Political Fix (4 April, 2019)


I do not know how many people drive the length of Highway 198 that unfurls onto the peaceful winding road through Priest Valley when traveling to Monterey, but it is my preferred route.

Along the way you will skirt Westlands, the largest agriculture water district in the United States, Harris Cattle Ranch, that produces 150 million tons of beef a year, and the only Starbucks directly on 198 since the company closed its Farmersville store.

Coincidentally, you will also pass through three small conservative rural towns that are embroiled in anti-SLAPP lawsuits – Hanford, Lemoore and Coalinga.

Not familiar with anti-SLAPP suits?

Neither was I until six months ago.

Each suit started with a city government, or government entity, filing a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against one of its residents who said or wrote something critical. The government with their ample resources uses the TRO or injunction to threaten and intimidate residents with the burden of legal fees unless they shut up.

This is an unfair tactic the government uses to silence individuals. The First Amendment forbids the government from restricting citizens’ freedom of speech with only a very few exceptions. Saying mean things about a city council member is not one of them.

This tactic is called a SLAPP suit or Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation. The sole purpose of these suits is to keep government critics quiet.

So California passed legislation to protect these citizens who have been SLAPPed.

It’s called an anti-SLAPP suit.

When the resident wins an anti-SLAPP motion, the lawsuit against them quickly terminates and their legal bills are paid by the city that sued them.

The Valley Voice has already reported extensively the City of Lemoore filing a TRO against City Council Member Holly Blair.

In her capacity as a city council member she speaks from the dais, gives radio interviews and regularly posts critical comments on Facebook about the Lemoore city manager and police chief.

In response the city filed a TRO to force her to stop.

The City of Lemoore filed their suit late January, and the last of many hearings will be April 5, when it’s possible the suit might be settled. There has been a mutual agreement between all parties not to talk to the press, so details are scant.

What’s interesting, though, about Lemoore, is that its law firm, Lozano Smith, knows this is not a winnable case yet proceeds to spend taxpayer money. Lozano Smith filed a similar case in Greenfield and resoundingly lost. The taxpayers ended up paying Lozano Smith’s fees and the defendant’s legal fees.

Speculation swirls around whether Lozano Smith pushed the city into filing the TRO against Ms. Blair, or if it was the other way around, with the Lemoore city manager and chief of police insisting the TRO be filed. Either way, the Lemoore taxpayers will be left paying their legal bills and most likely Ms. Blair’s legal expenses also.

The Hanford case is a little different. The Director of the Carnegie Museum, Patricia Dickerson, filed a TRO against Mike Quinn for recording the foot traffic in and out of the museum and criticizing her job performance at city council meetings and on Facebook.

The building is owned by the city and is the former Carnegie Library. It is now Hanford’s History museum and is heavily subsidized by the city, which makes it a government entity. As such, the residents have the right to critique Ms. Dickerson’s performance and how their tax dollars are spent.

The TRO was granted against Mr. Quinn and stays in effect at the least until the first hearing on April 5.

Ms. Dickerson in her petition stated that Mr. Quinn parks outside her place of business (the museum,) drives by her house, follows her in the park, and follows her husband on his way to pick up their daughter from school.

She stated, “He writes falsehoods on Facebook and reports falsehoods to city council who has the lease to my business.”

In response, Mr. Quinn filed an anti-SLAPP suit April 1 at the Kings County Superior Court. He states in his declaration that he and other concerned citizens believe that the museum is being mismanaged and that tax money is being wasted. In fact, the Carnegie Museum has been the subject of controversy over the past year about its management and the irregularity of how the museum accepts new members.

He states, “While I have been observing the foot traffic in and out of the museum, Petitioner (Ms. Dickerson) has repeatedly called the police to respond to my location. I was sitting in my car while it was parked in a public parking lot.” He was never arrested.

His anti-SLAPP suit points out that Mr. Quinn complained about the museum publicly at a city council meeting and then a month later Ms. Dickerson filed a TRO.

Mr. Quinn states, “I intended to again address the city council in March. However, just a few weeks after speaking to the city council, Petitioner filed this request for a restraining order, seeking, among other things, to explicitly prevent me from sharing my concerns about the museum with the City Council.”

In Coalinga, it is a classic case of the government versus the little guy.

Two TROs were filed against senior citizen, veteran, and lifelong Coalinga resident Greg Cody by City Council Member Adam Adkisson and his friend ,Robin Scott, who volunteers for the city.

Mr. Cody was served on Christmas Eve with both suits.

Mr. Adkisson said in his petition for a TRO filed by Coalinga’s lawyer Mario Zamora that Mr. Cody harasses him on Facebook and that he “yells harassing comments at me” during almost every city council meeting.

Ms. Scott, made similar complaints in her petition that Mr. Cody harasses her through social media.

Ms. Scott also accused Mr. Cody in her petition for a TRO of trying to run her husband over in his car. But according to the police report of the incident, Ms. Scott’s husband punched Mr. Cody, stole his phone and was then arrested.

The lovely Ms. Scott

Both Plaintiffs filed their TRO because they claim they fear Mr. Cody will physically harm them. Mr. Adkisson said, “I am emotionally harmed because I constantly fear for mine and my family’s safety….” Ms. Scott said on her petition, also filed by Mr. Zamora, “I fear that if Mr. Cody is not restrained he will physically harm me.”

That rings a bit hollow because Mr. Adkisson is a bounty hunter and has known Mr. Cody for years. If you are unsure what exactly a bounty hunter does, they chase down 250-pound muscle bound bad guys with warrants for their arrest–and the bad guys are usually armed.

Mr. Cody, on the other hand, is 62 years old, is 100% disabled, on oxygen, and is often seen lugging his tank to most city council meetings.

Mr. Adkisson, (and Ms. Scott) could probably knock Mr. Cody down with a hard stare.

In response, lawyers for Mr. Cody filed an anti-SLAPP suit. In the brief prepared by the Law Firm Melo and Sarsfield it is stated, “Petitioner Adam Adkisson is a politician and a member of the City of Coalinga City Council. He is the quintessential public figure. Respondent, Mr. Cody, has been publicly critical of Petitioner and his actions on the city council. In response, Petitioner has brought this action to silence the criticism by Respondent. The California anti-SLAPP law was enacted to protect speech such as respondent’s here.”

In the end, not only should we all feel grateful to live in a country that defends the freedom of speech, but we should also give kudos to those city council members who get it right.

When a member of the public gets up to the lectern to speak, Visalia City Council Member Greg Collins tilts his head, leans back in his chair, and rests the left side of his face in the crook of his hand while listening intently. Many times he incorporates what the public says into his comments before voting on an agenda item.

A year ago, then Mayor of Hanford David Ayers attentively listened to a woman on the verge of a mental break down as she skewered the city council about an unsolved crime. At the end of her comments Mr. Ayers thanked her.

Some members of the audience grumbled that the council shouldn’t have to put up with that, but I think they should. If an elected official can’t take public criticism, or hear out a despondent resident, then they have taken the wrong life path and need to resign.

We have a representative right now who won’t speak to his constituents because of his thin skin and his anger over being criticized. That has left the 22nd Congressional District with no representation in Washington.

The moral of the story is that city government shouldn’t file TROs against its own citizens. Granted there are plenty of nut cases out there, but just because someone criticizes you doesn’t make them one.

It’s our job as housewives, college students, artists, business owners, lawyers and doctors to criticize our government and elected officials, even if we get some facts wrong and even if we can’t articulate it perfectly.

And it’s our elected officials’ job to listen – without trying to shoot the messenger.

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  1. The writer obviously has not doe their homework with any sort of vigor. The facts involved with the Coalinga case are not only misinterpretations (in part) but also totally false. It may not be the journalist’s fault that the defendant in this case flat out lied about their story, but with a couple of phone calls, the truth would have been easy to discover.

    For example, Cody moved to Coalinga maybe five years ago after growing up in Bakersfield or somewhere south, living in Santa Cruz, and other places (who cares) until he landed in Coalinga.

    Cody has a distinct history of harassing anyone who doesn’t kowtow to his whims. He leaves a trail of character assassinations in his wake as he grovels through the residents of Coalinga, seeking those in power whom he can befriend until they no longer suit his needs.

    The SLAPP suit was dismissed in court. Completely.

    This man and his partner (whatever she is, Council member Tanya Stolz) go out of their way to disrupt the community. They demand people be fired from jobs, tell outright lies (provable) and perform routine character assassinations nearly on a daily basis.

    Please do due diligence when you write what is supposed to be journalistic articles.

    • Don’t mind poor Mary Jones. Just 2 days ago she was on suicide watch and praying for forgiveness. Sad to say that there’s been a very little improvement to her condition.
      I do give her and the plaintiffs and their handful of accomplice/ supporters an A for effort but they cannot change the evidence with their keyboards.

      • This is an example of Exactly what Mary is talking about. With a few pecks on a keyboard he attempted to silence her by telling people she’s mentally ill and insinuating she is unstable. Mary is none of the above. Greg is not “the little guy” either. He lives with Tanya Stolz who is also a council member. He has inside knowledge of closed door sessions and has acted like he is also on the city council. It’s an embarrassment to Coalinga. Sounds like this was written by a Greg Cody supporter.

      • [NOTE: I have NEVER been on suicide watch. This is yet another of Cody’s delusions or lies.]

        Mr. Cody seems to believe he is gifted with powers of understanding and insight beyond the average person but the truth is that he is a very pathetic little man, powerless to change many factors in his life and has, instead, devoted his life to disrupting the lives and well-being of those around him.

        He is a “portable plague” with oozing sores of jealousy; acting as an armchair psychiatrist. He has very little understand of the world and life yet portrays himself as a big, tough expert on just about anything anyone could imagine. He is one of those “been there-done that” fellows.

