Tulare County DA candidate forum gets heated

Matt Darby, a candidate for the office of Tulare County District Attorney, and David Alavezos, standing in for Tim Ward, the current DA. Catherine Doe/Valley Voice

The atmosphere was testy during a candidates’ forum put on by the Central Valley Tea Party March 15 for the Tulare County District Attorney (TCDA) race.

Tulare County District Attorney Tim Ward is being challenged by Kings County Deputy District Attorney Matt Darby. The contest will be decided during the June primary.

When Darby was taking questions he was yelled down by Ward employees about his lack of caseload while at the TCDA and his current priorities.  One angry Ward employee marched out the door while declaring Darby a liar.

Assistant TCDA Dave Alavezos stood in for Ward, who had a previous engagement.  While Alavezos answered questions, Xavier Avila, a Tulare Regional Healthcare District Board member, asked him where his boss was.

“I don’t know that he is campaigning, but I believe that he is at Connie Conway’s event, but I can’t be sure,” said Alavezos.

“Perfect,” said Avila, “where all the establishment and money is at, and where all the donors are at. I don’t know maybe there’s not, or maybe there is more money there.”


Darby did “shoddy work,” Alavezos says

Alavezos started his presentation relating a detailed story about his upbringing and young adult life. Like a lawyer giving his closing argument in front of a jury, he explained why Tulare County voters should elect the person with the most experience.  Alavezos related that when he was 19 his father fell off of a roof, breaking every rib on one side of his body — leaving him in charge of the family business. The business suffered because he did not have the experience of his dad.

He said that is what is going to happen to Tulare County if they vote for Darby.

Avila questioned Alavezos on the value of experience when it came to politics.

“What we are seeing in this town (Tulare) is, you can have experience, you can have a doctor manage a hospital, but if you aren’t pure of heart or don’t have a thirst for justice, your experience doesn’t mean anything.”

Alavezos said that because of Ward’s supervisorial experience he has created a district attorney’s office that has less waste but is more efficient.

One of the first things Ward did when taking office, he said, was form the Violence Against Children Unit, a Human Trafficking Force, and created a Victim Advocate Division. He said Ward’s office has also been responsible for prosecuting 81 gang members and getting 213 pounds of meth, 19 pounds of cocaine, and 12 pounds of heroin off the streets.

Darby has claimed while campaigning that he left the TCDA’s office because he didn’t believe in Ward’s leadership abilities, but Alavezos isn’t buying it. He said Darby left because he was demoted to a less prestigious division, claiming that Darby dismissed a case against a defendant — who was already on trial in a separate case — without consulting the Assistant District Attorney or talking to the victim, violating office policy.

Alavezos said that when Darby left the TCDA he had to take Darby’s caseload and found that he had done “shoddy work.”

Dennis Smith, the forum’s moderator, asked Alavezos about the relationship between the Grand Jury and the DA’s office. Alavezos said that the DA’s office can issue subpoenas, but can only take on cases where the Grand Jury has found criminal activity.

In reference to Dr. Benny Benzeevi’s mismanagement of the Tulare Hospital, Alavezos said that the Grand Jury looked into the hospital but that it did not report anything criminal.

Avila told Alavezos that he does a good job litigating the comments concerning his boss but said, “you are missing the point” about the hospital.

“This was so big and no one was paying attention, and there were people with voices but they weren’t heard.” Avila explained that just because there was no written record of mismanagement of the hospital, that that does not exonerate Ward from not taking action.

“There were people who said we tried but nobody listened to us. And it’s just like he is not here tonight and Matt Darby is. Because the money is over there, and the money was put in his (Ward’s) pocket not to listen to those voices,” said Avila.

Avila felt that if Ward had listened to the people who knew that Benzeevi was mismanaging the hospital that maybe the hospital would still be open.


Darby Wants to be Seen as a Servant-Leader

Darby let the audience know that, unlike his opponent, he is a local and feels passionately about Tulare County because “it’s the very fabric of who I am as a person.”

Darby’s grandparents moved to Tulare County as farm laborers and his father grew up in the Woodville labor camp. He said he is proud of his heritage and the fact that he was able to go to law school because his grandfather, with just a 6th grade education, didn’t have the same opportunity.

It was because he wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives that Darby became a prosecutor. He has practiced law for 12 years, 9 in at the TCDA and 3 with the Kings County District Attorney. He said he wants to bring back a sense of safety and pride that existed in the community when he was a child growing up in Porterville.

