Jose Sigala to Run for 26th Assembly District

Jose Sigala

Jose Sigala announced November 30 that he is throwing his hat into the ring for the 26th State Assembly District.

As a Tulare City Councilmember, Sigala says he has brought more resources into District 1 — and he now wants to do the same for the 26th Assembly District.

Currently there are three Republicans in the race. Sigala will be the first Democrat to announce a run for the seat in the 2018 election. Assembly seats are up for election every two years.

Sigala said that he and his friends took a look at the condition of the 26th District and saw that the constituents’ needs were not being met by the current Assemblyman, Devon Mathis.

Sigala’s friends encouraged him to run.

“I want to provide some leadership,” Sigala said.

Sigala has over 20 years of legislative and public policy experience working in the California State Legislature and local governments where he has worked to improve the quality of life in communities across California.

He is the son of immigrants and the first to graduate from high school and also earn a college degree. He is an ardent advocate for safer neighborhoods, parks, open space, after school programs, small business, responsible development, the environment, education and neighborhood empowerment.

He says his first order of business, if elected, is to bring the needed leadership and resources to the 26th District.

“As a Tulare City Council member I have brought more money into the district, improved the infrastructure and increased the street lighting. Now I want to expand that to a greater area,” he said.

Sigala said there are millions of state dollars available through Cap and Trade, and money set aside for transportation, housing, and new school construction that he wants to bring to the entire 26th District.

“We are one of the poorest districts in the state. We have a high concentration of our population using the subsidies for health insurance and a high rate of poverty. The Tipton-Pixley area is close to the 50% poverty level.”

“I want to bring the money home,” said Sigala.

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  1. Good for you Jose, hope that works out for you, you have my support! Before you jump ship can you help out the citizens of Tulare and handle our Issues we are facing. Push to reinstate the Police Chief or push for an investigation to START which will cost approximately 10K of the tax payers money for something THAT IS NOT CRIMINAL!!! The Mayor is completely inappropriate and acts out horribly on social media along with Maritsa the Vice Mayor. The city attorney talks to you publicly like you are a 2nd Class citizen yet you are the only one standing up for yourself on stage. City Hall Administration is a wreck, go visit them someday and see how life is over there living under Greg and Carlton’s thumbs ( yes it is not Councils responsibility to have say over staff) well that is not how it is here in a Tulare. Everyone walks on needles and morale is in the gutter. Backdoor deals with CM and council members (not all) with permits, contracts… this could go on and on and the message here is Mr. Sigala, deal with What’s on our plate here and now. Stand up and put an end to the collusion that is going on… please before you focus all your efforts on your next step!!!!

  2. I’m so proud to support Jose Sigala. He has worked hard and productively for Tulare, and I look forward to that same level of productivity now for our whole region as he works at the state level. Not only that, but he is one of the most receptive, responsive, and engaged humans in a position of political leadership that I know. I will be proud to work for his campaign and proud to support him in office in Sacramento.

  3. Really? Remember that Democrats gave us the mess we have now. Just grab more tax payer money, says this man. I cannot support that. Thus far, all I see are individuals who want Mr. Mathes’s seat for its perks. And yes, is apparent lack of personal ethics has weakened him, as it should.

    • Jose Sigala is a man of integrity, talent, and carries with him a passion to help all his constituents, republican and Democrat alike. His goals aren’t to bring money to one side of the tracts, he wants to bring money to help his community and all who live within its boundaries. You speak of perks, if taking criticism from those who like “the same”, challenging the status quo, fight to gain monies allocated for the very needs Mr. Sigala highlights, and losing sleep so the community gains. If those are perks, then yes, Mr. Sigala gladly accepts the challenge. He knows the needs of his district and he wants to bring those needs to a resolution. I support you Mr. Sigala, and I wish you well.

  4. Dear Mr. Sigala. I recently heard Mrs. Amy Klobuchar, she is overly concern about the Rural parts, like Tulare, is not prepare for the pandemics, they do not have enough hospitals, our supplies, nothing. I was horrified, after the study that you did and find out how many homeless people are here already in Tulare. This people must be taking care immediately, by using Hotels are vacant, other countries are doing the same we must protect everybody, we are all together on this. Please get ready immediately, by asking the president for you need and star immediately getting ready. Must people in Tulare are not being informed as to what is really happening now. In other to avoid to many catastrophes’ this people are very important they are the ones working in the feel to provide for us and the rest of the country food, I do hope you can understand me.
    Thanks, you

    Leah Crookshanks

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