Top Dog Kennel accused of being a puppy mill

“Back Area 15” is one of the areas of Top Dog Kennel. The establishment has come under fire on Facebook. Courtesy photo

“My brother, his girlfriend, my wife and I visited this place looking for a dog for our parents…… We counted north of 100 dogs crammed into pens appropriate for only a couple, living in feces. Several dogs had open wounds, one dog in particular had a festering sore on his foot. The dogs were clearly wound tight, suggesting they are rarely released from these tiny pens. I recall a young female lab who was admittedly a couple years old but was well past her 3rd litter, stuck in a 2×3 crate. My brother’s girlfriend left crying; it was that sad.”

This is Chase Morgan’s firsthand account of Ron Abbott’s Top Dog Kennel, written in March of 2016.

Dozens of first-hand testimonies just like this poured into Tulare Puppy Mill – Shut it Down (Shut it Down), a Facebook page when the founder launched it in 2016.

Ron Abbott, owner of Top Dog Kennel, says that the comments on facebook are all untrue and that the group is engaging in cyber-bullying.

“I love my dogs,” he said.

“I have 100 happy customers for every 1 customer that is unhappy,” said Abbott. “Most of the people
complaining have never even seen my kennels and some of the comments are from outside the county.”

“These people are just like the activists who protest dairies because the cows are confined and the calves are taken away,” said Abbott.

Patrick Hamblin, Director of Tulare County Animal Services, allegedly advised Abbott to ignore the group, but Abbott has been considering legal action.

Abbott said the group conducts protests in front of his home, and that they have threatened to paintball his billboards and break into his kennel and let all the dogs go. “They leave messages on social media saying that there is a special place in hell for people like me.”

He said the group even leaves nasty comments on his church’s Facebook page, such as “do you breed your daughter also?”

“It’s too much. It needs to stop.”


Top Dog Kennel is within the Code

According to Tammy Weyker- Adkins, Tulare County Public Information Officer, an unannounced kennel inspection was conducted at Top Dog Kennels on December 23, 2017 by Animal Services along with a Veterinarian. Abbott was found to be in violation of not having a breeder’s permit and was issued a citation. He resolved the issue by January of 2018

The veterinarian conducted a general assessment of the animals and found the oveall health of the animals to be good.

Hamblin said that Abbott has a license allowing 45 adult dogs (four months or older) but has been in violation in the past and was notified. Kennels housing more than five dogs need to renew its license and have an inspection every year, with which Abbott has complied.

Currently, the breeding permit allows an operator to breed a female dog twice in a 12 month period, and there are no regulations concerning the age for when to start or stop breeding, the size of the enclosure, amount of exercise, or human contact.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, breeding dogs may be confined to spaces only six inches larger than their bodies, not including the tail and they may be caged 24 hours a day for their entire life. Unwanted animals may be killed.

Hamblin says that under California codes and Tulare County Ordinances Abbott’s kennel meets the minimum standards. He said that the Tulare County Animal Services Advisory Committee is currently reviewing these ordinances which may affect Abbott’s ability to comply in the future.

“Updating the ordinances is a lengthy process to implement. Once we get a draft there is community outreach, then the necessary changes are made, and then the suggested ordinances are presented to the Board of Supervisors,” said Hamblin.

Abbott says even though he has a license for 45 animals he tries to keep the number just under that.

In regards to breeding, Abbott explained that in the wild a female dog would be pregnant at six months and then have a litter every six months after that. But Abbott says he doesn’t start until the dog’s second heat when she is about one and a half years old. Abbott also said that he only breeds his females once a year.

In terms of an age limit, he said he breeds them for five to six years “or not even that long” depending on the condition and breed of the dog.

All of his dogs exercise everyday he says, and that he has three employees who are in and out of the kennels socializing the puppies. He also does genetic testing on his Labradors and German Shepherds for any genetic disorders before he breeds them.


Personal Accounts Contradict Abbott’s Claims

Abbott’s employees, volunteers, but mostly his customers, wrote of their first-hand experiences with Top Dog Kennel. Their testimonies range from 1999 to 2018. Here is a small sample.

