Conway leads in Special Election to replace Nunes

Capping off a successful career in politics, former Assembly member Connie Conway looks poised to easily advance to the June 7 Primary and to finish former Congress member Devin Nunes’ tenure.

As of 11:00pm, Fresno and Tulare County Registrar of Voters has Conway comfortably in the lead with Candidate Lourin Hubbard, Democrat from Fresno, a distant second.

The top two vote getters will advance to the June 7 Primary.

Nunes resigned January 3rd. A special election was called for April 5 to complete Nunes term that will end January 3, 2023.

As of 11:00pm Tulare County Registrar of Voters reported Conway ahead of the pack with 47% of the vote and Hubbard coming in second at 14.7%.

Michael Maher, Republican from Visalia, has received 5.26% of the vote, Matt Stoll, Republican from Visalia, 14.77%, Eric Garcia, Democrat from Clovis, 16%, and Elizabeth Heng, Republican from Fresno, 2.3%.

The Fresno Registrar of Voters most recent report was 9:00pm and had Conway in the lead with 27.35% with Hubbard coming in second with 22.84%

Stoll was at 15.28%, Garcia 14.54%, Maher 11.02%, and Heng at 8.98%

Nunes’ congressional seat was broken up during redistricting and merged into three new districts, Congressional Districts 20, 21, and 22.

Fortunately, neither of the two front runners, Conway or Hubbard, have filed to run in any of the newly drawn districts making it unlikely the same name would appear twice in different districts on the June 7 primary ballot.

Stoll, Maher, and Garcia have filed to run against Congress member Jim Costa for the 21st district and will be on the June 7 Primary Ballot despite tonight’s results. Heng announced her intentions to run for the new 13th Congressional District against Phil Arballo, Adam Gray and two other relatively unknowns but never finished the filing process.

CD13 is an open seat.

Conway wanted to extend her appreciation as she always does for her supporters and said she is ready to get the work done that is necessary for her constituents.

“I want everyone to know they will have access to the federal agencies they need until former Nunes’ tenure is done. I’ll finish the job.”

8 thoughts on “Conway leads in Special Election to replace Nunes

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  1. It is no surprise that Conway is in the lead; in fact it was pretty much a foregone conclusion once she announced her intention of running given that this is a blood red Republican district. I did not vote for Ms. Conway as she is a member of a political party who in my opinion has been taken over by extremists who are hell bent on denying voter rights and women’s rights, and to protect and/or supports those who engage in sedition and treason acts against our government and institutions. Her recent words of praise for both Nunes and McCarthy is indeed worrisome as both men more often than not failed to reach across party lines seeking compromise and consensus in governing this country. For the record I also do not support any Democrat or Independent who “FAIL” to actively engage with others across the aisle seeking compromise and consensus. That’s their job; it is what they are charged to do. LET’S HOPE Ms. Conway won’t immulate the Nunes two-step in frantically holding onto Trump’s coat-tails in promoting Trumpism while he was inattentive in representing and working on behalf of all constituents in this district. Nunes had been AWOL in representing this district since Ex-President Trump was voted into office. LET’S HOPE Ms. Conway will meet and engage with any district constituent no matter their party affiliation as is her charge to do as an elected Representative. LET’S HOPE that Ms. Conway will not engage in obsessive political divisions by pledging loyalty and fidelity to the Trumpian Cult Republican Party as Nunes and McCarthy has done. If she keeps her word to not run again for this seat she will have nothing to fear by putting country before party as her oath of office requires. Trump Republican firing squads will have nothing to hold over her head by threatening party annihilation if she doesn’t vote in lockstep. LET’S HOPE that Ms. Conway aspires to actually represent this district as a statesperson in Washington with the purpose of governing rather than being another party-line mouth piece obstructing democracy as the vast majority in her political party continues to do. As a decidedly moderate-leaning Democrat I have been voting since 1968 and I voted for the best qualified person regardless of party affiliation. I have voted for many Republicans in the past. Sad to say, the GOP is no longer a political party in the traditional sense but merely a personality cult bound only by their loyalty to Donald Trump. LET’S HOPE that Ms. Conway will be a role model showing others that putting the needs and welfare of the COUNTRY before political parties make America all that much stronger in helping to KEEP OUR REPUBLIC safe from monarchy. There are extremists on both ends of the political spectrum. This country needs BALANCE to keep this Republic from tipping over. Remember the Rolling Stones: We can’t always get what we want but if we try sometimes we just might find that we can get what we need!

    • Barbara
      Connie’s reputation in the California State Assembly was she work with democrats where she could . Connie is about getting things done. Not about party politics.

      • Interesting note she is already back-peddling on not running again in the next election. Typical. Doesn’t matter, she will no doubt win considering this is a county who sadly continues to embrace a seditious treasonous political party. Again, she will no doubt win this upcoming election but it will be without my vote.

    • Of course Connie Conway will pander to the drooling Trump cultists who infest Tulare/Fresno. That’s not Conway’s fault. She will just be a trained seal barking on command, because that’s what the circus audience came to see.

      Thanks to Nunes to saddling the District with 1.5 million in pointless costs, just so he could fail over at Truth Social. He has all the integrity of a drippy cow deposit.

      • Biden approval rating just hit an all time low of 33 percent, while America is seeing inflation rise above 8.5% for the first time in over 40 years. Biden, in some circles is considered the worst in history. But Barb and Bruce want to turn their attention to Trump, Nunes, and Conway,. Typical Jackasses at their finest.

        • Did you understand that this was a story about Conway who is running to replace the position that Nunes quit as Representative of a Trump-voting district? Or are those your Nunes/Trump reading comprehension skills kicking in?

          But but but Biden and inflation? Check out whose job it is to control inflation. That would be the Federal Reserve
          Commander In Chief Biden is busy right now helping Ukraine fight genocidal fascist Putin. Trump, on the other hand, thinks Putin is a genius.

        • Based on your own comment Frankie, I would say you are probably describing a mirror image of yourself. Such a silly-billy! BTW, this article isn’t about Biden but if it was, I would counter that at least he isn’t a member of a seditious treasonous political group out to destroy our democracy just to grab more power. As it stands now, when a Republican in today’s GOP win, democracy loses.

          • I made my comment about Biden, because you both pretend Conway will re-invent the wheel in just a few short months, while Biden policies have inflicted the highest inflation rate in 40 years. Same was can be said of Carter. Coincidence, I think not, two drooling old white men trying to pretend they are/were leaders. But you will never read about those things in the VV. You will never read about governor Newsom policies inflicting the highest crime ever seen in California. I don’t stand here and pretend either party is some great representation of my moral compass and values like you both. I have been taxed for years without representation, regarless of party affiliation. But hey, if you enjoy what California and the US look like today, knock yourself out and keep voting the way you do. If you do not think Governmental policies do not directly and indirectly affect inflation, commerce, gas prices, food, ect., well you do not live in reality. But then again I am not an old wealthy person trying to placate my agenda to the rest of the populous.

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