My Firmest Faith

I read on line last month, with some alarm, of the rapidly depleting Ogallala Aquifer–a vast reservoir deposited beneath the Midwest prairie five to 10 million years ago as runoff from the Rocky Mountains. It had slept all that time untapped until 150 or so years ago. And now, apparently, it’s on the verge of […]

I Was Not Always a Muslim

This is the second in the series of articles I commissioned my old friend to write on her special perspective of Islam. — Ed. I was not always a Muslim. I never in my wildest imagination thought that I would end up converting to Islam. I was perfectly happy in my Christian beliefs and traditions, […]

VA Disability Ratings

There are many benefits available to veterans from both state and federal agencies. Many of these benefits are only available to veterans with service-connected disabilities. The Veterans Administration (VA) determines the level of disability using a rating system. Veterans are rated at 0% to 100% disabled depending on the severity of their disabilities. You must […]

What’s In A Name?

Tulare Union High School has used the Redskin name for over 100 years and now if legislation is passed in Sacramento the school will need to find a new name for its mascot or a new mascot all together. The California Racial Mascots Act (AB 30) would force a ban of the name. All points […]

I’m “No Goat”

Disease. Pests. Broken Promises. Property Values. Hostage Taking. Those are 5 issues every homeowner should consider as a group called “Urban Farmers for Food Freedom” seeks changes in city regulations to allow people to keep 10 agricultural animals running free in their back yards. They are preparing to circulate a petition to force an election […]

I Hope He Stays There

I can’t not write about the murder of Cecil, the 13-year-old famously black-maned lion lured out of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park and shot by an American hunter, Dr. Walter James Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota. Yes–I meant murder. The shooting was the final act in this grisly drama, after Palmer first shot Cecil with a […]

Commission Files Findings of Fact on Saucedo

On July 8, three Special Masters for California’s Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) filed their Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law regarding their inquest of Judge Valeriano Saucedo of Tulare County Superior Court. Pivotally, the tribunal found Tovar’s testimony at trial compelling while alternately characterizing Saucedo’s testimony as lacking in credibility. Indeed, the tribunal […]