Early Childhood Education Tailors Instruction to Each Child Based on Data Analysis

Zaylie Botello, a preschooler at Early Childhood Education’s (ECE) North Visalia Center, excitedly announced that she wants to read books in kindergarten. Teacher assistant Ninfa Guerrero asked students at her table to illustrate something for their book project that they want to do when they reach kindergarten next year. Zaylie began to draw tiny books […]

New Survey Shows Tulare Tenants Want Protection from Secondhand Smoke

A new survey of Tulare County tenants shows support for more protections from secondhand smoke in multi-unit housing. This survey found that a majority of tenants favor rules prohibiting smoking in outdoor common areas of complexes (70%) and inside apartment units (66%). Despite these findings, only 43% of Tulare County tenants report currently living in […]

Tourism Adds More than $400 Million Annually to Tulare County Economy

Dean Runyan Associates released its “California Travel Impacts by County, 1992-2012” report last month, which shows tourism now adds more than $400 million to the Tulare County economy. This reflects a steady increase in several spending and earning categories, with most now above their pre-recession levels. Tulare County, its cities and its other travel destinations […]

Filming in Tulare County Starts to Snowball

More and more movie, television, video and even commercial producers are looking to Tulare County as the site of their filming locations. Over the years, the county has had its share of scenes in such notable films as “Stagecoach,” “Hulk” and “Forest Gump,” but now it seems that the county is getting a sudden influx […]

Winners Selected in Annual Slick Rock Student Film Festival

Middle school students hesitantly emerged from the limousines that transported them to the Slick Rock Student Film Festival, moving cautiously toward the red carpet walk and the entrance to the Visalia Fox Theatre. In contrast, high school participants “owned” the red carpet – posing for photographers and speaking authoritatively in interviews with the videographer. “Slick […]

Porterville Chamber of Commerce Recognized for Excellence

The California Chamber of Commerce has named 26 local chambers of commerce to receive the President’s Circle Award. Among those honored was the Porterville Chamber of Commerce. The award, first presented in 2009, recognizes chambers for excellence in business advocacy and helping their members comply with California employment laws. President’s Circle Award recipients published vote […]