Lemoore High School Child Psychologist Arrested for Soliciting a Minor for Sex

Lemoore Union High School child psychologist, Christian D. Loeffler, was arrested last week for soliciting a minor for sex.

According to a press release from the Kings County Sheriff’s Department during the operation law enforcement officials from Kings County Sheriff’s Office, Hanford Police Department, Lemoore Police Department, and Kings County District Attorney’s Office, posed as 13-year-old and 16-year-old juveniles on several on-line social media sites.

Over August 26th, 27th and 28th, 16 adult individuals made contact with the decoy juveniles and solicited them for sexual acts.  All 16 suspects agreed to meet the underage decoy at various locations within the County to complete the sexual act.

Lemoore School District has sent out texts and a detailed email to all parents who have children in the district informing them of Loeffler’s arrest.

According to Loeffler’s Linkedin he has been Lemoore Union High School District Psychologist since July of 2017. From 2015 to 2017 Loeffler worked for the Kings County Department of Education in various capacities and before that he was a Behavior Specialist for the Bakersfield City School District.

Also caught in the sting was Jose Huerta from Hanford who owns Huertas Jumping Houses. According to his facebook Huerta rents out chairs and tables for parties and children’s jumping houses.

All those arrested include:

Edward Zuniga, 45, of Hanford                                   Christian Loeffler, 35, of Lemoore

Miguel Guarchaj Gomes, 29, of Visalia                      Timothy Rankin, 60, of Exeter

Netzahaulcoyotl Trujillo, 39, of Hanford                      Josefat Gutierrez, 46, of Hanford

Jose Huerta Garcia, 36, of Hanford                            Domingo Martinez, 40, of Mendota

John Cha, 22, of Fresno                                             Alberto G. Martinez, 34, of Yettem

Chris Raymond Brown, 40, of Hanford                       David Spry Burks, 20, of Hanford

Phillip Noe Sesate, 19, of Hanford                             Luis Morales, 22, of Lemoore

Sergio J. Cervantes-Serna, 47, of Hanford                 Samuel Mendoza, 39, of Visalia

All suspects were arrested and booked into the Kings County Jail on various charges related to arranging to meet a minor for sexual acts, meeting at an agreed upon location for sexual acts and sending sexually explicit materials to a minor.

Also during the operation Detectives with the Lemoore Police Department posed as adults looking to be paid for sexual acts on several social media outlets.  During the operation Eric A. Jauregui, 33, of Hanford was arrested for PC 647b, Soliciting Prostitution.

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  1. I was one of the many kids that Christian Loeffler had contact due to an IEP at Lemoore high school. Nothing out of the ordinary happened when I was talking to him, not going to lie I had always thought he was gay. But knowing what he did, It scared me. Because isn’t sex trafficking about taking children and selling their bodies and raping them in a basic way? I would have been a perfect victim, I trusted him, he knew I had a horrible family relationships and wanted to run away. So I guess the scary part is, If he kidnapped kids for sexual acts, I could have been one of his victims and that is just scary…

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