Hostile workplace complaints filed against Kings County District Attorney Sarah Hacker

Warning: this article contains quotes with vulgar and graphic language.

Sarah Hacker, the new Kings County District Attorney, is staring down multiple potential lawsuits for creating a hostile work environment and allegedly using homophobic slurs during a meeting with two Kings County peace officers.

Multiple complaints of employment discrimination have been filed with California’s Civil Rights Department by aggrieved employees, the first step required before lawsuits can be filed. The employees are being represented by Marguerite Melo of the Law Office of Melo and Sarsfield.

Melo is familiar with the landscape: Hacker’s predecessor Keith Fagundes hired the Melo and Sarsfield team to represent his interests in a case filed by former Kings County DA investigator Robert Waggle against the county. The county later settled the case in Waggles’ favor last December.

The first complaint, filed on Janaury 26, was filed on behalf of the Kings County DA Chief Investigator Charlie Flores. He has worked for the county for many years, and has accused Hacker of using homophobic slurs, creating a hostile work environment, and retaliation. According to Flores there were multiple witnesses to Hacker’s alleged behavior.

Melo followed up a few days later with another complaint alleging Flores was subjected to gender discrimination. In addition, two complaints were filed on behalf of Julia Petino, head of the victim-witness section for the DA’s office, that also alleged Hacker created a hostile work environment and engaged in retaliation.

“I deny everything in the complaints. All allegations made by Mr. Flores are false,” Hacker told the Valley Voice.

Melo has countered by saying that Hacker is “a homophobic nut job.”

“It’s not even been 60 days and Hacker is already under investigation,” Melo said.

Hacker was sworn into office January 3 of this year. In a shocking upset, Hacker beat two-time incumbent Fagundes in a bitterly contested election in June of 2022, and made multiple references to Waggle’s allegations during her campaigning.

Kings County’s Human Resources department has hired an outside consultant who does not live in the county to conduct an investigation to see if any violations occurred.

The Complaints

Charlie Flores names Kings County, Hacker, and Thomas Snyder, the appointed assistant district attorney, as respondents in his complaint.

It states, “On or about Jan. 11, 2023, at approximately 3 pm, Mr. Flores and investigator Chris Jackson (also a district attorney employee and peace officer) met with Ms. Hacker to discuss a criminal case that was believed to require her personal attention. Previous to Ms. Hacker becoming District Attorney in early Jan. 2023, the former district attorney, Keith Fagundes, had previously been briefed on this matter. As we explained the background of this criminal case, and our concerns, and mentioned the fact that Mr. Fagundes had been previously briefed about it, Ms. Hacker’s anger became visibly apparent as she tightly squeezed her eyes closed and clenched her fists in her lap.

“With our warning or further prompt she exclaimed, “That Goddamn, cock-sucking, cum-licking, pineapple-eating faggot!” I took this to be a derogatory reference to Mr. Fagundes. I understand and believe that during her campaign for district attorney, Ms. Hacker utilized a whisper campaign to suggest that Mr. Fagundes was homosexual. Thus her disparaging remarks directed at Mr. Fagundes in our meeting, even though I believed them to be untrue, were homophobic and sadly, not entirely unexpected.

“I looked over at Investigator Jackson, who in turn looked back at me both shocked and confused by the spontaneous statement that had just been blurted out by Ms. Hacker. Both Mr. Jackson and I directed our attention to Ms. Hacker, who was seated to my right, and simply looked at her in silence. After several awkward silent moments, Ms. Hacker began to nervously laugh then stated something to the effect of, “I know I probably shouldn’t have said that.” After the conclusion of the meeting I was overwhelmed with what had occurred along with the constant onslaught of undue criticisms, character attacks, and accusations over the course of months from Ms. Hacker, since she won her election in June 2022.