Darby is a believer in the broken windows theory, saying, “I do believe if we tolerate smaller crimes, that begets larger and larger crimes.” He pointed out that the growing problems of graffiti and shopping carts are causing a blight on the county which adds to the level of crime.

As far as his opponent, Darby believes that Ward could have done more to prevent the Tulare hospital from closing. He said that the Tulare County Grand Jury finished its report two years ago, documenting Dr. Benzeevi’s mismanagement of public funds “and yet my opponent did not step in.”

“And I truly believe that was a bad decision, a decision that warrants change at the DA’s office,” said Darby.

“It’s easy to go after the gang bangers. It is easy to go after the drug dealers. But it’s hard to go after the business man in a suit and tie…. It’s hard to go after people with money, privilege and power.”

Darby reminded the audience that Ward accepted $21,000 from Dr. Benzeevi and believes that is why his opponent did not start an investigation against him.

Darby said that once he is DA he would pursue cases based on their merits and not by who is involved. “There should not be a for sale sign on the office,” he said. Darby then called on his opponent to take the $21,000 and donate it back to the hospital.

“That would be the right thing to do,” he said.

According to Darby, the last time a Tulare County DA was democratically elected was in 1978. He said that since that time DAs have resigned midterm, hand-picked their successors, and then had them rubberstamped by the Tulare County Board of Supervisors.

Darby said that he is tired of the good ‘ol boy’s system and promises to serve out his term so the next DA can be elected without the advantage of a perceived incumbency.

His three priorities–if elected–would be gangs, narcotics and homelessness. In terms of gangs, Darby intends to double the size of prosecutors working on those cases.

For narcotics, he wants to split the effort into a North County Division and a South County Division to improve the conviction rate. He said that criminals who would normally go to state prisons are now being sent to local jails if they have no prior convictions.

Darby was challenged by the audience on how he would double the gang unit and still go after the low-level crimes that plague some neighborhoods while keeping within his budget.

He said that he would reevaluate all current positions to see which ones were producing. “I honestly felt that when Tim came up with Crimes Against Children Team it was nothing but a political ploy. He didn’t have anything to run on (in 2014) so he came up with that position.”

“I told Tim Ward that it was a misuse of resources because the units working on those crimes were doing a good job.”

That prompted a group of Ward employees to challenge Darby’s experience and judgment, asking him how many times he had been to trial, how long he held certain positions, and how many cases each unit is now carrying.

Each time he tried to answer he was interrupted and told that they already knew the answers.

The woman who replaced Darby on the TCDA’s narcotics unit said that Darby was missing the point. She was opposed to Darby’s suggestion of reducing the special units. She said that they were making strides against crimes against children, putting 37% more abusers behind bars.

At one point, while Darby was describing the DA’s office atmosphere during the 2014 campaign, a Ward supporter stood up and said “that’s a lie, it’s all a lie” and stormed out of the room.

Another Ward supporter yelled out that Ward was democratically elected in 2014. “There was an election and people spoke,” she said.

Darby responded, “Tim Ward would not have won the election if he had not been appointed.”

At this point Dennis Smith, the moderator, chimed in, “Let’s break it up.”

Avila commented about the contentious exchange how interesting it was that, out of the average Tulare citizenry, there was an entire table of Ward supporters while Ward himself was absent.

“Maybe we should just go over to where Tim is now and let the normal citizens participate,” said Avila.

Audience members complained how Ward supporters were making a “joke out of the whole thing.” .

When peace resumed Darby was asked what made him qualified to be TCDA.

Darby said he had several opportunities to apply for supervisorial positions while working with Ward but said, “Quite frankly, I did not want to be a supervisor in his administration.”

But while working for Kings County District Attorney, Darby has been put in charge of the office for weeks at a time.

Darby sees himself as a servant-leader in regards to his job and to his church. Besides his many years being prosecutor, he has put many hours into volunteering as a trial buddy in his office or as a board member of his church.

Darby sees himself as a natural leader “and I think that’s how people will see me.”

49 thoughts on “Tulare County DA candidate forum gets heated

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  1. So exactly who is running for DA? Ward or Alavezos? I don’t trust a man who won’t stand up and speak for himself and sends in a stand-in. I guess Connie Conway is far more important to him. Just shows where his prioritizations are, where ever the money is.

    • Tim Ward, who happens to be the most experienced and best candidate. Running the office takes a team and Tim is backed by our Chief Deputy, Chief of Investigations, and both Assistant District Attorneys. Each one of us have far more experience than Darby which is why we are also campaigning as a team. Darby has no experience and no team of managers to support him. Tim cannot be in multiple places as once but we are there for him when he cannot make an appearance.

