Visalia installs dangerous stop sign

View from the car window of the notification, “Traffic Control Ahead” to warn drivers of the new stop sign.

UPDATE: Visalia is working with Cal Trans to resolve the problem.

There is a new stop sign along East Mineral King Avenue going toward Ben Maddox at the entrance to Highway 198.

Unfortunately its so hard to see few people know its there.

While the Valley Voice observed the traffic approaching the stop sign on two separate occasions, four people drove right through, two hit their brakes but did not stop, two came to a screeching halt, and one driver almost rear-ended the car in front of them at the sign.

To add insult to injury, a Visalia police officer was there writing up tickets. But he couldn’t write them up fast enough as drivers went through the stop sign as he was working on the first ticket.

His excuse for writing tickets instead of just giving a warning was that there was plenty of notice before the stop sign.

From the Valley Voice’s vantage point the only reason there has not been an accident at the stop sign is because of the extremely light traffic due to the COVID -19. Otherwise they might have quite a lawsuit on their hands.

12 thoughts on “Visalia installs dangerous stop sign

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  1. Hmmm. Though very surprised at first, I did see it and I did stop. I agree that it would be nice to just receive a warning, if I did not see it. However, it is our responsibility as licensed drivers to be careful and mind the road signs. 🙂

  2. It depends on the time of day. In the morning its perfectly visible. From 5 to 7pm, during the heaviest traffic, it is not visible and the warning sign is completely unreadable.

  3. I long-ago stopped using that freeway exit because it was such a poorly designed turn. It has needed something, The stop sign was needed, but should have been introduced better.

  4. Are there any markings on the road such as approach lines? If not, they should consider implementing markings on the roadway.

  5. The “STOP” sign needs to be removed, traffic flow is already overwhelmed in the area of Noble Ave. Ben Maddox and Mineral King Ave. during peak commuting hours. How much more silly stoppage do we need in this area, there certainly is NO continuity in the lights already.

    • Obviously, it is the time after they have just been told that the City has no money and so no salary.

  6. Why wasn’t there any sign’s warning you of ” changed stop sign approaching?’ They were posted all over on Reggin Rd before it happened! This just showed up out of no where. It was like a “stop trap.”
    The police probably should have been nice and given a warning but in the other hand drivers have an obligation to pay attention while driving too .

  7. Heading East, stop sign obscured by the tree. The big traffic control sign didn’t convey any explanation, such as STOP AHEAD, NEW STOP SIGNS. I noticed a middle of road stop sign added that is obvious and therefore helpful. And IMO it seems like that traffic officer used the situation as a convenient traffic trap for his personal advantage. An officer of integrity would have warned people and help set up, or call in the observation that something more was needed to Help Drivers realize the change.

  8. The STOP sign is needed. They should see how many bad accidents there has been in that area alone. Hopefully they add traffic light soon, to replace the stop signs. They have traffic signs on both side of the street letting drivers know about the new stop sign for 2 weeks already. It’s not the police fault that the drivers aren’t paying attend to the road.

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