“Upon arriving home that day, I received a phone call from Mr. Jackson at approximately 4:36 PM……Mr. Jackson jokingly stated something to the effect, “Well I think I’m good.” I understood this as a reference to what Ms. Hacker said in the meeting. Mr. Jackson went on to say, “Really? A God-damn, cock-sucking, cum-licking, faggot? Wow.” I told Mr. Jackson I had no explanation for the outburst and let him know that I too was shocked by the comment. I believe Ms. Hacker’s statements are violative of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, as well as Kings County’s own HR policies.

“Following the meeting on Jan. 11, I spoke with Ms. Hacker about her outburst. This second meeting took place on Jan. 13, 2023. In that second meeting I told her that the language she used in the workplace was inappropriate, or words to that effect. Since that time, I believe that I have been subjected to workplace retaliation and intimidation.

“Ms. Hacker, with, I believe, the assistance of Mr. Snyder, are attempting to discipline me for pre-textual and false allegations merely because I objected to her discriminatory words/actions when she created a hostile work environment and when County failed to prevent it (to include taking corrective action). As a result of the stress Ms. Hacker and County’s actions have created (from June 2022 to present), I have sustained significant medical/psychiatric injury.”

In Flores second complaint he alleges that he has been treated differently than his female counterparts who have lodged complaints against the DA’s office in the past.

“When I submitted my complaint to County Human Resources, I was treated differently than female employees who have made similar complaints. For example, in the last 12 months, I know of 2 county female employees who made complaints, and were then offered transfers by county to get away from the person complained of. When I made my complaint, no such offer or accommodation was made. I believe it is because of my gender. Female complainants are treated differently than male complainants-for no legitimate reason,” said his complaint.

Patino filed her first complaint February 14 also alleging a hostile workplace and retaliation.

Her complaint states, “I have been encouraging and supporting Charlie in his complaints of discrimination, harassment and retaliation against County, Hacker and Snyder. In response to my supporting Charlie, Hacker, has begun a campaign of retaliation against me, to include walking me off the job, placing me on administrative leave, and otherwise retaliating against me, for baseless, pretextual reasons, all in violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act, as well as County’s own personnel policies.”

Petino’ second complaint filed by Melo on February 24 states, “After receiving the Right to Sue letter, I was placed on medical leave from work. This leave was ordered by my doctor due to hypertension (among other conditions.)”

Petino alleges that after she was placed on medical leave Hacker required her to call Snyder every morning to report her schedule and whereabouts. Patino also alleges that Hacker sent county workers to her house to conduct an official interview with her regarding a generator. “This attempt to interview me was done despite Hacker knowing that I was out on medical leave for, among other things, extreme hypertension,” said the complaint.

Petino states in her complaint, “Hacker’s order also forbids me from contacting and or communicating with my co-religionists, at least one of whom is a member of the DA’s office. Specifically, Hacker’s order requires that I obtain her prior consent/permission before I can communicate with any/all of my co-workers, or words to that effect. This “order” has directly interfered with my ability to practice my religion without fear of losing my job.”

“I believe Hacker did this in an effort to aggravate my medical condition and violate my civil rights.”

The complaint concludes saying, “I believe these actions are being taken by Hacker and County against me because I am a witness to the impact her homophobic rants have in the workplace; because I have supported and continue to support my co-workers who have objected to her despicable slurs in the workplace. I believe Hacker is engaged in a campaign of retaliation against those who objected to her vile, hateful conduct.”

Hacker unfazed

Hacker confirmed that she had read all of the complaints and said, “This complaint will not distract from the mission of the DA’s office to do justice, prosecute crime, protect victims, and preserve public safety.”

“I look forward to the civil discovery process and what it will reveal.”

61 thoughts on “Hostile workplace complaints filed against Kings County District Attorney Sarah Hacker

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  1. I don’t know a single cop in Kings County that has even a shred of respect for Charlie Flores. He’s a known liar that will do anything Keith Fagundes tells him to.

