Due to their knowledge the Pandyas are willing to take drastic measures at great personal cost to safeguard the community.

    “If you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to do something about it.” – Senator John Lewis

    Natraj Surgery Center, Inc. was created to be independent of Sierra View Medical Center in order to more cost effectively and personally serve you, our patients, without a middle man. Assistance from the same anesthesia contract group as they have in the hospital was never desired. Take look, there have been NO COMPLAINTS about our facility.

    Sierra View Medical Center has numerous complaints per year from its patients. Star ratings and rubber stamps from people who come around to take a tour once a year or less isn’t as meaningful as what you, patients and staff, have to say about your REAL, EVERYDAY EXPERIENCES. Any facility can spruce up and look good for a day.

    Both facilities, per routine, have to make updates and improvements as state requirements change.

    Visit this link. Type in both facilities names. You can VERIFY FOR YOURSELF. That is something Dr. Jindal and Dr. Sagarreddy have not offered you.

    This election is about protecting the public health and the public money from people running as their own special interest. And it takes those in the industry right there with them to know it.

    For more REAL FACTS and FACT CHECKS on this article, visit our facebook pages.

    • Thank you for sharing the link While it took a bit to research and to find the information you write about, I did find it. I noticed that twice last year there were multiple deficiencies/violations – July 2019 had 14 pages, and August had 16 pages. Had you not mentioned the link I would never had known of all the violations that the center had. I do, however, congratulate you that all the issues were corrected for the return inspections.

      • Thanks Mark. Most of these type of “violations” come up when state regulations change between inspections. So when they inform us we make updates. We are happy to do so. Our small center is fully regulated a licensed same as the hospital operating area and we run a tight ship. This is actually a monumental task for a small group and we are very proud of what we are able to accomplish and offer our patients. Best wishes to you.

      • These people are very clever. In process they are destroying them self and the the Hospital. They can destroy them self it is OK WE all have stand together and help save this family and the Hospital from their veracious rumors

  7. While at Home Depot recently, Dr. Pandya asked me facetiously if I had moved to Ventura. I told him yes & that I send my ghost to see patients 5 days a week while I come on weekends to shop at Porterville. .
    Being simple-minded, he must have taken me literally. I do go to Ventura to visit daughter and grandkids every chance I get.
    This link also has me working at Kaweah also.

  8. Correction in my note sorry Victoria. I miswrote your name. I support these two strong women for the hospital board,Ela Pandya and Victoria Porter. Lets get more community women on the Board.

  9. Moderators’ note: This post was not made by Porterville Mayor Martha A. Flores, who has stated the same below.

    All statements (and comments) by Dr. Jindal and Dr. Reddy are personal attacks.

    Dr. Jindal – there’s no need for you to be petty and call another fellow Doctor “simple-minded”. We’re seeing enough of this name calling and bullying play out on the national stage nowadays already. Stop acting like a senior-citizen-child and put forward facts if you have any instead of getting defensive.

    I’m exasperated and appalled at this childish behavior. It’s because of bad apples like you that patients like me have lost the respect for the dignity of the noble medical profession.

    • Martha, for being the Mayor of Porterville, and someone in a public office, your comments are far from professional, reek of bias, and, are quite honestly, ironic. How is it acceptable for you to chide Dr. Jindal for calling someone “small-minded”, but then proceed to make ad hominem attacks using words such as “petty” and so on? Do as I say, not as I do, right? With “leadership” such as yours, it’s no wonder Porterville is in the sad state of affairs it is.

      • This is Martha A. Flores. Note the above comment is made by a person with the same name. She is not the Mayor. I clarified the same below.

      • This is Ela Pandya and I always use my real name when I make a comment. Can you say that, “We know?”

  10. Sure, but it’s feckless politicians like you that have never offered City Manager or any of the work he or his staff do that cost Porterville the opportunity ti rise above the poorest, most polluted and least educated metro area in the nation that it now is.

    • I AGREE “JUST SAYING” maybe I should run for HOSPITAL BOARD, we need to turn this around, and I can see through the illusion of transparency.


  11. This is Martha A. Flores. For purpose of clarification, please note the above comment made by person with same name is not mine. I am the Mayor for the City of Porterville.

    • Hi, Martha,

      Thank you for the clarification. I have added a disclaimer to the comment above for any readers who may be confused.

      If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at [email protected].

  12. Dear Mari,

    I’m glad you are interested in local issues. I’d like to clarify my position by saying that I didn’t buy a seat, I bought a house. In 2016 Dan Smith did the same when he wanted to join Dr Jindal and Dr Behl on the hospital board.

    Having said that, I still need support from people like you. If you go to my website,, you’ll learn about my track record of community service and my detailed platform for what I’d like to see in my hospital when we put patients first.

    When Dan Smith announced that he wasn’t going to run again, the hospital acquired the voter list and went shopping for his replacement. They asked the dentist, Kiran Sandhu to run for Dan’s seat. She said someone from the hospital came and asked me to run and I said “yes.” But then I learned about the duties and responsibilities of a hospital board member, so I wanted to pull out but it was too late.” I believe that was very irresponsible of a professional to agree without understanding what was being asked of her. And it was unprofessional of those who asked her.

    Later, during the week that the County Elections Office extended the deadline by a week (as is customary when the incumbent decides not to run) Dr Reddy rushed to file because,”Ela is running, and Pandyas want to benefit from being on the board.” This sentiment is very disrespectful and does not make sense. Because two out of five doesn’t form a majority, it takes three, which is what has been for last four years with Jindal-Smith-Behl. Reddy is implying that one other board member will not be able to think for themselves once both Pandyas win.

    After we found out that Dan Smith wasn’t going to run again, we combed zone 1 for someone who is responsible and knowledgeable and has a history of community service. We found someone but he had moved to Visalia. We also reached out to another elected county official and asked him for a recommendation but he did not have any suggestions. Having no other option I decided I had to do it.

    What is Reddy so afraid of, that even when he doesn’t believe that doctors should be on the hospital board, he is running to stop a non-doctor from running?

    Sometimes people present things in a simplistic manner assuming the residents of Porterville wouldn’t care or understand. I’m glad you’re proving them wrong.