Laura Hamilton wrote on February 15, 2016:

“……(Four months after Laura sold Abbott one of their puppies for breeding) my husband received a call from Ron … He was leaving town and the dog we had sold him was ill and at the Vet … Could we pick her up!!! She was only 9 months old and the vet took 6 pups by C section. Our dog was emaciated, you could see the bones in her face and hips. She was covered in ticks, fleas and feces. We took turns sleeping with her in the barn. Our dog did not move for 5 days.

“Ron had the nerve to call us and state that he wanted his dog back. He said he needed to sell her because he had a big vet bill to pay!! I told him in no uncertain terms that he would never see this dog again and if he gave us any problems I would turn him in to the authorities. We never heard from him again, but now I wish I had turned him in anyway.”

Kimberley Lindley wrote of her November 23, 2013 visit:

“It had rained recently and the kennels for the dogs without puppies were on dirt and they lived in the mud. The kennels for the moms and pups were smaller. ….They (the moms) were so skinny you could see their ribs. Their teats were out of proportion to their body. I recall thinking that one teat was almost the size of the mama’s paw. Her puppies were playing and rolling in feces. I saw a pup with fees on his head then put his head in the water bucket to drink then another pup went to drink from the same water.”

Buyer who wants to withhold her name, February 2018:

“We went to pick up an older dog that Ron could not breed any longer. She was 10 years old and had had a litter about six months ago. She had scratches and facial scars. She was very hand shy which is a symptom of being hit. She does not like to be around people and is not used to humans being nice to her. It took me over an hour to finally get her though the back door back into the house then another hour trying to catch her in my living room. Once she felt she was cornered, she dropped to the ground and wouldn’t move. Challenging is an understatement. Absolutely everything is overwhelming to her. Windows, mirrors, normal house noises, moving too quickly, the sound of a TV, water running, etc. A quiet environment is what she needs for a while and a lot of patience and to understand humans can actually be good too.”

Judy Summers wrote of her experience in December of 2014:

“The first thing we noticed was that Ron had a huge number of animals on his grounds. Everything from peacocks to guinea hens. Ron advised us that he bred and sold all kinds of game fowl, numerous breeds of dogs and horses…. My husband chose a blonde male puppy (Rowdy) and Ron placed a band around his neck. The total price for a male labradoodle was $1200.

Rowdy had a severe seizure in July of 2015 and quit breathing…..We took him to a veterinarian who wanted to wait until Rowdy was 2 years old to put him on an anti-seizure medication. We asked what caused Rowdy to have seizures and the vet said it is almost always bad breeding techniques. He told us to watch Rowdy and to bring him back if he had another seizure. Shortly before Rowdy’s 2nd birthday, we lost him to another massive seizure.”

Ellie Blankenship, December 14, 2017:

“The filth and stench was hard to overcome. I’ve been to many animal shelters and I know what to expect. I requested a female chocolate lab puppy and was led to a kennel. ….What I saw was an emaciated woeful mama with severe hair loss, not mange, and possibly a yellow lab/or weim…..Several kennels in that area were full of various sizes and kinds of dogs. Filthy labradoodles, doxies., labs and a black shepherd. Sad state of things at this place. These animals were cold and wet and begging for some socialization. This place needs to be shut down.

Bryce was 17 years old when he worked for Abbott. The following is an excerpt from an interview.

“All the kennels were full of sh*t. They were about five foot by ten foot kennels full of dogs that lived right on top of their poop because there was no space.”

Bryce said that besides cleaning poop, he was supposed to try and socialize the puppies. He was the kennel’s only employee so didn’t have much time for the puppies after his cleaning duties. He said the puppies would run away and wouldn’t even let him touch them because they were so scared of people.

Bryce recounted that when Abbott was going to breed a dog he tied the female to a post with a rope in a pen then put the male dog with her. On one occasion Bryce heard loud yelping and saw Abbott grabbing the female by the back of the neck and shaking her. Abbott then threw her down. He grabbed the male dog and put him on top of her until they mated.

Bryce said, “That’s when I quit. It’s obvious the dog did not want to mate or be pregnant.”


