Visalia teacher takes advantage of state eviction moratorium

Police escorted Ricardo Rasner out of Tony and Debbie Hallum’s rental property.

Tony and Debbie Hallum’s house in southwest Visalia was the perfect little rental.

Until it wasn’t.

For 8 years the Hallums rented their home to a neighbor, then for 5 years to a friend, and never had a problem. When the house became available in 2018 Tony Hallum put the listing on Zillow. “In two days I got maybe 500 applications.”

Hallum chose as his new tenant Ricardo Rasner, aka Richard Ramos, aka Richard Michael, a local school teacher and soccer coach.

Rasner said he was only going to use the house two weeks a month in order to spend time with his high school aged son, who he shared joint custody with his ex wife. In addition, his ex-wife, Tulare County Judge Kerri Lopez, gave Rasner $8000 a month in spousal support so paying rent wouldn’t be a problem.

“He was the perfect tenant,” thought Hallum.

For the first year Rasner paid rent on time and there were no complaints. Rasner had originally wanted a four year lease but Hallum was hesitant and only committed to a year.

In August of 2019, Hallum texted Rasner that they needed to renew the rental contract. That was the beginning of a year-long ordeal of avoidance texts, tirades, and a deadbeat tenant.

“I’ll get back to you” or “Not a good time” became Rasner’s modus operandi along with long rants and outbursts. He was so abusive once to a handyman that arrived to fix the garbage disposal that the handyman refused to ever work on the house again.

A few months, later on January 29, Hallum gave Rasner a 24-hour notice that he planned on doing a walkthrough because he had an investor interested in buying the house. Rasner replied that it was not a good time and if he wanted to get into his house he would have to get a get a court order.

Hallum handed dealing with Rasner, who also had stopped paying rent, over to the law firm of Melo and Sarsfield.

His lawyer, Maggie Melo, completed the eviction process and was successful in getting January’s and February’s rent. But once the Governor signed an executive order banning the enforcement of eviction orders for renters affected by COVID-19, they never saw another dime.

Rasner knew  that because of the eviction moratorium Hallum was stuck.

Nevertheless, Rasner still seemed bothered by the eviction. At the end of March Rasner texted Hallum, “These are crazy times…With so much going on I was hoping we can sit and negotiate an agreement. I wanted to when we spoke the last time. Can we speak directly and see if we can come to a short term “Corona agreement.” Then I can move out or keep paying as until you decide to sell or the market improves ???”

Over the next three months of texting and phone calls Rasner blew through several promised move out dates. June 1 became July 1, then July 15 became July 31.

On June 1st Rasner said he had to self-isolate for three weeks because he had been exposed to COVID-19.

On July 2 he said he actually had COVID-19 and had to self-quarantine for another three weeks, “But send me all the dates I did not pay and I will catch up,” Rasner texted.

Knowing that Ranser was not “self-quarantining” because he ran a youth soccer camp several times a week, Hallum drove out to Riverway Sports Park to confront him. Finding Rasner with a group of young people doing conditioning exercises, Hallum called the health department and reported a man with COVID-19 in close contact with a group of kids.

Hallum then confronted Rasner about having COVID-19 and recorded the exchange. Rasner said incoherently, “I do. I don’t have the COVID results yet. This is my livelihood.”

By mid July Rasner promised Hallum that if he drops the eviction he will pay all the back rent and move out immediately. Then in the same text Rasner embarked on a list of imagined complaints including how he was getting sick from breathing mold in the house, how the new living room carpet was supposed to be torn out 24 months ago, and how the garage flooded.

At the end of the conversation Rasner agreed to move out July 31.

Landlord finally gets inside his house

To his surprise, Hallum was finally allowed to do a walkthrough of his house on July 30th, the day Rasner promised to hand over the keys.

During the walkthrough Hallum thought it was “really weird” to find a bed in the home office.

He then found it odd that all the drawers in the bathroom were empty along with the closets. When he went into the bathroom he expected to at least see a toothbrush and toothpaste, but there was nothing.

At the end of the walkthrough Hallum asked Rasner how he was going to be out by the end of the day given his furniture was still in the house. Rasner replied that he had friends coming to town next week with a truck and he needed to push the move out day to August 5. Hallum offered to rent a truck the next day and deliver his furniture to whatever location he wanted.

