Senate GOP Block January 6 Commission

A vote today failed in the Senate on the January 6 Commission bill with 54 senators in favor to 35 against.

To overcome the Senate filibuster the bill needed 60 votes to pass.

The commission, comprised of five Democrats and five Republicans, would have conducted a comprehensive investigation into the events that lead to the January 6 insurrection on our capitol.

Even though Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urged his party to vote no, six Republican Senators voted in favor of forming the bi-partisan commission.

Eleven senators did not take part in the vote, two Democrats and nine Republicans.

According to ABC news, “The mother of fallen US Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick met with more than a dozen Republican senators urging them to vote to establish the commission. ‘Not having a January 6 Commission to look into exactly what occurred is a slap in the faces of all the officers who did their jobs that day,’ Gladys Sicknick said.”

Reasons given by the Republicans for not voting in favor of the commission was that the investigation was too narrow and other entities were already in the process of doing their investigation, including the FBI.

Senate Republicans in favor of the commission voiced their frustration saying the real reason that McConnell didn’t want the commission was that it would produce bad optics during the 2022 mid-term elections.

“To be making a decision for the short-term political gain at the expense of understanding and acknowledging what was in front of us on January 6, I think we need to look at that critically,” Murkowski said told a group of reporters before the vote.

6 thoughts on “Senate GOP Block January 6 Commission

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  1. Warped, anti-democratic Republican electorates no longer bother to pretend to be a “principled” conservative party. They voted to block an independent commission to investigate the attack on our Nation’s Capital, a vote to hide and protect treason and sedition. Sad to say only five Republicans had voted in favor of the commission, albeit somewhat cautiously. The upside for elected Republicans is that they no longer have to bother uttering deceitful platitudes of being the party of law and order, the party of God and Country, claiming to be Lincoln’s party of the people, by the people and for the people now that they have once again shown who they truly are; the party for Trump and only Trump, the party of treason and sedition. Their actions speak much louder than their scripted platitudes of loving, protecting, and honoring this United States of America. They present a clear and present danger to the stability of our country as do extremists who support, encourage and finance these electorates.

  2. The same can be said for Democrats and the Govenor Gaslight. His actions speak much louder than their scripted platitudes of loving, protecting, and honoring the State of California. He and his clowns present a clear and present danger to the stability of our state, our countries food supply, the under served communities, our water supply, our mountain communities, and ultimately, the betterment of California citizens, all because you do not possess the courage to call him out on his idiocracies. Especially those of you who turn a blind eye to his actions and sit as a memorized puppet to his pathetic agenda and lordship persona It is unfortunate we never read of such in the Valley Voice. I pity those of you who continue the partisan BS. We can do so much better than the deception either party is providing the constituents. Until you realize this, like I have, you can all expect more of the norm of being swindled by electorate officials.

    • You just showed YOUR partison BS. Gov. Newsom did not protect or participate in the attack on our Nation’s Capital, which was what I was addressing. Typical diversion tactic to not address head on that the elected Republicans in office are circling the wagons around those who not only physically attacked the capital but those who aided and abetted these terrorists. Probably because they are too close for comfort.

      • The Govenor Gaslight and his cronies do not have to take aggressive approaches to not make actionable idiocracies. Which is what I was addressing. I realize your a paid troll, but please reread my comment, to summarize and put in simple terms, all goverment sucks. I realize you are at the mercy of the goverment and live off a nice govermental pension, but please expalin how you can support a man or legislature with the track record on homelessness, EDD, DMV, taxes, cost of living, forrest fires, high speed rail fraud, water, business labor force, business in general, on and on and on. I was almost confident Gaslight would at least signed in Gavins law because the egotistical idiot thought it was named after him. Please go read up on Gavins law and explain why your Governor or his constituents would even let it fail? Pathetic and baffling. No partisan bs here, just unfiltered truths, because I take no sides and am not a hypocrit. You made alot of comments about Trump and his narcissism, but never make any mention of the fool for a governor who is just as bad. Why is that?

        • Because the Governor wasn’t the subject at hand so no need to opine about him. DUH! Sad that you can’t discipline yourself to stay on topic.

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