Tulare Cemetery Special Meeting Tomorrow 10:15

A special board meeting for Tulare Cemetery has been called  for Wednesday, July 15 at 10:15am. The meeting was called to discuss and vote on new burial procedures in light of the new partial shutdown and to discuss unauthorized comments to the media.

The meeting will be a conference call for board members and the public. For those wanting to participate the phone number and access code is: 1-978-990-5262. Access Code: 854-031-5.

If you have any problems accessing the meeting or questions please contact Office Manager Leonor Castaneda at the cemetery office (559) 686-5544.

The Tulare Public Cemetery District (TPCD) office is currently open after closing last week due to an employee testing positive. The district received notice from the Tulare County Health Department that all groundspeople, except the employee testing positive for Covid-19, have been cleared to return to work and have returned today.  Castañeda was informed yesterday that the groundspeople were considered a low probability of infection and could return to work.  The office staff were cleared earlier and working on Monday.

According to TPCD Chair Steve Presant, “Testing results have not been received by the employees at this time but should come shortly.”

“Our goal is return to normal operations as soon as possible and we appreciate the communities’ understanding of the cemeteries [sic] situation during this time.  We regret the impact to the families, loved ones, and the businesses affected by this event,” said Presant in a press release.

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    • It is on Caring Cause’s facebook if you want to listen to it. Sounded like a bit of a mess.

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