Rasner said “No, that won’t work.”

When Hallum went home and described the walkthrough with his wife she immediately became suspicious. She did some research and found their home listed for rent on Airbnb.

It transpires that Rasner had been renting Hallums’ home for $229 a night while claiming he couldn’t pay rent since March because of COVID-19 layoffs.

On its website, Rasner described the Airbnb rental as a, “4 bedroom 2 bath super Clean and quiet sleeps max 9.”

“You’ll have the whole house to yourself!” he wrote in the post.

Rasner also offered his Airbnb guests the rental of a ski boat for those interested in going to Kaweah Lake for $150 half-day or $300 full. “Fish, ski or wake board or just explore the lake and go swimming.”

And Hallum’s house got rave reviews with one guest commenting how much they liked the paintings, lamps and barbecuing in the back yard.

Another said, “Nice and cozy home, thanks Ricardo!”

After Hallum discovered his house was being rented on Airbnb, he figured that was why Rasner declined the free moving truck, because new renters would be arriving that night. An associate of Hallum’s videoed the Airbnb guests arriving in their van that evening.

The next day Hallum went over to his house and politely told the Airbnb guests that Rasner did not have permission to rent out his house. He then called the Visalia Police Department. The Visalia Police Department arrived on the scene and advised Hallum that Rasner had actually filed a police report against him the night before claiming harassment because of the videotaping.

Hallum’s neighbor , who had walked over to see what all the commotion was about, informed him that Rasner had been renting out the house to vacationers since January.

“The neighbor was pissed,” said Hallum.

Hallum complained to Airbnb and the company claimed it took his home off of its website.

 “Inappropriate Behavior”

According to public records, Rasner has several liens, bankruptcies and a prior eviction. He also lied to Hallum about his “COVID layoff” from Outside Creek Academy, a charter school in East Visalia.

Hallum discovered through an anonymous source that Rasner was fired from his teaching job for “inappropriate behavior with staff or students.” It is not clear if the inappropriate behavior was with males or females or if they were of age.

The anonymous source surmised that Outside Creek Academy felt confident firing Rasner because it had enough evidence against him to shield the school from a wrongful termination lawsuit.

On further investigation, Hallum discovered a Tulare County Sheriff’s Incident report made by Outside Creek Academy’s Principal Derrick Bravo for a stolen laptop. Allegedly, Rasner never returned the laptop after he was put on administrative leave.

The incident report stated, “Bravo said this school is K-8th grade and one of his 4th-5th grade teachers was recently terminated. He said Ricardo Rasner was the teacher they terminated and he was supposed to turn in the assigned HP lap top upon his dismissal. He said Rasner was under internal investigation at the school for inappropriate behavior and on Saturday 03/23/19 the investigation was complete and he was ultimately terminated.”

Hallum could not find any news articles on the incident and assumes that Outside Creek Academy might have swept the incident under the carpet because the school did not want the bad publicity.

Of note, on July 27 Rasner communicated to Hallum that he was currently being interviewed for a job with Visalia Unified School District.

Coming Home

During the ordeal Hallum remained sympathetic to those renters who have been helped by Governor Newsom’s moratorium on evictions. “I’m sure he did not intend scammers, liars and thieves to take advantage of his kindness. Unfortunately he [the governor] took the power away from judges, some of whom he appointed, to make reasonable decisions on their own.”

When reached by phone and asked about the eviction Rasner said, “I don’t know anything about that. I’m on the other line right now, send me an email.”

As of press time Rasner has not responded to our email questions.

On Wednesday night, August 5, Hallum drove by his house and saw new Airbnb guests making themselves at home.

That’s when Hallum decided to do something.

Because the eviction process had gotten far enough along in the courts before the pandemic, and because Rasner had moved back to his own residence while Airbnbing  Hallum’s house, he drove over Thursday morning, August 6, changed the locks, flipped the breakers, and locked them up so there was no electricity.

He then posted a sign on the windows and doors: “No Trespassing, violators will be prosecuted.”

As Hallum suspected he might, Rasner came back late Thursday afternoon. In an attempt to open the house up for his Airbnb guests, Rasner hopped the fence, rigged open a window, and took down the No Trespassing signs.