    • Thanks for the reply Ela,
      However We are perceiving this as buying a seat. It states in the Bylaws that each member of the board has to live in the zones they are running for. So are you guys living in the same household? Or separated because if you guys are both residing in one residence its kind of a fraud what both Pandyas are doing. What I like to see is diversity and it feels pretty much like a monopoly what you both are doing. Perhaps only one spouse should be allowed to run in each election. Also if Dr. G Pandya is trying to protect the hospital. Shouldn’t he be protecting it not slandering those claims that Mrs Hefner debunked. Its nice to get both sides to each story and lets keep everything transparent. Also never underestimate this small community my generation does its home work.

      • Hello Maria,

        If Mrs. Hefner has made any political statements about the board of Directors then I am not aware of them. I did hear that There was an email sent to all employees but not to me. If you have received it then please forward that email to me.

        You have my office number 5597828533 Please call me.

        Thank you.

      • Hi Maria
        What you see in this election reflects both Pandyas having a mutually strong commitment to doing the right thing and protecting the innocent public no matter the personal cost. These type of strong family values transcends all other obstacles. Hearing hard truths might be difficult at times, but that doesn’t make it slander. Reflect on your anger with the messenger and perhaps it could turn out that it’s really anger about the fact that such concerning things have been allowed to occur. We don’t want to believe it. I certainly, as a doctor, did not want to believe it. But it’s the hard truths that will get the hospital to the right solutions. I’m not sure what Mrs. Hefner has commented on or “debunked.” Make sure that whatever answers she or anyone else has for you, they can back it up with evidence and are facts. Please do “do your homework.” Pandyas have provided you verifiable information that’s tough to hear but is the only way forward. Contact us if you want to see the evidence. There are only 2 candidates in the race that have given the public their personal email addresses, to facilitate transparency. [email protected] & [email protected] Or call our office to speak with them 559-782-8533. If you let what the our candidates are telling you really sink in, you will see why they feel such a strong urgency to protect the public. Thank you for your comments.

        • Mrs Pandya with all due respect but again kicking the bowl where you it is just disgraceful just because you didn’t get a bigger Check. The covid relief amount has kept the hospital running and your on call checks are still coming right. And i do have facts. See not all community members without an MD are idiots. I need zero convincing. I challenge you and all candidates to has it out in a civilized debate with facts not speculations

    • Why you keep buying house in different zones. This Pandya family is in self destructive mode. We all to Save the Hospital and later help this family so that they don’t destroy them self. Being in this community for 20 yrs I acre about everyone . I strongly feel this family needs help they are in self destructive mode,

  13. Ignoring, for the moment, the “Mean Girls” silliness, I remind all voters in the Sierra View District of the timeless aphorism:
    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    Unfortunately, the general community of the Sierra View District has allowed the present situation by not putting forth genuine candidates who legitimately reside in District 1. That is our failure.
    But I urge the community to consider the implications of bad governance in electing the candidate who has the most conflict of interest and who is most subverting the very intent of district elections.
    This is not about personalities. These are not bad people. This is about sober and responsible governance.

    • Hi Mr. Travers,

      I totally agree with you. More robust public interest in the hospital board would be ideal. Our candidates actually searched for virtuous candidates in Zone 1. They even asked for other prominent local leaders to help with the search. No one was interested. I hope in the next round that is different. Dr. Pandya does not have any personal conflicts of interest with the board or hospital. In fact, he built his career and facility from scratch, remaining independent of the hospital on purpose. Most physicians get income guarantees from the hospital to get started but Dr. G. Pandya did not, and neither did I. We are fiercely independent because, you are right, getting money from them means being beholden to their interests, as appears could be happening with other local physicians. Our only interest is our patients. This is actually why those embedded in the hospital with lucrative contractual relationships or other “back scratching” arrangements find Pandyas so threatening and go straight for low blows and subversive methods of bringing the playing field to their advantage. Don’t be distracted by negativity from candidates who don’t otherwise have a good plan for the district.

      After my father left the Air Force in 1988 no bank would even give the young couple a loan to open the practice. Finally, a fellow veteran gave them a small line of credit to buy a little equipment and set up shop. From there both Pandyas have fully emersed themselves in the community and created independent value. Next time you go to Veteran’s Park and sit on a blue bench to take in the scenery, know that Dr. Pandya worked hard to bring that project to life and personally partially funded that with the city. This is what you need on the board. Not pettiness, negativity, or people who flaunt their wealth when you go to get your heart check up.

      I agree with you: “This is about sober and responsible governance.” That’s what our candidates are about too. Thanks for your comments.

  14. This article and the responses by the person it references are pathetic. This alone should disqualify her and her husband should be booted off the Board for discussing a patient incident, completely lying about the hospital’s CEO, the status of the hospital and more. Dr. Pandya is a bully who regularly threatens other doctors and staff. His wife has no business being on the Board. No spouses should be able to run. The Board also should NOT have a bunch of doctors on it. In an area that is primarily Hispanic, there is not one person of Spanish heritage that is a Board member.

    • Mr Understood, i agree 100% with you. This election is not about buying seats . The hospital should revoke Dr Pandya’s privilegies for slandering the place where he as well makes money. Or is the oncall per day allowance not enough? And his seeking a way larger amount. Is the outcry because you didn’t get a bigger piece of the covid 19 relief grant. Mrs Hefner has done a great job dealing with the disaster the hospital was before her. I wish physicians would stick to medicine and not politics of the hospital.

      • I agree 100% with you Maria. The Pandyas have embarrassed themselves with these bizarre posts here and in the Porterville Recorder. Why would you vote for a Board Member who is LYING about another Board Member? Now his wife is running too and doing the same LYING about another Board Member? Neither one should be on the Board. No surprise Dr. Pandya is a MAGA fan, he’s a big bully like Trump spewing as many LIES as he can about his opponents hoping people believe him. Those of us who have had the misfortune of working with Dr. Pandya KNOW that the Pandyas have terrible reputations, and it is a complete farce that either one is running. DO NOT VOTE FOR DR. OR MRS. PANDYA!!

  15. Mr. understood
    I understand you are speaking for hospital and board leadership. That is why you disguise your identity.

