Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta calls on Californians to reject Prop 22

 Labor icon and civil rights leader Dolores Huerta today called on voters to reject Uber, Lyft, Doordash’s $181 million campaign to exempt themselves from key labor laws in California by curtailing their workers’ rights to paid sick leave, healthcare, a minimum wage, and unemployment insurance.

A lifelong advocate for initiatives that protect workers and consumers, Dolores Huerta said the app company measure would deepen racial and economic disparities in California. By eroding minimum wage protections, Prop 22 would lock a workforce that is predominantly people of color – and almost a quarter Latino – into permanently low-wage jobs.

“Latinos and communities of color have always borne the brunt of predatory business practices like the ones Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash have used to rake in billions off the backs of their drivers – and Proposition 22 will be no different,” said Dolores Huerta. “Californians can already see straight through the measure’s deceptive rhetoric to know that it will benefit the companies only, making it impossible for drivers to earn a living wage. We will not allow a handful of billion-dollar corporations to roll back decades of hard-won progress on historic labor law protections for workers. I’m urging all Californians to vote NO on Prop 22.”

5 thoughts on “Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta calls on Californians to reject Prop 22

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    • Companies are not exempt from complying with California law. That is illegal Alma. You obviously do not own a business. The right to be an independent contractor should be left to the individual worker, not dictated by the state which cannot even supply the citizens with its basic needs and services. If I wish to independently contract my skills and services to multiple businesses, that is my right, not Huertas or yours to say otherwise.

      • I’ve been self employed with transportation company as independent contracts for 20 years California employment laws this ballot Exempts Transportation and Delivery Companies from Providing Employee Benefits to CERTAIN DRIVERS{NOT ALL}

        yes its illegal and this ballot will make it legal to certain companies

  1. Viva la movida! No on 22! Those companies must be doing quite well for them to spend that amount of money to defeat this Prop! Hell with them!

  2. As a frequent consumer of the services Uber and Lyft as well as grocery delivery services, I fail to see the problems that the state, through AB5, is solving. However, by forcing these business out, they are limiting my rights as a disabled person. Nobody looks out for my needs. And no, there are no services government provides that are an any comperable.

    Huerta has just pushed me to the yes side for sure!

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