Hallum was tipped off by a neighbor, ran over to his house and called the police.

The police caught Rasner inside the house and negotiated with him as he sat on his couch: leave the premises now and we will won’t take you down to the station. But If you come back we will arrest you. As part of the agreement, Hallum said he would move Rasner’s furniture to a storage unit where he would have 15 days to pick it up.

The officer told Hallum that if they arrested him now Rasner would just be released because it was a misdemeanor. Because of the alleged fraud combined with the “breaking and entering,” the incident was a borderline civil/criminal case and the VPD would refer it to the Tulare County District Attorney’s office to let them decide if they want to pursue charges.

The police officer then looked at Hallum and said he would put the incident on their docket so the police can keep an eye on his house.

Hallum stroked his mustache and smiled, “Did you hear the officer? He said it’s my home now.”

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    • Hallum was canned by Tulare County Sheriff years ago and had issues himself. Between him and Rasner, the two make a perfect pair.

      • It’s true that about 20 years ago Hallum was fired from the TCSO. But it’s also true that he appealed that firing and was fully reinstated to his job, Eric. But then you knew that. The question is why would you leave out that key fact? Maybe you and Marty (and we all know who that is) just have an irrelevant ax to grind with him?

        • Judge Lopez pays him $8k a month in alimony. Hahahahahaha. Not a fan of her. She presided over my divorce.

  1. More than a nightmare 😮😱 I really can’t believe people actually do this evil stuff. I’m so glad he got his house back. 😄

  2. Wow, what kind of person does this! Wait, we had tenants like that too. Low life’s, free loaders! Hope the Hallum’s get their day in court and get everything that’s coming to them too. Since Richard gets $8000.a month.

    • I personally know Ricardo and he has ALWAYS been a conniving, deceiving person. Not to be trusted whatsoever!!

      • Anyone who has ever known Ricardo can testify first hand he is a scam artist from the get go. Arrested by Sunnyvale Police about 14 years ago for domestic battery on a g/f when she found out he was two timing her and caught him in the act. He was arrested for hitting her. And, he has never been able to pay his bills. Mommy from Spain breast fed him until he was 8.

  3. Omg poor owner what a nitemare I can only imagine all the stress anxiety and restless nites over a loser tenant . I rented my home out years ago to do call great income from both husband and wife he made over ten grand a month the worse dirty my home carpets destroyed they had pitbulls in the home unreal now I’m at the other end temporary homeless trying to get back up however I never used the system or lie and I get no help because I have no children to qualify for homeless program or motels on the other hand people on drugs sale there foodatamps and there motel voucher and I’m denied however no w I’m going to push the issue housing section 8 i deserve it worked all my life and I pray doors open for me. Sorry dear landlord for that headache I would of moved in made his life miserable . Take care

  4. I am speechless! This is the most nightmarish scenario for a homeowner renting a home. Ricardo sounds like a real loser! Probably a 50 year old who lives with his mom. If I were a parent, there is no way I would allow my child to take soccer lessons from such an evil person! I doubt a fraud who steals school laptops, gets fired for questionable activity with school children, and profits from a home that isn’t his is lying about spousal support and child custody…where there is smoke, there is fire!! I’m would bet the guy has swindled MANY people in his sorry excuse for a life. I hope the Hallum’s are able to recover their loses!

  5. No wonder we have such an increase in crime! No consequence this slick scammer should have been put into a jail cell for one year at least!!

  6. I just got my rental back after 10 Month – all the inside doors are GONE , so are 2 A/C units , ALL the miniblinds ,gardenhoses and spriklers – 50+ holes in the walls AND ceilings and a drawer and sheves in the kitchencabinets are also gone…

  7. My heart goes out to you and your family. Karma is real and he will get his. He should have been arrested. This is so heart breaking. Suggestion, have them sign authorization so you can check job history, references and check their car, if it’s dirty, chances are so will your rental be. Maybe you can also do a background check at their expense. Prayers for you and so happy you have YOUR home back.