    For the patient in question who passed away CDPH found that the hospital was in immediate jeopardy. That means they can shut the hospital down. You see I have to bring it out to the community. As an elected board member it is my duty to look out for the people who elected me. Next time it could be you or me or your family and friends. Mrs. Hefner said it was a human error. I disagree. In my opinion it was due to systemic failure and hospital and board leadership are Responsible for their actions and inactions.

    A board member asking questions is not equal to bullying. It is my job of oversight over the hospital administration to ask questions and get information. Board member should not be just a rubber stamp.

    A Hispanic community representation is a welcome idea. However a candidate needs to step forward and not be recruited by hospital. Also come to board meetings and observe.

    If you want to have an honest discussion reveal your identity. Come talk with me. You know where My office is.

  16. Lets take a moment to consider the flip side of these conversations:

    Let’s say Pandyas, one or both loose. They will know they tried their best and listened to their conscience. But how about if the concerns they are raising are real, and negative events continue, or worse, snowball.

    When that time comes the public may feel things like, “why didn’t anyone do something?” or “How did anyone not know this was happening?” or “People who knew about this should have spoken up, done whatever it takes to stop this.”

    Well, friends, the Pandyas’ unorthodox dual campaign is EXACTLY what it looks like when someone responds to those kind of comments BEFORE the bad things occur.

    Ask for verifiable facts. Get the truth. Vote wisely. Bring us moral leaders. The public here is smarter than most people in power positions give them credit for. I know because I grew up here, and now I serve here.

    Please do fact check our candidates, or ask them questions directly for yourself.

    • You make ominous claims and reference campaign websites which do nothing to document the ominous claims. I am reading about “reports” from the State of California which should be public information but I have not seen links to the reports.

      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. I have little respect for those who make claims without supporting them. And oversight boards which oversee executives who oversee hospital employees/contractors who are related to the oversight board members are hopelessly conflicted. This is failed governance.

    • I feel I would be remiss if I did not thank those at the Pandya Family Foundation for the benches in Veterans Park. They are a lovely gift to the community.

    • Wow this is a very significant statement. If you have any proof of negligence causing someone’s passing, then please not only share it with us as much as you can, but also share it with law enforcement so that the people liable can be held accountable for the medical malpractice and brought to justice.

      The fact that you’re making such a grave statement in a public forum, knowing full well that the people responsible for it could take drastic actions against you for self-protection, is proof enough for me that this incident happened.

      The current board and their supporters calling you names and bullying you online is just a desperate act for covering their behinds.

      Please don’t be discouraged.. please continue to operate your campaign on facts and principles and ignore the mud slinging.

      Remember – when they go low, you should go high.

      I am confident that you will win in the next few days and will get a chance to uproot the corruption and bad apples out of the current SVDH administration.


  17. Dr and Mrs Pandya hide behind a wall of carefully spun mistruths, sprinkled with personal attacks – also based on lies. Notice that each response they provide pivot and don’t answer what is being asked. I read the documents on the webpage provided, linking to public health. These “new regulations” you quote as being very proud of fixing aren’t new. Last time I checked, safe medication handling and storage, adequate assessments for anesthesia, informed consent and employer evaluations have ALWAYS been required as part of practicing medicine and running a business. You can spin these issues however you like, but the reality is that no one here is buying what you are selling. The only ones supporting you are YOU. The community is not naive to your motives and will not be lulled into your siren song of “big bad hospital is screwing over the poor little providers.” Anyone stupid enough to think you don’t make money from the hospital or that you didn’t receive your own stipend of money from the government during COVID needs to think again. Heed the public outcry and step down. —

    • Well said, Bob. Thank you for clearly stating the sentiments of the public at large.

      • Hey Bob, the fact that Dr. Pandya raised in his Oct 8th comment, which caused a patient’s death isn’t a “spun mistruth”.. I’m shocked how you’re brushing that off so casually.

        If you’re truly concerned about the welfare of not only your neighbors but your own family who could end up in the hospital one day, then you should be losing your sleep over this instead of prioritizing politics and attacking the Pandya’s.

        Please stop the politics and do the right thing. Support the Pandya’s and help them serve you and save your lives!!

  18. “Men lose good judgment in things which concern their interest.”

    — Dhritrashtra, Bhishma Parva, Mahabharata Book vi.3.60

    This is a quote I remember back when shit was hitting the fan in Hastinapur. Of course, nowadays it should be properly modified to start with “Women and men…”

    Out of curiosity, and since my advanced age is messing with my memory, I did what you might call a “Google search” through the Mahabharata for any episode involving a couple who suddenly bought a house in order to exploit a flaw in an electoral system.

    I found nothing. Such games are outrageous even by Mahabharata standards, I guess.

    • I don’t see many Sanskrit references here in the southern SJV. Perhaps I should widen my perspective. I feel enriched by your reference to a timeless principle.

  19. The vitriol I’m seeing towards the Pandya’s is extremely toxic. This family is trying their best to help this community and protect them from people who only seek power and money. To suck off the financial bosom of the hospital. The Pandya’s have done a lot of good for the community, have remained independent of the hospital to avoid conflicts of interest. Both Drs. Pandya’s are fine surgeons and wonderful people.

    This family has donated time, energy, money, and resources to this community. Dr. G. Pandya served this country in the USAF. I went to MHS with Tejal. To attack a family that is trying to do nothing but good for this community is low blow.

    A hospital board should be made up of people who are compassionate, caring, understanding, and invested in the local community. It is a district hospital that is here to serve the people. Those whom have proven they serve the people of the community should serve on the board.

    • I see the same thing… POLITICS and maintaining secrets.


      Come On MAN… we know now.


  20. Russell,

    While I also am saddened the discussion has devolved as far as it has, we need to be honest about potential conflicts of interest here. It’s not just that a husband and wife duo will be occupying 40% of the seats, it’s that their daughter, Tejal, is also a employee of the hospital, and, like her father, also a general surgeon.

    Gaurang says he’s not happy with the contract the anesthesiologists have received and that he thinks they are overpaid. But what happens when the contract for the general surgeons comes up? How do we know that that Ela and Gaurang won’t use their power to push for a contract for surgeons that far exceeds the fair market rate, thus enriching themselves and their daughter? Can you imagine if a husband and wife sat on the board of company, and their daughter was also a prominent employee there? The conflicts of of interest are staggering.

