What happened at Lindsay Gardens

They were aware of everything, but they didn’t have a plan of action,” Tiffany Tassey, 28, said when referring to her experience with management while working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Lindsay Gardens during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Nursing homes across the nation have become hotspots for infection. At one point some of the largest outbreaks in the state were in Tulare County. The causes were shrouded in mystery, but recent testimonials from CNAs may provide insight into what went wrong at Lindsay Gardens from the very beginning.

The Timeline

According to staff members, one of the earliest concerns from CNAs trace back to the end of March, when two CNAs noticed that a couple of residents at the facility were showing symptoms associated with COVID-19.

The CNAs immediately went to their charge nurse (the nurse in charge of the ward) about their concerns. According to the CNAs they were brushed off.

The CNAs decided to push the issue further and inform management which included the Director of Staff Development (DSD), Director of Nursing (DON), and the Administrator of Lindsay Gardens. (The Administrator of Lindsay Gardens requested that his name not be used and will be referred to as the Administrator later in the article.)

The response? According to staff, nothing was done.

This didn’t sit well with the CNAs who originally came forward, so they decided to walk out and never returned.

Fast forward two weeks.

April 15th: the first 11 cases at Lindsay Gardens are reported by the Visalia Times-Delta.

VTD reported that Lindsay Gardens Administration stated it was taking “safety measures to protect staff and residents” which included “clear and constant communication with staff.”

However, when Tassey arrived to work on April 15th, she had no idea that residents had already tested positive for the virus. She was not given a heads-up during her days off and only found out about the outbreak because her coworkers told her after she had arrived.

Tassey discovered that she was now–and likely had been–working closely with residents who tested positive for COVID-19.

Three days later, she started to get a sore throat and lost her ability to taste or smell (known early symptoms of the virus).

She was worried and went to the DSD with her concerns. Tassey wanted to go home and get tested but the DSD refused to let her leave. Tassey decided to speak with the Administrator, payroll, and human resources. No one took her seriously.

Tassey was never sent home.

April 20th:  31 cases are confirmed at the facility. (VTD)

April 24th: Tassey discovers she is positive after getting tested herself. Tassey begins isolating from her husband and kids.

Tassey was never sent home or told to isolate when she first started showing symptoms six days before, meaning she was carrying the virus and potentially exposing anyone and everything around her for an entire week, maybe even longer. And that includes staff, residents, visitors, and her own children who are both no older than five years of age.

It gets worse.

Tassey texted the DSD about her positive test results. And, according to the texts, the DSD replied by pressuring Tassey to return to work despite the fact she had COVID- 19. To Tassey’s shock, the DSD then went on to admit she suspected she had the virus herself as well:

“Well I have it and I’m here,” the DSD’s text read. “I know I have it. I have been covid unit from day one I’m feeling better now.”

April 27th: More than 52 cases confirmed (VTD article).

April 28th: First resident dies of virus at Lindsay Gardens. (ABC30 report).

May 4th: 62 total cases, 22 staff infected. 3 deaths (Fresno Bee Article).

According to Tassey, at least one of the deaths at Lindsay Gardens was in fact a resident the original two CNAs had warned management about back in late March.

“He declined really, really fast and ended up passing,” Tassey said.


Frightened And Silent Staff

 Tassey stated there were 3-4 other staff members who want to speak up, but fear they may be punished for doing so. At least two staff members confessed to feeling pressured to return to work after testing positive.

One staff member, who chose to remain anonymous, (we will refer to her as “Anon”), confirmed Tassey’s statements regarding management’s ignoring concerns from CNAs. Anon confirmed the pressure put on symptomatic staff to continue working,

“They were saying, ‘No. You can test yourself on the weekend,’” Anon said.

Tassey mentioned a similar instance with another coworker who was symptomatic on arrival. The facility checks the temperature of incoming employees everyday and this specific staff member was running a fever when they arrived.

“Most of the staff were the ones showing symptoms,” Tassey explained. “One of the girls had it bad. She couldn’t breathe. She had all the major symptoms.”

Yet management like the DSD continued to delay sending staff home.

“Basically to suck it up and wait until Monday to get tested,” Tassey explained.