  8. Wow , goes to show education does not make a person a good person .scary that such a A human could lack the consciousness to have integrity. Sad that deceiver and lier could have more rights then the good man who Follows the laws and trusted That the renter was a good man based on his employment with children. I’m Terrified That this man is an educator in my city

    • Scary he was a educator for a special needs school here in Visalia
      Child porn. School district swept it under the rug! Now that’s scary!
      Worlds biggest creep!

  9. Going through the same scenario with deadbeat tenants that are not Covid impacted and still working. Five months and counting . These judges need to be voted out!!!

  10. This is such an unfortunate incident for the home owner. You really don’t know who your dealing with when dealing with the public. At times I really don’t know who’s more criminal the people behind bars are the ones amongst us in society. Mr. Hallam I’m glad that you were able to get your home back 👍🏽

  11. I had that happen to me and my children last year. I had to get restraining orders and evict them from my house! Only they took everything! Robbed me blind! Stole my identity on top it! My boyfriend’s identity and my sister’s as well. All the birth certificates gone. I’m still trying to replace our belongings. We are still walking on cement floors. This year the ac is broken. Trying to find help sucks. I made around $20,000 last year and I haven’t worked since February of this year. And the couple that did this are still walking around free. But whatever my family and I are healthy and together and stronger than ever!
    Oh we are in Porterville.

  12. Laws have to change. Criminals like this can walk around free. I hope the Hallums go after him legally. Financial restitution, the stress it caused etc…
    He obviously hasn’t had all his evil catch up to him….soon I hope.

  13. No accountability whatsoever. The criminal had more right than the victim. Protect and serve is the motto for the police but who were the police protecting and serving in this story? It sure wasn’t the homeowner. Lesson learned a little to late

  14. Had similar problem with squatters. While fixing up a rental, a squatter moved in. I called police, they said they could not do a think. Suggested a no trespassing sign next time. Once he put utilities in his name. Smart guy. Police new him from other incidents. Now the nightmare began. Had to go through the whole eviction process which took time. Squatter then rented out the rooms to a few college students. Back yard was a camp for the homeless. I cried every time I passed my house. Then when time to have sheriff come and remove him, he was still there with all his stuff. My heart hurt, when telling college kids they would have to leave. $25,000 in damages. Be aware of squatters when vacant.

    • Sandee: your squatter story is almost identical to two of mine, one was in Parlier, had to get a court order to evict, $16,000 in damages; the other in Fresno, the FPD helped me get possession, damages amounted to $26,000. Now with the moratorium, one of my current tenants have stopped paying. So which is worse: a non-paying tenant or a squatter who does tens of thousands in damage?

  15. what a fuckin headache for the owner all that running around back and forth and frustration.thatss gotta be a story for the books
    glad the owner got his house back

  16. How does bringing up who his ex is matter? Or the amount of child support he gets? Clearly he is an EX for a reason.

    • I suspect that he 👹 lied about his ex wife being a judge and receiving $8000 per month child support.
      That needs to be fact checked🧐

      • Kerry is a judge and followed in her daddy’s footsteps. Ricardo does not receive 8k a month. In fact, he pays her and has not done so. She and her husband don’t need the $ and don’t push the issue. Their child Zachary is almost out of High School. Once Zach turns 18, Ricardo will go to Seville, Spain, where is Mother is from, and live with family and continue his lifestyle of BS. He speaks Spanish fluent and has dual citizenship. Hope he leaves soon.

  17. Lol, well that’s what happens when you live in a liberal state, where the good guy gets screwed over and the bad guy is protected. Hopefully everything works out for you from this point on but chances are they won’t. Good luck.

    • There are conservative, moderate, and liberal bad actors who will screw over anyone to do what they view as their God given right to do whatever the hell they want. Kind of like you Michael, using this subject matter to bash liberals.

  18. It’s people like this that ruin it for people like myself. This is why homeowners act the way they do when it comes to renting their house or houses. You can’t expect for them to trust anyone after situations like this. Mr. and Mrs. Hallum please don’t let people like this ruin it for people like me cause there are still a lot of great renters out here and I know cause I’m one of them.

    • You know, I appreciate that you feel you are a good tenant but here in NJ , I am too a landlord and going through somewhat similar situation. Tenants were to move out just before pandemic but never did and now who knows may be by next June. By that time, I will be out $30,000 in lost rent while paying for taxes, insurance, upkeep etc.

