Re: Political Fix (20 August, 2015)

I was most disappointed in Mr. Kasich’s connecting his godliness with the wide use of taxpayers money. Obviously you identify with government work being church work. Doesn’t charity work need to be voluntary to be charity ? I heard that a Baptist group in Texas took in 12,000 young people that swarmed the border and they have been paid $86K per child by our government. Being a relatively new Baptist I’ve been wrestling with my Libertarianism. On the one hand I want to thank my liberal athiest colleages for helping spread the gospel or bemoan my church for supporting socialism. Just what are your principles of governance?

Catherine Doe’s response:

Concerning Kasich, I was just glad that one of the Republican nominees for president takes into consideration that you might be held accountable for what you do here on Earth. I can’t say if he is doing the right or wrong thing. I’m just glad he thinks about it.

That’s a struggle to reconcile religion and Libertarianism. Christians don’t believe in abortion or assisted end of life, but a true libertarian would not want the government involved in such private matters. I say keep the government out and let God deal with it.

The Political Fix column is not reporting in the strictest sense. It is supposed to encourage debate.


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