Organizing Protests as a Last Resort

On July 4 of this year Shut it Down held a protest in front of Abbott’s house where he keeps his kennels. Their slogan was, “Happy 4th of July! Unfortunately, it won’t be a good one for the dogs trapped in Ron Abbott’s Top Dog Kennels,” high -lighting the fact that while most dogs get to go inside a house when fireworks explode Abbott’s dogs are stuck in their kennels outside.

The protests are their last resort after years of trying to shut down the alleged puppy mill by working with the county.

On November 23, 2013 Lindley visited Abbott’s kennels. She was so upset by what she saw she immediately contacted Tulare County Animal Services (TCAS), Health and Human Services and Supervisor Pete Vander Poel, because the kennel was in his district.

On hearing his constituents concerns, Vander Poel organized a meeting with Timothy Lutz, former director of Finances, Patrick Hamblin from TCAS and someone in code enforcement.

After the meeting Lutz wrote Lindley in January of 2014, “they are working on an unannounced visit. We are ensuring that we have capacity at the shelter, should we need to detain a large number of animals; that piece obviously is extremely important and essential for the animal’s well being.”

By February everything seemed to fall apart. According to Lutz in an email written to Lindley, “First, please understand that this is a complex situation and we’re actively engaged in an investigation. In January, both Animal Control and the Building Department have gone to the facility on separate occasions. No significant violations were identified, but that is, in part, a product of Mr. Abbott having some level of awareness that we were coming out. That does not mean that this case is closed.”

But because Abbott was always maintaining the minimal standards, there was really nothing more the county could do.

That string of events started the county’s efforts into changing the ordinances.


What Can Concerned Tulare County Residents Do?

Animal Services has been working with the Advisory Committee, County Counsel, and the Humane Society of the US on developing new “Commercial Kennel and Breeder Permit Minimum Standards that will significantly improve the overall conditions of the animals and place additional restrictions on the number of times an animal may be bred in a 12 month period,” said Weyker – Adkins.

To find out how to get appointed to the advisory committee go to their website or attend the meetings.

TCAS Advisory Committee meets the second Thursday of each month. Meeting locations vary. The next meeting is August 9 at 1pm in the Resource Management Agency Conference Room 5961 S Mooney Blvd.

Weyker-Adkins strongly encourages residents to contact Animal Services at [email protected] with any concerns or negative experiences they’ve had with the purchase of an animal from a breeder. She also suggests that if you are at a kennel that seems to violate the California code on sanitary conditions to contact Animal Services immediately at 559 636-4050.

To file a complaint go to [email protected]. All photo evidence of unsanitary conditions needs to be current. Animal Services conducts unannounced visits of permitted facilities during the year and based on any complaints received.


One and a Half Million Animals are Euthanized a Year

Abbott says that the people protesting his kennel are a bunch of animal rights activists who hate anyone who breeds dogs or cats, no matter what the code says.

In a sense he is right.

According to the ASPCA, 1.5 million animals are euthanized a year. Animal activists believe that people shouldn’t ever buy a dog when they can rescue a dog from a shelter. But Abbott says those who want to buy a purebred aren’t the type of people to go to a shelter to adopt an abandoned animal.

Abbott feels he has a sympathetic ear in Supervisor Vander Poel because he owns a dairy. But Vander Poel’s first priority was listening to his constituents’ concerns while maintaining that, “We need to make sure that what the accusers say is happening is actually happening.”

Vander Poel ended the conversation saying that he is not “In tune with how to purchase a purebred animal.”

“For myself I have a rescue dog from Tulare County Animal Services and it’s such a pleasurable experience now since the revamp of the facility to go to the shelter and pick out a family pet.”

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  1. Sounds like hell. This place needs to be shut down. I don’t understand how this can be legal?

  2. His own employee could not stand the abuse. This man should not handle dogs. So many sad stories, probably tip of the iceberg.Do the right thing and protect the animals!

