Free Water at Water2go2 in Tulare

To do their part in helping alleviate the shortage of bottled water during the COVID 19 crisis, Tulare business Water2go2 is offering five gallons of free water for anyone who brings in their own container.

According to Jan Lazarus, property manager, the business owner Socorro Mercado, has committed to offering free water until the crisis is over.

Water2go2 is located in the Super Stop Shopping Center at 513 W Bardsley, Tulare.

Currently there has been a shortage of bottled water at grocery stores and outlet such as Costco.

There is a charge of 50 cents per gallon of purified water for any additional water.

Water2go2 also offers Alkaline Water which goes through a special filtering process for $2.00 a gallon. Lazarus said she has seen other sellers price gouge for their alkaline water, but Water2go2 has kept their prices the same.

Water2go2 has a top of the line system that cranks out 4800 gallons per day & 4 gallons per minute.

According to Mercado’s business profile, “She was inspired & led by God to open this business after analyzing that the community needed a full water store that was not just a Kiosk on a corner. Health is just more than collecting quarters.”

“Our business mantra is based on establishing relationships & educating the community on Quality. Our Health is Priceless and cannot be minimized,” said Mercado.


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