      • Sounds rather heavy handed to me. Circle the wagons and do his speaking and thinking for him, and don’t forget to fill up the place with insider agitators…… doesn’t say much for the DA. He is out partying with Connie Conway while his minions stand in for him. Only one should be “posing” as the candidate not all his significant others. Too many chefs in the kitchen!

        • Good ol boy club at work for Tim Ward! Speaks volumes about him. Putting a politian ahead of the people.

        • Definitely agree! Sounds like the people who have their made-up-fluff positions were in the house protecting their job while their boss was away HIDING

      • Dave what’s Tim have on you? Or are you do you just naturally suck up to those you are subordinate to. You’re a joke and a sell out. You Should be ashamed of yourself. Or is it you know that when Darbys elected you’re going be out of a job or prosecuting jaywalking ticket in traffic court.

  2. I don’t care what Mr. Azavezos has to say. I wanted to hear Mr. Ward. Apparently he was too busy to attend to the voters. I’m voting for Matt Darby. At the very least, he showed up.

  3. Time to drain the swamp in Tulare County.. I am voting for Darby!
    Also good job Dennis Smith!

  4. Ward didn’t show up for a debate?
    Why is Alavezos pinch hitting for Ward?
    Makes you wonder if Ward wins he plans to leave mid-term and appoint Alavezos… There is more than a surrogate for a candidate going on here Tulare County.
    Pay attention.

  5. I did not attend but if the conduct of Mr Wards representatives was as unprofessional and disrespectful as described I definitely rethink whether I would vote for him!

  6. Tim Ward is a politician and not a District Attorney. He much rather be at an event rubbing elbows with the elite than being at the forum with the citizens of Tulare. Or maybe it was all a calculated ploy because he knew he was going to be asked tough questions. It’s time for a change, we need a DA that is fair and looks out for every citizen in Tulare County, and not be influenced by the amount of money you have. Vote Matt Darby for DA.

  7. What would a puppet know of proven leadership? At the end of their day, It’s all about self-preservation; these DA rabble-rousers/Ward puppets are freaked out about their own status should Darby be elected. Here’s a thought:
    Apply that same vigor and time to the investigation of the Tulare hospital issues!

  8. Tim Ward only cares about being District Attorney to the extent that it gives him what he really wants: money and power. He schmoozes with other politicians instead of facing the people he’s supposed to serve because he has other political ambitions. The DA’s office is merely a stepping stone for him.

    That’s why he’d rather send out Dave Alevazos instead of being there himself. That’s why he created the unnecessary position of Chief Deputy instead of actually running the office himself. It’s all so he can spend more and more time outside of the office rubbing elbows at golf courses and political functions with those he wishes to one day join.

    Almost everything he’s done at the DA’s office is politically motivated and optics driven. The Crimes Against Children Team and the Cold Case Unit are two prime examples.

    Tim Ward’s supporters like to point to Matt Darby’s lack of experience. Ask Tim Ward (or rather Dave Alevazos) how many trials he has under his belt. You’ll find the number to be shockingly low for the top prosecutor in the county. His ascenscion came with time on the golf course, not time in the court room.

    So if you want someone who’s using us to further his own political goals, vote Tim Ward. But if you want someone who really cares about our community, Matt Darby is your guy.

  9. Tim Ward gets a lot of convictions for his office by requiring defendents to plead guilty for the opportunity of participating in special courts such as mental health court, his offices first finds the accused eligible which leads them to believe they will be participating in a special court ( which gets federal funding) then they are told they must plead guilty as part of the program, more times than not they are then found by a memtal health worker unsuitable , they then are sentenced unable to withdraw there plea. Tim Wards district attorneys office do not make it known that only a few severe mental illnesses that a person must display symptoms of are suitable…but as long as the crime of the accused isnt violent then they are always found eligible. Kind of trickery to secure a conviction if you ask me. Im sure there is more deception going on in Wards office, and the way this debate was handled points in that direction.

    • The fact that Defense attorneys donate money to Tim Wards election campaign speaks volume. Wonder who gets a better plea offer those who donate for Tim Ward or every one else?? Hmm.. Only in Tulare County Got a love it.

  10. I am not following Mr. Avila’s analogy about having a doctor run a hospital. Benzeevi was absolutely not qualified with no experience to oversee and operate a multi million dollar operation. He was a staff doctor.

