President Donald Trump Indicted by NY Grand Jury

Just before 5:00pm East Coast time the New York Manhattan Grand Jury voted to indict former President Donald Trump. This is the first time in United States history that any president or former president has been indicted.

President Nixon came close to being indicted but was pardoned by President Gerald Ford before the charges could be filed. President Clinton was also almost was indicted over perjury but the United States Attorney General decided against filing charges.

The indictment came as a surprise to political pundits as the Manhattan Grand Jury was supposedly going to go on recess for the month of April without taking action on the case.

A court date has been scheduled for Tuesday in New York. His lawyers have indicated that he is cooperating and will surrender. Arraignment will include his arrest, being fingerprinted, a mug shot, and appearing before a judge. It is assumed Trump will plead not guilty.

Though the incitement is sealed lawyers close to the case are saying Trump will be charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records which may only be a misdemeanor. If the indictment includes information claiming the falsification of records was done with the intent to conceal a crime it reaches the level of a felony.

Trump does not know the contents of the indictment and will likely read the charges for the first time at his arraignment.

Trump is accusing the New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg of election interference because he has declared his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election. Trump was allegedly also blindsided by the indictment as he thought the grand jury had adjourned.

Other pundits were not surprised with the timing because the DA is facing the statute of limitations (SOL)running out. Because of the SOL the DA may not be able to charge Trump with only misdemeanors.

But, it was decided during Trump’s presidency that a sitting president cannot be indicted thus possibly extending the SOL.

This has been an ongoing case for six years. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen went to jail partially because his involvement of the falsification of documents. The documents involved hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels and making it appear to be lawyers fees.

Trumps base complains that the former president has been singled out and persecuted while other Americans are breathing a sigh of relief for our justice system believing that no one is above the law.

10 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Indicted by NY Grand Jury

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  1. I would breath a sigh of relief if Biden and the Biden crime family were held accountable for the millions of dollars they earned with influence peddling. The DOJ, FBI and national media are corrupt, because they created a two tier justice system.

    • You should breathe a sigh of relief that our justice system is doing its job. Citizen Trump has been indicted and he will have his day in court just like everybody else who has been charged of a crime. He is to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of his peers. There is no two tier justice system nor should there be an appearance of a two tier justice system. Thankfully his indictment proves that he and other people of affluence and influence are not above the law and are treated just like the rest of us when it comes to our laws, rules, and regulations.

      • Scratch out those last three words; rules and regulations. There are always ways for that people of affluence and in positions of influence can manage to get around rules and regulations but that should not be the case when it comes to our laws. No one is nor should be considered to be above the law and that includes Citizen Trump.

  2. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fellow. I wonder if he’ll be able to get one of those jail sink/toilet unit manufacturers to do one up in gold plating for him?

  3. Just watched a video montage today of Democrats and media and it was obvious they coordinate with each other. Again, like usual, everyone was on message and had the same talking point. Everyone who spoke about Trump said, “no ones above the law.” What a joke! If you don’t think the Democrat party and the national media doesn’t coordinate together to mirror the same talking point, then you can’t acknowledge the truth.

    • Quoting Colonel Nathan R. Jessup, perhaps DW you can’t handle the truth! But let’s give it a try. EVERYONE who knows our laws and respects our justice system should KNOW that “people are considered to be innocent until proven guilty” in every court of law in our lands. That is not a political or media talking point. That is a FACT not a joke. People are indicted for crimes every day in this country, there is nothing new under the sun about that. There is no need to gin up public outrage and condemn our justice system. His innocence or guilt is for a jury of his peers to decide. Let the justice system do its job.

      • You can’t handle the truth. We know what Hillary did to concoct the fake dossier and Bill Clinton paid hush money to quite his accusers. You can’t tell me Hillary didn’t use campaign money illegally for that fake dossier that divided the nation and millions of dollars spent to investigate the phoney Russian collusion hoax. Hillary should be forced to pay taxpayers back and I haven’t begun to touch on the Biden’s and the crime family that were paid millions for what? Hunter had no expertise in anything, so yes, we do have corruption at the top, but only Republicans are targeted.

  4. Thanks for publishing this. It is ugly, but needs airing.

    I remember the president being pardoned, and thinking what precedents are being set, a half century ago.

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