    • Well cops aren’t even County employees. Go take a poll and give us the real numbers. Anyone who says cop instead of deputy or police officer doesn’t value law enforcement

  2. In all fairness to Hacker, Keith Fagundes did admit in writing, that he enjoyed eating pineapples and his own ejaculate from his wife’s vagina. Those texts cost Kings County $1.1 million dollars in the Waggle settlement. So I’m not sure Hacker is baseless in her statement (if she actually said that).

  3. Seriously, these guys have been cops for several years and after ONE alleged outburst and mind you these words were originally from Fagundes in Waggles complaint, the claim to have suffered psychological injury, give me a break. In my opinion, this sounds like Fagundes all over again and it wouldn’t surprise me if he has a hand in this. Sounds like someone looking for a ghetto payday to me.

  4. I’m calling is complete BS. Sara has many gay and lesbian friends, and are willing to testify to this in her behalf.

  5. Looks like Flores didn’t even sign the complaint. Only his ambulance chasing attorney, Melo signed it. For those that don’t understand how these things work, that means Flores doesn’t even back what his attorney has written. It will be interesting to see what Flores says when he’s under oath. This whole thing is a scam to get a couple losers a payday.

  6. The beauty of the Valley Voice’s comment section is that each discreet comment poster assigned to it. You can change you name but the computer knows. In this case, what appears to be 5 separate remarks is actually just 2 computers, probably a PC and a smart phone, all from the same person. Got ya, Sarah.

    • 770039ab and 04688ad7. I wonder who they are? S_r_ _ _ _ c k_r. I’d like to buy a vowel please.

    • “(Commenter ID is a unique per-article, per-person commenter identifier. If multiple names have the same Commenter ID, it is likely they are the same person. For more information, click here.)”

      This statement is literally outlined at the top of the article, so I’m not sure why you think you’ve uncovered something special. You remind me of Wile E. Coyote, “super genius.”

  7. Look at her response to all this non-sense. Shes not afraid. She is innocent until proven guilty. Oh and by the way, Im using my smartphone, a samsung galaxy s10e to post my comment and displaying my name just in case anyone wants to know who commented and if a pc or phone was used 😏😏

  8. Mr. “Oops I didn’t know,” this is Mark Bradford (ID 770039ab) and not Ms Hacker in case that’s what you were eluding to. Would definitely curious to know who you actually are but it doesn’t make any difference because some people choose to remain anonymous and I’m fine with that.

  9. If she did make these comments, she’s denied it to the reporter, so she can’t make the requisite apology to the cancel culture community. If she didn’t make the comments, she’s got two peace officers on her staff who are BOTH lying about what she said?
    It appears that in June’s election, we just traded one problem in for another one.

  10. Word on the street is Keith Fagundes is involved with Charlie in some capacity.

  11. Relative to “Word on the street,” In my opinion and knowing Fagundes this is totally his style. What I can’t figure out is why these seasoned law enforcement investigators would allow themselves to be manipulated by a narcissist. Both of these investigators credibility has already been called into question, and I just do not understand why they would risk their career to further the vendetta Fagundes has due to losing the election. These investigators in their career have probably seen more gory crime scenes than the average person will ever experience in their lifetime yet they are psychologically traumatized merely by a repeated comment that Fagundes made in a txt msg to Waggle. What is interesting is that when for goodness made these comments which is public record these investigators had no issue with it but it wasn’t his hill. Hacker took office that they all of a sudden had an issue with it. I’m calling is total BS and these investigators are just looking for a way out and ghetto lottery payday, I can’t wait till the case advances towards depositions of these seasoned investigators. This is going to be interesting! These investigators should be ashamed of themselves!

  12. This Sarah Hacker should resign, or at least own up, educate herself, and apologize to the LGBTQ community. The use of such a historically derogatory term is absolute hate speech by this District Attorney and should not be tolerated on any level. Any employee would have been fired on the spot for making such a comment. The issue is not so much whether these cops can handle the language, it’s the hateful speech by a leader. Shocking.