    I would really like for Gaurang and Ela to explain how we can possibly trust them to have the hospital’s best interests at heart, and not their own.

  21. Yesinia C.,
    Do not be sad I am happy that you are engaged and raising issues and thinking independently.

    First of all my daughter or me are not employees of the hospital. We have independent practice separate from the hospital. We only work for our patients. We use hospital facility for our patients but the hospital charges the patient and their insurance separately and and by strictly enforced law we have no part of that financial transaction.

    In mid 1990s hospital board decided that the hospital will close the department of Anesthesia and give an exclusive contract to provide anesthesia to all hospital patients to a selected organized anesthesia group. Now if you are an independent anesthesiologist moving to Porterville wanting to provide anesthesia services to surgical patients you can not get to do that at Sierra View Hospital because the anesthesia department is closed and you have to work for the hospital contracted group to make a living otherwise you are stopped from working at the hospital.

    This closed department and exclusive contracting works for anesthesia because anesthesiologist physicians do not see patients in their private office, they only work in the hospital operating room. Such arrangement does not work for surgeons because the surgeons see patients in their offices independent of the hospital and only work in hospital on part time basis that too is not paid by the hospital, patient and their insurance pay the surgeons like us.

    Now for the power of being on the board and the Pandyas getting their special contracts and money issue. The law requires that the board members cannot vote on any contract or issue that would lead to a personal financial gain or loss of $500 per year. Therefore, being on the board has no financial reward for me or my wife or any board member. There is no salary to be had. Generally, Board members are providing a community oversight on the hospital operations and guide the administration regarding what seem to be the right thing for community and the future needs or they look at current new issues. As for example 4 years ago I identified that we have a serious lack of physicians in our community so I pointed out that we need a physician residency program. Many physicians they settle in the community after residency. I am very happy to say that due to such community and hospital collaboration now we have an ACGME approved residency program at Sierra View Hospital. This program will enroll 40 young physicians in our community starting July 1, 2021. This will have a long-term impact on population access to the high quality physician services. Now I did not get paid for any of that. It is just that I get feeling of doing something valuable for our community.

    Now the in the matter of trusting Pandyas. I can not decide that for you. But I will tell you this if you look at our track record you will see that we have been voluntarily giving some of our money away for the community benefit. There is verifiable evidence such as you go to Veteran’s Park and sit on some of the benches and you may see. Also, you can go to our small web sites to see., and

    You should verify the evidence of community service claims.

    Most importantly you should vote and make your choice.

    Thank you.

  22. Ms. SCHUYLER, please for the love of everything holy. Stop posting into an intelligent discourse with buffoonery.

  23. Hi Gaurang,

    Thank you for addressing my fears regarding potential conflicts of interest involving your family. However, I am more concerned with your overall values and moral viewpoint than any specific conflict.

    I know for a fact (heard it through a close hospital associate of yours) that you are a loyal Republican and voted for Donald Trump in 2016. I am a second generation Mexican-American. My parents came here illegally from Mexico, a country Mr. Trump said was sending “rapists and drug dealers”. Are my parents rapists and drug dealers? I certainly have not seen them rape anyone or deal drugs to anyone.

    SVDH serves a majority hispanic population, including large numbers of undocumented immigrants. I am not sure putting someone on the board who supports a candidate with such xenophobic, racist, and white supremacist views is a good idea. Patients should not fear their doctors. I don’t think our patients would feel safe having someone like that on our board. Hospitals are a safe space where patients should be able to feel comfortable and secure knowing that the people taking care of them wish they they get better, not that they get deported.

    You said that you cannot decide for me whether I should trust the Pandyas. That is true. I have many questions regarding Pandya family ethics, and pointing to some donations that were made to Veteran’s park does not allay my fears. It’s quite common for people to give a small percent of their income to charity and use this as proof that they are a “good person”.

    You and your wife make some good points regarding how the hospital should be run. I visited your wife’s website and agree that changes to the way our hospital functions are long overdue. But if I’m being honest, knowing that you voted for Trump makes it hard to support you.

    • Dear Yesenia,

      My voting record is not the issue. You do not have information about how other candidates voted, do you? I have mentored Hispanic kids at the high schools, mentored Hispanic medical assistants working for us to go for higher education, paid off student loans of the Hispanic employees to prevent the interest to accrue ( and allowing them to pay us off gradually and not charging interest.) you can stop by so I can show you documentation/proof and have you talk with the staff. I even helped an employee with interest free loan so she could help her Godchildren in Philippines during flooding. You can Catherine Die’s advice and visit Jagpal’s FB page and see if you find expression of his remorse for his employee causing a preventable death of a young Hispanic mother. Other than bad mouthing Pandyas you will not find anything concrete there.

      • Why are you badmouthing Board Members and posting LIES about them, Donna Hefner and the hospital? Everyone can see that you, your husband and your daughter are trying to tarnish Dr. Jagpal, it is extremely sad and completely unprofessional!! Then you post about a patient incident? Neither one of you has any business being on the Board!

      • Ela,

        When you say that your voting record is not the issue, you admit to the world that you and your husband are gung ho Trump supporters (something most of us already knew). It’s nice that you’ve given some money here and there and mentored some kids. I’m not saying you two are heartless sociopaths. I’m saying when it comes to the big picture of Good vs. Evil, Equality of Races vs. White Supremacy, Immigration vs. Ethnonationalism, Nepotism vs. Meritocracy, Honest Dealing vs. Corruption, Competence vs. Blind Loyalty, MeToo vs. Patriarcy, you and your husband throw your lot in with the man who is on the wrong side of all of these.

        You’ve shown your true colors.

        • Yesenia, are you serious?

          Just look at Jagpal’s Facebook page about how many pro Trump posts he has. You’re attacking Pandya’s because you have heard from someone that they “may have” voted for Trump?

          If “voting for Trump” is your criteria for not voting for someone, then it should be clear as DAYLIGHT that Jagpal is a CURRENT Trump supporter, and you should automatically vote for Pandya’s.

          If you are truly objective, you can go and meet Ela who is telling you that she will show you paperwork of how she has supported Hispanics. But if you want to continue advocating for Jagpal and justify it with a rumor, then there is no reasoning with you.