  3. This is heartbreaking. The comment from the woman who took in the ten year old dog rings true for so many dogs that are unsocialized caged animals. These animals have hearts and souls and feel pain and love as we do and deserve better treatment from us. The caged animal law/ordinance needs to be changed. This was never a decent space for an animal and potential pet to live in while waiting for their forever home. It’s unfortunate that this very wealthy man has not provided better accommodations for the dogs he houses and sells at a high price. It is absolutely shameful that The County of Tulare would even allow this. They are letting this man slide based on unreasonable laws on the books people. We all need to be advocates for those without a voice and say something when we see things and hear things that we know are morally and ethically wrong. Please let’s make a stand on this issue and get this ordinance changed and this Puppy Mill shut down!

  4. This should be shut down! When you know better – you do better. We know NOT to treat animals this way – so STOP IT!

  5. It should be noted that not all rescuers or animal rights activists are against breeders at all. We are for Good “breeders” that know what they are doing. Good breeders do so for the love and betterment of the breed, they breed genetically sound animals, they keep their animals in safe and comfortable conditions, they will take one of their dogs back if the owner can not keep them. Top Dog kennels sounds to be so far from this it is ridiculous and so very sad. Please Tulare county supervisors, animal control officers and health officials, can eyewitness testimony not be enough for you to have this horror show stopped? He obviously is just skirting above the lowest level to stay in business…are we not better then this as a society?

  6. Why is it taking the County so long to change the ordinances to stop this abuse? Complaints were filed at least 5 years ago.

  7. Shut it down. He’s been at this for 20+ years and just got a permit in 2018!! His dogs are inbred and over bred. Animals in shelters are in better conditions than this place and that ain’t saying much. Have you seen his house? Well you know where the money goes. Totally disgusting
    When it comes to unannounced visits by animal control, he clearly has someone on the inside who tips him off.
    Disgusting isn’t even the word horrific hellish nightmare for those poor dogs!!!!

  8. I have seen this horrid place with my own eyes! And, I left in tears. It is absolutely disgusting. No way in hell these dogs are socialized. And, he says he loves the dogs? YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR RON ABBOTT!!!

  9. I have seen this horrid place with my own eyes! And, I left in tears. It is absolutely disgusting. No way in hell these dogs are socialized. And, he says he loves the dogs? YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR RON ABBOTT!!!

  10. This is such a disgrace to Tulare. I am not shocked that Pete Vanderpool has done nothing, probably tipped him off they were coming to so an inspection, he just tucks his tail, he’s a wannabe politician who can’t perform. I am sickened to see this is still going on and open. RON ABBOTT YOU ARE HORRIBLE. From animals to the housing development they did it is a subpar and smells. These people need to be shut down, procedures and tied up just as they do to these poor animals. He is a crook and a thief, what “pastor” do you know that has a house that big on property? None..because he used the diabetes money from the church fund to pay himself high dollar. The abbotts are despicable people. I am willing to volunteer all my time to get this place shut down!

  11. This is such a disgrace to Tulare. I am not shocked that Pete Vanderpool has done nothing, probably tipped him off they were coming to do an inspection, he just tucks his tail, he’s a wannabe politician who can’t perform. I am sickened to see this is still going on and open. RON ABBOTT YOU ARE HORRIBLE. From animals to the housing development they did it is all subpar and smells. These people need to be shut down, arrested and tied up just as they do to these poor animals. He is a crook and a thief, what “pastor” do you know that has a house that big on property? None..because he uses the donation money from the church fund to pay himself high dollar. The abbotts are despicable people. I am willing to volunteer all my time to get this place shut down!

  12. How long does this have to go on?? This is financial gain which is deplorable !!!! There is no thought of animal care and welfare. This is absolutely disgusting. What will it take to get officials to listen??? Very disappointed in the officials who are responsible for protecting these animals. Just sickening.
    Shame on the Abbotts and those officials turning a blind eye.

  13. Why go to a private dog kennel to buy a dog??? If you want a beautiful, loyal companion , full of unconditional love, get a dog from the pound (animal shelter). No, they arent free anymore but Im sure they are a lot less expensive than from a private kennel. My life has truly been enriched by the loving, noble dogs that I have obtained from the pound. Please, dont buy a dog from private kennels, even if that kennel is clean and well run (unlike the one that is described in this article).

