Tulare County increases crop production by ten percent

For the second year in a row, Tulare County came in behind Kern County in ag production.

Kern County had an impressive $7.25 billion in agriculture production for 2017.

According to Tulare County Agriculture commissioner, Marilyn Wright, milk was the leading commodity in Tulare County with a total gross value of $1.77 billion, which was an increase of $131,283,000. Milk represents 25% of the total crop and livestock value and is 28% of California’s entire milk supply.

Livestock and poultry’s gross value of $701,000 represents a decrease of 5.5% from 2016 while field crop production also decreased 7.8%. The loss was due to decreased acreage.

Fruit & Nut Crops saw an increase of more than $596,000,000 or 18% increase in production value for 2017. Most of the increase can be attributed to more harvested acres of grapes and pistachios. Acreage devoted to nut crop production increased by 6.9 % due to more land coming into bearing stage.

The top crops for 2017 were milk & milk products at $ 1,776,855,000, Grapes came in at number two at $904,758,000, Oranges – Navel & Valencia third, at $ 770,955,000, Cattle & Calves fourth at $637,056,000 and tangerines at $462,840,000.

The next most productive crops in Tulare County were pistachios, almonds, peaches, lemons, and corn.

Wright said in the crop report, “Tulare County’s agriculture strength is based on the diversity of the crops produced. The 2017 report covers more than 120 different commodities, 53 of which have a gross value in excess of $1 million…Tulare County continues to produce high-quality crops that provide food ad fiber to more than 80 countries.”

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