        He blocks anyone on face book who happens to disagree or annoy him. He spends 90% of his time bragging about his doings while also degrading everyone else with the exception of his little circle of fellow troglodytes.
        Mr. Cody feels that he has the right to say whatever he wants with no recourse and does so with wild abandon. If he doesn’t have something bad to say, he’ll just make something up.
        His comment about me being suicidal is an example of this. I am blocked from his personal little clan of dysfunctional misanthropes. However, he trolls through others’ personal pages and ferrets out little tidbits to sharpen into weapons. He is a boor and an ignoramus.

        Since Cody does not know me or anything about me except what I allow to show, he has no clue as what my writings last week (not a couple of days ago) were about. Yes, I tend to share more personal thoughts than some others. This is mostly because I have friends who identify with my poetry and emotions. They write to me via other means as they do not always want others to know what they are feeling, and thank me for putting some of their own thoughts and emotions into words.

        Is this particular case, I was bemoaning a situation in which some very close people in my life were struggling with things, and I had failed to help them, or give them enough support to make them feel better. It was sharing the darkness of that realization of sharing someone’s pain (something about which Cody would have no experience) and being unable to help. It is a terrible feeling.

        He is very skilled, though, in turning the focus of the real matter (his ridiculous claim in the SLAPP suit) and the fact that he has cheerfully lied about his life to his lawyers, the court, and anyone else who would listen.

        The FACT is, that Cody is an adult bully with the same motivations and urges as any elementary school thug on the playground. He seeks to control and diminish those around him. He wants more power.

        Cody did NOT grow up in Coalinga. He did NOT raise any children here. He did NOT go to school, own a home, do business etc. in Coalinga until about five years ago when he moved here. Cody has done absolutely nothing to enhance or improve Coalinga.
        Just so you know, I have NEVER been on suicide watch and any prayers for forgiveness … well let’s just say that that it creeps me out to know that Cody reads my posts … but at the same time, I find it encouraging to know that he can actually read. Not saying much for comprehensive skills though.

        The RO against Cody is because he is a bully and a thug. It has nothing to do with the platitudes and sanctimonious dronings he makes at city council meetings.
        Just my opinion, but anyone who says (and I am directly quoting Mr. Cody here), “If I wasn’t afraid of jail I would crack open your fucking skull, you fucking pussy…” deserves to be restrained from interrupting life.

        • Holy cow MJ you better put some Band-Aids on those fingers of yours. Too much to even read or bother addressing
          Your incredible knowledge of the court cases began by attempting to miss lead the citizens describing there was only one court case and it wasn’t costing the taxpayers any money. I’m sure you are incredibly frustrated that you cannot control this legitimate news agency like you do on your social site and weekly tabloid.
          Keep me out of your personal problems which include where I recently was barraged with messages from one of your family members regarding some type of major concerns with some children in your care. I brought it to the attention of our police and made it very clear I want nothing to do with any of the dysfunctional problems in your life and that is why I blocked you long ago.
          Get well soon

      • Greg you have been a story teller all your life, you know everything about nothing. Your the one that’s suicidal and disable in bed with oxygen thinking of all the things people are doing behind your back cause you can’t join the fun.

        Smoke smoke smoke that cigarette
        Puff puff puff
        And if you smoke yourself to death, now that’s suicidal.

        • Oh Jr I am sorry for all of your failures in life but it’s not my or anyone else’s fault. You are only a victim of your own circumstances We all thought that handing you a position with the city would not only relieve all of those of your attacks it would give you a opportunity to be productive which has proven to be a very bad mistake. In many of your previous statements under your real title you alleged that my use of oxygen was just a fraudulent act for court.
          Humm now you describe me to be on oxygen smoking cigarettes.
          Time to light up your keyboard and attempt to redeem yourself.
          It’s beautiful weather and why don’t you just try to enjoy it
          This is great barbecue weather. Maybe if you have enough money on your EBT card you can go to the store and pick up some steak and lobster. It would also be a very kind gesture if you could pick me up a pack of smokes while you are there.

  2. Maybe Mr Cody was onto something when he said “Coalinga is only Sesame Street smart”. We live in an age when the ability to prove, or disprove, ANYTHING is literally at their fingertips but people would rather take the word of an anti-social, delusional lunatic than exert ANY effort in looking for the truth. #Fakenews

  3. First I would like do you think both the author and this news agency for publishing the facts.
    I will briefly state the following.
    My family are some of the original pioneers who homesteaded in Coalinga in the early 1900’s. Although that gives me no special privileges I have Since birth I resided in Coalinga while owning properties in other cities where I resided between. This was many decades before the plaintiffs rolled into town.
    Unknown to the plaintiffs and their former enemy and now supporter Mary Jones (author of local weekly tabloid Notorious for inaccuracies) the anti slap motion was denied just as my attorneys iexpected. Nevertheless there were legal reasons to file it which would be used in the event of a appeal in a higher court.
    It is true that both plaintiffs have not only attacked myself they have and continue to attack countless citizens. Should anyone exercise their first amendment rights and object to their attacks they play victim. Neither myself or any of their victims have harassed or threatened them in anyway shape or form. Both plaintiffs have made many false accusations including but not limited to a event at City Hall where there was video and police presence. Coalinga Police were subpoenaed to the last hearing and testified that the plaintiffs accusations are false.

    Our taxpaying citizens are outraged at the tens of thousands of dollars these plaintiffs are using for their own personal agendas while our general fund is nearly $300,000 in debt.

    • Sorry for any auto correct or grammatical error’s by writing quickly and using speak and text as I don’t have the time or need to waste on their desperate attempt to discredit the facts.
      I’m sure the plaintiff and accompliss Mary Jones who are both high-ranking officers with the grammar police Will point that out as a desperate attempt to discredit the facts just as they do all others

    • Double-Down. That’s how sociopaths function. When caught in a lie, they simply say it again. Louder.

      Mr. Cody NEVER LIVED IN COALINGA until he arrived in town from Santa Cruz and Bakersfield and anywhere else… about five years ago. He personally has NO HISTORY in Coalinga other than his grandfather and family who lived here over 100 years ago.

      He has NOT FAMILY TIES in Coalinga. He has no long-term friends in Coalinga. He is a local newbie who “rolled into town” long after the plaintiffs in this case.

      If there was ever a poster boy for victim, it would be Mr. Cody. I wrote in my article last week that the anti-SLAPP suit was denied, so it’s sort of funny that Mr. Cody states I do not know this. Possibly he means that I didn’t know that his attorney(s) suspected it would be denied. So at least someone on his team has a brain.

      The first amendment allows many things and free speech – right up there with a free press – is allowed. That being said, Cody also chooses to remain ignorant of the penal code which specifies the guidelines of those freedoms.


      -> A credible threat of violence, which is “violence or threats seriously scare, annoy, or harass someone and there is no valid reason for it.”
      “Credible threat of violence” means intentionally saying something or acting in a way that would make a reasonable person afraid for his or her safety or the safety of his or her family. A “credible threat of violence” includes following or stalking someone or making harassing calls or sending harassing messages (by phone, mail, or e-mail) over a period of time (even if it is a short time).

      Last paragraph reply to the above:

      Many residents are outraged that this citizen, the side-pal of a council member – has provoked and harassed other residents to the point they feel a restraining order is necessary.

  4. I am also currently involved in a claim against the City of Coalinga. This involves the exploitation of a CHILD.
    This involves a Volunteer Code enforcement officer that has exploited MY CHILD over the internet.

    I have made a claim to have a lump sum of 2 cents AWARDED TO ME and to have her removed from the Citys position.

    They have denied my claim and now it will go before the council this evening and will be put on the back burner.

    They said it Done on HER TIME. I am Sorry but if you work for a City or a Company You Represent them on and off duty.

    This woman ROBIN SCOTT is still working for the City of Coalinga and I find it Despicable That the City of Coalinga allows these types of people to work in City position of any kind.

    I am unable to post pics of my claim and the Staff letter to the council for the rejection letter. However you can see it and other documents publicly on the City of Coalinga Website.

    Thank you for looking at this post, I find it disturbing and sick that people feel they can hurt others especially a CHILD


    • When a person posts a photo of anything at all on social media, another person is free to re-post that photo. Things posted on the internet become pubic. Unless there is financial gain or sexual gratification, there is exploitation.

      Good try.

      • I forgot a word: NO. It should have read: Unless there is financial gain or sexual gratification, there is _NO_ exploitation.

        Good try.

      • Mary Blythe Jones,

        You have no idea the information or pics that were posted. PLEASE DO YOUR RESESRCH before you make such ststements.

        It makes you look like you are all for Child Exploitation.

        Maybe you are.

        When did it become BAD to protect your Child? I THINK ANY NORMAL PARENT WOULD.

        I think you and any others that might be hating the fact I tried to protect My Child are completely Disgusting and Vile.

        If you read the reason why My claim was rejected.. It was because She was off the Clock and I find that to be petty and Bullshit. WHEN YOU WORK FOR SOMEONE YOU REPRESENT ON AND OFF THE CLOCK .


        • It’s a great thing to protect your children. In fact, it is your duty as a parent. And as such, if I was posting photos of my child on social media, I would not be too surprised if anyone re-posted them. I would file a suit if that photo was used to advertise or as bait for a sexual predator or the like.

          I do believe I saw the photo in question and at the time, I saw what was printed along with it. I do not recall anything that would have been construed (or misconstrued) to indicate an exploitation of a child in any form. No. I am not a lawyer and have no grounds to make any legal judgment whatsoever.

          If you feel Ms Scott was guilty of exploitation, by all means sue her. It seems that you are more interested in the deep pockets of the city since it’s fairly clear that Ms. Scott’s pockets are not adequate.

          Wrong doings should certainly be corrected and/or punished. In this case, a photo was re-posted- along with the suspicion that you were not a real person. I am not part of that whole thing. I was not involved. I did not (nor do I now) care whether you are a real person or not. Means nothing to me.

          I’m not sure why you felt you had to protect your child from having their photo online. After all – you put it there in the first place.

          If you find my lack of understand vile and disgusting, then your own mind must be plagued with vilification of others on a regular basis. Because – as I already noted – there was nothing vile or disgusting in what I saw.