    • many private breeders are excellent and truly care for he well being of the animals and the breeds. sorry to say this place is not one of those, its all about the money. you ca go to any dog club and find well bred, home raised ,puppies and probably for less money. a good breeder will have you sign a first right of refusal contract. this kennel could care less, just give me the money.He really considers these dogs livestock.I don’t and won’t raise my cattle this way. let alone my companion animals.

  14. Sorry to go on. I got “Charly” and “China” from the pound (San Luis Obispo) . They are everything to me. There are many other dogs at the pound just like mine waiting for someone to love.

  15. It sickens me every time I hear a story of animal abuse! This IS ABUSE RON ABBOTT!
    Shut it down! Change the damn Ordnance’s to protect those that have no voice and are prey to those who wish to exploit, degrade, and abuse them. Horrible human being.

  16. Sir, please do not compare yourself to a dairyman. We breed to produce a food source for the masses and, by the looks of it, take FAR better care of our livestock than you do for a companion animal!

      • This is why people end up taking the law into their own hands sometimes, because the laws often do nothing to protect those who need it most and the authority figures who actually could help, turn a blind eye. I don’t believe for even a second that he meets the minimum standards required by law, when all other eye-witness accounts tell of absolutely atrocious conditions of neglect and abuse. This rich man Abbott is probably paying off the “officials” conducting these inspections. That’s how the system works I guess. If you have money, you can get away with murder pretty much. I would never attend a church this man is a pastor at. He is not a servant of The Lord. He is a fraud.

  17. What a scumbag. Just because he’s meeting these ridiculous minimal requirements doesn’t make any of it ethical. Makes me sick. I can’t wait to see him shut down. Those poor dogs.

  18. I have been there myself, and I still have nightmares about that place.
    The adult breeding dogs are clearly all beaten. There was not a one without deep scars on their faces. I saw mothers and babies lying in cramped cages in their own feces. I saw rib bones showing on almost every adult animal in Abbott’s care. I saw mammory tumors on nursing females.
    The dogs were all clearly begging to get out of there. There were other dogs that were fighting with each other, that were kenneled together, likely because they have no positive outlet.
    All of the adults looked to be in poor physical health. I saw senior females 8+ years old, that had ground their teeth down, probably trying to get out of their cages. Abbott was still breeding these seniors.
    At that time he clearly had over the legal limit as there were over 60 dogs, probably around 100+ birds and starving horses that he was also using for breeding.
    These animals are all lying out there in the heat, with no regard for their health.
    I witnessed Abbott sale an underage puppy to a couple. The puppy was 5 weeks old. Abbott opening admitted to being aware that it was illegal, but handed over the puppy with a bag of dry kibble. Because that puppy was 5 weeks, it couldn’t eat solid, dry kibble. I also didn’t see him discuss any health records or hand over any records of any kind to the purchaser.
    Abbott also told me how much he “loves his personal dogs” although I saw his personal dogs (poodles) running around with twine ropes around their necks, very skittish and their coats were dirty.
    I was disgusted at his lack of regard for life. That visit to Abbott’s mill still haunts me every day, I cannot get their sad faces out of my head, and I grieve for them so deeply!

  19. This has been going on for years and folks have been talking about this for years! He deserves every threat that goes his way for the way he “conducts” business. Let’s put Ron in a kennel in a puddle of mud for days on end! Not sure at what point this will get shut down but it is long over due! #wheresPETA

  20. Our rescue has taken in many of the discarded breeding females from here. He breeds them well into old age and when they get too old or their mammary tumors get so huge the puppies can hardly nurse, he dumps them..Tumors, rotten teeth, etc – all very visible issues yet they have not received any medical care. He is monster. The dogs do not receive adequate care. If he is passing inspections, it’s pretty clear he is being tipped off ahead of time.

  21. Does anyone find it very odd that Ron Abbott states he keeps his numbers under 45 when in fact he generally has over 100 dogs there?

    He states he “loves” his dogs. Yet the pictures show otherwise don’t they? He states that most people complaining have never even been to his kennels – yet most of the complaints have actually been from people who walked into his puppy mill. “Dozens of first-hand testimonies” Many complaints have been made to the County and Animal Control as well. Years of complaints. He compares dogs to cows. That doesn’t surprise me at all. Since people from “outside the county” also made complaints when they purchased a sick dog from him, I guess that doesn’t count then?

