Who Needs Comedy?

After years of lurching from one emergency to the next I have learned that my family is awash in serendipity. But maybe we all are. Maybe it’s called the election season. Irrespective of your political stripe, it’s an opportunity to weigh in. It’s a duty. So is writing this column. I have to call it […]

The Old College Try

The Old College Try We spent most of our five years in Mexico living in Santa Maria Bay, a perfect crescent about eight miles east of Cabo San Lucas. The first year there we lived in a house on a hill overlooking the few shoreline condos and, across the water, the Hotel Twin Dolphin. Except […]

End of an Era

In the staff box below is a phrase averring ownership of the Voice as yours. And that’s true, broadly; strictly speaking, however, the paper belongs to the Chief and myself–which means we set policy and pay all the bills. But the paper has never been profitable. We’ve run it the last five years as a […]

Riddle Me This

How, technically, did Emperor Jones take control of Tulare? He wasn’t elected mayor; in fact, he’s claimed the office is purely ceremonial. But that’s not how he behaves. He holds court. He hosts private forums. “This isn’t a public event,” Jones said of his May 31 “town hall” meeting. “This is money that I took […]

Devon Mathis did what?

That’s right; Devon Mathis did it! He did it, and the Central Valley Republican Establishment is abandoning him like rats off a sinking ship… Just what exactly did he do to make them abandon their support of him? What was so egregious that they basically despise his name now? Short answer: He bargained a vote […]