      When things get better, MAJORITY of small landlords will bail and leave business. Rents will skyrocket and many of these types of tenants will have no place to rent. To them I say “too bad, fill your stuff in shopping cart and live under a bridge for all I care.. ”

      Heretofore, I have been extremely kind, considerate, landlord who has not been paid rent in full and on time for the past 9 years.


  19. I have the same type of problem. My mother died on Thanksgiving, she had a couple living there taking care of her. A couple of months before she passed, the lady said she knew she was passing and she didn’t want to be there so she quit. The guy stayed. After she passed we wrote up an agreement for him to move out on the first of the year. To this day he is still there. Covid has slowed down the eviction process!

  20. Yet another way Airbnb’s are destroying neighborhoods and communities and they refuse to do anything about it on their end. I would slap Airbnb with a lawsuit for not verifying the house actually belonged to this guy. If the guy wasn’t able to rent this house through Airbnb, the home owner would have gotten their house back MUCH sooner. Guaranteed.

  21. If only these governors could understand the unintended consequences of their eviction moratoriums.
    More landlords will get out of the business, leaving few properties available, then high rents will go through the roof do to a decrease number of residential rental properties.
    Less availability, and higher prices coming to a city near you.

  22. It’s sad because there are people who have lost their jobs and needed the rental no eviction. I thought that this wasn’t a rental forgiveness, I thought renters would pay what they could and after things got better would pay their rent plus try to pay what they owed. Everyone is hurting right now. I’m grateful that my landlord is compassionate. I always pay my rent but a few times I’ve been late. I let him know and he always has my check. I get paid in the middle of the month. As for PG&E, I pay my monthly bill and I’m paying down my past due every month. I just find it crazy that some people think these bills are forgiven. I’m glad the owner got his home back. That tenant will have a visit from karma. It’s horrible what he did

  23. Renters are a nightmare! I’ve had my house destroyed by them! Never again will I be a landlord! My daughter had a roommate that was a nightmare too. The police couldn’t even do anything to help her even when she was destroying the house right in front of them! They did nothing. My daughter took her to court but never saw a penny of what was owed to her. I feel so bad for the Hallum’s! It’s your house and your hands are tied! You are not alone!

  24. Wow I went to high school with Ricardo. He was a good looking guy…back then. He was a talker for sure. Full of crap most of the time. I’m honestly not surprised to read this. I’m so sorry for the owner. Total nightmare.

  25. O wow I actually had this happen at my property it was a a awful experience that i wouldn’t wish on anyone I cried so much because my husband had passed away and I needed to move someone in to help so never again will I ever let just anyone rent it long story short I got my property back also sorry you and your family went through this

  26. I rent my property thru Section 8. Get paid on time every month by the county. Renters have been there 10 years & take good care of house. Section 8 renters don’t want to lose their status so they follow all guidelines.

  27. I’m from NY, and I’m facing same due to NY governors unjust moratorium. The tenant owes me back rent from 8 months. There are multiple unknown people living in the house. Had called police who refused to do anything and told me to go to court. The politicians have screwed us badly, I dont know how will I recover from all this. Shame on governor Cuomo and shame on Mayor Blasio. They are unjust.

  28. Same type problem Exeter at mom’s house 800 b st mother died in Nov she had care givers well one will not leave police say nothing can be done. I’m still making payments on home don’t know what this world when a squatter has all the rights and police said I can not even mow the lawn dad. 😥

  29. This is exactly why Jay Inslee need to go! He has solely and directly violated our constitution in so many ways: most significantly, he took away our vote on I976 and has instituted a program that literally destroys the hard-earned livelihoods of landlords! There is no way for landlords to protect their investments and property from fraudulent tenants who are simply exploiting Inslee’s no eviction proclamation. Bob Ferguson has to go as well for standing firmly behind “Adolf” Inslee’s iron fist rule!!!

  30. This guy is by all means a con but also there was no mention that his lease stated he could not rent out the rooms or house. He wasn’t sneaky about it if he had it advertised on his FB page.

  31. This order should have had exceptions like you have to prove that you were laid off to not get evicted like they do to get edd. No one peotects the landlord thats why these loosers take advantage. Also landlords need more access to checking the background for renters just like banks do when lending money. You r trusting them with your most valuable asset your home.

