Empty Storefronts Disappearing

In 2013, several commercial real estate market sectors have seen increased movement and new investment in expansion. The surplus of empty storefronts is dwindling—a welcome sight for both consumers and business owners. The diverse nature of commercial real estate in the Central Valley makes accurate and comprehensive market information often difficult to come by. Many […]

Visalia Imaging’s 3T MRI Uses Radio Waves to Generate Images

The ability to visualize inside the body has improved dramatically since Dr. Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the x-ray in 1895. Although a revolutionary concept at that time, soon after that discovery, doctors began specializing in using x-rays to diagnose disease. Since then, numerous discoveries resulting in more sophisticated techniques have improved the examination process. Visalia is […]

Fresno Company Patents New Water Pollution Test

Fresno-based Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. (TDHI), a leader in the innovation and production of oil-in-water monitors and analyzers for the offshore oil production industry, has innovated a new system and method for the determination of water pollutants in water without the need to prepare a test sample. Known as “No-Solvent Oil-in-Water Analysis,” TDHI now […]

Proposed Fee Structure at Odds with Business Climate

Sustained and thoughtful effort is given to public sector process changes that seek to meet mandates passed down through state of California regulations and to cover the necessary costs to get the work done. These changes are made with a focus on local residents, the economy and the changing requirements that must be met. However, […]

Battle Heats up over Future of Enterprise Zones

The battle over the future of California’s 42 enterprise zones is heating up both up and down the state, causing Tulare County elected officials and business leaders a bit of concern over the future of the county’s own Sequoia Valley Enterprise Zone. Tulare County Supervisor Allen Ishida calls the effort to eliminate the enterprise zones, […]

Protect Yourself from Cybercrime

Nearly all banks offer online banking and electronic payment systems to their customers, and there are many benefits to using this technology. Unfortunately, criminals have developed increasingly sophisticated methods of stealing money from customer accounts. Intrusion into computer systems for criminal purposes, also known as “cybercrime”, is becoming more prevalent. In recent years, the theft […]

Medical Office Condos Under Construction in West Visalia

Construction has started on the Sequoia Medical Center, a 52,000-square-foot, two-story medical office building at the southeast corner of Cypress Avenue and Akers Street in Visalia. Completion is expected by July 1, 2014. The building will be home to a variety of specialty medical groups, including Orthopaedic Associates Medical Clinic, Inc., and South Valley Vascular […]