Caltrans cuts Highway 99 repair funds for Tulare

At the October 8 California Transportation Commission (CTC) meeting in Modesto, Caltrans said that the agency wants to delay funding for widening Highway 99 in Madera and Tulare Counties and an upgrade for highway 46 in San Luis Obispo County.

Caltrans proposed to cut $61.3 million to be held in reserve for priority rail projects. Governor Gavin Newsom sent out an executive order last month telling Caltrans “to reduce congestion through innovative strategies designed to encourage people to shift from cars to other modes of transportation.”

As a result, Caltrans wants to stop two highway projects in the Central Valley and one in San Luis Obispo County. The portion of Highway 99 that passes through Fresno stands to lose $17 million to widen lanes through Madera and Tulare Counties. $15.5 million will also not be provided to SLO County.

The Commission is responsible for programming and allocating funds for the construction of highway, passenger rail, transit and active transportation improvements throughout California and assists the Secretary of the California State Transportation Agency and the Legislature in formulating and evaluating state policies and plans for California’s transportation programs.

Assemblymember Devon Mathis attended the meeting and requested that the CTC fully fund SR-99 project components recommended for deletion. Caltrans released the draft recommendations on October 1st with no notice to the San Joaquin Valley that there would be recommendation to delete the SR- 99 project components.

The following is Mathis’ statement to the CTC:

“These recommendations did not include any explanation of how and when the funding would be replaced. As all of you know, SR-99 is vital to the state of California and the nation for goods movement. It is unacceptable to delay improvements to the SR- 99 corridor.

“Also, Caltrans district 6 worked to develop cost savings on another ITIP project in Tulare County. The reward for the local Caltrans district developing cost savings is recommendation by Caltrans headquarters to delete another project. All of the proposed deletions have a district impact to San Joaquin Valley.

“Again, I request the funding for SR-99 recommended for deletion is fully restored with the final ITIP adoption. In addition, I request the CTC and Caltrans develop a plan to fully fund SR-99 corridor goods movement and safety projects in the next 10 years. The state needs to stop leaving the Central Valley out of their plans when we are the backbone of this state and nation.”

The CTC did not reach a decision at the October 8 meeting. A second hearing will be held this week in Irvine where Caltrans will bring the finalized version to the commission.

7 thoughts on “Caltrans cuts Highway 99 repair funds for Tulare

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  1. Tried to call Devin Nunes office but he’s to busy trying to protect Twittler. But then again why would he care about an area he’s hardly ever in and doesn’t do business in either.

  2. Exactly how does Devin have any business over California governent stealing the coffers they call gas tax/car registration and reassigning the taxes to non essentials? Call Gavin and your super majority state legislature if you have an issue about the roads in the area. Did you completely not comprehend the following, ” Governor Gavin Newsom sent out an executive order last month telling Caltrans “to reduce congestion through innovative strategies designed to encourage people to shift from cars to other modes of transportation.” If you voted for the gas tax, you should be required to ride the rural bus.

    • Call me crazy I thought calling a local politician who has a national presence and could maybe add external pressure to the shitty situation might help. Plus I just love shitting on Devin for being so worthless to the Central Valley. I take any shots I can even if they are long ones.

  3. So to be clear, you give those directly responsible a pass, but asperse Nunes. That is smart. No wonder 50 percent of California’s want to leave the state.

    • No one gets a pass I just thought someone who was from Tulare and runs his campaign on being a “farmer” from the area might be inclined to care enough about the district he represents. Didn’t know if maybe for once in his long illustrious career he might stick his neck out for us.

      • Devin is too busy protecting Russia’s interest….oops I mean Trump’s interest……I mean what the hell …… it sure isn’t the district who voted for him.

  4. Hey Democrats, tell us again how Nunes has anything to do with Caltrans funding? Sadly, you Democrats must accept full responsibility for this one. You elected Newsom, who is clearly in power only to benefit himself. Thand gosh we didn’t elect that loser, Janz.

    You might actually try thinking before ranting.

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