    • Sarah doesn’t have to apologize to anyone including the LGBTQ community! As a gay man Sarah did absolutely nothing wrong in my eyes and she will not bend over to you liberal POS who think you know what you’re talking about. If anyone should apologize it should be Flores and Jackson in their attempt to rip the Kings County tax payers off in their frivolous claim of psychological injury! My god, for being supposed veteran investigators they have no idea when confronting the criminal element would is said to law-enforcement officials during their contacts with unruly people. They should be ashamed of themselves!

  13. According to resources, it’s suspected that Jackson either assisted or helped Fagundes delete information from his computer system and cell phone during the Waggle investigation. He was also tipped off into the investigation by DOJ Agents because of his prior connections with DOJ that gave Fagundes a “heads up.” Highly corrupt behavior, if this is true. Hacker took office and inherited a horrible problem that she knew needed to be fixed. Following the election, a lame duck leader was absent and everybody was running rogue. Day 1, Hacker walks in and tries to “right” the ship. Within a month of working hard to uncover the cancerous issues throughout the office, several employees are upset that they are having to change their culture. Good for Hacker on calling out the BS. She will prevail in this and after a counter suit, those involved will regret listening to Fagundes.

    • Cite your resources liar. You won’t even post a name you fake liar. No one needs help deleting texts lol. Funny you use a last name because you are scared of being sued for posting lies. Fagundes was notified immediately when the lawsuit came in. Counter lawsuit. Lol. There is none! You are ignorant

      • Oh hush Julia, change your name at least instead of using Tommys name when you post 🤡🤡🤡 CLOWNS🤡🤡🤡

  14. You can forget what started this whole thing in the first place. It wasn’t Hacker, it was Flores and Jackson who went to Hacker then it got all turned around. This total scenario was set up by Keith Fagundes and his loyalists Flores and Jackson. The truth will come out In future court proceedings where we will learn Fagundes used Flores and Jackson in his vendetta against Hacker. Shame on Flores and Jackson for going along with this scam! Fagundes hasn’t been held accountable for the millions of dollars he has cost and the county but hopefully this case will bring out his corruption and hopefully he will ultimately be held responsible!

  15. Amazingly since this article first came out and after my initial post, I have be flooded with personal posts relative to the character of DA Investigator Charlie Flores. In one anonymous message I received was an interesting message whereas evidently Kings County has a regional swat team. This swat team comprises of officers from each law-enforcement agency in the county which comprises of the original swat team. I was told in an anonymous post that when the team members were being assembled, and Charlie Flores put his name in the hat to be a team member, every law-enforcement agency in the county objected to him as a team member, because they stated that he was on trust worthy and a liar, and they did not want him on the team. It’s going to be interesting when depositions come out and witnesses are called who will discredit anything Charlie Flores says. I do not know him know I do I know his ethic but in these anonymous text that I have received it’s very disturbing relative to his credibility and the fact that no law-enforcement officer wants to work with him. This is kind of sad due to the fact that he is the chief de investigator for the county of Kings.

  16. So sorry about the grammar in my txts msgs. I’m dictating and all the words aren’t coming out correctly, and since I cannot edit my post msgs, you just have to get what I’m trying to relate.

  17. He who laughs last, laughs best.
    I am pretty sure Sarah will have the last laugh.
    As far as Jaime, what is she doing with county property at her home? Apparently, that’s the real issue and the possible reason for her high blood pressure. What were you doing with the county generator, Jaime?

  18. Absolutely hate speech and homophobic language used by a public official in the course of their duty. I was glad to see that the lawyer notified the proper LGBT groups and national media. California will not tolerate this in a public officer.

