Gilson Loses Seat on Tulare Public Cemetery Board

Tulare Cemetery Trustee Alberto Aguilar addressed yesterday’s Tulare County Board of Supervisor’s meeting concerning Supervisor Pete Vander Poel not reappointing Vicki Gilson to Tulare Public Cemetery Board.

Vander Poel thanked Gilson for her service and wished her well in her retirement to another state. Aguilar responded that he had talked to Gilson that morning and said that Gilson has not retired and did not moved to another state. Aguilar confirmed that Gilson applied for the board position and expected to be reappointed.

Because of pressure put on Vander Poel by several other members of the cemetery board he appointed Carlos Ramos to the trustee seat.

The following is Aguilar’s statement to the board.

“My name is Alberto Aguilar and in my opinion it is a mistake not to reappoint Vicki Gilson as a Trustee to Tulare Public Cemetery District, whereas she is the most knowledgeable individual on the board and has the most seniority. Vicki was appointed as a Trustee on April 2017, and in September 2017, she discovered the embezzlement and theft by the former office manager of the cemetery, and she asked Tulare County Legal Counsel to write letters to the former employees requesting that they return official financial records, keys and other documents. Upon discovering the theft, she contacted Tulare County Auditor Controller and asked for stop payment on the illegal payroll checks processed by the former office manager who had submitted fraudulent payroll records for herself, her husband, and other employees.

The Auditor’s office was able to stop payment on just one payroll check because the office manager and her husband cashed their payroll checks for the entire month of September 2017, one day before their resignation letters dated September 15, 2017.

In my opinion, Trustee Vicki Gilson is a champion and a hero who has always acted to protect the best interest of Tulare Public Cemetery District.

Trustee Steve Presant has written and told many lies about Vicki Gilson, such as that she does not live in Tulare, and that she is not a registered voter, and he accused Vicki of not attending any board meetings between December 2019 through May 2020. All these accusations have been proved  to be bold-face lies.

As Chairman of the Board, Steve refused to allow Vicki to participate in board meetings via telecommunications and when she challenged legal counsel advise on this matter, she won. Members of he public applauded her courage to fight for her rights.

I compare the lies and misinformation Steve Presant has been advocating about Vicki Gilson similar to the lies and misinformation being told by President Donald Trump!”

10 thoughts on “Gilson Loses Seat on Tulare Public Cemetery Board

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  1. We need a new Board of Supervisors. The Tulare Cemetery Board is corrupt. Were did her replacement come from? Who recommended him?
    This district will go bankrupt with a manager that has no clue how to do her job and is rude. She also needs to learn how to dress in a more professional manner, I don’t mean dress and high heels.

  2. What qualifications does Carlos Ramos have? What is his relationship with other members of this board? Will he be joining in the witch hunt against Alberto with the other three board members? Will this public drama continue to go on and on and on? And if they succeed in persuading Vander Poel to finally getting rid of Alberto who will they turn on next because this board seems to have a dog-eat-dog component ingrained deeply in it. Too bad there wasn’t an entire clean slate and all new board members were appointed. Time will tell if this appointment can help this board comport themselves appropriately. Fingers crossed.

    • You will find that he is a friend of Xavier Avila and the other new board member is a friend of Steve Presant.

      • Figured as much. Xavier presents himself as someone who won’t rest until he gets Vander Poel to get rid of Alberto as well. The drama continues.

  3. Everyone sounds so negative. I hope the cemetery can be run smoothly in the future. Arguing gets nothing but high blood pressure. Offer constructive non-argumentative solutions that may help when a problem arises. There is enough hate everywhere. Please try to be a better person and rise above by being constructive in your criticism.

  4. Alberto, you are one of the most ignorant people I know. Arrogant to the hilt. Believing only you have the answer. First you have to see the truth!!

  5. I am thinking it might be a good idea to take a long hard look at the Cemetery’s manager. A well managed organization should run smoothly without so much turmoil. It seems obvious to me that the manager either isn’t permitted to do her job or she isn’t capable of doing it.

  6. Will this ever end? What poor representation, everybody always fighting and pointing fingers. Cant we just all get along? It is so embarrassing to see our Tulare being led by such ignorant unqualified people.

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