    With all the shelters and rescues repeatedly crying Spay-Neuter your animals because of the horrendous overpopulation problem in the valley, and so many dogs dying because of it – this dude is pumping out puppies for sale constantly, advertises all over the state and gets a slap on the hand? for how many years? So every time they go out there for a “surprise” inspection he is sited for having too many (or moves a bunch when he is tipped off) and they just tell him what, stop it? really?

    The conditions of the dogs and where they are forced to live in at this hell on earth speaks volumes. If anyone thinks he waits a year and a half to breed one of his females, think again. If anyone thinks he only breeds them once a year, think again. Maybe that is what his “dogs in the wild” statement is about. Those poor females are kept pregnant their entire lives until they’re no longer productive and I don’t even want to think about what he does to them then.

    “Updating the ordinances is a lengthy process to implement. Once we get a draft there is community outreach, then the necessary changes are made, and then the suggested ordinances are presented to the Board of Supervisors,” said Hamblin. How long is lengthy and how much has been done in all the years the county has known about this?

    It seems the only one with balls in Tulare County is this lady, Catherine Doe, who investigated and wrote this article.

    My hat is off to the folks who have spoken up about and have exposed the atrocities at this puppy mill. Keep up the good work!!!

  22. Would be nice to know the address of this puppy mill. Will anyone provide that information?

    • Puppy Mill in Tulare – 25707 N Mooney Blvd., Tulare, CA 93274

      Its on their Facebook page along with all the pictures.

  23. I cannot comment on this situation other than to say this.

    As a former guide dog handler, I am well aware of the fact that there are people in this county who believe that any dog breeding is wrong and that training dogs for guide, police or other service is in itself, inhumane.

    To those in that category, any kennel would be evil. There are at least three sides to this story. We have one here.

    • Breeding dogs repeatedly is one thing. Training dogs as guide dogs, police and other services is another. Those dogs are necessary. Breeding a female over and over and over again is inhumane. I have a rescue female that I was supposed to foster, I failed, she is mine forever. I know she was used as a breeder over and over. How do I know? Even 2 years AFTER having her spayed, she still backs up to other dogs to breed. My other female has never done this. This “man, Pastor” is no reputable breeder. He certainly is no Christian. God wants us to take care of His creatures, not exploit them. Shut this kennel down NOW!

    • Have you been to this place yourself and seen the conditions these dogs live in for their entire sad lives? Many of the people telling the horror stories are not even activists. They were potential customers that came to buy a puppy from him, so obviously not someone who hates all breeders. They have witnessed it with their own eyes and they all tell the same sad story, some years and years apart. No this is not a case of animal rights extremists exaggerating or bending the truth for propaganda purposes. This is real and it is abuse that has spanned over two decades and it beyond dispicable.

  24. Puppy mills should be all shit down. They are iresponsable breeders and should be put in a cage no bigger than there body in a kneading position and given no human contact and very little water and food for the rest of there life and used as a breeder and then thrown away like garbage because that what there doing to these animals. There nothing but inhuman.

  25. Why is it taking so long to change the rules on this?
    If he can get away with this by giving the minimal amount of care to these animals why can’t we change what that minimal amount is?

  26. Isn’t it a violation of federal law now? A felony in fact? This is most definitely a case of extreme animal abuse and neglect.

  27. Have you all been to this place? I haven’t and so cannot comment.

    As I previously stated, there are at least three sides to every story. We have one here.

    • Obviously a lot of people have been there Dave. Training dogs for service, police work and other services really has nothing to do with the inhumane practices observed at this mill. You state you haven’t been there so have no comment – then don’t comment if you have nothing to add.

      • Then where are the pictures?

        This man is claiming harassment as well. What makes his claims less true than yours?

        No if’s and’s or buts; prove your claims or you are no better than he is.

        Remember your Constitution? “innocent until proven guilty.”

    • Dave – you sound like one of his followers with your attempt to deflect. There are not three sides to this story. There is only one. There are years of proof and years of examples. At least 100 people could testify as to the horrors at this place.