          What does matter to me is that some people seem to be on constant look out for opportunities to harm others or extract money by any means possible.

          There is no legal way any employer is liable for the actions of any employee when they are not on the premises of that employer or on the clock.

          I’m sure your own employer must be very proud of you and your karma.

          • I asked for 2 things 2 Cents and her Job.
            Go away..and again quit spouting off YOU know nothing about this situation.

            And as far as an employer.. I do my own thing and work from home and take care of our child if you must know.

            So again go Away … you know nothing and you opinion is like an asshole. Everyone has one.

          • Replying to the statement below:

            2 c would be easy. However demanding that someone be terminated because you’re upset… well… I do believe that there would have to be legal grounds to do so.

            I can see how you might not understand how employment works because (a) you’re a friend of Mr. Cody and (b) you self-employed. But people who actually have an employer are generally held to a code of conduct while they are there, on the job. Unless they are out robbing banks or pole-dancing on the corner, most employers don’t really care, nor do they have any legal recourse to control any employee’s actions when they are not on the job UNLESS it it written into a contract.

            As a former union rep, (and also an employer)I’m fairly cognizant of law and requirements involved with this aspect of employment. A boss may feel one way or another, but if they don’t have a LEGAL reason to take action, they can be sued for that action.

            And yes, just like an asshole.

            I like to think of myself as a figurative hemorrhoid on the asshole of punks and thugs. Whenever they spew out shit, I will be there to annoy them.

          • So says the legal expert Mary Jones whom previously wrote an article describing it was against the law to post even public court documents and anyone who has had it done to them can go to court and get money. I’m now seeing another conflicting statement.
            Even more disturbing was when she got access to police logs and published the name of a Citizen who was the caller that reported a gang related homicide.
            At first she admitted And apologized only to later flip-flop and say that she had spoke with her expert advisors who have advised her it was “no big deal because gang members do not read the news paper!” The results of her doing so placed a target on this long time Citizen and as anyone can imagine a very hard additional strain on his illnesses. A local church had to help him and his wife leave town in order to be safe
            Yes he did have health conditions and this put such a strain on him he died shortly after. It’s my understanding that this is noted in doctors reports to have attributed to his conditions and death and that his widow is in the process of filing a lawsuit against Ms.Jones.
            Ms Jones also describes herself as a heroic survivor and huge advocate for victims of domestic violence yet when a Citizen began posting on her social site what most would recognize to be Pleads for help those comments were deleted and she was blocked from the site due to the fact they were in reference to someone who she suddenly became a huge supporter.
            One minute Ms Jones is attacking someone and then the next minute she is writing love stories about them. One minute she is incredibly happy and then the next on suicide alert.
            From day one she has tried to misslead the public in regard to these court cases. Very biased reporting where often there are snippets of truth there have also been intentional blatant lies.
            I will say that despite all of the above She does have a good side and some of the things she publishes are accurate and enjoyable. She does have a good side and some of the things she publishes are accurate and enjoyable That is why 2 years ago when she wrote a nice description of herself and asked me to submit it to the chamber of commerce to nominate her for a award I did in fact do so. We are all rallying for her to get well.

      • I am pretty sure that no one is going to get any sexual gratification from that particular photo.

        • I will address Mr. Cody’s odd remarks in order of appearance.

          1. It is against the law to post financial records of others even if they are available through google or another search engine if the intent of the exposure is to cause personal or financial harm or show intent to do so.

          [the following excerpts are from a California Penal Code website]

          Penal Code 653.2 PC is California’s law against posting harmful material on the internet. It is sometimes referred to as “indirect electronic harassment” or “indirect cyber-harassment.” This is because the comments invite or encourage someone other than the person making them to harass or threaten the subject.

          Under PC 653.2, “harassment” consists of knowing and willful conduct that:
          Is directed at a specific person,
          Serves no legitimate purpose, and
          Would be alarming, annoying, tormenting, or terrorizing to a reasonable person.

          California Penal Code 653.2 is also violated when you use an electronic device (such as a computer or a cell phone) to send, publish or make available personal identifying information or photos (sometimes called “doxing”), or post or send a harassing message about, another person if:

          It is done without that person’s consent; and
          Such personal information, image or message is likely to incite or produce unwanted physical contact, injury or harassment of that person; and
          Your intent is to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety or the safety of his or her immediate family.

          Posting harmful personal information on the internet in violation of California 653.2 PC is a misdemeanor. Penalties can include up to one year in county jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000.

          Coincidentally, it is also illegal to send texts or emails that are threatening or obscene. So yes, Mr. Cody, It _IS_ illegal to do what you habitually do.
          Annoying Phone Calls, Texts or Emails – Penal Code 653m
          Penal Code 653m is California’s law against annoying phone calls, texts and emails. You violate 653m PC when you:
          • Make a telephone call or send a text message or email that is obscene or threatening, or
          • Make a series of repeated communications of any nature with the intent to harass or annoy the person to whom they are directed.

          Consequences of violating California Penal Code 653m can include up to 6 months in county jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000. Alternatively, a judge might grant probation with the requirement that the defendant participates in counseling.

          Just like it is illegal to cyber-stalk an individual:

          California’s Cyber Stalking Law – Penal Code 646.9
          Although we often think of stalking as following another person around, California’s anti-stalking law applies equally to threatening behavior on electronic devices such as cellphones and computers. California’s law on stalking is set forth in Penal Code Section 646.9, which makes it a crime to willfully and maliciously harass another person with a credible threat intended to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety, or the safety of his or her immediate family.

          Violation of Penal Code 646.9 is usually a misdemeanor.

          However, it can be charged as a felony if the stalking is in violation of a court-issued protective order or the defendant has a prior conviction for stalking.

          As a misdemeanor, California cyberstalking can be punished by up to one year in county jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000 fine.

          Felony penalties for a California stalking conviction can include up to 5 years in state prison.

          It is also illegal to make threats against another person via electronic communication:
          Making Criminal Threats —

          California Penal Code 422
          Penal Code 422 PC, California’s “criminal threats” law, makes it a crime to use electronic means to put someone in fear by threatening to kill or physically harm them or a member of their family.
          In order to count as a criminal threat, the threat must:
          • Place the other person in a state of reasonably sustained fear for their or their immediate family’s safety,
          • Be specific and unequivocal and
          • Be made verbally or in writing, including via an electronic device.
          You can be charged with the California crime of making a criminal threat regardless of whether you have the ability to carry out the threat or whether you actually intend to do it.

          Making a criminal threat is a “wobbler” crime under California PC 422. This means that prosecutor has the discretion to charge it as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances and your criminal history (if any).

          As a misdemeanor, criminal threats can be punished by up to one year in county jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000. If convicted of criminal threats as a felony, you face potential penalties of up to 3 years in California state prison and/or as much as a $10,000 fine for each threat and each victim.

          Second point:
          The police log and the imagined exposure of a private citizen in that document.

          In an agreement with Coalinga’s Chief of Police, Michael Salvador, police logs have been given weekly to Coalinga Press. Most information is redacted in those files. In this particular case, a name was not redacted and was published. Since it did nothing other than to say this person reported a crime, it did not implicate him/her nor give any specific information other than the fact that the person had reported the crime. It is not illegal to make such a report. There was nothing wrong with this. Furthermore, the individual had PREVIOUSLY made a statement on social media (public for the entire world) that s/he had witnessed this crime and reported it to the police, so it was hardly a secret. This was on a time and date stamped post which has since (I believe) been removed because it countered the claim that the police and Coalinga Press exposed this person. Both Mr. Cody and the married couple impacted by the report continued to make false accusations and claim unfounded damages against myself and Coalinga police department.

          Third: Domestic violence
          I will say this once, and loudly. I HAVE NEVER BEEN A VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.
          To imply or suggest that my husband or any other family member has committed such crime(s) is irresponsible and another example of Mr. Cody’s freedom from facts rule. If he doesn’t have any point to make, he will invent one. The entire paragraph regarding this is complete twat [READ: LIE] and is opening up Mr. Cody to yet more counts on a defamation / liable / slander case. Just keep it coming. I have 247 pages already of quotes.

          Fourth: SUICIDE
          I HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A SUICIDE WATCH. Ever. Mr. Cody makes himself privy of my poetry and personal contacts. He utilizes information there to create the biggest impact and most havoc he can manage. As I said before, he is a plague.

          FIVE: I have in no way mislead the public or mis-spoken (or even lied) about any facts in the court matter of the City of Coalinga vs. Greg Cody. All information is based on court documents, personal observation, and documented incidents.
          SIX: Mr. Cody now claims that I asked him to nominate me for an award. This is hysterical. It is POSSIBLE that when I thoughtfully wrote the obituary for his son, (and paid for it until he could pay me back), he might have said something about nominating me for an award, but that was over a year ago, and long before Cody decided that I am unworthy. Do not trust anything this man says. He speaks only for personal gain, and to impose damage on others. If he calls you his friend: BEWARE. Sooner or later, he will turn on you and show himself to be a soul-eating maggot.

          Doing my due-diligence, I have enquired from our Chamber of Commerce Director if my nomination was solely from Mr. Cody. If it was, I will immediately renounce my title of Citizen of the Year.

          My health is no one’s concern except if it affects other people or their expectations of me.

          My illnesses will not go away. They will not improve. It is the way it is. Unlike Mr. Cody who spares no effort to announce to the world that he is a disabled vet (he was in the Coast Guard and was not disabled during service) and is terminally ill (we’re all going to die. Yes, he has COPT, so do I. Who cares?) I don’t need to flaunt my weaknesses (real or imagined) and do the best I can in spite of challenges. I have not used them as weapons or excuses. I am not teetering on death and I do not need sympathy or extra care. And I most definitely do NOT want Cody or any of his associates rallying for me even from another hemisphere. Just like I don’t hang out with Ebola cells.

