Vince Fong can run for Congressional District 20 judge rules

Earlier today a Sacramento Superior Court judge ruled that Assembly member Vince Fong will be allowed to run for Congressional District 20. Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s resignation from this seat will be official December 31.

The following statement was issued by the Vincent Fong for Congress campaign.

Bakersfield, CA – Assemblyman Vince Fong released the following statement in response to the ruling by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Shelleyanne W.L. Chang to reinstate Fong as a candidate for Congress and overturn the California Secretary of State’s decision to remove him from the ballot

Fong stated, “Today’s ruling is a victory for the voters of the 20th Congressional District, who will now have the opportunity to select the candidate of their choice in the March 5th election. I am grateful that Judge Chang upheld the integrity of our elections and sided with Central Valley voters against an overreaching Sacramento politician.”

He continued, “I look forward to getting back on the campaign trail and working as hard as I can over the next several months to once again win the trust of Central Valley voters and earn the right to represent them in Congress.”

Fong’s lawsuit was heard in Sacramento Superior Court this afternoon. Judge Chang sided with Fong and ordered he be added to the certified list of candidates for Congress that is due to be published by the Secretary of State today.

Fong currently serves in the California State Assembly and is running for the 20th Congressional District.

4 thoughts on “Vince Fong can run for Congressional District 20 judge rules

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  1. This is good news for all who decide that State and Federal laws and rules no longer matter. Don’t want to wear a seatbelt? It’s the law. No problem, laws/rules don’t matter. Don’t want to pay registration license and fees on your vehicles? It’s the law. No problem, laws/rules don’t matter. Don’t want any part of your taxes to go toward the salaries of elected officials you didn’t vote for? It’s the law. No problem, laws/rules don’t matter. What else? Let’s make a public list and petition these courts who have decided that State and Federal laws/rules/precedents no longer matter in today’s Trumpian world.

    • The federal constitution sets the rules for who can run for Congress, not the state. This court decision makes sense and isn’t a surprise.

  2. Actually, I’d vote against this jerk for both positions; clearly he’s just another political hack out for himself!

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