  24. From what I am reading from Pandyas they throw out whatever lie pops into their heads and prove nothing. Seems just like the liar Trump. He turned out to be not such a great choice.

    • A friend just sent me a commentary from the Porterville newspaper in which the Pandya who is already on the board actually attacked an opponent’s children for where they went to school.
      I wouldn’t let this jerk give me a band-aid.

      • Billy, you cannot be serious.

        The Pandya’s are actually inviting you to sit down with them and look at the proof of the community service they have done.

        Why don’t you post a screenshot of that newspaper, or talk to the reporter? Your source of truth is an anonymous friend sending you his or her personal commentary, and that’s enough to not look at the facts that the Pandya’s are already providing?

        This is clearly made up misinformation to attack the Pandya’s and an attempt to confuse and influence the community against them.

        Also what’s with the childish name-calling? You’re the one looking pretty here, while the good people are doing what they can.

  25. After several days in deep meditation, I received a boon from Indra in the form of an elegant solution to our little pickle.

    1) It is apparent that the Pandya’s are willing to “invest in the community” by … buying a house for themselves in order to game an election to the hospital board.

    2) It is also clear that Maha Udaram Pandya (Maha Udaram means Great Belly in Sanskrit) has been pushing for exorbitant compensation for on-call surgeons.

    3) Indian people know that the Pandya’s love appearing in the Porterville Recorder, loudly celebrating even the smallest events.

    Solution: If the Pandyas get on the board, they should pass the on-call increase in pay. Then, they should sell the house, donate the increase pay + house earnings (every single year) to the local high schools, making sure they advertise their charity handsomely in the Recorder.

    Win win? Mama Shakuni would be proud of this solution, I have a doubt.

    • This is so stupid!

      From the way it looks, you’re the one hiding behind an alias trying to use mythological stories and allegory to attack hard working people.

      “Maha Udaram Pandya” is an example of mocking someone based on their physical appearance – an example STRAIGHT out of Trump playbook. Do you also think Mexicans are rapists, and Nazis were fine people?

      I am sure you won’t see “the great belly” if you or anyone you know needs him to save your life.

      Stop denigrating Indra, your insight was sent to you by Yama (Satan.) I know him personally and he told me that haha

      • Namaste. Please do not spread any more misinformation,… “Martha Flores”. I am nothing like Satan — to receive a boon from me is actually a wonderful thing, read the scriptures.

        Please note that at the end of your miserable existence, we will meet. Then I will ask: “why did you impersonate the mayor of Porterville for political gain?” Hopefully the answer will make more sense than your usual verbal diarrhea, Tejal.

  26. Dear Neighbors, I began working at SVDH in Porterville in 2012, and bought my home here in 2014. I have met, worked or interacted with almost all the principles in this drama. My Porterville experience began because of the takeover of Hemet Valley Medical Center by Kali P. Chaudhuri, which resulted in the bankruptcy and sale of the hospital TO THE DOCTORS October 13, 2010. California law enacted January 1, 2011 has now made that illegal, but determined parties can always find a loophole.
    After 31 years employed at my hometown hospital, I lost my job, my pension, and a lot of my friends. About 1100 employees and their families were affected. A select few were invited to stay on, many were terminated, some quit, and a few developed acute medical problems and died, probably due to stress. My former co-workers now live on Maui, or in Iowa, Arizona, Oregon, Virginia or they commute 1 or 2 hours away to work. The loss of my social network and future security was tough. I chose to move to Porterville because the people I met here were kind and supportive. The cost of living is reasonable. I was able to achieve my professional goal of becoming a Certified Registered Nurse First Assistant while working as a Surgical RN at SVDH. I also saw a lot of turnover in the Administration, and changes being enacted. Things like re-branding to “medical center”, new logo’s, new services. I saw a lot of deferred maintenance, such as old cracked flooring being replaced/repaired. Things are generally good at the hospital. There a lot of passionate hardworking people with different agendas, who are stakeholders here. It is hard to watch factions fighting, and I am sorry to see SO MANY Red Flags which remind me of my previous hospital takeover experience.
    It is my sincere wish, that these groups can shift focus to what positive issues they can agree on and work together. We are all humans. Things happen. Everyone has dirty laundry. Insurance companies exist for that reason.
    When the focus is on blame, shame and tearing each other apart, all your resources will be squandered. When things get out of balance, an outside party will come in, be that a Government Agency, or a for profit Healthcare System like Universal or Tenet.
    People of Porterville need to think about how they can keep their local healthcare safe, sane and accessible to everyone. Truly – we need a few business men, a dairyman or a farmer on that Board, someone who can grow business and deal with adversity, and who reflects the local population. If you let this situation escalate, you may not like the results.

  27. I was all set to vote for the Pandyas, but then I hear from Yesenia that they are Trump supporters.

    My brother served three tours in Iraq, deploying right after Operation Iraqi Freedom. He follows in a long line of my father, uncle and grandfather serving in our armed forces as well. We are proud to serve, and consider it the highest honor.

    At the beginning of my brother’s 3rd deployment, he was shot in the right side of his abdomen by a sniper in the battle of Fallujah. He was airvac’ed out of there and underwent 7 surgeries. He almost didn’t make it. His L3 vertebra was fractured and he’s been paralyzed from the waist down ever since. He’s currently on disability, taking painkillers, and defecating into bag, which I help him empty.

    We are lifelong Republicans, but Donald Trump was the last straw. He called our servicemen “suckers” and “losers” and smeared the great war hero John McCain. This coming from a man who dodged the draft in Vietnam because of “bone spurs”.

    And you support this man, Gaurang? After what he said about our troops and my brother?
    Is my brother a “sucker” and a “loser” Gaurang? DO YOU SUPPORT THE TROOPS? I NEED TO KNOW.

    I will not vote for someone who doesn’t pledge their full and unreserved support for our great men and women defending our nation.

  28. Dear John
    Thank your brother for his service and sacrifice. I thank you for taking care of him. I also volunteered for service in USAF. Over past years I have noticed that Trump has changed and I do not like it. Your brother is a HERO and not a sucker. I have full support and respect for men and women who defend our freedoms in our nation.

    Please visit my web page. for info..

    Thank you again.