  19. It’s amusing that these heterosexual put their two cents in where they have no idea what the circumstances are. Let me feel you in on one thing, hacker has a substantial gay and lesbian backing in Kings County and we encourage her to make no apologies whatsoever because no apologies or warranted. This is a case where former DA. Fagundes has encourage his loyalist still with the deeds office specifically, Florez and Jackson to make Hacker’s life hell. This will not work the LGBTQ community in Kings County support Hacker and will adamantly defend her. So you heterosexuals who have no idea what’s going on need to keep your mouth shut and let the case proceed, where the real truth will come out!

  20. Maybe Marc should publish his own paper. He seems to know everything about everyone. Or maybe he’s just a hacker troll.

    • I would be more than happy to. But which papers are you talking about? Would you like me to re-publish the Waggle complaint where Fagundes is talking about pineapple juice and other obscene stuff? You seem brave hiding behind a screen name and don’t have the balls to identify yourself I I openly do! Just do everyone knows, it’s my personal opinion Fagundes is behind all these negative comments about Sarah but in the end his vengeance, after losing the election will amount to nothing!

  21. Flores is shocked from hearing what everyone has been saying since news articles broke on Fagundes indiscretions? Patno has high blood pressure? Ridiculous. Didn’t Melo represent Fagundes against the waggle lawsuit? Now she’s representing his little monsters? This doesn’t pass the smell test. There was a TV news clip where Fagundes was sitting next to Melo when the waggle case broke and he said the stupidest things. Then Fagundes filed a suit against Kings County and lost. Fagundes and his crew knew the end was near due to Fagundes’ mismanagement and vile conduct. But I bet Flores and Patino had a big smile on their face when Fagundes was mismanaging the office letting them run rogue. I’m sure both were also smiling if they went on “office retreats”, as news reported, at Fagundes’ family members house too. there was a prior news article that Fagundes would take his monsters on “retreats” and was misusing county money to his family member that owned the house he used? These employees just miss having fun in the taxpayers dime under their corrupt prior “leader”. They know Hacker will change the culture and only know what Fagundes taught them. So they are dreaming up scenarios in hopes of a payday to get away. DA Hacker knew this would happen and is not surprised. The citizens of Kings County know the corruption Fagundes and his team engaged in and handily voted him out. Now it’s time for all the leftover rotten food to be thrown out too.

    • Oh so Charlie Flores has a spokes person who doesn’t even have the balls to identify themself? I’m curious says who Charlie’s spokes person is and I don’t understand why he is so shocked unless he realizes that his lies will get him nowhere! Charlie needs to resign before this gets out of control and his lies and accomplices are found out. This is just my opinion and advice before more taxpayer money are spent on the BS that the former DA has created.

  22. WOW! WHAT A READ!!
    First the article and then the comments! Not for the faint of heart that’s for sure.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just my suspicious mind, but it stretches credulity to think that this highly trained professional woman who just went through a gruelling much publicized election against a man who many described as pond scum would jeapordize her reputation by speaking to anyone let alone another man in such a manner. I find that hard to believe and it doesn’t pass the smell test. I mean think about it. A highly articulate professional woman working in mostly a man’s world just wouldn’t talk like that at the workplace, especially in front of men. Not because she’s incapable of thinking it ….. she’s simply smart enough NOT to do so because she knows that it could and would be used as a weaponize against her. This woman didn’t get to where she is by being dumb and naive.

  23. Lol good work Kings County.

    “Some of Sara Hacker’s best friends are gay, so she can’t possibly be homophobic or use homophobic slurs”.

    Does that defense actually work anywhere in the 21st century?

    • What defense are you referring to? Are you that naïve to think that gays themselves don’t use slurs amongst each other? What is boils down to is you have a couple of loyalist Fagundes investigators who want out because Sara won the election. The only way out is to file a lawsuit claiming hostile work environment because of an alleged homophobic comment. It’s obvious that Florez and Jackson are looking for a Getho payday from the county but it won’t work. I can assure you that Sara is not homophobic and the accusations lodged against her are total. BS! I have heard that Flores and Jackson have said worse in conversations with other DA investigators and local law-enforcement agency officers. I am told that they are willing to come forward if need be, and testify as to the homophobic slurs that not only Flores but Jackson has made. This is going to get interesting and I can’t wait until depositions are taken of all parties involved.

