Warren Gubler out of Assembly race

Warren Gubler, a Republican candidate for the 26th Assembly District seat, has been “knocked out of the race,” according to his campaign manager Karen Tellalian.

Of the four candidates running in the June 5 primary for the Assembly District, incumbent Devon Mathis and Tulare City Council member Jose Sigala appear almost certain to move forward to the November general election.

While Tellalian said that the vote count’s trends made it an impossibility for Gubler to take second place, she also said he would not concede until the vote count was finalized.

Assembly District 26 comprises of Tulare and Inyo Counties as well as a small part of Kern County. As the week wore on, and Kern and Inyo Counties updated their returns, Gubler’s lead continued to shrink until he fell to third place — where he has not since recovered.

The tally as of June 14 was: Incumbent Republican Devon Mathis 17,771 at 30.4%, Democrat Jose Sigala 17,225 at 29.4%, Republican Warren Gubler 16,502 at 28.2%, Republican Jack Lavers 7,017 at 12.0%.

On election night, according to Tulare County’s first report, Gubler took a two point lead over Mathis and a 4.5 point lead over Sigala. But by the end of the night, Gubler’s lead in Tulare County had shrunk to 34 votes over Mathis.

Political pundits predicted that Mathis and Gubler would easily advance to the November election, but Sigala turned out an impressive performance considering his minimal fundraising and campaigning.

On further investigation, Sigala’s numbers reflect current voter registration in the district. Republicans, who are the majority in Tulare, Inyo and Kern, split the party’s vote three ways while Sigala garnered nearly all the Democrat votes. The district is 32% registered Democrat and Sigala, as of the last report, won 29.4 percent of that vote.

Tulare, Inyo and Kern Counties could issue final reports as early as today or next week.

Final results will not be certified until July 5.


8 thoughts on “Warren Gubler out of Assembly race

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  1. And the $100,000 question is, well the Republican Central Committee back the Republican?
    Why is Jose running for state office? He’s only been in Tulare for what, 2-3 years….maybe 4. At the last council meeting a guy did mention why are you running for a higher office while Tulare burns?
    I’d like to ask Macedo where his balls are and why is he letting Jose run the show, while we all know he’s the democrat plant to try and flip this county.
    Jose once told me, how about I bring all the top dems to Tulare? I said do it….I’ll be the first in line to protest them.
    Carry on.

  2. Looks like election night wasn’t any fun for Connie Conjob and her minions at the central committee. Completely shut out. I enjoy seeing the Estaablishment get told “no.” Now what are they going to do?

  3. Ha Ha valley voice. Mathis won despite your negative columns against him and Mayor Jones and the local folks against him like the: Sheriff, DA, Visalia councilmembers and I think Devin Nunes. Maybe Mathis isn’t a saint but as a democrat I felt sorry for him because nobody else is in Tulare co let alone Trump and Visalia is full of: gangs, drugs & thieves so why would anybody vote to put a Visalia city councilmember in the assembly?

  4. The Valley Voice does not endorse candidates and have no skin in the game. Our goal is to inform our readers and then they decide for whom to vote. We wouldn’t want it any other way. I congratulate Assemblyman Mathis.

  5. Now lets open the doors of the Central Committee….They have some splaining to do.

  6. Republicans & Trump doesn’t care about the border. if he did he would make it less likely people would want to come here. That’s by: putting famers & others in jail who hire illegals, ( they want the cheap labor) and send in the military to Mexico & those other countries to fight the gangs. Building a wall is fantasy and cost too much it still will not stop the people!

  7. PS it’s also our fault because we treat gangs like people when they should get the gas chamber 5 seconds after their conviction. the: courts, DA, judges, cops & sheriffs have failed and now they treat drugs & marijuana as “nothing crimes”. As a democrat I’m mad at my party for being lenient but republicans are doing nothing to try and change it. They fight to repeal the gas tax but not the new stupid drug laws and way they fight gangs & thieves which is no fight at all.

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