      This is simple. Ron Abbott is a puppy miller in every sense of the word. His dogs receive inadequate care. His females are bred non-stop until they are too old. Then they end up with a rescue group or he takes them out back and shoots them. (This last part I do not have proof of as it was relayed to me by someone else). His dogs do not receive adequate medical care. His side of the story is “hey, I want to make the most money possible. Who cares about the dogs?” The third side is ” The City of Tulare has no interest in doing an actual work.”. So we now have hundreds of people begging for change, a city that won’t do anything, and an evil person currently allowed to to whatever he wants.

  28. So then put your money where your mouths are. Hire yourselves an attorney and take legal action.

    Or is it just easier to whinge in the Voice and hope somebody else does something?

    As an example, I don’t even know who this guy is, yet somebody is accusing me of being one of his followers. That in itself tells me alot!
    So who will actually step up and act on the courage of your convictions?

    • Efforts are being made by contacting and discussing the situation with local authorities. Not only to stop the reported abused by Mr. Abbott but to revise the country ordinance to better deal with situations like these. An attorney? Only the private citizens who bought animals from him and have incurred damages can legally bring an action and a few have done just that. This is an effort to shed light on the kennels and the inadequate laws in Tulare County that allow this. That does not necessitate or require representation by an attorney. What is required is what is being done, i.e. spreading awareness and lobbying local government. The only whining I see is from you.

  29. The people that run this place should be in jail someone should treat him the same way they treated the dog that was forced to mate ass wholes like the need to be shut down right now that’s severe animal cruelty

  30. It’s time to update dog breeding standards in this state if this place is currently in compliance. The inspectors must be given appropriate laws to enforce. We can debate the treatment of “for food” livestock another time and place but we have to address appropriate treatment of dogs here. And Ron Abbott’s business is a good place to start.

  31. Susan S, if you have known about this guy for years, why have you done nothing?

    Not one of you has proposed an action plan.

    Having been through the legal process as a plaintiff in the past, I can tell you that it is neither cheap nor convenient. But it’s what we have!

    If Mr. Van Der Poehl is the problem, then who will run against him next time he’s up for election?

    Where are the pictures to graphically substantiate your claims?

    Should you wish to file an action against Animal Control, you have every right to make a complaint to the Grand Jury. Again, more evidence is needed to substantiate your claims.

    Now I will say this. I have vet a German Shepherd breeder or two. To say that they are eccentric would be an understatement.

    So are you going to whine or act?

    • Hmmm Dave I am going to have to agree with Susan and think that although you have brought up a couple of times that you have nothing to add, you kind of keep adding and seem to have another agenda here. You obviously have no clue what has already been done or is in the works but you seem to be trying to find out. Odd. I have a feeling that if anyone here has proposed an action about this mill, you may not be included in on it. If you cannot figure out that the pictures of the mill and how the animals are treated there have already been posted everywhere and on their Facebook page “Puppy Mill in Tulare, CA – Shut it Down” – not sure how to help ya.

      • Then find an attorney who will help you take your properly documented case to court. It really is that simple.

        You don’t have the guts, clearly. It’s easier to stamp your feet and throw a print tantrum complaining that someone else should do something.

        If it’s as bad as you claim, put your money where your keyboard is.

        My “agenda” can be described in one commonly used phrase. “put up or shut up.”

        • Dave there is no cause of action unless you are a purchaser of a dog from him and incur damages as a result. Suing animal control is pointless since the county ordinance is not strong enough and Mr. Abbott maintains the bare minimum standards to be just within the law. He was cited for no kennel and breeding license but he obtained one. What is needed is a what is actually being done. Lobbying local government to change the ordinance so this type of breeding kennel is not allowed on the county and standards are raised and enforced. Please stop saying no one is actually doing anything other then whining on a keyboard. You are assuming that those commenting here are not actively involved and you would be wrong.

