No clear winner in 20th Congressional District special election

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux and State Assemblymember Vince Fong are both leading in the special election to fill the remainder of former Representative Kevin McCarthy’s term, but no candidate has received over 50% of the vote as of publication time.

If no candidate receives over 50% of the vote, there will be a May 21 run-off.

Two Democrats, four Republicans and three No Party Preference candidates filed papers to run for the remainder of McCarthy’s term. McCarthy endorsed Fong, his former aide, for this special election and the general election.

With 88.7% of the vote reported by the California Secretary of State, a run-off appears to be likely: 40.5% of ballots counted were for Bakersfield Republican Fong; 26.3% for Springville Republican Boudreaux; 23.3% for Bakersfield Democrat Marisa Wood; and 5.2% for Clovis Republican Kyle Kirkland.

The special election that covers Kern, Tulare, Kings and Fresno Counties was mandated because of McCarthy’s surprise retirement and is anticipated to cost four million dollars. The winner will only hold the seat for seven months until McCarthy’s original term expires on December 31.

If Fong wins the special election run-off on May 21, his assembly seat will become vacant and the secretary of state will be required to call another special election; Fong’s district covers Tulare and Kern Counties and an election is anticipated to cost two million dollars.

Boudreaux and Fong were also the top two candidates in the March 5 Primary. The two candidates will go on to the November general election and the winner will take the seat in January of 2025 for a full two year term.

The registrar of voters for each of the counties have until March 28 to submit the ballot count to the California Secretary of State for certification.

3 thoughts on “No clear winner in 20th Congressional District special election

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  1. This is a waste of time and money. Fong came in 1st the.first time and in the second now there having a 3rd race? As a democrat I don’t care for either candidate but Fong clearly was the top choice and he should be seated. Especially, now they republicans only have a 1 vote margin in the house. And, he was endorsed by Trump.

    • Well the Democrats are at fault for creating this mess in the first place. I think its wrong that the candidate with the most votes from either party should be the candidates to face off in the general. The fact that Trump endorsed Fong won’t hurt him because now we only have Boudreaux and Fong on the ballot but the way the system is set up the other party is disenfranchised because the Democrats only have a choice between two Republicans. I know why the Democrats changed the election system because it works to their advantage in most districts and statewide, but we have to choose between the two candidates with the most votes regardless of party.

  2. Republicans have to grow up and take responsibility. Republicans’ should’ve got behind 1 republican. There’s gerrymandering in states republicans have the majority what about that???. In the US senate race you have a democrat vs republican. I don’t object to a run off but Fong was the leader twice so he should be sworn in. Republicans are so incompetent and let the far right “wackos” run their party by removing our own Kevin McCarthy and causing the moderates to quit we might have democrat speaker Hakeem Jeffries soon.

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