Assemblyman Devon Mathis Has A New Chief of Staff

Sam Cannon. Courtesy/Sam Cannon

Assemblyman Devon Mathis has a new chief of staff, legislative veteran Sam Cannon. Cannon was born in Kern County and was raised in Fresno.

Cannon met Mathis three years ago while working for the Committee on Rules while training new assembly members.

Cannon has worked for the California legislature for 18 years. After his stint as Assemblyman Bill Maze’s chief of staff from 2002 -2006, he worked for Assemblyman Paul Cook in the neighboring district. While working on the rules committee, Cannon was also the chief of staff for Assemblyman Don Wagner, who represented parts of Orange County.

Wagner termed out so Cannon was available.

“I heard there was an opening and I had a few interviews. We got along really well.”

Cannon has been working for Mathis since the end of May.

Cannon will be Mathis’ third chief of staff. Former campaign manager Cole Azare was Mathis’ first chief of staff until April 15, 2015. After Azare, Mathis hired lobbyist Sean Doherty, who was then fired May 5, 2016.

It was previously reported that Doherty was fired by the Assembly Rules Committee for misconduct, though the allegation has not been proven. Cannon stated that his hiring by Mathis was completely independent of Doherty’s termination.

When asked about Mathis’ future plans Cannon said he is definitely running in 2018 and wants to serve out his time in the assembly. Presently, he is not aware of any challengers to Mathis’ seat.

Mathis was elected to the California Assembly District 26 in November, 2014. He will be termed out in 2026..

6 thoughts on “Assemblyman Devon Mathis Has A New Chief of Staff

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  1. I’ve been fortunate to have known Sam for years. He’s an accomplished, ethical and honest GOP staffer. Something of a rarity in Sacramento. Good choice Mr. Mathis.

  2. I had the privilege of working under Sam Cannon as District Director for the 34th District and learned so much from him. He is loyal, honest, and will be a great Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Devon Mathis. Congratulations Sam!!

  3. I have to admit that Mr. Mathis seems just a *little* arrogant here. He’s just another self-serving politico. He’s there for the perks an pension, just like all of them.

  4. It is good to hear that Mathis has a Chief with a reputation of INTEGRITY, something lacking. However I question his standards for having taken a job with a GOP traitor and having worked for moderates who have made votes against our precious veterans. For example, now Congressman Cook has cast votes that have reduced veteran benefits and then later trying to introduce legislation to make it look like he is increasing them! Bait and switch. All evidence points that we are all dealing with establishment RiINOs. Any good and decent Republican and good integrity loving Democrat will see Mathis ousted from office come 2018.

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