    We all see how that worked out.

    • All his “so-called qualified professional experiences” didn’t seem to supersede his greed for money and power as he appeared to be bought and paid for by Benzeevi ‘s political donations. While you are correct that Benzeevi, a doctor, wasn’t qualified to run a hospital, he was most definitely a qualified con artist. Perhaps the analogy is…….birds of a feather.

    • Hope4good . I agree that my comment may need some clarification. David was claiming that Matt didn’t have enough experience but his Boss did (By the way I believe Matt does have the experience ) . My point was that because Benzeevi was a Doctor , many people believed he had the experience. Claiming experience isn’t enough . I was also tying Benzeevi and Ward together. They both failed . They both played a roll in all this . Many people claimed they tried to alert Ward but got ingored

  11. I should temper my earlier remarks: I do not know Ward very well, so I cannot impugn him directly, but I do believe it is cowardly and aloof to send a delegate to an event like this where the people want the opportunity to interact with their elected representative face to face.

    Darby, I do know better, and he is caring, forthright, and sensible. We need leaders like that.

  12. “In reference to Dr. Benny Benzeevi’s mismanagement of the Tulare Hospital, Alavezos said that the Grand Jury looked into the hospital but that it did not report anything criminal.”

    Hey Barbara, what’s up with you and the constant condemnation of Benny? Seriously, stop with the unjustified accusations! I wonder what is YOUR true incentive? Did Benny do something to you?

    Tim Ward didn’t have any reservation in accepting Benny’s donations, but now that Benny is vilified, he wanted to look good to the public by going against Benny. Someone like that is two faced con artist and will only do whatever is in his favor. He’s not a DA that we need. We need someone to stand up or what he really represents versus someone who will manipulate the situation at any cost to his benefit. He’s easily persuaded by what ever is in his favor.

    I am tired of the board saying how badly the hospital was mismanaged. The hospital is doing worse under their take over. It’s closed! Five hundred people are out of a job! And we need healthcare in Tulare! Stop the finger pointing when you are the main cause of the closure of the hospital with your negativity on social media and finger pointing to bring down the hospital and HCCA. Get over it. You’re in charge now. We are watching to see what you can do. I hope the new board will succeed for all of our sake.

    • The hospital is closed because HCCA closed it. The current board salvaged a permanent closure by negotiating a license suspension from the California Dept of Public Health…just making sure the facts are straight.

  13. Since when has Benny been vilified? What planet are you from? Oh wait you are one of the nurses that worked for him. I recognize the phony name from other posts. You enjoying the house he bought you?
    This is not about poor Benny. This is a discussion about the DA race. Take your nonsense somewhere else. Not getting any sympathy here.

  14. Barbara,
    Funny thing is that my name is also Barara. I do appreciate that you are vocal on many issues and I do sometimes agree with you. I don’t want to use the same name as you. I am a mom and we teach kids to not bully others. I see that Benny is completely being bullied all the time so I took out the extra effort to learn more. The first 2.5 years HCCA did turn the hospital around, and how quickly we all forgot it. The past year was really tough for the hospital. The two original board members are still part of the board, and they are not only influencing the new members, but further worsened the situation. The main failure of the hospital was the inability of the board to work with its management company. Most of board mean well, but I think the two original board members are too busy condemning Benny that they are unable to do what’s best for the community. The failure of the hospital is largely due to their part then and now.

    • Well you got me there! I get that. But what I don’t get is who are the “two original board members” you are talking about. As for Benzeevi being bullied, wow! After what he has done to this hospital and to the citizens of this town it is a wonder that he wasn’t tar’d and feathered! Good thing for him that those days of yore are long past.

    • You must not understand how HCCA alleged they did well. They weren’t paying the bills since they started. It was all a sham. 1000 vendors in bankruptcy, just crazy.

      What do you mean by original board members, the entire board was overturned.

      • “The main failure of the hospital was the inability of the board to work with its management company.”

        Hahahahaha, Yea, that’s exactly what closed the hospital, that stupid new board that wouldn’t go along with HCCA cooking the books, liening properties, and playing wack-a-mole with the bills. Whew! Glad the truth is finally out.

  15. Don’t know much about either candidate, but it speaks volumes when one candidate isn’t present for a public debate.

  16. If Darby wins this election does he get to appoint his own staff? Not sure how it work but I’m wondering if these people standing in for Ward are just afraid to lose their jobs if Darby wins. I’m with the majority, Ward should have been there to represent himself.

