Three candidates and counting file for open Assembly District 33 seat

Candidates Ruben Macareno and Angel Ruiz knew it would be an uphill battle challenging a popular incumbent, Assembly member Devon Mathis, when they filed their paperwork this September.

But to their surprise Mathis announced his retirement yesterday.

Then, in a seemingly coordinated response, Alexandra Macedo, daughter of the former mayor of Tulare David Macedo, threw her hat in the ring today.

“She will do a great job,” said Mathis.

Mathis said Macedo was going to be using his consulting team and staff during the campaign.

The now open Assembly seat will most likely attract several more prospective candidates before the filing period closes on December 16.

Macareno, former Farmersville City Council member and current Farmersville School Board Trustee, was the first to file. This will be Macareno’s fourth time filing for the assembly seat, having run in 2014, 2016 and again in 2022.

In Macareno’s 2022 campaign he said, “The Valley truly is home. I am familiar of the highlights and its lowlights. Bringing the district out of the shadows of southern California, the Bay Area and Sacramento is a necessary goal to address our many issues of need. My experience is well rounded as an elected official, a chamber director, work in media and the non-profit arena.”

As a Farmersville councilman he played a role in developing a downtown and the infrastructure to attract business and housing developments. Before being elected to the city council, Macareno was the Chairman of the Tulare County Democratic Party, had a long-time newsroom career at the Los Angeles Times, worked locally for Proteus, Inc and in Washington DC for the National Association of Latino Elected Officials and for the late Congressman Edward R Roybal.

He has served on the Tulare County Association of Governments, The Council of Cities, the Tulare County Economic Development Corporation and is a member of the California League of Cities.

For his 2022 campaign he focused on affordable housing, good paying jobs and general resources to assist our ag economy such as improved rural roads, the distribution of water and building a new digital economy for the area.

“Sustaining and developing our quality of life for all our families and communities is important to keep in the forefront,” said Macareno.

Ruiz, a first-generation immigrant and advocate for civil and labor rights, soon followed filing his papers to run a few weeks later.

Ruiz stated in a press release, “We now are tasked with a change, where the voices of all constituents in our district can be heard and their needs effectively addressed, particularly in critical areas like healthcare access and education. I am dedicated to ushering in an era of progress and unity, ensuring that our district’s future is bright and promising.

“In his campaign, Ruiz emphasizes addressing healthcare accessibility, educational advancement, and amplifying community voices. His commitment to these issues is deeply rooted in his experiences as a first-generation immigrant, providing him with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in Assembly District 33.

“Ruiz’s candidacy represents a new and dynamic approach to representation in the Assembly District, with a vision focused on building upon existing achievements and introducing innovative solutions to the district’s challenges.”

Ruiz campaign website is

Macedo announced her candidacy today in a press release saying, “I am running for State Assembly to be a voice for the farmers, families, and small businesses of the Central Valley. It’s time we change the direction of our state by suspending the gas tax, passing policies that support our farmers, and creating more opportunities for hardworking people to get ahead.”

According to Macedo’s press release, “Macedo is a fourth-generation farmer with a lifelong passion for agriculture. Alexandra’s family founded the livestock market Tulare Sales Yard in 1939. Today, they continue to operate the local business and harvest almonds on their family farm.

“Alexandra graduated from Tulare Union High School and received her B.S. in Business Law at California State University, Northridge. Upon completing her undergraduate education, Alexandra returned to the Central Valley, where she partnered with her mother, Tina, in Macedo Engineering & Consulting with a mission to support dairy and crop farmers. Alexandra then attended San Joaquin College of Law where she obtained her Juris Doctorate. She now is the President of Macedo Environmental Consulting, a business focused on working with various administrative agencies and government programs to provide environmental compliance assistance to the men and women of the agriculture industry.”

Macedo’s campaign website is

10 thoughts on “Three candidates and counting file for open Assembly District 33 seat

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  1. Angel Ruiz embodies the heart and spirit of Assembly District 33, I’m excited about this campaign.

  2. We greatly value Angel Ruiz’s deep understanding of our community. His dedication to enhancing healthcare and education in Assembly District 33 is precisely what we require. It is invigorating to witness a candidate who sincerely prioritizes worker rights and equitable practices.

    Angel’s journey as a first-generation immigrant serves as a source of motivation. He brings a valuable viewpoint to the realm of politics that strikes a chord with many individuals within the district.

    Residing in Kings County, I am committed to casting my vote in favor of Angel Ruiz. Estamos contigo Ángel!!

  3. I personally know Angel Ruiz, have for years and know he has a heart of gold. One that truly cares and represents the people, regardless of background, culture, race, language, financial class, gender or any other differences. He is not only entering politics because it’s a generalational family business, he is entering to give EVERYONE A VOICE and let them all know we ALL matter! He is the Angel of the Valley!

  4. Everybody wants the early money! What has Mathis done? Having said this, I will not vote for any Democrat considering the scum that is in power! I also refuse to vote for or against anyone because of their ethnecity.

  5. I volunteered for DHF and met Angel last year, we registered hundreds of people in Farmersville to vote!

    I’m going to walk for Angel’s campaign this this year.

  6. Macedo probably has the edge given her being a Republican and much like Nunes is from an affluent Portuguese family. One can always hope she has a stronger moral compass where she won’t sell out her soul and country for political power like Nunes did. Seems like all these Republicans seem to love worshiping at the altar of a Republican antiChrist.

  7. Seems you’ve got your Devon’s mixed up. Mathis was too busy pretending that his political gig was one big frat party.

  8. Go Angel!

    Out with pretentious professional politicians. We need folks who are going to represent the hard working class.

    Folks that are in the community doing the work, not just quick photo opportunities.

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