  5. I think Mr Cody is a serial abuser and is mentally ill that is being cared for by Council member Stolz. I have watched many council meetings online and not one has he been on oxygen. You can see for yourself at the city website. That was a fraudulent stunt he pulled for court. Mr Cody and Sean Peters have been colluding back and forth on his coalinga chatter facebook page stalking and harassing anyone with an opinion that differs from theirs. So its no surprise that he has filed a case at the city which I think is also fraudulent as they offer no proof. Cody did not grow up in Coalinga as stated, he showed up about 5 years ago and him and his significant other have weaseled their way into city government from Bakersfield, and Santa Cruz where allegedly they both have been formerly accused of harassment and domestic violence charges before they got their records sealed, however there are copies on the recall tanya stolz page on facebook.Where people have posted pics of his racist rants etc. It was stated that his own son had a restraining order against him . Its comical that someone wrote an article on their behalf, did not check the facts, and posted a flagrant photo of Mrs Scott who is our only volunteer code enforcement, without her we wouldnt have code enforcement. That means she works for free for the citizens of Coalinga while being mentally abused by Mr Cody. Also according to sources he threatened Adkisson at breakfast with the Chiefs with the City Manger and Police present. Thats why his SLAPP lawsuits failed. DO some research on this guy and Mrs Stolz before you accuse the city of filing frivolous lawsuits.

    • Elaine Martin, Your accusations about me colluding with anyone is preposterous.

      You obviously dont have the whole story.Do your Research as it is all public knowledge.

  6. Elaine Martin, Your accusations about me colluding with anyone is preposterous.

    You obviously dont have the whole story.Do your Research as it is all public knowledge.

  7. Hmmmm maybe a SLAPP suit against Carlton Jones would work? Publicity couldn’t be worse than his ongoing bullying and general nonsense!

  8. Greg Cody has publicly abused and bullied several people in Coalinga including Robin Scott and Mary Jones. This write up is so biased I would almost believe Greg Cody wrote it himself if he weren’t truly illiterate. What needs to happen is Tanya Stolz needs to take her terminally ill (code for insane) significant other and move on to the next town you want to bully. In no way can anyone think this behavior is ok. Unmercifully going after someone and filing lawsuit after lawsuit to break them down is immature and shows you have no morals. You may be attacking Robin in these comments, but all this speaks volumes about Greg and Tanyas true character. Grow up! And Mr. Peters, this is absolutely collusion between you and Greg. You have attacked Robin, Adam and Mary several different times. You just keep regrouping and throwing something new out there hoping one of these lawsuits will stick. The city of Coalinga has watched Greg Cody throw huge baby fits at city council meetings, threatening to harm people time and again. It’s all public knowledge for everyone to see. He walks around freely with no cane or oxygen, then claims terminally ill when anyone calls him out on his childish behavior. This whole thing has gotten disgusting and Greg Cody and Tanya Stolz are driving the bus. You felt free to post this picture of Robin, why didn’t you feel just as free posting all the disgusting racist remarks made by Greg Cody? Or the numerous videos of him threatening people? Or do the research to find out Robin, Adam and Mary aren’t his first victims?

    • Dear Disgusting, the only ones colluding is your little group Who is desperately attempting to flip the script. Quite common and predictable for bullies to project themselves onto others while playing the victim. I’ve always stood up to bullies and for their victims and always will and the only ones crying is yourself and them. I am praised on a daily basis by many citizens in my Community for doing so including but are not limited to countless victims of the very people you are desperately trying to protect.
      You all sound like a broken record. Perhaps it would be easier if you just copied and pasted The same old insipid shit and be sure to add “allegedly” and “I’ve been told” due to the lack of confidence in your statements which also includes you
      having to use a fictitious name.
      For the record I predict that next desperiate attempts to discredit the facts will be that the reasons the district attorney, police reports and sworn testimony of our Police dept are also false and that I am colluding with them as well.
      In closing I don’t need speak for Tanya Stolz or as her record record of accomplishments in our community both prior to and since taking the election by storm by unparalleled amount of supporters whom also don’t feel the need to defend her speak for themself.
      Thanks again to this very reputable news agency for researching and reporting the facts and please continue to keep informed as there is additional very strong supporting evidence about to be submitted, herd and made public through the courts.
      God Bless America, The Constitution and it’s remaining good Citizens!
      # miserylovescompany

      • You are truly a vile man. You have a handful of followers and your visions of grandeur are comical. You and Tanya have singlehandedly made a mockery of the Coalinga city council. You are praised for what you’re doing? Praised for what? Your constant attacks, your racist rants, your unethical behavior? Are you praised for threatening people In council? You have done nothing to deserve praise other than heap your toxic behavior of the city of Coalinga. You even now claim your family has helped found the city?!?! Coalinga Chatter does not count as praise. If people really wanted to hear what you have to say, you’d be getting the same praise on Coalinga Citizens. You will move on eventually and your followers will be left reeling and not knowing what hit them. I am not a supporter of anyone in this feud. You, Tanya, Adam and Robin are all behaving like children who have not gotten their way. The honest answer is all 4 of you should be barred from the city council and meetings. All of you have created problems where there were none. Now the biggest problem facing Coalinga is you and this immature behavior. You thank the writer of this article because these words are one sided and plucked straight from your ass. Evidently the other side need not be represented because you and Tanya were able to dig up a picture of Robin with her middle finger up. Because of that we can forget about anything you’ve done. This is your latest fight in Coalinga, but not your first one. And I predict it won’t be the last. Your friends need to take note that the people you’re fighting with used to be your friends too. You seem to go through them quickly. When they’ve served their purpose you turn on them. You keep talking. Because you look like an absolute idiot. I will be sitting front and center at your next court hearing on May 9th. I want to see the circus for myself. No more lies from either side. I’m still disgusted with you and your behavior. And if you had a shred of decency, you would be too. And I’ll hide behind a screen name because I’ve seen you in action. Who wants to have a “terminally ill” unhinged hell’s angel with nothing to do but file lawsuits after them? You cry when you are challenged or silenced but you do your best to silence other people. I have enough problems of my own. I don’t need a “frail man” like you coming after me. Grow up Greg! You’ve had your 15 minutes. Go back to where you came from.

        • Too much! Funny how you claim to be so knowledgeable about the previous hearings where you describe your self to be tired of my lies when in fact only the plaintiffs have been heard and I have not even testified yet or called witnesses other than the police department who proved their accusations untrue.
          I hope this brief reply doesn’t make you more miserable and desperate. As for me I am incredibly happy, have all I could have ever wanted and blessed with a lifetime of many true friends neither of which were the plaintiffs
          If you are really a resident of Coalinga and so incredibly miserable you should simply leave.

          • Funny it is. I never claimed knowledge of any prior court proceeding. I have seen you in action in several videos posted for the public to see on Coalinga city websites. I’ve been lucky enough to actually see you in action threatening people and threatening to crack some fucking skulls. I am so sick of listening to or hearing about your rhetoric that I do plan on being at the next hearing, yes that is also info open to the public. I’m tired of the lies. I pray Mary is there because I will absolutely support her during this.
            You and Tanya set a horrible example on the city council. You claim that you receive praise for what you’re doing when reality is 90% of the town wants you to shut the hell up. You go on and on about this lawsuit costing money, so shut up. If you weren’t threatening people and throwing tantrums in council meetings, none of this would be happening.
            You went after Roger Campbell and the school board. Then moved onto Mary. Now it’s Robin and Adam. I know of a few other fights you’ve had that got resolved peacefully but you still had them. You’re lying when you say you weren’t friends with any of the plaintiffs. You and Adam were thick as thieves when you targeted Roger. These lawsuits aren’t just because you criticized the city council and they are trying to silence you, they are because you have publicly threatened bodily harm to these people and have unhinged rants toward all of them except Saint Tanya. At first I thought you were just a loudmouth. I now believe you are an unstable mentally ill person. You are so quick to claim terminally ill. You are the first to point out how old, weak, and decrepit you are. Sure doesn’t translate well when watching you in action. I guess threatening to “crack a fucking skull” should just be ignored if you’re an old bastard like yourself.
            Words are threats. Threats are illegal. Actions have consequences. You are free to say what you want, you are not free from repercussions. I will be at the next hearing. I will then have all the answers I need. I am actually praying these two get their restraining order just so we won’t have to see the Greg Cody show during council meetings.
            BTW, I have owned three homes in Coalinga. I graduated from Coalinga high school, my kids graduated from Coalinga high school. I’ve worked in many places and support local businesses. My parents were raised in Avenal. My grandfather was one of the first classes to attend West Hills College. That is having deep roots. If you hate Coalinga so much, you move! No one would miss you.

          • Plaintiffs have been the only ones to present evidence and witnesses at the hearing. HOWEVER, Melo & Sarsfield filed official statements which included lies about your past. Why would you find it necessary to lie about where you lived? It’s ludicrous that you are so free with the truth and yet accuse others of so much. And a former Hell’s Angel? I have never known a “former” Hell’s Angels who yakked so much about nothing in my life. And yes, I’ve had more than a couple of friends from that category. You were never one of them. Never.

            As For your statement “I hope this reply doesn’t make you more desperate” Just enjoying the laughter here. The only one who is desperate is the fellow who feels it’s important to lie about his past, and lie about the present.
            Glad to see the oxygen tank had oxygen in it this time. Nice touch.

            Word of advice: Having COPT myself, it’s an important fact that the more you use your oxygen, the weaker your lungs become. You should only use it when your sats are down. I’m guessing you understand that already as you never ever use it in Coalinga. Perhaps the stress of court is too much for you.

            PPS: It’s funny that the print keeps getting smaller, the further down the replies go. I’m wondering how small it will get.

    • Maybe something in the water? Makes me wonder if the lovely woman pictured was correct for once back when she was attacking our City water plant claiming the City is poisoning our citizens. 🤷‍♂️😜

    • Coalinga isn’t even big enough for this mans ego. But I’ll give Tanya credit, she does write well. This article is proof of it.

        • MJB i’m just as clueless as you but I doubt if your guess is correct since I’ve reciently seen some related articles published by other news agencies whom also have very reputable reputations.