  29. Most of the Indian community in the states support Trump especially those with money because he lowered taxes for the wealthy. Dr. G and Mrs. Pandya are bullies like Trump, throwing whatever lies they can about their opponent and then trashing the hospital where they make money. Pretty ignorant on their part. The ad in the Recorder was idiotic too. Nobody in their right mind would vote for either one of them.

    • Ok so to summarize your hateful allegations of went people shouldn’t vote for Ela Pandya:

      1. Mrs. Pandya is running because Pandya’s want to control the board together, so they can somehow benefit from their positions.
      2. Their daughter will soon follow (a just to be clear, “soon” is at least 2024, since the elections are every 4 years.)
      3. Pandya’s are bullies.
      4. Pandya’s are Trump supporters, which Dr. Jagpal clearly is also.

      Since you’re simply presenting your opinions and NONE OF THIS IS BACKED BY ANY FACTS, please spare us the hatemongering. If you have any proof or witnesses that any of this is true, BRING THEM FORWARD.

      Otherwise stop being a COWARD, hiding behind an alias and slinging mud on this honest hard-working community-serving family.

      So far, YOU ARE THE ONE BULLYING THEM ONLINE.. back the hell off, whoever you are.

      • Such comedy. Let’s see, the same person with Commenter ID: ae6921f3 posted replies on here under the following ALIASES:

        – Martha Flores
        – Godspeed to the Pandya’s
        – Public Sentiment
        – Enough is enough
        – Enough of the rumor mill!!!
        – Maha Nonsense Bhishma
        – Jagpal is PRO TRUMP
        – Piss off you coward, and spare the public from your hatred
        – I am public, and I have now spoken!

        In most of the replies posted by this same person they state “Stop hiding behind aliases…” something Dr. Pandya referenced above telling people to show their identity. Why use multiple aliases to attack citizens who are posting their thoughts on this election?.It’s called Freedom of Speech, if you don’t like hearing the truth don’t run. A lot of us in the community know the TRUTH!!


        • Leslie, there is a very thin line between FREE SPEECH and HATE SPEECH / MISINFORMATION. All I’m doing is calling out people’s baseless, childish and personal attacks, and asking the accusers to provide FACTS.

          Dr. Jagpal, Jindal and their associates KILLED someone in the hospital out of their negligence..

          What is wrong with you??


          VOTE FOR PANDYA’S.


          Btw – I’m using aliases for my own safety. If I reveal my identity, I fear that evil people like Dr. Jagpal and Jindal, who have NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE, will try to harm me and my family. I cannot take that risk by exposing my identity.

        • Dear Leslie M.
          This is Gaurang Pandya, MD I respect your right to freedom of speech however if I want to say something then I use my own name.

          • Dr. Pandya don’t let your family destroy them self’s. If you need help please contact me

  30. I support both Dr Pandyas for the board, I supported Hillary Clinton and now Joe Biden but they both have a passion and commitment to Porterville. It appears Sierra View would rather chummy up with Kaweah Delta and not put the focus on the people here in Porterville. I too am Hispanic but as a RN and see the facts as they are laid out its time to change the leadership of the hospital and time for the Hospital to have a Board that focuses on the people the hospital Serves.

  31. I was born and raised in Porterville and have lived most of my life here. My father and two uncles were doctors. My mother and two aunts were RN’s. So, with interest, I have been reading comments relative to the upcoming elections for positions on the Hospital Board. I do not know most of the candidates, but I do have both personal and professional relationships with Dr. Pandya and Ela Pandya. I find the comments about supporting them or not based upon political voting preferences totally bizarre. As if one might be privy to their private ballots anyway. I doubt too many patients would have refused medical care from my dad if they knew he was hard-core Republican.[My mom’s Democratic affiliation countered his vote anyway]. Being married does not guarantee total agreement on issues, as some of you may already know. But, some things both Dr. and Mrs. Pandya share are a committment to the health, welfare and quality of care of the community. I have seen first hand their generosity, their sacrificing of time-invested, and their compassion. I agree Dr. Pandya does come up with some unique “ideas”, but I see that being motivated by a passion to make things better. And Ela is one of the most down-to-earth people I know. Their personal integrity and honesty and desire to due the right thing is exemplary. I don’t know about the hospital’s accreditation or awards or honors and such, but I DO know that the hospital is not thought of very highly, to the point of ridicule, by some members of the community. I have no reservations whatsoever in being supportive of the election of both Dr. Pandya and Ela Pandya to Sierra View Hospital Board. I might add that if other candidates have the personal integrity and quality of character as my two friends, then no matter who wins, you can’t go wrong with your vote.

  32. For everyone who does not know and has not voted please do not vote for the Pandya family. Yes, I say family because have no doubt that voting for Dr. Pandya and Mrs. Pandya will also win their daughter (also a practicing surgeon at Sierra View Hospital) a silent seat on the board. I have no doubt our hospital will be controlled by the agenda and wishes of the three Pandyas. Everyone needs to stop and ask themselves why they are so desperately trying to control the hospital. For one they bully and attempt to threaten anyone who stands up to them and all the lies they spin.To anyone who has any doubts please watch Sierra View’s open board session. The public has spoken.

    • Wow, this nonsensical speculation seems to have no bounds!

      Now that you are dragging their daughter into it, why don’t you also go ahead and say that the evil Pandya’s are secretly motivating their son, a software professional, to go back to school and get a degree in medicine, so that very soon, they can have FOUR people on the board? Why leave it to ONLY THREE?? While you’re at it, feel free to drag their fourth family member into it haha.

      “The PUBLIC has spoken”… seriously?? This is straight out of the Trump propaganda politics playbook aka “THEY are fake news”.

      Well, who the hell is this PUBLIC? And who elected YOU to summarize the public’s sentiment?

      Stop hiding behind aliases to counter thoughtful comments made by people using their real names with personal childish and negative attacks.. it’s is hollow and meaningless.

      If you are trying to prove that you’re standing up to Pandya’s bullying, why don’t cut the BS, get off the gossip train, you use your real name and provide some actual examples, instead of your fanciful personal opinions of how the hospital will be run under their governance?

      • LOL. I find it highly amusing that you are telling people to “Stop hiding behind aliases” and “use your real name” when you yourself are hiding behind an alias. Tell us, what is your real name? I am using mine. What is yours?