  17. Barbara,
    I am sorry for being off topic…since this is a DA discussion thread.
    The two original board members are Avila and Northcraft. They were apart of the old board before the hospital closed. Healthcare is a big problem in this country, and many other hospitals are in dire condition. To take over a failing hospital and to turn it around requires monumental effort from everyone, the board members, and the management company, and the support of the community. The lack of partnership between the board and its management company is a recipe for disaster. We all want the best for our community. All the people who commented here is because they care, whether we are in a agreement or not.

    Linda, I have never worked for Benny. What evidence do you have in accusing me? Did he buy a house for his nurse??? Your comment already showed that you are vilifying Benny on no grounds.

    • Avila was not on the board first, he is actually the 4th of 5 members to be added. He never turned it around, it went further down under his leadership, including unnecessary deaths because of saving money.

    • You have a lot of incorrect information. As for Dr Benzeevi’s performance, allow me to inform you that Tim Ward reported to the Tulare County Board of Supervisors that the investigation into the Hospital is so far the biggest investigation in the History of Tulare County. Now do you really think there was no mismanagement ? If everything was great then please tell me why there is an investigation and please explain why it is the most expensive investigation in the county’s history? By the way I was not a member of the old board . I currently hold Linda’s seat . Vote for Matt Darby

    • I am sorry if you think that this is somehow a personal attack as opposed to an inaccurate description of employment current employment which is relevant to the position sought. A construction foreman is not a contractor, a teacher is not a school principal, a staff doctor is not a hospital administrator. It is not a put down of a doctor to make it clear they are in fact a doctor and not a hospital administrator but there are differences in job description and responsibilities and experience level when being considered whether it is to hire a contractor to build a house, hiring an administrator to run a school or hiring a CEO to run a hospital.

  18. Let me restate that in an understandable format: I am sorry if you think that this is a personal attack as opposed to a correction of an inaccurate description of current employment which happens to be relevant to the position sought. A construction foreman is not a contractor, a teacher is not a school principal, a staff doctor is not a hospital administrator. It is not an insult (or bragging) to make it clear a doctor is not a hospital administrator, it just clarifies that there are differences in job description, responsibilities and experience levels. Experience is important when considering who you are going to hire to build your house, run your school, or manage your hospital. Giving someone the title of assistant district attorney suggests they currently have management experience they do not have if they in fact are a deputy district attorney. (clearly my experience in proof reading has a lot to be desired which is highlighted by the fact I cannot figure out how to edit my comment above).

    • Let me STATE the obvious that you chose not to acknowledge. There are contractors who were once construction foremen; school principals who were once teachers and at some schools continue to be teachers especially if no substitute teacher can be accessed. I am sure that somewhere in some town there is a former medical doctor who became an administrator of a hospital……not every doctor is a con artist like Benzeevi. Those who continue to grow and learn and further educate themselves through their jobs are what drive promotions to higher levels in the work place (I would go as far as to that you too started at an entry level position). Please stop throwing shade at your opponent ….oops I meant Ward’s opponent although it appears as if you too are running for DA…:)

      • I completely agree with your comment, “Those who continue to grow and learn and further educate themselves through their jobs are what drive promotions to higher levels in the work place.” Yes, I started as a Deputy District Attorney and lost my job to an incoming DA who had been to prison for tax evasion and I ended up in Tulare County. I have worked my way up, much the same as Mr. Ward, from Deputy District Attorney prosecuting general felonies, career criminals and then to the newly created homicide team. I was then promoted to Supervising Deputy District Attorney and placed in charge of the White Collar unit with approximately seven attorneys for two years, then back to what was then the major crimes team supervising the career criminal, gang and homicide prosecutors where I stayed for about 12 years. I was extremely happy with the major crimes assignment (later the known as the gang violence team after we split off the domestic violence and child homicide prosecutions to other teams) as it allowed me to carry a fairly large caseload which other supervisor assignments cannot handle since they tend to have less experienced attorneys to supervise. In 2016 I was promoted to Assistant District Attorney and direct responsibility over half of the prosecution teams in our office. At each level I had to grow and learn.

        What you might be missing is that Mr. Darby has not had that learning period and has apparently decided that he qualified to lead without any managerial experience at any level as a prosecutor.

        Everything I stated about myself is true for Tim Ward except for assignments. As a deputy he was assigned general prosecutions, rural crimes, career criminals, and the homicide unit. He then promoted and supervises the Juvenile and Porterville teams before taking over the Administrative Operations team which prepared him for his next promotion to Assistant District Attorney.