  9. WOW! It’s almost like peeking in and listening into their group counseling sessions. Of course these public outbursts are far more entertaining when it is happening in another town instead of our own. But then again….. it just goes to show that the masses are more alike than not these days.

    • Maybe we can get Carlton Jones and Nunnely to move there and then build a wall around it.

  10. Just a bunch of ever-growing political garbage from these small towns where Lemoore, Coalinga and Hanford take first place.
    City council members attacking citizens and any fellow Council Members who stands against it is incredibly disturbing.
    I believe these Cities should be investigated by the Grand Jury which I have seen in Coalinga where they were found guilty of mistreating and attacking their Citizens. At the same time these Cities are looked upon with disgust they have also become the laughingstock of the entire valley.
    I applaud the open minded Citizens who have the ability to see this and the courage to stand up for themself, their family and the victims of such dispicable acts.

  11. Mary Jones continues to desperately attempt to miss lead everyone. Someone just pointed out that in the beginning of one of her above comments she stated that “Plaintiffs have been the only ones to produce evidence and witnesses!”
    Just another deceitful lie when in fact during the entire day used up by the plaintive the defendant dead produce a credible witness where a sworn police officer took the stand whom was at a certain event where plaintiff have made false accusations. He was truthful as to what happened which is also supported by video
    There were also a couple of I Screenshots we’re both plaintiffs have made violent statements to the defendant.
    Furthermore Ms Jones fails to mention the Fresno county district attorneys office did not find my statement to be threatening and rejected the case. NOBODY including myself have ever harassed or threatened either plaintiff

  12. I’m not the first Coalinga city employee Mr. Cody harassed and stalked. He harassed a former animal control officer to the point that an independent investigator had be hired to prove or disprove the claims. The investigator’s findings was that Mr. Cody indeed WAS harassing said ACO but, as Mr. Cody wasn’t a city employee, there was no recourse the city could take against him. So, his signifiacnt other, the “honorable” (insert eye roll) was asked to reel him in but we all see how well that worked. There are two, sure-fire way to find out if he’s lying… 1. Anger him in some way, have a different opinion than his or prove him wrong or, 2.Check for a pulse.

  13. Spin the facts: A new game by GC & Co. My above remark was in response to this quote from Mr. Cody, also above.

    “Too_ much!_ Funny_ how_ you_ claim_ to_ be_ so_ knowledgeable_ about_ the_ previous_ hearings_ where_ you_ describe_ your_ self_ to_ be_ tired_ of_ my_ lies_ when_ in_ fact_ (HERE IT IS:) __only__ __ the__ plaintiffs__ have__ been__ heard__ and__ I__ have__ not__ even__ testified__ yet__ or__ called__ witnesses__ other__ than__ the__ police__ department__ who__ proved__ their__ accusations__ untrue__”

    So, somehow I am wrong either way? Only in the Cody Yak Fibber Game. YOU said that your side had done nothing yet. I agreed. but now I am wrong.

    You label me as telling “another deceitful lie” when, in fact, I was agreeing with what you, yourself said.

    An individual who works as a police officer for the city indeed took the stand and testified. Interestingly, he was not in uniform, and not there in any official capacity. Furthermore, when asked if he had been paid to be there, he replied, “NOT YET” leaving many to wonder if he was going to be paid eventually for testifying. Also, an aside, he thought Mr. Cody and Ms. Stolz are married. That was worth a giggle right there. Since the two of them are so intent on maintaining their odd situation that’s “nobody’s business.”

    It is true, though, that Ms. Stolz does receive a stipend for providing personal care for Mr. Cody on a monthly basis.

    What case was rejected? You mean the one you filed against Mr. Scott in which you claimed he assaulted and robbed you (or whatever fib you could come up with that time?) I haven’t heard of any case except that one and your anti-SLAPP case that was rejected. Two out of two, I believe, that the DA tossed your claims.

    So…. telling someone that you would crack open their fucking skull – you fucking pussy — is not wrong? GOing to someone’s home and their relatives’ homes uninvited repeatedly is not wrong? Have you looked at stalking laws? Or any of the other handy tidbits I posted for your education? (Probably not. Too busy spinning the next Cody Yak Fibber Game dial to see what your next move could possibly be.

    Again. You attempt to turn the tables back to the other person instead of supplying any information. Like why you feel it’s okay to lie about living in Coalinga “your whole life” or many other things.

    • Insipid and self-serving. You have got enough attention and if I wanted to talk to you I would unblock you I’ve got better things to do then read your long self-serving novels

      • PS Ms Jones you know so little about things. Many things you are not worthy of or do to legal reasons cannot be said. Nevertheless you either would misunderstand or twist them into something that supports your agenda.
        Yes it is true that both our Police Chief and corporal we’re not in uniform but they were in fact there on a official basis. Your attempt to discredit the corporals testimony has failed miserably. He was in fact there on a official basis which is supported by his subpoena to court which he made very clear.
        He was also truthful when he was asked if he had been paid and said
        “NOT YET!” When someone receives a subpoena the night before it doesn’t come with a check. Most of what you say is either inaccurate, irrelevant or self serving. I would be surprised if you even knew the officers name even though he is highly respected in our community and like he said on the stand he gets along with everyone. Why don’t you write your daily pity party instead of trying to be the center of attention here

        • Dear Maggot
          Just threw up when I read your response. Yes, ANDREW was there and did a very nice job. You’re a vile, noxious, narcissistic, misanthropic troglodyte. Someday, the truth will all be known about you. Where will you turn?

          • And I’ll still hold my head up high unlike you who was so on welcomed at a event last night that you had to leave.
            And now you are retracting your former previous comment attempting to discredit one of our highly respected police officers Who was simply truthful in his testimony that one of the events the plaintiffs have alleged is 100% false. He was there and so was video that supports it did not happen. No sense that false allegation has been squashed you will just have to stay tuned for more that’s coming. It was nice to see you the other night wolfing down a meal and pounding beers
            It must have been a special occasion since you always claim not to drink or do dope.

          • Yes MJ the Coalinga Police corporal did do very well on the stand and we should expect nothing less from a sworn police officer. The same can be seen in evidence of police reports and body cam footage that disproves the plaintiffs claims
            You might consider thinking I had a time of how you will discredit that. 😉

          • I have no idea what you are talking about, and I suspect you don’t know either. Because you’re a self-absorbed idiot. But please, feel free to explain.

            Andrew testified that he thought you all need to grow up. I concur. No problem there.

            And no, I did not attempt to discredit Andrew. In fact, I have every reason to respect him and his work on our PD. I did remark that it is unusual for an officer who testifies to not do so in uniform , which led me to question the reason for that.

            Can’t remember where you would have seen me pounding beers. Hmm. Are you looking through my windows?

            Perhaps you mean when I went out for my steak and shrimp dinner at Front Street Grill ? Whiskey Row? if I had known you were there, I would have ordered two more. Yes, I enjoyed my meal. i do believe it took me an HOUR to eat it. Hardly wolfing. But I understand your need to find SOMETHING to attack, so happy trails.

            I also took more than half of my meal home with me in a box. I’m sure the wait staff would be happy to confirm. I took SIX shrimp and 2/3 of my steak, and all my potatoes. So yeah. I wolfed down maybe four bites of steak. And two bites of potato. Not that it really matters.

            Now I wonder where you were peeping. From the bar? It’s easy to imagine you crouching down somewhere, desperate for more fuel for your grimey little forays into personal attacks.

            And no, I never claimed to not drink. Especially beer and wine. I love beer and wine. But YOU accused me of doing drugs and being drunk (often) in my office which is totally untrue.

            PS: I do not remember saying or writing anything at all about the incident at city hall as I really have no idea of what really happened EXCEPT that Robin seemed rattled and you were amused. I DID hear the recording of you hassling another resident at another moment in time. “Run little girl” I believe you said…

            IMHO, there is enough evidence to show a pattern of harassment and obsessive stalking without using the city hall incident which was dubious in that case.

            Nice try. I challenge you to find me saying anything at all about that incident. It ain’t there.

  14. I think I am going to change my route when I drive to Monterey in the future.

    • Geez Catherine…..you really opened up Pandora’s Box! Makes me think of the lyrics……”Who let the dogs out?” lol, lol, lol !!!

    • Catherine I would like to know why you penned such a biased article. Only taking Greg Cody’s side and not even looking for the answers. This man is a bully and he has threatened people with bodily harm, stalked them, filed several frivolous lawsuits against many people. He’s toxic. All his boasting on how amazing he and Tanya Stolz are doesn’t take away the facts that he is cruel, racist, and vindictive. The people of Coalinga are done with him and his antics. Send me your address, I’d love to be sure this “victim” makes his way to your town next.

      • For the umpteenth time: This is not an article. Political Fix is a column–and as such, the author is allowed a bias. That’s what an opinion piece is. Moreover, the vector of this column was never the participants or particulars of any of these lawsuits; instead, the author brought to light that, between Hanford and Greenfield, these types of suits were engaged in by small city councils and with the same lawyers.

        • Uh Joseph…….they don’t care! They love having a microphone the size of the Valley Voice. And what’s more they won’t give it up! Hope the Valley Voice doesn’t run out of printing space! lol

        • Really?? Where did she make THAT connection?? Her email reply to me was that she isn’t following the case because apparently this “reputable news source” (this btw was sarcasm for those too unintelligent to read it) she writes for is Kings and Tulare county specific. So if she was ONLY making an Anti-SLAPP connection why did she leave out the actual connections but instead filled the “column” with details someone wouldn’t KNOW if they weren’t “following” the story and bias towards a side she knows nothing about?

  15. Tanya really needs to teach him some new words. “Insipid, self-serving, furthermore, including but not limited to, rogue, toxic, and…what am I missing? Oh ya…PROJECTING!!