The management’s response led staff to confide in people like Tassey and Anon. Some expressed how scared they were of potentially losing their job for speaking up, or possibly running into a legal battle with the facility. Others admitted they were just waiting for the pandemic to blow over so they could put in their two weeks’ notice and quit.

One staff member told Anon that management would leave their office doors open while they ate and allowed staff to eat their meals in the nursing station, even though this could potentially increase the chance of the virus spreading.

Anon also mentioned that the facility handled talking to the press poorly after the initial outbreak. Anon claimed that management released sensitive information about her position at both Lindsay Gardens and Redwood Springs to the Visalia Times-Delta . Anon felt her identity was not properly protected and that the information given to VTD implied Anon was the cause of the outbreak.

Anon felt betrayed by management because she had self-isolated prior to the outbreak and tested negative at both facilities, so it was unlikely that she had caused the outbreak in Lindsay.

Feeling alone, Anon turned to social media, shared the article, and attempted to notify ABC News by tagging them in a post. But when some other coworkers saw the post, Anon discovered this may have been a mistake. Anon received a text from the DSD that essentially shut down Anon’s attempts of getting media coverage and warned Anon about spreading “negativity.”

Anon now feared being singled-out at work. So she removed the post and blocked staff on social media.

As mentioned, Anon worked at other nursing homes like Redwood Springs, although the facility has never had a problem with management.

But Lindsay Gardens was a different story. Anon felt that speaking up for the sake of the coworkers was the right thing to do, even if it meant risking Anon’s identity one more time.


The Other Side of the Picture

The Administrator, to whom the CNA’s originally approached in March, was hesitant to comment on specifics surrounding the outbreak, but was willing to give general comments about the facility and its staff.

He claimed that the facility has been doing great and most of the staff were happy. The Administrator downplayed concerns brought forward as a case of one or two disgruntled employees being negative.

As far as the DSD insisting infected staff work, the Administrator doesn’t believe those events could have transpired. He spoke very highly of the DSD, stating that she was an excellent employee on the forefront of the outbreak, working 16+ hour shifts. And that almost nobody has had a problem with her.

“She truly deserves a medal,” the Administrator insisted. “If this were a war, she deserves the highest award out there…She has pushed so hard, put everything at risk.”

When asked if the DSD or other staff could be reached for comment to confirm this, the Administrator responded that was unlikely to happen.

Tammie Weyker-Adkins, Tulare County Public Information Officer provided a statement from Dr. Karen Haught, Tulare County Public Health Officer, which praised management’s response to the outbreak:

“The administration staff has been very responsive and coordinated with Healthcare-Associated Infections Program (HAI) Licensing and Certification and HHSA.”

There was one more person who vouched for the facility. She claimed to be a relative of a veteran featured in the Visalia Times-Delta.

She was on site speaking to her relative through the window when the Valley Voice stopped by the facility on May 6th to gather more information. She insisted that Lindsay Gardens had done an excellent job and taken care of her loved one with safety precautions like cleaning and sanitizing frequently.



Tassey has returned to her family after isolating for two weeks and is happy to be back with her husband and kids. And she’s relieved that none of them have contracted the virus despite their being exposed. Tassey stated the Administrators’ comments about the DSD were not true. And that management like the DSD are the reason many CNAs quit.

The DSD made no attempt to contact her since she tested positive on April 24th.

“Once you have [COVID-19] and you tell them, they don’t check on you again,” Tassey explained. “They don’t call you.” Unless of course it’s about asking when you’re coming back to work,” she added.

Tassey does not intend to return to Lindsay Gardens. She plans on going back to school instead and has been turned off from pursuing a career in the medical field.

“I feel like (the DSD) would be targeting me if I went back,” she said. “Everyone’s so scared…No one listens to us.”

Anon has also stated she will not return to Lindsay Gardens even though she cares deeply about the residents and the staff. Anon has found work elsewhere and encouraged other staff members with similar concerns to do the same.

In regards to the comments made by the administration, Anon seemed to have predicted the response:

“They’re gonna deny it,” Anon said. “I’m a 100% sure they’re gonna deny it.”

With that being said, the Administrator of Lindsay Gardens emphasized that the last thing they need during this outbreak is negativity, and that focusing on the claims of “disgruntled employees” was not the right thing to do. He stated that it could even destroy the lives of frontline workers at Lindsay Gardens.