      • You don’t have to be homophobic to state homophobic comments about someone you hate. Was Waggle looking for a ghetto payout? Did you call Waggle a liar when his claim came out? Flores has a witness. If they are willing to testify under oath it’s pretty cut and dry to me. Two against one always wins.

  24. This is about the most laughable article I’ve ever read. These complainants are jokers trying to wring money from the taxpayers of Kings County. It all comes off as Fagundes Fans who are sore losers. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  25. Having a witness to support your is huge. 2 against one always wins. One of two things. Either these two men who has high ranking jobs in the DA office are telling the truth or they are willing to lie under oath and they seen how quick Waggle was paid out after being an adult and staying quiet for years until it was time to get paid. Let’s all be honest and state how greedy Waggle was and how pathetic it is for a grown adult to not address Keith like a man. Waggle didn’t sue Keith because Waggle went after deep pockets. Waggle is a corrupt greedy individual that wanted a pay out. No way a grown man can really be hurt by a text unless you are the biggest snowflake alive. I wish I worked for the County and I could just make up lies to get paid. The Kings County Supervisors will just roll over like Hanford city council did recently with paying out a lawsuit out of court because they won’t challenge anything in court. I guess Kings County attorney is just as scared and worthless and Hanford city attorney.

    • Wow!!! This comment sounds like it’s coming from a closed minded Fagundes supporter with only minimal facts. There are two sides to every story and before you start casting stones perhaps you should get ALL your facts straight before posting something this harsh. You obviously have selective comprehension based on your ignorant post since much of what you are attacking is outlined in the complaint. It’s okay! Support who you want! But in the end, you will see who prevails and hopefully it will humble you a little. Stop walking blindly and being a follower.

  26. When the smoke clears on this one, Hacker will be out, Snyder will be out, and Cindy Underwood will be the acting DA. Too many people saw and heard what happened that day. She’s got some serious phobias.

  27. You seem to know all the details. But remember, ALL of what occurred was due to Fagundes’s psychotic behavior. The news reported and lawsuit laid out the crazy number of texts he sent waggle, the infatuation Fagundes had with waggle and pineapples, and other mischievous conduct. This was not about waggle and currently is not about hacker. This is and always has been about deviant Fagundes and his little monsters. Kings county citizens rid the cancerous Fagundes and his “Mis”-managers and voted in hacker. Now all the little Fagundes minions are walking in circles and don’t know what to do but dream up scenarios to make hacker out to be the problem child. Major fail.

    • Says the person posting multiple times and using clearly made up name. Waggle is a grown man and could easily have blocked those text. Cellphones give people that ability. Waggle wanted a quick payout and got one. How many years did Waggle stay quiet before filing the lawsuit instead of reporting it to HR? Why did Waggle Sue the Kings County DA AND not Keith personally. Because he went after the deeper pockets to get a bigger payout! We all know this tactic. You don’t sue the person you sue the insurance company. Look if you are going to side with so called victims without a real criminal trial. You should side with everyone claiming to be a victim. You clearly hate Keith Fagundes. Jesus teaches not to eat. You won’t get into heaven with that public hate. You don’t have to be nice but if you have nothing but insults against Keith Fagundes just stay off the comment section. Also this is about claims on Sarah. Bashing Keith Fagundes doesn’t remove the claims against Sarah Hacked and the witness supporting Kings County DA Chief Investigator Charlie Flores claim. 2 against one always wins.

      • Seriously! Read what you posted here and read your other posts you hypocrite. You shouldn’t be casting stones and then preaching about Jesus. (Eye roll).