    • Looks like someone is continuing to Stalk and obsess with someone she describes is very dangerous. Could it be the lovely lady in the picture 🤷‍♂️

  16. I wonder how it makes Tanya feel when he shames people who use an EBT card. Seeing as she had to claim her food stamps as income on her bankruptcy. I know many who have fallen on hard times and having that program available to them was a blessing. I too have had to use them in the past. Shame on you for being a hypocrite!

    • I think someone needs to stop “twisting” my words and try to do something productive for once.
      Same old shit different day.
      Can hardly wait to see the same crap desperately attempting to discredit all the other legitimate news cast and newspapers that are reporting and spreading like wild fire.

      • The comments above are truly indicative of how the majority of people in Coalinga REALLY feel about you …and her. #I’llseeyourtruthbombandraiseyou20

  17. Apparently there’s a large article published somewhere in Northern Ca that has many pieces of evidence pictured. I would appreciate if someone could contact me on my Facebook messenger and I will provide you my email address to scan the article so that it can be shared here in the Central Valley.

  18. Rattlesnakes are not that she is by nature. They choose to live in peace. If you poke a rattlesnake it will rattle and if you step on it it will strike. I have absolutely no sympathy for those who do this type of things and cry victim afterward.

  19. Dang! This is as good as the 33-year-old teacher in Fresno having sex with one of her students at lunch in the classroom.

    I wonder if I will face the same retribution from my city government. I do believe that our Council is most unfriendly to the city residents. My previous experiences have been ignored.

  20. Dave M, you should see our city Council meetings. Our new rogue wife beating city councilman Who has quite a history of abuse has recruited a small group of his former enemies who now praise him at every meeting and attack our city Council woman whom they have a personal vendetta.
    Just watch the last one where you see them take the podium and launch well rehearsed attacks.
    One starts with a lunatic who claims to be the emperor of Coalinga followed by a convicted child molester , a drug addic and the lovely woman pictured in this article attempted to follow but the mayor had had enough and told her to sit down just as he had to do at the last council meeting when she went on a vicious rant.
    I am so done with those meetings that I intentionally spoke very unkind words fully expecting to be asked to leave which I was while on my way out.



      Now you accuse Matt of being a lunatic? you truly are pathetic. And no, there is no convicted child molester. And I’m so pleased to hear that you are “through with the meetings” as this would mean we don’t even have to root for a RO since you would have interest in coming to spread your plague to others at city council meetings. Happy days are here again.

      (Still wondering what thing I left because I was unwelcome – while you held your head high. Hmm… )

      • Brace yourself everyone. If you think her ramblings have been long all day just wait until around 10 PM where she really goes off the hook.

        • See? He has nothing of importance to say, no response to the fact that basically, if he’s talking, he’s lying. He just tosses another log in the fire (another insult) and hopes no one notices his lack of anything other than insults and attacks,. He cannot explain himself in any way. Really, it doesn’t matter because most of us already have him figured out.

          • I’m actually out having a lovely evening and not sitting on my keyboard. If I felt someone was entitled to be given any explanation I would do so
            Night night

          • Apparently some people get very upset and emotionally traumatized when they are finally treated in the same fashion 🤷‍♂️

  21. I’ll second this one. GREG CODY IS A LIAR. The way to tell is watch his lips. If they’re moving? It’s a lie. If he’s typing. It’s a lie. He’s truly the most toxic and vile person I’ve ever come across. For everyone who thinks he’s your friend? Take note. When he’s done with you? You’re next. And he will use everything he learned about you while you were friends. His treatment of Mary alone is repulsive. I am praying they get their restraining orders because it would shut him the hell up for a bit. When Tanya loses in the next election, I hope they ride off into the sunset. Coalinga is a laughingstock because of this man and his drama.

    • Bla bla bla! Coalinga turned into a cesspool decades ago with the same career city councilman running the show Who have now pulled in our new Rogue Councilman as their tool for the 3rd vote while disregarding the countless times he has attacked citizens, their families, fellow councilmember etc.
      Coalinga has been the laughing stock and now takes first place in the state of California.
      Just watch One or two of the most recent meetings and not just snippets some provide to mislead people from the whole story.
      Also take note that only a handful of citizens attend unless there is some type of award which happens in the beginning and nearly everyone leaves after.

  22. I think it’s safe to say this “Valley Voice” is just another biased and fake news source that, somehow, Mr. Cody, with little effort, exploited to reach a larger audience to be a witness to his delusional, repetitive and predictable rantings AKA harassment and slander. It leads me to wonder how they are connected.
    Until two days ago, I’d never heard of the Valley Voice and I’ve lived in the Central Valley of California all of my life minus one year in Nevada. Honestly, I’ve read better written and less slanderous work on a bathroom wall. Catherine “Doe”, should you consider a career as a reporter, should look into taking a basic journalism class at your local junior college.

    • Dear Classy, could it be you are just upset that the article contains your beautiful picture and facts or could it be you are just so disconnected that you didn’t know that Our Valley Voice is one of the most known and reputable news source is in three counties?

  23. Who is going to break the news to Coalinga that their property values just took a nose dive?

    • I have a family member who rented to the vicious woman pictured in this article. We treated her very well while she gave very touching story’s why she couldn’t pay her rent. We finally had no recourse than to kindly inform her we cannot hold out any longer.
      Our kindness was returned by having to evict her where she retaliated and left owing $13,000 unpaid rent and damages. She played victim and stormed into the office and slammed the house keys on the desk.

      • There you go again; dragging in other people in an effort to make yourself seem like you know what you’re speaking of but, in fact, you are ignorant. Predictable that you so quickly insinuated yourself into the business owned and operated by ONE person. It was NOT a family business nor did YOU, Mr. CODY, have any hand in renting to me. However, since you like to drag people into this side/shit show you’ve created, maybe we could get into the fact that a realtor license was surrendered in lieu of revocation by the CA Board of Realtors and the property management company I DID rent from (4 separate times so I must not be too terrible of a tenant) went belly up due to the sole proprietor’s inability to be honest, her lack of integrity, and penchant for cooking…the books!! Wait…I JUST had a revelation…maybe the 2 of you ARE related!!

        • First I see nowhere in my comment that described it as a family business. Without taking the time to go back I believe I referred a family member that rented you the property. I am her Niece therefor I am a family member of her and her business.
          Everything I said is 100% fact.
          I would like to add that my aunt had a very difficult time recovering from the massive hardship you placed upon and left her.
          Furthermore the reason she closed was because of her age and the hardship she has endured fighting cancer.
          You are truly vicious with no morals or values.
          Shame on you!
          Prayers for Coalinga having someone like this represent them in any fashion.

          • Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it? One cannot just go around lying, stealing money from and purposely hurting good people for their own greed and personal gain without some repercussions.
            Wait, you’re her “NIECE”? You should send your surgeon a fruit basket, he/she did a stupendous job!!
            “We treated her very well while she gave very touching story’s why she couldn’t pay her rent. We finally had no recourse than to kindly inform her we cannot hold out any longer.
            Our kindness was returned by having to evict her where she retaliated and left owing $13,000 unpaid rent and damages.” YOUR words, not mine.
            I could post the link to the CA Board of Realtors website along with the now null and void realtor license if it would help clear this up for you.
            I’m ALWAYS so disappointed when a LIAR LIAR’S pants don’t actually catch on fire. Hmmm oh well…

  24. Catherine Doe, “Semper Paratus” the carpet baggers are getting ready to move now that you have warned them. Long lost cousin.

    • John Deer, you are obviously a former Marine so what do you think about a 40yr old Rogue Councilman/ former Marine with no health conditions that is notorious for attacking citizens and a member of counsel over social media “Versus” a 62yr old disabled terminally ill Veteran who said something to him in public and he now claims he is emotionally traumatized and in fear of his life and desperately seeking a order of protection? He also alleged in court that I making scary noises with my feet when I walk past him.
      I know a lot of Marines who would find that disgraceful .

      • “Semper Paratus” (“Always Ready”) is a 1928 song and the official march of the United States Coast Guard. HILARIOUS that you didn’t know that!!! Bahahahahahahaha!!!!

        • John Deer, Between the small writing and being preoccupied I definitely did misread it.
          I know it well. Better yet I know how a USGC Veteran would think about it.
          Kudos To my stalker for pointing it out

      • As a retired Master Chief Petty Officer of the United States Coast Guard, I want to refresh your memory. This applies to all who served present or past.


        I am proud to be a United States Coast Guardsman.
        I revere that long line of expert seamen who by their devotion to duty and sacrifice of self have made it possible for me to be a member of a service honored and respected, in peace and in war, throughout the world.
        I never, by word or deed, will bring reproach upon the fair name of my service, nor permit others to do so unchallenged.
        I will cheerfully and willingly obey all lawful orders.
        I will always be on time to relieve, and shall endeavor to do more, rather than less, than my share.
        I will always be at my station, alert and attending to my duties.
        I shall, so far as I am able, bring to my seniors solutions, not problems.
        I shall live joyously, but always with due regard for the rights and privileges of others.
        I shall endeavor to be a model citizen in the community in which I live.
        I shall sell life dearly to an enemy of my country, but give it freely to rescue those in peril.
        With God’s help, I shall endeavor to be one of His noblest Works…

  25. Now I can tell you that the Visalia council says right up front prior to public comment that they don’t want criticism. So I’m going to have to believe that there are the usual three stories involved in the Coalinga incident. Looks to me like a hot tempered woman who may or may not have a grievance up against a city council who believes that their waste product. That’s a formula for disaster, I think.

  26. How far afield this conversation has spread from the original intent:

    The SLAPP suit was denied and dismissed. Period. It was stated that there was no merit to the case in the Coalinga Case. Period.

    The meaning seems to be lost, though, on the author of this OPED. Yes. Three anti-SLAPP suits were presented. I don’t know about the others, but in the Coalinga case, it was denied.

    I agree that attempting to silence an individual who is voicing concerns about actions taken by city council is wrong. In the Coalinga case, the accusations being made were more of a personal nature and had little to do with actions taken by council members acting in that capacity.

    At any rate, the court decided to deny that case. So … what is there to talk about?