According to Weyker-Adkins, Lindsay Gardens currently has 65 residents, 28 staff, and 12 other individuals who have become infected.

There have been a total of four deaths and eight recoveries.

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  1. Martin, I enjoy reading your articles. I respect your objectivity and value your investigation.
    I shuddered at the lack of regard for human life being displayed in this particular one.
    It seems the elderly folk have lost their value as human beings and this was on display most profoundly in your piece.
    It’s unbelievably sad and alarming to me to see these human beings who have lived unique and full lives, being left to die with seemingly lack of empathy.
    Like it’s a normal thing. A timeline. Patients get sick, patients die.
    DSD knew she had the virus, didn’t seemingly care that she could cause another elder person to die.
    [“Well I have it and I’m here,” the DSD’s text read. “I know I have it. I have been covid unit from day one I’m feeling better now.”]

    A feeling of revulsion washed all over me when I read those words.

    It actually reminded me of an old Star Trek episode where they visit a planet in which human life is not important. When one person fell into the river and drowned and others, close enough to help, looked on with nonchalance, watched them die and did nothing. They were all young. Nobody got old on that planet.

    I would like to hear more about the elderly in nursing homes, but directly from them, to put a human face to parents and grandparents. Would you interview the elderly in the direct path of destruction and shed light on them in your own objective style for us?
    We can’t lose our apathy, our regard for human life.
    I see a lot of articles and videos about conspiracy theories circling about who is to blame for the pandemic. A lot of people are focusing on that. Getting angry, getting scared.
    They should be scared to death about the lack of regard for the value of human life instead.
    Evelyne Vivies

    • I’ll try my best. Nursing homes can be stringent about letting residents talk to press this type of thing especially now. And even if I do manage to speak with a resident, some if them may be too sick to communicate.

  2. I’ve had friend who worked there and eventually quit because staff and management do not car for the patients properly nor change the patients diapers/bathe them as frequently as they should. It’s very sad. They should be investigated

  3. Retired RN

    My mother is a patient at Linwood meadows. Before the pandemic reached the facility I reported them to CDPH for not using universal precautions. I approached the administration regarding the risk of not using proper hygiene while caring for the patients before contacting the state. CDHP, basically ignored my plea. Administration at Linwood has treated me poorly. I am saddened by the way our seniors are treated in many nursing homes. My mother contracted covid19 st Linwood. I am bringing her home Monday on hospice if she makes it over the weekend. Please pray for my mother.

    FYI: universal precautions would protect the staff as well.

    • I will be praying for you and your family during these hard times…
      FYI: Linwood Meadows is not Lindsay Gardens.

      • Thank you. The problem exists at a number of nursing homes in Tulare County. I personally know of 2 seniors that have died at linwood recently.. OUr seniors deserve the to be respected and loved while approaching end of life. This was not my experience at Linwood Meadows.

  4. Congratulations on your five minutes of fame and all the false information your are providing. How sad that you have slandered such a good place.

  5. Beatriz idc what you guys say or think anymore because I’m not the only person to say stuff, you guys dont care for us, you guys never checked up on any of your positive employees, even when we chose to stick around for YOU. you guys never walked me through any process of what to do when I was scared and alone all forrest said was go to edd and fill out this paper. That’s it! I’m pissed off that you guys think everything your doing is okay! No why do you think 60 something residents and 27 employees got this but no according to CARMEN we didnt get it from the facility which is pretty sad when we decided to stay and bust our asses and mind you I WAS feeling like total shit and could barely get through my day even ask melissa she told me to go home because I didnt sound good or look good. You guys are just mad that someone finally is speaking up. Read all the comments I’m not the only one that thinks Lindsay Gardens needs to fix its crap.

    • You are entitled to your opinion just as I am to mine and it really doesn’t bother me what you are expressing your self because it’s just your opinion. We still have many staff who love our facility and love to work here. I would be very careful how you slander people names. Regardless of how you may feel it’s still illegal to slander and mention people specifically. Hope your doing better. Glad your back with your family.

      • I applaud you and all the employee’s at Lindsay Gardens Beatriz. I am so grateful that my family member has gotten better thanks to the care from the nursing staff and administration in the COVID unit who have worked tirelessly to get these patients better. Lindsay Gardens was a great choice. As for these small minded people who feel entitled, just don’t let them bother you. They obviously were not meant for the Medical field. Bless your hearts Lindsay Gardens.