        • Hi Yesenia, I have nothing against people like you who’re using their identity to express their opinions. Also I’m not mudslinging on either candidates. I am taking offense with others who are doing that without using their real name. That’s the BS I’m calling out. And if they don’t have the guts to use their real name, why should I??

          Bottomline is, they should stop harassing a decent family.

          If you want to be taken seriously, use your real name and show us some facts. Otherwise, you and your empty statements are nothing but a sad joke.

          • Thanks for your two cents JD, but I was directing my comments to the person whose comment I replied to. I’m not mudslinging either btw.

  33. Hi Yesenia, I have nothing against people like you who’re using their identity to express their opinions. Also I’m not mudslinging on either candidates. I am taking offense with others who are doing that without using their real name. That’s the BS I’m calling out.

    • This Pandya family is known to use code to hide their comments. They are very well known in the community to spread disinformation/. Please call anybody in Serra View Hospital and you will know the truth.

  34. Hi all,

    I just asked around to some of my friends who work at the hospital what they think of the Pandyas. Apparently, they are incredibly incompetent, lazy and greedy. Gaurang’s cases have tons of complications: he loves to do surgeries where it is questionable as to whether surgery is even needed. He is rude and short with everyone, patients, staff, OR personnel, nurses, etc. He has lost his call privileges many times in the past. Other doctors don’t think much of him and won’t send family members to him….

    But it gets worse. His daughter, Tejal, is utterly incompetent. She has KILLED patients. She barely graduated from residency a couple years back and was already placed on probation. They brought in an outside expert to review her cases and her standard of care was HORRIBLE.

    I heard she has to have her father in with her for a lot of surgeries so that she doesn’t screw things up. She can barely do surgery on her own. Patients have died because of her. She’s practically guilty of negligent homicide. Daddy protects her and watches after her so she doesn’t commit manslaughter again. Oh my god these people are the WORST. I’m using my full name now because I don’t care who knows that I think these people are a DANGER to our community.

    • Yesenia, your comment is so pathetic that I don’t even know where to begin.

      Do you know where Ms. Tejal completed her residency from, and how tough it is to graduate from that program?

      The fact that you think Tejal is working in a community like Porterville because she needs her dad’s “protection”, gave me a GOOD LAUGH 😂😂

      Also who are these killed patients? Can you have their families write articles, just like the one I posted?

      And also, since you’re using your full name anyway, what are your medical credentials?? What is YOUR competency to evaluate a surgeon’s decision to operate on someone?


      • I’m also shocked Yesenia that you were complaining about not voting for Pandya’s because they are Trump supporters.

        Every comment they made here is filled with decency and facts. And you are attacking Dr. Tejal, who ISN’T EVEN RUNNIG FOR ELECTION!!

        This is just like Trump getting desperate and attacking Hunter Biden – Joe Biden’s son.


      • wait…you’re that mysterious person (aka Ela Pandya) that impersonated the MAYOR earlier in the comments! A celebrity!

  35. Hi y’all,

    I noticed something very interesting just now. I was busy doing some work in my study, when from the other room I hear my brother, the paraplegic war hero, call out to me in his rattly voice “Johnny…Johnny”.
    Normally, this means one of two things: 1) He’s hungry, or 2) he needs his colostomy bag changed. Sure enough, it was the latter. I hurry on over to him and he’s sitting in front of his laptop, which is open to this very page. He’s been treated many time at SVDH, so I guess he’s taken an interest in this race.
    Anyhoo, I change his poop bag and am about to head back over to my study, when he calls my name again. I turn around, and his arm is up, pointed straight at the laptop screen. Keep in mind, he’s pretty zonked out on opioids to kill the pain from his war wounds (physical and psychological), so this requires a ton of effort on his part. I say “What is it, brother?” and he mumbles “ID…ID…ID.” with his finger still pointed at the screen.
    I had no idea what he was referring to at first, but I figure if he’s going this this much effort, it must be important. I was about to ask him but he fell back into his drug induced stupor.

    I hop onto his computer, and that’s when I see what he’s talking about: the commenter ID that every post has. If you look at the top of the comments section of this page, it says ” (Commenter ID is a unique per-article, per-person commenter identifier. If multiple names have the same Commenter ID, it is likely they are the same person.)” I did some more investigating, and was shocked by what I found.

    The commenter ID ae6921f3 has commented 15 different times, under 15 separate aliases!!!!

    Martha Flores
    Enough is enough
    Enough of the rumor mill!!!
    Maha Nonsense Bhishma
    Jagpal is PRO TRUMP
    Piss off you coward, and spare the public from your hatred
    I am public, and I have now spoken!

    This person has intricate knowledge of the Pandyas, Jagpal, Indian mythology, the Panya’s SON (who they mention as a software professional”) and is dedicated to rebutting every single anti- Pandya comment.
    They use vile language “Piss off”, “coward”, “murderer” and even PRETENDED TO BE OUR GREAT MAYOR, Martha Flores.

    Who could this be? Any thoughts people? I’m dying to know.

    • It is so pathetic if it is true that even their son is involved.
      If that is true this family needs help before they self destruct.

  36. Hello John,

    I’ve been watching the activity on this page and didn’t want to get down in the mud with the Pandyas, but I’m disgusted by what I’ve seen, and felt the need to comment.

    To answer your question: it’s Ela Pandya. I can tell by how she writes and sounds, and how ferociously protective she is of her family. It’s just like her to respond to EVERY single thing (positive or negative) said about them. I’ve known her through the Indian community for going on 2 decades now. I have no doubt it’s her.

    Please thank your brother for his service. And thank YOU for taking care of him. I can tell how much you love him.

  37. Unbelievable!!!

    I was worried earlier that I was making things too personal by going after the Pandya family, but then I read this.

    I simply cannot believe a candidate for our hospital board would pretend to be so many different people, including our MAYOR. I thought I was having a discussion with our COMMUNITY, but now I’m thinking it’s just a few of us and many different ELAs.

    Shame on you Ela! Just when I thought you couldn’t stoop any lower.

    • Am I surprised that the very same Ela Pandya that suddenly bought a house to rig an election also impersonated the mayor? Nope. Sounds like a line straight from the Pandya playbook.