    I find it telling that Mr. Cody seems to be unable or unwilling to explain why he stated that he has lived in Coalinga his entire life except for when he was in the Coast Guard. This blazing lie, in itself, should give a clue to others that Cody doesn’t care much about truth.

    • Dear Busy body Jones, I’m not the only one who refuses to answer your questions. It has nothing to do with lying which you always accuse people of when they refuse to give you a explanation.
      You have a very false sense of seniority. You might think about working on that a bit so that you can realize you are not entitled.
      If you were to have this great awakening you wouldn’t feel so rejected and scorn.
      And I would also appreciate it if you would stop STALKING me as you previously did when the bailiffs and court hvideo captured you lurking in the shadows for nearly an hour for me to come out the door.

      • i think most people are entitled to the truth. Especially in regards to court. Don’t you?

  27. Sorry folks…. I’m getting off this road to no-where. If I were crazy enough I would ask for a show of hands of anyone out there who cares enough to continue reading the opinions posted here. Everyone involved in this Coalinga Gate farce deserves each other based strictly by their posts. Bye bye, try to have a somewhat nice life. I’m out of here.

    • Barbara, I totally understand. At the same time they are blowing up this news they are on several social media sites desperately doing the same. Their victims can’t keep up more less the audience.

  28. How far afield this conversation has spread from the original intent:

    The SLAPP suit was denied and dismissed. Period. It was stated that there was no merit to the case in the Coalinga Case. Period.

    And yet, still again, we will get no answers from Mr. Cody.

    The meaning seems to be lost, though, on the author of this OPED. Yes. Three anti-SLAPP suits were presented. I don’t know about the others, but in the Coalinga case, it was denied.

    I agree that attempting to silence an individual who is voicing concerns about actions taken by city council is wrong. In the Coalinga case, the accusations being made were more of a personal nature and had little to do with actions taken by council members acting in that capacity.

    At any rate, the court decided to deny that case. So … what is there to talk about?

    I find it telling that Mr. Cody seems to be unable or unwilling to explain why he stated that he has lived in Coalinga his entire life except for when he was in the Coast Guard. This blazing lie, in itself, should give a clue to others that Cody doesn’t care much about truth.

    (BTW, Mr. Cody, a sense of “seniority” would indicate that I believe I am OLDER than you, not better than, which would be ‘superiority.’

    It’s amazing what you can learn when you look up a few facts. I know, I know. You don’t care. Just a BTW in case some day you decide to educate yourself.)

  29. Blabber mouth Jones. I was using voice text and that’s what I meant.
    You’re like a chatty Cathy doll and just can’t stfu!

  30. And yet, still again, we will get no answers from Mr. Cody.

  31. Madame Blabber Mouth,
    With all due respect you lost the Audience (“we”)you were seeking long ago with your incredibly long contradictory, menacing comments you still continue to make about and directly to this man. He has made it clear he wants nothing to do with you yet you continue to be fixated on him.
    I find his ability to refrain himself quite admirable and can only hope you can find better use of your time.

  32. Personally, I have never met a city council person who did not feel that they were superior to the rest of us. As to the description of Greg Colons and has leaning on his left elbow, can you be sure that he wasn’t asleep? I do know that city governments cannot or will not admit to their errors, like Visalia’s new trash pickup policy.

    We now have three separate bins, which mean three, rather than the former two, trucks being required for each route.

    Thank you, Visalia, for your ever present drive to efficiency, (lol).

  33. Research People. Is The valley voice is nothing more than a hit piece for liberal media news being used as a puppet by Attorney Melo and Activists groups Huerta and Liberal puppets Greg Cody, Tanya Stolz, Holly Blair, and Melissa Hurtado? Lets connect the dots. Sanchez Vs Coalinga – Melo and Huerta Foundation, Visalia Redistricting – Melo and Huerta Foundation, Coalinga Vs Greg Cody – Melo ??? Is huerta involved ?? Melissa Hurtado just asked the State for 12 Million dollars to give to the Huerta Foundation for outreach AKA suing small towns and Our Valley Voice via the Leftists Catherine Doe and Joseph Oldenbourg are their mouth pieces to propagate these lawsuits via their websites. Did Melo represent the Voice ever?? I wonder how far the corruption goes?? Is Melo also Representing Holly Blair vs Lemoore all of which is being reported and propagated by Guess WHo? Valley Voice. Is Liberal Media Bias being used to slant their agenda and keep that money flowing from your tax dollars to their pockets? How far does the rabbit hole go? Is Mr Cody and Stolz in on it ?? When the City of Coalinga was being sued did Stolz or her boyfriend Cody have contact with Melo?? Was the Holly Blair Coalinga Chatter Cody/Stolz and Council Appearance part of the plot?? Was the entire goal of getting Stolz on council to sue the city and to use Melo to do it??? Questions need to be answered !!! I see a grand jury investigation to Mr Cody and Mrs Stolz coming soon!!! Get ready to report on it!!!

    • we might need to watch out, if we talk to much about the problems in Coalinga, the Hell’s Angels might come after us. lol.

    • Let me get this straight: thinking that THE GOVERNMENT should not overstep its bounds and use the courts to shut people up makes you a liberal now? LIBERALS are now preventing government over-reach?

      And you think this is a conspiracy to fill the coffers of a newspaper that is begging for donations on GoFundMe? http://www.gofundme.com/thevalleyvoice and that they are aided by podunk lawyers based in Visalia?

      The only corruption I see is that your doctor did not prescribe you enough antipsychotics.

        • Speaking of psych meds ask rogue city councilman what type he takes with his case of beer a day. It’s no wonder that he became panic stricken when the majority of citizens were requesting that council members have background checks and drug testing

      • Looks like all that free counseling Ms Stolz gave you about your temper tantrum‘s hasn’t taken long to wear off since she has quit speaking to you.

  34. As Emperor of Coalinga, I agree that Stolz needs to be off of the council.

  35. Doesn’t anybody find it odd that in Coalinga, we have a council member who is romantically involved with the person who the city has a lawsuit against? Why is that member still on the council? Conflict of interest.

    • The more people like you speak against these people the more foolish you look and continue to build their credibility.
      If you are truly the emperor as you Proclaim why in the world would you bother with a grand jury investigation?
      Ok enough nonsense. Carry on

  36. I got an idea, lets play match the fake accounts. Since Mr Cody is always accusing others of using Fake accounts lets see if he is using any. So lets start. I predict this whole post will be taken down soon. Its ok though we have all the info we need !!! Very Classy Valley Voice , thanks for the data!!
    Names-Unique IDs
    Greg Cody-05f1baca
    Greg Cody-3e0311ce
    Open Minded-3e0311ce

    • You’re such a pitiful desperate baby. That game is getting old where you snowflakes always accuse anyone who sees through your bullshit to be connected with me or anyone else against your personal agendas.
      So foolish to even try and go against someone you used to cry to for help when you screwed up or were too cowardly to stand up for yourself. Go cry wolf somewhere else!

      • P.S. I “Predict” you are also desperately trying to find the other news reports and have already called The television station who covered the same story.
        Buckle up snowflakes the best it yet to come and it’s not my fault you walked right into it 😂

        • Shame on you lowlife scumbags Who hold a kiss the babies talent show to support your campaigns and personal agendas and then don’t give that poor little boy his prize he won.
          I bet you would hate it if you found out that after the mother contacted Councilwoman Tanya Stolz she Took it upon herself to go pay for his prize and see that he got it. She never bragged about it at all. she just has something you’re lacking and it’s called “integrity!”

          • Oh poor lil guy. Shadow boxing himself because he has created all of this in his head. Typical. When outed of his treachery , he attempts to spin the situation. Now everyone knows that you created those fake conversations above in order to further slander your victims. How do you put it “into submission”?. Problem is that we are not victims!! Only snowflake I see here is the one teaming up with the Liberals!!!

  37. You usually get a better grade in effort than that. That has to be one of your most piss poor pieces of work. Ain’t it a bitch when the walls start closing in on you🤣
    And as you can see nobody here gives a shit about anything but the fax in this article.

  38. Mr. Cody, I was once a good supporter of Tanya Stolz until I seen the racist screen shots and the way you address people of color. We know you will not be scathed by the race card. If someone is a “N”, then you call them that. Your words…Knowing that birds of the same feather flock together, I am appalled Mrs Stolz has not resigned yet.

    • Yep if they act that way I call them that just like I do my own race.
      In fact I have many friends of color and we say those things back and forth and it doesn’t bother us in the slightest.
      Nor does it bother me that you take offense. Do you take offense to the Rogue councilman making racist comments attacking citizens and our Councilwoman since July ? Of course you don’t
      And why in the world would and Stolz resign ? Quite frankly I wish she would but she’s too busy being productive and could care less about this nonsense
      Just like the phony little recall to try and offset the real one with rogue councilman Adkisson
      She has even more supporters than she did when she Took the election by storm. Unfortunately even if that little group did attempt to recall her they would fail miserably.
      No the wife beating, substance abusing rogue councilman notorious for attacking citizens is a different story.

      • Wow thats the best you got, its almost 9pm, figured you would be all narco’d up by now calling people the N word etc. Your on the way out, you lose!!! Btw we reported you do the VA for the getting benefits without reporting the sales of your property in the canyon. Having a councilwomen get paid to take care of you while you trash the city is unacceptable. Good luck on the recall , we will be going door to door soon. When we see your recall adam sign we will make sure to stop and say hi!!

          • It is dumb and childish to scam the government like you and Tonya do, not getting married just so she can get paid to take care of you. You aren’t even a real vet. Get over yourself.

        • It’s been a lovely day but I’ve got to go now. Maybe you’ll stay up till 3 AM with your rambling bullshit but as you can see it’s not getting anywhere here like it is in your controlled sites on Facebook
          You’re going to have to fabricate some more things really fast because the police testimony and body cam footage Didn’t lie
          The best is yet to come. Bahahaha!