      • You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. Its not slander if Tiffany and Anon are recounting their personal experience.

    • Why are you throwing people’s names into this when even the article has enough respect to not do that? Maybe this is why no one checked on you? Lack of respect for people?

    • Tiffany,

      Do you still have the text between you and the DSD? A screen shot of that number and conversation would pretty much clear all this up.

  6. I like how these employees do not emphasize on anything positive about Lindsay Gardens. I’m sure Tiffany Tassey had access to the employee BREAK ROOM just like every other employee out there, But CHOSE to eat that doughnut at the nursing station…. As for “ANON” was she ACTUALLY working at Lindsay Gardens? By the way Martin there are 26 Recovered RESIDENTS not 8…(FICTION in the making) Yes, you have freedom of press, but what you have reported is all FICTION … Congratulations on your Fifteen minutes of fame ladies..

    • Numbers and stats provided came directly from Tammie Weyker-Adkins, Tulare County Public Information Officer…Emails to prove it. Lindsay Gardens would not provide numbers.

  7. I don’t understand why during these difficult times people have to be so self centered, mean, and conniving. I work at a facility in Visalia who has an outbreak. “Anon” was a CNA who quit the minute she found out we had an outbreak; abandoning our residents.
    Unless you actually work in a facility that has an outbreak you will realize how busy and chaotic life is. At the end of the day the main concern is the safety of the patients; I am sorry but they truly the ones who need the extra attention. Most young people will recover and be okay. The fact that this girl is crying because she didn’t get a phone call is crazy. She obviously shouldn’t be working in the healthcare industry and should just stay at home because the reality of life is that the world will never revolve around you. So keep it moving.

  8. I want to make something very clear! The care for patients at the facility is exquisite but that is because of the hard work of the CNAs! I see that some office people on these comments have a lot to say for someone that sits behind a pretty little desk. The point of this article is to bring light to the miss treatment of staff! We know what we sign up for this is the medical field but will not tolerate disrespect or the possibly of spreading covid if we feel the symptoms. Tiffany i stand with you! How do they expect people to work without feeling sick themselves. They use us up then throw us out when they don’t need us. All they care about is self Image cnas were ignored if they would have listened from the start this virus wouldn’t have spread the way it did.

    • Anon,
      You talk about the office people sitting in their pretty little desk but let me remind you that a lot of those office people are actually working the Covid unit since day 1. Yes, the CNAs play a big role in the care the residents are provided but it is not just CNAs; RN, LVNS, therapy, kitchen, laundry, housekeepers, maintenance, everyone has a role to play.
      Also please educate yourself and realize how contagious this virus is and how quickly it can spread; There is a reason why the country is in a state of emergency.

      • Ya no shit that’s why it was ridiculous that the dsd and administrator would refuse to send people home even though they were showing symptoms. They were pressured to work weekends and ask to get tested on their days off.

    • What’s sad is that I always thought of you guys as great CNA and to be very frank the bashing is hurtful we know who you are and out of respect won’t say your name. However it is very true that a lot of the office staff you speak of are working the Covid unit and in laundry and housekeeping whatever department needs help. Because that’s what teams work does for each other. Stay safe and Y

      • All of a sudden it’s about team work. Where was the team work when cnas were going to the DON asking her to send people out due to symptoms but were called paranoid. All the CNAs that work would have left if it wasn’t for the residents. Don’t try to belittle anyone.

  9. This is total nonsense perpetrated by someone that is either leading to a nonsense lawsuit or just wanting to see her name in print.
    My Mom is there and I have been kept informed since day one!
    At what point was it HER responsibility to check with her employer during this pandemic to see what the status was. Total lack of common sense on her part. Personally I hope she does not care for my loved one, no compassion obviously