  32. I know Rasner too well. Several years ago the guy was scamming people at every level. He was told to leave a teaching job in the south valley, foreclosed on his home in Visalia and could not pay his utility bills, and has a history of scamming people at all angles. And from what I understand, Hallum was fired from TCSO as a deputy and had issues with them. Both deserve each other.

  33. I’m going through this now. I need to move into my home and the renter hasn’t paid rent since January and received the 60 day move out notice in November. Scum.

  34. I live in Portland Oregon. I see so many homeless adults trying to scam renters. If you are planning to rent a room, take it seriously. Fact check, and get a solid contract.

    I came home from vacation and found a man sleeping in my bed!

  35. My goodness! Hasn’t anyone seen the movie “PACIFIC HEIGHTS”? Michael Keaton is is great! He plays a well to do renter who is trying to swindle the owners out of their property. It’s a little spooky the way he uses the authorities to his advantage. Watch it.

    • I second Lisa’s suggestion. I also recommend The Rental that came out a few weeks ago. Nothing beats Pacific Heights though.

  36. I have a rental property in Queens, NYC. Having almost similar issues. Tenant has money but chose not to pay since April. I wonder why the city officials don’t understand that people are taking advantages over Moratorium. Where we as a landlord fart justice?!?

  37. I was totally blessed. Tenant from Hell gave notice to break her lease in Jan to be out by Feb 1. She didn’t move out. We started adding pressure saying we were going to change the locks March 1st. She was gone March 8 th. We changed locks and moved in the house ourselves. Thanking God for his timing. March 13 the no eviction ban.
    $700.00 a month in property taxes.
    Who’s going to help us landlords with taxes?

  38. This story doesn’t surprized me a bit. Please don’t let anyone’s title fool ya.The folks in the best of jobs make horrible decisions & only some get caught. Those that do most get away with it & just get placed in another city. Until we get these 2 year old senior citizens net worth millionaires that cant get along out of our white house it’s only gonna get worse. Edd is no better giving millions 2 those that have never even held a job. My husband owns his business & I work full time we still haven’t seen the first 1200. which every homeless in tulare county has already recieved. I had no clue I would have to work my whole life just to support those that dont want 2 work nor do they have 2 . County buying motels paying 100 a head a day 4 rooms. Homeless trash st John’s river & city accommodates with showers & restrooms. Even brought em a dumpster 4 trash digging on site. Homeless burn my vet disabled fathers garage & the fire department sends a bill 4 6k for the cleanup. So disappointing & embarrassing.

  39. Looks like most of thé History is full of sheet and ready to wake up such a commets empty of real knowledge taking advantage. I can see thé normal hate of the landlord on this article. Private Life comments are unnnecesary and strange so I believe half of thé History.

  40. Looks like most of thé History is full of shit and ready to wake up such a commets empty of real knowledge taking advantage. I can see thé normal hate of the landlord on this article. Private Life comments are unnnecesary and strange so I believe half of thé History.

  41. Too much hate in the “article” and even more in the comments. The writer, wannabe reporter, known as carherine doe, seems to me as a fake name. Too many personal data here, its a fake and/or illegal. I do not believe this Ricardo guy is THE DEVIL, he stated from the begining he will only use the house 2 weeks a month, so its sensible to rent those 2 spare weeks on airbnb. SHAME ON YOU. You are like medieval inquistors or what???

    • It’s not sensible to “rent those 2 spare weeks on airbnb.” The lease he signed prohibits him from subletting.

  42. I’m sure the most of the people talking here has not really known Ricardo and take advantage of a bad moment to talk bullshit. Life os really boring Visalia. I really think this os really a long article talking a los if things about his private life. This journalist must be family of the ladnlord.

    • Don’t know Tony Hallum and never heard the name before until Monday. I feel blessed though to have a platform where I can call out injustices like giving a voice to the victims of Tulare City Council Member Carlton Jones, what happened to Mayor John Draxler in Hanford, and the Curtimade Dairy outside Corcoran. I hope this article gives Tony and his wife some closure.