        • You mean from cowards who won’t post a real name. You pathetic stalker. You have no intelligent rebuttal. You all are the biggest hypocrites who defended Waggle who waited years to come forward over a text that you can easily block. Yet you also try to defend Sarah over DA worked there a lot longer. If you are going to talk smack on people making false claims you should have called out Waggle first for suing the DA not Keith himself because he wanted a payout now he’s old

  28. Kings County DA Chief Investigator. That’s a prominent position. The person is claiming it happened on January 26th and didn’t wait years to report it. Females were given the opportunity to transfer but was given no opportunity. Seems sexist to me.

    • You poor mis-informed soul. Considering your one-sided comments just reaffirms your lack of knowledge and insight. Maybe you should stay off of here until you have some personal first-hand information of everybody involved.

      • As to the other one sided comments. You can kiss my grits you ignorant hypocrite. I see you having nothing intelligent to say. Just trying to silence people. Don’t tread on me. Where you there!? If not then STFU. You don’t have first hand account. You are such a coward you won’t even post a name

        • Wow!!!! I’m not trying to silence anybody but rather encourage people to actually educate themselves. My choice is remain anonymous is strategic and not because I’m a coward. But, you probably won’t understand that. Cowards stand in the shadows and blindly follow people like Fagundes. Others stand up for what’s right and protects the good folks who need a voice.

  29. But you said maybe I should stay off without first hand knowledge, which you don’t have! You are a hypocrite! You aren’t the decider of what is right and wrong! This article is about homophobic comments made by Sarah Hacker! Sarah is no Angel and has sinned before. Don’t act like you a sinless. You weren’t there! You don’t know all the facts. Stop trying to run the comment section. You are rude. Your insults show how much hate you have. Christ would never act like you. You are very quick to judge one side and say nothing about Sarah Hacker. Keep defending homophobic sinner Sarah Hacker

    • My bother, you don’t have to get upset. Everybody is entitled to their beliefs and opinions.

  30. Loki’s like “Tommy” is triggered. Lol. It’s probably Fagundes himself or some little monster supporter. Whoever it is definitely wants Hacker out and trying to repair the devious little man’s image. Get over it. Fagundes is old news and forever tainted goods. He has to live with his vile decisions the remainder of his life. Now let’s see if this claim against hacker is backed by thousands of text messages, etc, like in waggles case. If so maybe there’s a case. If not and it’s just two little jaded Fagundes supporters the claims won’t stand. Just watch.

  31. What I find so interesting is that Julia Patno’s boyfriend’s name is Tommy, and here we have a Tommy commenting defending Julia and Keith. Or do we? Maybe that is Ms.Patno herself? I wonder what those poor employees are having to deal with? Also, why is it that only 1 person has mentioned the fact that Julia Patno had DA property at her house? A generator is an expensive piece of equipment and she took it home? So, what else was taken? There is a bigger picture if ppl look closer.

    • So, let me get this right…Patino has county property at her house. Back in the day, Fagundes kept county property (trailer) at his house too. So I’m guessing the misappropriation of county property is going to be argued that she was doing this to “maintain” the generator. Secondly, it makes more sense now if Patino is on leave. It’s probably Admin leave while they investigate the misappropriation case. She’s scared of getting into trouble and the best way for her to fight the issue is to accuse Ms. Hacker of wrong doing. This is all shameful and predictable. Unfortunately, if Patino is in a position to receive disciplinary action, it won’t be made public but her lawsuit will be. So one-sided.

  32. What does my real name have to do with me stating facts? She did have DA property at her home. But you won’t address that, will you?

  33. It’s not that she had “county property” at her home, it’s that she was about to use the county property to go on a camping trip with family and got caught. Now she’s claiming emotional damage, after being confronted with as far as the law is concerned, possession of stolen property!

  34. Fagundes and Patino were going on a camping trip? Maybe he was going to use the Mobile Command Center and she’d supply the power with the generator? lol. Then there’d be a pineapple BBQ

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