  10. Sounds exactly like they were ignored and thats why it turned out worse! I feel bad for those patients they too probably get ignored and whoever left for good was smart to do so because sounds like some pretty crappy management that i most definitely would not want to work for! Managers should cater to their employees if they even have a heart but sounds like they didnt give a crap about anything and pretty sad to bully the lady that was smart who left because that comes to show the way she WAS being treated as an employee i am glad she put this article out there for everyone to see! I will keep sharing this too….so everyone can see the article:) Great job so we can understand what really happens at places like these and why it had a huge outbreak. Lets see what u other “people” would do if you had the covid 19 guarantee you wouldn’t still stay at work and take care of elderly or maybe you WOULD (to keep managrment happy!?? Wow! Poor management all around and obviously yeah its a state of emergency outbreak so why else did they report it…stupid thing to say. But dumb to not act right away and ignore?? You think! Until you catch it then shut up! Cause i am pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be ignored either!! probably would get granted a month vacation sounds like… cause alot of brown nosers are working with the higher ups OBVIOUSLY! LMAO Poor elderly people are being taken care of by alot of selfish, self centered, ignorant nurses who i believe are ignoring them and thats why you ALL are very angry attacking these poor workers who reported! May God be with you all and protect those who are in the right and HELP those who are being evil come to their senses and think “what would i have done?” Probably the same thing! Haha! So stop being JERKS to these ladies and go do your job that youre supposed to be DOING supposebly LMAO probably on the job while writing these comments and still getting paid!?? Wasting your shift away instead of taking care of your patients as u claim you do!?? Keep commenting and attacking that poor coworker so people can see she was right all along cause your true colors sure show in these messages of how heartless you are!!! #Peace!

    • I don’t even know where to begin with your comment.It is painfully obvious that you are a product of the local school system.

  11. The person this happened to needs to file a complaint with the state and counties health departments and whoever else will listen ASAP!!! Naturally, the hospital administrators will deny and say their being slandered. This is the best way to save themselves at this point. Something needs to be done to prevent another careless and avoidable outbreak that not only harms everyone at the facility and their families and communities, these are the kind of things that are keeping so many of us from working.

    • Agree! The true casualty of all this, as is always the case, are the elder clients. Now, with no family allowed into nursing facilities, it is truly a horrific situation. When my family member was in a nursing facility, we were there around the clock, yet still our loved one suffered under their care and ultimately died. After that, we were met with resistance at every request for information from the administrators. If a facility does things correctly for their clients, there should be openness, communication, and willingness to share for the good of those they care for. It is obvious for Lindsay Garden’s lack of transparency that things did not go well. Prayers for all those in nursing homes right now, without physical oversite of their care from family and loved ones. For them, and for the families, I am certain it is a nightmare indeed–and one many will not survive.

  12. Working at Lindsay Gardens a few years back made me realize that A nursing home is scary to live at.. Yes with the exception of the Favorite residents getting Most of the attention , but as a Housekeeper you really get to see how People are being treated.
    Once I tried calling the CNAs who were literally at the desk station to check on a call Light that had been going off for the past two rooms I had cleaned and once got in there the resident begged me to help her (not being a CNA I couldn’t) and they looked at me like I didn’t exist.
    Another instance, my shift would start at 8am and it was very chilly on a winter day and an eighthy-something year old lady , who I’ve cleaned her room everyday besides my days off, asks me to close her window as she’s on C bed which is the closest to the window so I did.. Then as I go get my cleaning cart one of the CNAs had re opened the window because SHE herself was hot.
    They bring their own kids into the kitchen or hang out in the break room. We had one of the higher staff bring her baby which she just had came back because of having.
    Anyone who’d try to go To HR and or the higher staff they’d get upset so Obviously LINDSAY GARDENS needs help all around , and with the staff on here having to defend themselves or make some comment makes them look even worse!

  13. I have seen first hand how wonderful the management staff is to all of the staff when I go in to see my loved one. I will pray that people like you all whom feel entitled don’t take care of my loved one. No, the care is not JUST because of the CNA’s. The care is great because of the kitchen, housekeeping, maintenance, Rn’s, LVN’s, CNA’s, therapy, RNA’s, and management. I don’t see CNA’s calling me about my loved one to give bad news or news at all, management deals directly with the family members not the CNA’s God sees and hears all!
    Once again I applaud you ALL the staff at Lindsay Gardens for your hard work. Keep it up and keep the little minded people out of your head.

  14. The finger pointing and childishness of the employees and former employees in the comments has been very entertaining! Keep it coming!