          • Thanks for the advise Dave – clearly the powers that be within that group have figured out where you are coming from. In doing a bit of research on that facebook page have noticed in the initial posts a David Downing – could that be you? sure sounds like it. Could be totally wrong but your continuous egging on to take legal action is so weird since you “don’t want to comment” You say nothing at all about the condition of this place and the evidence presented. My suggestion is you shut you pie hole because you spew the same rhetoric that most of the “flock” does and your 2 cents doesn’t really matter.

          • Perhaps he’s an attorney trying to drum up some business, since that seems to be his only suggestion regarding a course of action. Attorneys are expensive Dave and since most of us aren’t raking in the dough by exploiting animals like Abbott does, we probably can’t afford one. That doesn’t mean we don’t care aren’t doing everything within our means to try to stop this man and others like him as well. Since we have the right to whine about whatever we’d like to, we will continue to do so.

  32. This is corruption. Tulare County has been known for being an “old boys network”. Either someone in local government, or their donors, is tight with Abbott. This is CORRUPTION!

    This is Tulare County supporting animal abuse. Tulare County wants to treat everyone like they’re stupid so this GREEDER can profit off animal abuse.

    I say we need to bring the protest to the Mayor’s office. As of now Tulare County is just stalling and feeding everyone a bunch of BS. Meanwhile more animals suffer.

    This is also sexist. Tulare County knows most animal rights supporters are women so they think they can flick us away like a flea. This is a bunch of BULL!

    Tulare County supports animal abuse and Abbot is an animal abuser. It’s that simple.

  33. It’s Official! California Is the First State to Ban the Pet Store Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs

    California’s Assembly Bill 485 has passed, making California the first state to ban the sale of commercially-bred pets in pet stores statewide.

    “This landmark law breaks the puppy mill supply chain that pushes puppies into California pet stores and has allowed unscrupulous breeders to profit from abusive practices,” said Matt Bershadker, President and CEO of the ASPCA. “We’re proud to be part of the coalition that worked alongside Assembly member Patrick O’Donnell to pass this critical animal protection bill, and thank the California legislature and Governor Brown for sending the clear message that industries supporting animal cruelty will not be tolerated in our society.”

    Under this new law, it is illegal for pet stores to sell pets bought from a commercial breeder, places like puppy mills and backyard breeders that cruelly turn out neglected and unhealthy animals for a profit. Instead, the animals available at California pet stores will have to be rescue/shelter pets that are in need of a home.
    The law goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2019. From that day on, pet store operators will be prohibited from selling any live dog, cat or rabbit in a pet store unless the animal was obtained from a public animal control agency or shelter, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shelter, Humane Society shelter, or rescue group.

    The new law also demands more transparency from pet stores. Pet store owners will be required to keep records on each animal they sell and to post on the pet’s cage how the animal was obtained by the store. Pet store operators that violate these new regulations will be charged a civil penalty of $500 for the violation.

    “By signing this groundbreaking bill, California has set an important, humane precedent for other states to follow,” said Gregory Castle, CEO of Best Friends Animal Society. “We commend Governor Brown’s signing of this lifesaving legislation to codify statewide what cities across California have already done to help put an end to the cruelty of pet mills.”

    Animal welfare groups like the ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society and Last Chance for Animals hope this historic move by California will inspire other states to protect their pets and put an end to puppy mills and other cruel breeding.h

    • His business will do come to an end. Especially if people stop buying animals from him.
      ” JUST STOP”

  34. your right Dave… it is sad that we need regulations to tell us that abusing dogs is wrong. It’s too bad that a minister sees these animals as “cash cows” and over breeds and abuses them. It’s too bad that he doesn’t just do the right thing and instead skates the line and does the minimum. Just because something isn’t illegal doesn’t make it right.

  35. Everyone involved should be above the standards of state laws. Everyone should be checked on a couple times a week just to make sure everything is above board. All parties.
    Some make it bad for everyone. We should demand nothing less but the best conditions and if not then they should not have as many dogs if they all can’t be properly taken care of. It is animal abuse.

  36. I’m now concerned because I am picking up an AKC biebald doxie from Mr. Abbott on Wednesday.

    When I first visited his place, the kennels my puppy was in looked better than an animal shelter.

    We got to meet the dad of the puppies. I sure hope we won’t have any problems with our new puppies health.

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