      • Sure mrs “Doe” … You may feel yourselves like saints in heaven but you aint. So many personal data in here, its illegal for starters. But you dont identify yourself so no proper measures can be taken against. You throw too too much alleged shit on someone just from one person point of view, that you took for granted, there has to be more than meets the eye DOE. Seems unfair to me. And alas! of course that law should not protect people that dont pay rent and still keep in somene elses property!! Remember karma DOE!! You can run but you cant hideee

        • You are correct. My wife is no saint. But since she has fully identified herself that makes you no genius. Google her, Karen. And she’s neither going to run or hideee.

  43. For me this part of the article it is really scandalous; “Hallum discovered through an anonymous source that Rasner was fired from his teaching job for “inappropriate behavior with staff or students.” It is not clear if the inappropriate behavior was with males or females or if they were of age.”. Discovered by an anonymous source?, have you as a “journalist” verified the source?. How can you pour such serious accusations on a person without checking with the school?.

  44. For me this part of the article it is really scandalous; “Hallum discovered through an anonymous source that Rasner was fired from his teaching job for “inappropriate behavior with staff or students.” It is not clear if the inappropriate behavior was with males or females or if they were of age.”. Discovered by an anonymous source?, have you as a “journalist” verified the source?. How can you pour such serious accusations on a person without checking with the school?.

  45. Exactly not nice at all, not to pay the rent. But as a journalist you can do much better just keeping some ethic. Overall if youn are going into private life by insinuations very ungly. Granted words from a person reasonabily upset…come on .

  46. Really?, but in the article doesn’t say so…. Literaly it says by an anonimous source, is this source the sheriff?. No, again the source is Hallum.

    • We spoke with the source, who was not Hallum. I am not saying the source was the sheriff. I am saying that, in addition to the source, we accessed sheriff records.

      • You spoke. he spoke… blah blah pure gossip!!!, and you “allmighty” pretend to uphold just cause and bring “truth” on earth,,, its just unbelievable that you google someones name and your “thruth” is the first to appear, eventhough there has not been a trial nor any judge has decided about the situation. So he gets 8k a month but does not pay the rent. Its hilarius if not for the free damage you make. This is unfair. “You will know them by their fruits”.

          • No I am not. Neither I need to make felonies to earn my money. And thanks God I do not need to pick up my dogs poops. Hell on earth for people who steal from others. Happy days!

  47. What an outstanding article Catherine. You certainly hit a home run on this one, 80 comments and counting. As far as these naysayers go in their feeble attempts to undermine your reporting I am quite sure that no one gives them any credence since their comments are without value or merit.

  48. The journalistic gods are turning over in their graves over this story. I have dealt with journalists from many newspapers and I don’t thing any legitimate reporter would have published this article with so many rumors and innuendo. It is not a home run. It a journalistic hit piece.
    The statement that according to Hallum he was told by an anonymous source Mr Rasner was fired? So we get third party hearsay. And then you infer that there is sexual misconduct.
    Also the article is completely unclear as to the actual status of the forclosure. It says it was in the process. If it was complete before the moratorium than he should not have been evicted. Also the actions by law enforcement are questionable here. The statement that justice for the Hallums is complex self serving. It shows the complete bias on the part of the author. You can do better. I would not be surprised if Mr Rasner has a cause of action against your publication for libel.

    • Sorry for a few typos. This story is self serving. Has no journalistic integrity. The fact checking has to be non existent. I am not sure how you confirmed anything. But either he was foreclosed in before the moratorium or not. Your article does not answer that correctly.

      • If you want to read a masterpiece then stick to Shakespeare. I know this idiot scammed rasner personally. He’s even scammed my dad. The article is spot on with everything.
        People like will complain about articles left and right yet you still come here read them. Pathetic.

        • What I want to read is accurate reporting. And you saying that you know personally that Rasner scammed Hallum has no bearing on the point at issue.
          You offer nothing of substance to back up your claim. Not even your real name. I could make the same claim that I k ow most of the article
          Is false. And it carries the same weight. The author of the original article makes multiple libelous claims about Rasner’s past. Without any contested facts supporting it. While it could be true that Rasner extended his stay in the property. That has nothing to do with the hot piece this article was. I want good accurate and factual reporting. This article could have been good. Instead it’s completely filled with half-truths and rumors.

