Secretary of State, Republican Candidate Giglio, file appeal against judge’s decision to allow Fong to run for Congress

Republican congressional candidate David Giglio

Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Shelleyanne W. L. Chang ruled yesterday to allow Assemblymember Vince Fong to be on the 20th Congressional District and the 32nd Assembly District ballots.

Judge Chang, who obtained her B.A. in International Studies from the University of Washington in 1982 and her J.D. in 1985 from McGeorge School of Law, was appointed to the Superior Court bench by Governor Davis in 2003.

California Secretary of State says they are filing an appeal.

According to the press release, “The Sacramento Superior Court issued a ruling Thursday permitting Assemblymember Vince Fong to appear on the same March 5, 2024, ballot as a candidate for both the 32nd Assembly District and the 20th Congressional District. ‘I strongly disagree with the outcome of this case, and I am gravely concerned about the consequences of today’s ruling,’  said California Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber, Ph.D.

“Weber continued, ‘As California’s chief election official, it is my duty to take steps necessary to protect voters. As such, my office will appeal this ruling in an effort to ensure that voters in future elections will not become disenfranchised, be left without representation, or become subject to other unforeseen negative consequences that would erode confidence in our elections.’”

Despite Weber’s disagreement with the judge’s ruling she issued California’s Certified List of Candidates today with Fong’s name as a congressional and as an assembly candidate.

In a case where politics makes strange bedfellows, MAGA Republican congressional candidate David Giglio has joined Weber in appealing the decision.

On facebook Giglio states, “The public isn’t stupid. They see what’s actually happening here. Rules for thee but not for me is not a good look for the GOP, especially after that’s happened the last 3 years.”

On a separate post he stated, “This runs much deeper than D vs. R. It’s about stopping outsiders from breaking into their club and shattering the status quo.  Assemblyman Vince Fong should be ashamed of himself.”

Giglio issued the following in a press release today,

David Giglio, the only America First Republican running for Congress in California’s 20th District, releases the following statement regarding Assemblyman Vincent Fong’s access to two ballots:

“The GOPe does not care about election integrity. Ignoring election laws when they benefit their agenda is evidence that the Washington uni-party is joining forces to keep outsiders from breaking into their club and destroying the status quo.

They call it “Permanent Washington” for a reason. Kevin McCarthy isn’t actually leaving Congress, he’s installing a puppet who will do the bidding for him and the corrupt RINO establishment.

Vincent Fong should be disqualified from both elections for his willingness to break election law. California Election Code 8003(b) and case law states that no candidate is allowed to run for two offices on the same ballot during the same election.

Rules for thee and not for me. That’s how the swamp operates.

We are officially preparing to file a motion to intervene and join the Secretary of State in the appeals process.

The Republican establishment accepts breaking the law when it benefits their candidate but won’t take real action to stop the unconstitutional removal of President Donald Trump from the Colorado and Maine ballots.

We need America-First patriots in Congress now more than ever. I am running for Congress as an outsider, and I refuse to let dirty tricks stand in our way!”

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  1. Nothing more insightful than a MAGA Family Feud where the members eat their own. Welcome to the Trumpian Barf-o-rama Drama Hour where stupid is as stupid does. Note taking is encouraged. lol !

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