  15. I know a thing or two about snitching. The “whistle blower” is just looking for a pay day!

  16. I used to work for Lindsay Gardens several years ago (over 10 yrs ago). I went into work one day where I was barely able to walk myself and a fellow CNA told the LVN (charge nurse) at the time and they just ignored her. Well by time I was able to make it to the nurses station I hurt so bad to walk or move. I went into the DON office at the time told the DON that I felt like I wasn’t able to do my job without hurting a resident. The DON told me to go talk to my charge nurse which was outside taking a smoke break. I told my charge nurse that I didn’t feel that I could do my job without hurting myself or a resident. The charge nurse looked me straight in the face and told me if I thought I was that shitty of CNA and not able to perform my job to go ahead and clock out. Well I ended up being admitted in the hospital for 5 days due to severe swelling throughout my whole body. My daughter then proceeded to take me off of work for awhile due to not knowing what was going on. While I was off of work due to medical reasoning I would constantly get called to come into work or that I need to bring another dr note in. I know staffing has changed since then but the same company still owns lindsay gardens.

  17. I used to work for Lindsay Gardens several years ago (over 10 yrs ago). I went into work one day where I was barely able to walk myself and a fellow CNA told the LVN (charge nurse) at the time and they just ignored her. Well by time I was able to make it to the nurses station I hurt so bad to walk or move. I went into the DON office at the time told the DON that I felt like I wasn’t able to do my job without hurting a resident. The DON told me to go talk to my charge nurse which was outside taking a smoke break. I told my charge nurse that I didn’t feel that I could do my job without hurting myself or a resident. The charge nurse looked me straight in the face and told me if I thought I was that shitty of CNA and not able to perform my job to go ahead and clock out. Well I ended up being admitted in the hospital for 5 days due to severe swelling throughout my whole body. My doctlr then proceeded to take me off of work for awhile due to not knowing what was going on. While I was off of work due to medical reasoning I would constantly get called to come into work or that I need to bring another dr note in. I know staffing has changed since then but the same company still owns lindsay gardens.

  18. I have my Husband there,been tested 3 times has come back negative,I blame the outbreak on the staff,since weve been on lock down,weve been visiting my Husband threw the window ,Easter was last time we saw him due to the out break on the patience.Its sad that we have to fear if he is ok or not.

  19. The best thing to do when you see problems is call licensing and report. Let them investigate and determine if there are violations on how our elderly citizens are being cared for. My own father was in and out of local facilities during his last five years. Sadly, this is the only facility that caused me to pick up the phone to make that call. In my case, the problem was not with the nurses, it was management and the facility doctor. If the complaint is found to be a violation, they have to fix it and pay fines. I hope licensing is involved again.

  20. Having known T.Tassey for many , many years I can say she has been a liar her whole life I wouldn’t trust a word from her. It very well could be true what is being said, however the source is incredibly unreliable .

    • How have I ever lied to you, I’ve only ever known one amanda and she was my best friend I dont understand how you feel that way?

        • U dont know anything about me “Catherine” so keep on making assumptions all you want to idc

          • So “amanda” idk who the hell you are I’ve only known one amanda my whole life and just spoke to her and this isn’t her so you can say what you want about me but I’ve never even met you

  21. DSD should have charges pressed on them. All the employess who tried to warn the adminstrators and higher ranks should all rally together and sue the facility and such adminstrators and higher rank employees for thier part in the exposure. This is ridiculous. Hold them responsible and completly TARGET THEM FOR THE LACK OF EMPATHY FOR ALL THOSE EXPOSED AND LACK OF INTELLIGENCE TO TAKE ACTION.i cant believe the stupity of this facilities adminstration. You are complete idiots and should be sued and brought before a judge with criminal charges where you would be QUARANTINED IN A CELL FOR YEARS!

  22. I encourage anyone who has a family member living in a residential care facility and has the ability to do so should take them home ASAP. If you are a legal guardian or their healthcare directive appointee rescue them and take your loved one out of there. Plus it will help lessen the load at the facility. Make arrangements for homecare (Medicare could help cover cost) or do it yourself. If they should happen to die at home then at least they will die surrounded by love and with dignity and most importantly not alone.

  23. I’d just like to point out that Lindsay Gardens and many (if not all) of the nursing homes involved in these outbreaks are owned by a for-profit entity.

    Every dollar made in profit in healthcare is one less dollar that can be spent protecting patients and staff.