    • And just who are you…. Roland with no last name? Readers of the Valley Voice know the credentials of Catherine but we know nothing of you or your creds. You could be Rasner or someone close to him just wanting to throw shade at the Valley Voice. You are simply Roland Nobody With No Last Name With No Credentials! lol

  49. Valley Voice is pathetic and full of lies. I don’t believe half this story. We don’t know the teachers full situation. The law was passed to protect to the renter in these times. The owner isn’t losing a house and the house isn’t being destroyed by squatters. Pathetic pandering by Valley Voice

  50. I went to school with Ricardo, from Divisadero to Mt. Whitney. It’s crazy how people change as they get older. He was a nice guy in school but bottom line something went wrong with him. My only suggestion to Ricardo is to stop what so many have said you are doing and seek Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I can’t judge you but He will one day and if you have not accepted Christ as your personal Savior, asked for forgiveness and turned from your sinful life only to serve from now on. Hell is a very real place and don’t be fooled by Satan who loves to tear lives apart. Money is the root of all evil. Do not worship money, it’s an idol. Worship your creator while you can and be pardoned on Judgment Day before our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. I know it’s hard for people and myself to not be angry when we read what is accused of you but I myself will not call you names or act hateful if I saw you. The decision is yours Ricardo to either walk very much alive with Christ or to die with Satan. Good luck.

  51. All bullshit defended by more bullshit and ,her husband?!! Jésus-Christ !?? Who really wrote this article.? More and more suspicious.Incredible the reality show you try to build up here.

  52. Chad Draxler seems to be fake. Is the domestic battery case true? Would Sunnyvale police department have the file, and is it public?

  53. Oh my goodness..! I’m going through the exact same scenario with my property. Tenants Eduardo Ulloa and Nancy García Méndez. They were never late in their rent and the moment I told them I was selling the property they flipped. I remodeled my property Not long ago. Property is now listed at and you can witness the before and after. Drive by the property now and you’ll see how destroyed the property is. Come to find out— they are telling prospective buyers that the house is mold infested. I too am living a nightmare.They do not want to move out because they claim there is nothing for rent anywhere . Their situation is not a Covid situation. They both work and even collect welfare assistance. It is extremely unfair that this moratorium is allowing people to take advantage of good landlords. Just like the story I read; tenants also used the mold card. Which leads me to the following question… “if the property was mold infested.. why would you expose your children and. Or move out??” I have pardoned these tenants rent because of the hardships they came across and now that I want to sell my house they’ve seemed to forgotten all the help I gave them. I can identify with this story. It completely gave me hope that I too can one day have the feeling of saying “my home…”

  54. I feel this landlords pain … same thing is happening to me in Orange, CA with a scammer by the name of Misty Odom. She has not paid her rent since March and she posted my property on Airbnb for $350 a night. Hope our great Governor Newsome can fix this issue …. which I think he won’t since he is giving these poor scam artists take advantage of the system.

  55. Ricardo Rasner is a con artist with a very poor credit rating, no cash, poor employment record, and an explosive temper disorder. A good place for him is in Folsom Prison where people will be safe from his white collar scams.

  56. Yes maybe with you in , just to bé safe of such as accusations comments, based on nothing over more persons.

  57. Rasner is a criminal. Nobody really knows why Mr. Unlock the school gates and lock the school gates every day creep is such a homer. I have actually met rasner. He just mad dog stares, all chump-like. I was meeting an employee that worked at the creek, out in the sticks school. When Rasner was asked to leave by Bravo, it was because of two young girls, one who told the boss, about the other girl’s accusations. then the other girl was interviewed. Now, Rasner did not commit a felony, but lets just keep it at inappropriate for a teacher behavior. The girl’s dad should of paid Mr. Wussy a visit. Shame on the school, this happen more than is reported by the news, that is all hung up on race baiting, not peds like rasner…I did write commission on teacher credentialing, and sent some copies my lady friend was kind enough to hand over from his ex-job site. LOL! Mad dog some more… ped…

  58. Some years later Im still surprised how so many fakename bullshitters take advantage of this media to make “allegations” against a random standard guy on bad times fail moves, use the courts if the citizen is so villain, sure yo wont… so dirty, you are the real losers!

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