      • KLS, Yesenia, Househunter

        This isn’t Ela, or Tejal, or any Pandya. THIS IS A CONCERNED THIRD PARTY.




        Forget any of that and LOCK HIM UP!!! 🔒⛓️ ⚖️

        • Stop it. please call SVDH Porterville and contact any employees and they will tell you about Pandyas!!

      • I’m Ela Pandya and I always use my name when I make comments. By the way, you have been using different names, yourself.

      • Ela dear, please stop. Are we really expected to believe that a completely independent third party would go through the trouble of posting under 15 different aliases to influence a local hospital board election? For a month straight? While also passionately rebutting every anti-pandya statement? Tell me, what rational human being would do these things? And how would this person also be familiar with Indian epics, the disciplinary actions of daughter Tejal, and the occupation of the previously unmentioned son?

        An independent third party in the community possesses this kind of knowledge and has such motivations? It beggars belief. You simply logged on from a different computer and used your real name so that your commenter ID would be different from the aliases.

        I slowly distanced myself from you and your family years ago because I have little patience for these types of games and drama. It used to be just you and Gaurang, but it seems like even Tejal is getting involved now. I can only pray Sagar doesn’t get sucked into it as well.

        What have these games accomplished? Are you more successful? More liked? More happy? Please darling put an end to this nonsense.

  38. I would like to check if any other board members have done anything tangible for community what Dr. Pandya and Ela Pandya have done. If not, I will vote for Pandyas. They deserve the chance.

  39. I have read all the comments and came to a conclusion that Pandyas have respectfully answered questions of the community, including skeptics, and they’re willing to provide proof of their records to uplift all communities and help their local community. Dr. Pandya has served for the nation by giving his service to USAF. Having Ela on board will also give a voice from a woman’s perspective. I have not seen any good explanations from other candidates or the willingness to show their track record. I also can’t see any donations or work done for the village.

    I also don’t want status quo. I am expecting better for the community so I want to bring fresh eyes with a serving attitude to the board so we can see change.

  40. Finally Voters have spoken and rejected husband and wife getting on board Nefariously,..

    • How’s next Monday? Is that a good day to stop? I mean…its not like you’ll be busy on the hospital board or anything 😂

  41. Better, yet, now. Because I see you are too embarrassed to reveal yourself. I have the courage you can only dream of. Go on, live your pathetic existence till you can bear it. Over and out.

  42. After reading this comments by Pandya family. It does not hurt me. This family is very vicious and hateful. They can go to any level to destroy other people carrier and reputations . In America everywhere i have been I have found love and respect. In California I have found so much love. Either this family has mental issues or they are self destructive. No Doctor them refer patients in Poterville. This family is very bitter and incompetent. Please contact any employee or Doctor in Sierra View hospital , Poteville CA and they will tell you about the competence about the Anesthesia Dept. And The Pandya’s. Please do your own research.

    • I hear you man, I hear you. Any time you need someone to just sit and listen to how much you hate the Pandyas, I am here for you.

      Take care, friend.

  43. Dear Gangaputra Bhishma, Can you Buy me a house please, Stuck in the house in Zone 1 and Can I return the house, I sold the house and made 20% return on investment in 18 months. And dared to do what you could never dream of. Idiot!!!

    • To summarize the story: You bought a home in Zone 1 and “lived in it” in order to desperately gain a seat on the hospital board next to your husband. Now that you lost, you brag about making quick profit by selling the house, reaping benefit from the economic turmoil caused by the pandemic. A benefit that only the rich have access to.

      Your message only confirms that the Pandyas are just out to increase personal profit and status.

      The Indian community has always known this. Now, this truth is spreading across the valley.

      P.S.: We find it amusing that after more than a year, you are unable to look away from this message board. Do the community a service, and please seek help from a mental health professional.

  44. What were you do, you loser? I never expected a response. When are you going to borrow your mother’s vagina and have courage to reveal yours?


    I cannot BELIEVE what I just read. “Borrow your mother’s vagina”? “Have courage to reveal yours”?

    I literally just spit my morning chai all over my keyboard.

    Is this how we women are supposed to talk these days, like vulgar men?

    International Women’s Day was not two weeks ago! Was the goal of the movement to be as tasteless, boorish and uncivilized as they are?

    Can you imagine Susan B Anthony speaking this way? Or Sojourner Truth? Or MALALA??!!

    Would you advise Tejal to reveal her vagina? Would you tell Sagar to whip out his dick? Would you advise Gaurang to pull out his testicles
    and point at them, yelling “how ’bout these puppies? Take a look at them bad boys!!”?

    Of course you wouldn’t. (The last example was obviously
    a rhetorical question. I am well aware of the fact that nobody, least of all Gaurang himself, has seen Gaurang’s testicles in decades due to them being completely buried by his massive overhanging gut.)

    You sicken me. You proudly flaunt your membership in Zonta, which seeks to “advance the status of women.” Is this what advancement is supposed to look like?

    You are the biggest fraud the Indian community has ever seen. You are the biggest fraud the Women’s Rights movement has ever seen.

    I am out of words.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to clean up my keyboard.

    • Please, I was honoring his mother to be braver than his father because his father did not give him guts to not hide behind fake names. And I say the same thing to you. If you have guts give me your name otherwise shut up. You walked away from me twenty years ago, stay there, where you have to suck up to the rich Indians. Serve them well.

      • Ask your Indian bosses what they did to my daughter, you blind woman. You see what they show you, but their ugliness has surpassed all limits. That just shows how much of failures they think of themselves. And don’t think I’m lying because they agreed they were wrong, at the end. My kid won!!!!!

  46. As a long time resident of Porterville, I would just like to voice my opinion on recent developments at Sierra View. In this article

    it is revealed that Gaurang Pandya has been acting disgustingly toward fellow hospital leadership. Can you imagine what would have happened if his wife Mrs. Pandya had actually made it on the board?! I thank Jesus for Bindusagar Reddy, Behl and the others on the board. Please, please, please don’t let this Pandya tumor spread, I beg you!!

    Valley Voice should report on this important issue. The Pandya’s personal vendettas are directly causing obstacles to the smooth operation of the hospital. Report on it please!

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