    For-profit healthcare is immoral.
    For-profit healthcare kills people.

    Sadly, in this plutocracy we live in, we can’t avoid it.

    My condolences to those that may have needlessly lost loved ones in this pandemic.

    • Calling licensing office is a joke. The heads of the office have their favorite facilities that can do no wrong and either ignore or bury complaints made toward their favorites. If you check you will find very few facilities in California have cases of the Covid-19. Let’s not condemn all facilities.

    • Im sorry but this comment is really stupid… would you rather it be ran by the government? look how well the DMV and Postal services are ran. Do you think that a private corporation wants its employees to get sick? Sick employees don’t earn revenue so I’m sure a lot of those “dollars made” are going to protecting patients and staff whether you believe that or not. You work for an ambulance company do they not provide you with PPE? And while you can say EDA isnt a for profit its also poorly ran just ask its board but you better hurry before the remaining two end up leaving as well.

  24. I come back to this town and everyone is still at each other’s throats. Maybe I should’ve just stayed in Canada, despite the high taxes. I am not saying everyone is nice there but come on people we can have civilized discussions about important issues without having to resort to personal attacks, Pandemic or not.

  25. I come back to this town and everyone is still at each other’s throats. Maybe I should’ve just stayed in Canada, despite the high taxes. I am not saying everyone is nice there but come on people we can have civilized discussions about important issues without having to resort to personal attacks, Pandemic or not..

  26. Opinions are like assholes everyone has one and they all stink. Lindsay gardens is trash as well as the people who run it I’d rather be buried alive then to be in the care of Lindsay gardens in my elder years. A nursing home ran by fucking sociopaths. but it’s okay because those fucking sociopath also have elder parents as well and everything we do we pay with the things and people we love the most we get back that same energy we put out it may not be this year and may not be 5 years from now but it’s going to fucking come back and I hope every fucking sociopathic employee from Lindsey gardens thinks about that every fucking night when they lay their head down to sleep and it’s just them in their thoughts and I hope that fucking eats them alive when they fucking start to realize the piece of shit human beings that they are. May God have no mercy on your souls die slow.

  27. I am so sad to hear what’s happening at Lindsay Gardens. I was a patient there for 8 months from 2018 through the start of 2019 and the staff were great. It was hard having to be in a nursing facility but they made it very enjoyable especially on holidays and special events. They received high stars with licensing during my time there. I was always able to talk with all staff there and they were there whenever I needed help. I never saw anything bad but then again I know I was only a patient, not employee. I don’t know how things were after I left but I’m praying for all involved that all will be worked out for the best.

  28. T. Tassey can cry about how no one checked on her but did she once ever call and ask and check on any of the patients she cared for that tested positive? Read that again. Let that sink in!

    • Do you know anything about HIPAA? Even if she did call they would not give her any info if she is not on the list of RPs

  29. I was there December 21 through 22. Was was there for a year and I had Coronavirus for a long time. I got it from another person. I think I was in the same room with people that had or from Coronavirus. So they put me in the room by myself. What other people that have grown rice I? Had problems with some of their nurses. But they were sweet in they’re kind but.
    I don’t know what to say about what’s going on. But from what I understand it’s going around. Still somewhat and so far, so good. I didn’t get put there. Cause it was different, it’s but I got it, somebody who has it there. And so I had to say there redo everything. I was gonna call my end. I got really Dick, but the nurses are there. And so are the doctors. When I got better? I was moved to a place for better and then I kept getting better and I have no problems with the nurse’s silver screen. They’re kind. The sun and the nurses likes to make fun of Some of the patients, so be aware, are that you say? Is that the is between the rear. Can they take good care of you?
    I wish everybody was there, wish them luck and I don’t and I don’t regret going their my sister too. My sister’s work though and when my sister’s birthday night and she kept annoying me. They always have denial me and repair. My brother and my sister can’t see me and my. Grandmother, who died in the hospital. She was there too I asked for them to move or therefore. I could keep an eye on her. But she passed away. She was real sick, but besides that, they are pretty good. Hospital, you just need to be very, very careful who you become friends with. And be very rare careful. Make sure they don’t have anything contagious. I guess thanks every single day.To for keeping me safe.Thank you, Lord And no patient of 2 years ago.

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