        Tim’s experience as Assistant District Attorney, in an office of over 200 employees, provided him experience and knowledge he relied on when he first took over as District Attorney, and his experience as District Attorney continues to provide him knowledge and allow for growth.

        Clearly I am helping Tim run for DA but I would not want his job. It is full of people attacking your personal reputation often without facts, and questioning every decision that gets in print, often without all of the relevant facts since much of what our office does is confidential in nature and cannot be discussed.

        Tim has even less time than I do to spend with family and friends. He has the responsibility to insure we have enough personnel to fulfill all of our responsibilities, has to interact with lawmakers, District Attorneys and various criminal justice partners on a daily basis.

        I get to still spend time looking reviewing case files, discussing cases with supervisors and trial attorneys to insure our attorneys are well prepared and have the support they need in the courtroom on a daily basis.

        I read in the Facebook comments that Mr. Darby has been personally attacked, presumably by myself, but I have not called him names, have not disparaged his private character, and have stated facts of which I personally am aware. You have not seen him deny the case issues I have mentioned.

        You do not want a doctor without management experience running a hospital, or a teacher without any training running a school, or a contactor without knowledge of contracting building your house.

        You should want someone who is prepared for the job they get hired to do.

  19. Glad to see the TCDA employees with their made-up-fluff jobs were in the house trying to save their positions… anyways Tim needs to stop hiding behind Alavezos. He also needs to stop allowing his Office to be run so weakly… why didn’t they mention most of the Red Sol people got released due to poor case management.

  20. I don’t know about personnel assignments and the details of the cases mentioned. Nor do I care. What I do care about is that Ward blew off the event after confirming with us that he would be there. I also care that he appears to be OK with taking money (and a lot of it) from HCCA. And now, thanks to the VV, it appears he taking money from candidate Dr. Thus (running for the supervisors) when there is a serious question as to whether the other good doctor has fudged on his residency and voting papers. Nothing from Ward at all. Perhaps Ward’s minions can explain why their boss appears to be so comfortable taking tainted money.

  21. Thank you to the Valley Voice for making the corrections to the article that I originally commented on. I understand they have removed my post as it is no longer necessary but I do encourage people to go to Michele Moore’s YouTube page and take a look at the videos of the forum which I mentioned in my original post. I found it easiest by searching YouTube for Michele Moore Tea party.

  22. Am I the only person that thinks Benny is behind the profile Id ” The Truth”.

    If not him they are the most ignorant person alive.

  23. It might not occur to you that Mr. Darby may well be a faster learner than you and more personally ambitious than you (although somehow I doubt that very much as I think you doth protest too much about not ever wanting to run for DA). When it comes to having managerial skills Mr. Darby may instinctively have great people skills and is a natural in working with people and in prosecuting cases, after all he too has had years to accumulate how-to knowledge as well. That said, if you are using Mr. Ward’s work ethic s as a role model to follow then I guess it is in the eyes of the beholders if that is a wise thing for you to do as there are a great many people who do not like Mr. Ward or his managerial skills. Beside I don’t trust the word of someone who uses nine times the amount of words needed to make a point…….quit trying to overwhelm the readers with such massive amounts of talking points. I still am wondering just who is actually running for DA…..sounds like you are interviewing for the position yourself. Or just another Trumpette singing your own praises,

  24. Uh. I know you people want to believe this christain man is a good guy, but as someone he’s attempting to prosecute for a crime that didn’t happen ; you can blow that out your self righteous asses. I walked into court and I guess as a Black man who wasn’t a stereotype I had to dealt with because I obviusly didn’t know my “place”. I saw the look in his eyes, and I have to admit it’s been awhile since I’ve felt that level of prejudiced animosity. The tactics used to even file the case seemed incredulous to me..changing courtrooms, calling off defense witnesses….I mean a D.A. witness tampering..my god..what’s next ? Malicious Prosecution ?…I hope that helps you people sleep better at night ; but all it’s done is hold up my life playing this asinine waiting game waiting for charges to e dropped on a “crime” that didn’t take place. So save me that BS that “Matt Darby is a good guy and 1 of us ; because I can mostly assure you, my dealing with him is the exact opposite. I’m neither gangsta, drug dealer, but due to his crusade and how ironic that a man who claims to be christian has such a grudge against homeless people ?…I mean that what he said his platform is !! as stated if you have to pick on the people down on their luck the hardest in 1 of the poorest counties..what exactly does that say about you as a person and yourselves as voters ?

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