        • Your personal concerns are quite admirable but take comfort that the “VA” and anyplace else that matters has ALL my up to date correct information that you don’t.
          Including the fact that the VA has NEVER paid anyone a dime for my care. I’m sure that’s also very difficult for you to accept just like every other fact.

  39. The sad thing is, I believe that Greg actually believes the garbage that he says. He actually thinks that it is okay to scam the government, yet he wants pity for the fact that he is “disabled”. The fact that he also down with criminal gangs should tell everybody the type of person that he is.

  40. I used to actually believe Greg’s lies until I actually looked at police reports and video tape evidence. Or do you think that all of those things are fakes?

  41. I’m ready for Cody/Stolz to take their dog and pony show someplace else. “Birds of a feather flock together,” Stolz/Cody are of the same feather; she gets to play “good” cop while Cody has no problem getting his hands dirty. I never bought the line of “Stolz is nothing like Cody, they’re two totally different personalities.” Not hardly! Bye!

    • That’s the best news yet. Hope you take the rest of the little group of losers and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.
      Bye Bye Felicia 😊

  42. Ha ha ha! You are too much! You can’t help yourself! Keep living in your delusion and drinking your kool aid! Kool aid, kool aid, tastes great! Ha ha ha! You’re a looney tune!

  43. Knowingly concealing assets in a bankruptcy is a federal crime. It’s worth contacting the trustee with any and all relevant information. I’ve seen discharged cases re-opened, revoked and the debtor ordered to pay all creditors.

      • P.S. that would actually be a crime.
        We need more good samaritans like you to report those type of things.
        Thank you for your concerns, countless hours effort, honor and integrity.

  44. It look’s your ship is starting to sink Seaman Apprentice Greg Cody, the Coast Guard isn’t able to save you this round. Retired Master Chief Petty Officer of the United States Coast Guard,

      • stop trying to get pity and just move away. everyone would be happier. You wouldn’t have to hear us complain, and we wont have to put up with your threats. And we wont have to put up with the Hells Angels crap too.

  45. Didn’t you just get pulled over for erratic driving tonight and then asked for your name not to be put on the scanner. Pills again?? Expired or invalid plates??? If its true, you better pay those soon the CHP won;t give you the pass the CPD did. Yep I bet anything that he concealed those assets, just like he paid to get his lengthily police record sealed. Thats ok there are copies out there before you did it. Haha you had a restraining order out against Tanya!!!! FUNNY AS HELL

  46. Kinda hard to bully people when you cannot delete their comments isn’t it? Like in chatter where you delete comments that dont fit your narrative and remove people that are not for your agenda.!!! Coward like actions!!

  47. I’m enjoying this so much! I need some popcorn because Cody’s going to end up replying again and again. Talk about someone with diarrhea of the mouth. The next topic: I’m told a certain individual violated campaign finance laws during her election. Sounds like someone needs to call the Fair Elections Committee.

  48. Nobody wants Greg Cody in Coalinga, he needs to move. He is not welcome here

    • Aren’t you the person who goes around town calling himself “the Emperor while issuing edicts?” If so, you probably should seek medical/psychological care.

  49. When Tanya and Greg first moved to Coalinga I met Mr Cody and Mrs Stolz and we hit it off right off the bat. They had just moved here from Santa Cruz. I remember doing Relay for Life with Tanya and it was amazing. The next year we were setting up for relay and I overheard Tanya saying that a fellow cancer patient was faking her condition. That is when I lost all faith in Tanya. I could not believe that she was picking on a cancer patient. It was the worst thing I have ever seen. This lady had brain cancer, has a husband and kids, and I begged her to stop. I told her that this person really did have cancer but she said her and greg knew otherwise. They stated the conditions did not add up. This lady has now lost one of her legs due to chemo and diabetes. Tanya and Greg should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t understand how they took relay away from her but then allowed her to be their ambassador. Please everyone concerned call the American Cancer Society and complain and tell them to remove her as ambassador. Their number is 1-800-227-2345.

  50. Much thanks to Our Valley Voice for publishing the facts and allowing this very desperate bunch to continue to make absurd and conflicting accusations that continue to show their lack of credibility. People everywhere are just sitting back watching them bring even more creditably to your article which was recently publicized on a news station.
    Keep up the good work

  51. Greg,

    The only facts listed in the story are about the restraining order and the SLAPP lawsuit. The rest of the “article” is nothing more than bias from their description of you(when we know that you don’t “lug” an oxygen tank to meetings), the tasteless photo of Ms. Scott(and by no means, am I defending Ms. Scott, I think she is as much to blame as anyone else), to going completely off topic to criticize Devin Nunes. Most of us are just thankful we don’t have to listen to you get up and pontificate at city council meetings. Your five minutes of Coalinga fame are up. Enjoy your day!

    • Oh my bad. I have been medically prescribed oxygen for many years
      I don’t like using those things in public and do everything possible to avoid it. I am seen many times at Council meetings where I have to take a break to use my oxygen or leave the meeting. The same with my cane that I use during many times when my condition is taking a toll on me. It was also said that other than court I have never been seen with a cane There are other settings where I cannot avoid it for example a 60 mile trip to court, having to walk all the way into the courthouse and sitting for hours
      People found it very distasteful for photographs to be taken of me and describing me to be committing fraud. Especially during that photographed court appearance I was admitted into the intensive care unit shortly after due to a very life-threatening respiratory infection

      • I am not debating the fact of your dependency on oxygen. The writer is trying to give the reader a certain perception of you that is not factual. Leaving an oxygen tank in a car is not the same as “lugging it to meetings.” The writer’s own personal bias against city governments bleeds through this entire article; you were just a useful pawn. On a side note, I’m curious how often you would leave a council meeting not to use your oxygen but instead to smoke a cigarette?

  52. I don’t think there are any facts to this article except in the comments. First the article fails to address the reason for the Coalinga TRO’s in the first place stemming from the fact that Greg Cody is a habitual harasser as previous court cases show leaving trails of victims including his own family, before he sealed his records example, Susan Hooten Vs Cody case CV163765 Civil Harassment at the workplace. Copies are still out there so we know this is true. Next they fail to mention that Cody lost all of his SLAPP cases. Lastly it fails to address that leftist groups Huerta and Melo are funding many of these lawsuits with the intention of robbing tax payers by using cases like this one creating fake victims to feed their agenda. This is nothing new to Greg Cody though , this is what he does everyday. The great thing about his article though is it proves that Cody is pretty much hated in Coalinga and when he is not allowed to control his audience on facebook by deleting comments and kicking users that the truth comes out about what people think about him and his carpet bagger girlfriend. GO BACK TO YOUR TRAILER !!!! This is shoddy journalism at best, there is a reason no real news outlet would take the Cody version of the story. Missing FACTS from this article. Here let me do your journalism work for you Mrs Doe. Greg Cody threatened a Councilman in front of the City Manager, Coalinga Paper, and the Police. That is why the TRO was filed by the city on behalf of Adkisson while he was attending a city event as a councilman, as far as the Scott Case Mr Cody and his girlfriend Councilwomen Stolz have been harassing her while on her job, and at city council meetings with many witnesses. and it is the Cities duty to protect their employees against such things. Finally Holly Blair is on the same status as Mr Cody being a serial Harasser to city employees violating the lines of not getting involved in personnel issues. The things she says on her facebook page are disgusting , racist, bigoted, and everything that is wrong with the world today. Thanks to the Voice for not deleting the article or the comments so the world can really see what is going on!!!

  53. That wasn’t even worth reading to it’s entirety. The only thing your group has managed to do is incriminate themselves by their desperate comments.
    The district attorney found that my comment to the Rogue Councilman was NOT a threat!
    Many people have restraining orders filed that are later found to be false.
    The anti-slap was denied in civil court due to there were accusations describing violent threatening acts which include having taken place at a council meeting. Video and the Coalinga Police Dept were present and testified those accusations were 100% false.
    I’m sorry but I am legally advised and unable to reveal much more supporting evidence to come which further supports the vindictive slap suit to be false.
    It just continues to keep getting easier. As for the rest of your long self-serving story I didn’t bother to read.

  54. PS exercising my first amendment rights is not harassment. With or without a RO I will continue to exercise my first amendment rights and do so despite all the desperate measures to silence me where most all others have been made fearful

  55. Please don’t slip while referring to the city manager and let it be known that she testified in court to having received more than 100 complaints against the City councilman and volunteer whom are plaintiffs desperately attempting to protect them selves on to others including myself and the Councilwoman.
    OK off to enjoy another beautiful day. You might try doing the same

  56. Correction**
    The 100+ phone calls, emails, text and messenger messages were all from Mr Cody. City Manager was asked if Mr Cody has made complaints against councilman Adkisson and volunteer Ms Scott. She agreed he had. When his attorney asked how many times, she answered that there were so many she couldn’t put a number on it. His atty asked for an approx number and she said 100. #Obsessed

  57. Dear Obsessed, yes both have committed countless attacks upon The citizens, our counsel woman and myself.
    I Screenshots provided in court from both plaintiffs describing to have committed violent acts and the desire to commit violent acts upon myself.
    157 meg gages, voicemails from plaintiff/councilman’s wife describing his abuse upon herself and children.
    A circle of domestic violence for over two decades and as a defense he claims that she has an illness and is totally unaware of the things she says and does despite the fact that she was very competent, driving to and from work where she is employed as a college administrator. I’ve been told she is still performing her duties quite well despite his shameful self-serving accusations.
    I do believe she has an illness as she described him to be desperately trying to convince people she is crazy.
    In October when she visited me she was doing quite well And had informed me that she had got her phones into counseling due to his abuse
    Yes there are definite reasons why these plaintiffs want to silence me or anyone who speak against them. He has also done everything possible to prevent his criminal record and history from being exposed which includes corporal injury upon a spouse. I’ve been told that the pictures of her beating i’ve been told that the pictures of her beatings are bone chilling. Now you can see why he found his accomplices are doing everything possible in these comments to flip the script.
    While I sleep like a baby they are panic stricken all the way through the early morning hours describing how I’m feeling and what I’m doing. Psychotic

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