National Veterans Fraternity Suspends Assemblyman Devon Mathis

In a letter dated October 25, the Omega Delta Sigma Veterans Fraternity suspended Assemblyman Devon Mathis from the organization.

The letter stated,

“It was brought to our attention that Omega Delta Sigma alumnus Devon Mathis is currently under investigation for an alleged sexual assault. In response, the Omega Delta Sigma Board of Trustees and National Officers Board have unanimously elected to suspend Mr. Mathis’ affiliation with the organization on a temporary basis.

As veterans of the United States military, each of our members took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. This includes the right to due process. We will await the results of the legal investigation and will pursue additional action only if necessary.”

The Omega Delta Sigma National Veterans Fraternity was founded in 1999 when a group of college veterans got together and came to the conclusion that they did not fit into traditional college fraternities.

According to their website, “Being veterans they already had one of the strongest bonds there are but they wanted that to carry over into their collegiate experience so they decided to found Omega Delta Sigma.  The first Chapter was brought into being at the University of Florida that same year.”

Since 2008 Omega Delta Sigma became a national fraternity and has chapters all over the country at 10 universities. Mathis became a member of Omega Delta Sigma during his time at Fresno State.

“As stated in our organization’s preamble and as military veterans ourselves, honor, integrity, and respect are words that not only reside in our hearts, but were and still are a way of life for us. Let it be known in no uncertain terms that Omega Delta Sigma, National Veterans Fraternity, Inc. condemns all acts of sexual assault and sexual harassment in all its forms,” Vincent Rivera, National President of Omega Delta Sigma, said in a statement sent to the Voice.

“Such acts are the antithesis of who we are. No person who is found to have committed an action of this type will be permitted to affiliate with this organization and this organization will not affiliate with them,” he continued.

Mathis’ local, and Sacramento, offices did not return requests for comment from the Voice.

His local office did state that long time staffer Justin Turner was the current Chief of Staff and that Sam Canon was no longer with the assemblyman’s office.

Cannon met Mathis three years ago while working for the Committee on Rules while training new assembly members. Cannon was working for Mathis since the end of May.

Cannon was Mathis’ third chief of staff. Former campaign manager Cole Azare was Mathis’ first chief of staff until April 15, 2015. After Azare, Mathis hired lobbyist Sean Doherty, who was then fired May 5, 2016.

A suspension from Omega Delta Sigma Veterans Fraternity means that Mathis cannot affiliate himself with the organization. He cannot use their name on his letterhead, during campaign events or attend the organization’s events.

8 thoughts on “National Veterans Fraternity Suspends Assemblyman Devon Mathis

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    • Seems like that is just another lost American concept. I’m not a Mathis supporter but I do support due process in our judicial system.

  1. The fact that there is an open criminal investigation says alot about his character. Call me old fashioned, but it seems to me that a public official must expect to be judged by a higher standard than others. He has clearly failed this test. He does not have a constitutional right to his political position.

    • So you are saying that you do not support the rule of law? Legally all citizens of the United States are held to equal standards. I wouldn’t call you old fashioned but I would call you lacking in understanding the rule of law.

  2. If he can’t be bothered to keep the trust of his constituants, then he should be gone. It really is that simple. Clearly, he is not operating ethically. The law will take care of itself.

    • It’s a good thing that you aren’t the law (so to speak) because with your mindset you would throw all the babies out with the bathwater ……just because!

  3. The valley voice condemns Mathis and Carlton Jones but who is a saint in Tulare co? Nobody! The: gangs are everywhere, drug addicts & thieves. The :sheriff’s dept., DA, courts and police depts. have failed to protect us. Visalia & Tulare co is full of crime! Maybe Mathis isn’t perfect and I’m a democrat who would never vote for a republican but why would you vote for anybody on the Visalia city council to replace him?

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