Mathis Faces Sexual Assault Allegations

Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) is facing accusations of sexual assault assault, first reported upon by a conservative blogger with the group American Children First.

Joseph Turner, director of the group, reached out to the Voice Thursday morning to report he had witness statements that Mathis had, allegedly, sexually assaulted one of his staffers in the spring of 2016.

Turner states that he submitted those statements, and a letter, to the Sacramento District Attorney’s office. He also wrote about the allegations on his American Children First blog.

Turner claims he received confirmation later Thursday afternoon from the DA’s public information officer that the documents had been received.

The Fresno Bee reported that, “Officer Linda Matthew of the Sacramento Police Department said Friday evening that “information of a possible sexual assault was brought to our attention. We are starting to follow up with the information we have.”

Other outlets have confirmed an ongoing investigation as well.

In a press release, American Children First stated that it is an “American nationalist organization that subscribes to an ‘America First’ philosophy,” and that Turner, its founder , “has waged an aggressive and extremely successful war against the California Republican Party establishment and a group of moderate ‘Republican in Name Only’ legislators that voted for a cap and trade bill.”

Mathis voted in favor of the cap and trade legislation, a decision he has previously received criticism for.

“A political party is supposed to stand for something and votes must have consequences. We will
continue to punish those who betray us and abandon those principles,” Turner said in the group’s press release.

11 thoughts on “Mathis Faces Sexual Assault Allegations

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  1. QUOTE: “A political party is supposed to stand for something and votes must have consequences. We will
    continue to punish those who betray us and abandon those principles.” This extremist group has him in its crosshairs……they are putting our their kill shots and he better start practicing in ducking their shots! Welcome to the party of Trumpism!

  2. Then why has he not publicly and loudly proclaimed his innocence? The fact that there is an open police investigation is a pretty good indicator that he is not entirely innocent.

  3. First, this took place in Sacramento, so it will not be charged here. Clearly, this man is only there cause he couldn’t figure out a better way to make a living. If he is in fact innocent, why is he not shouting from the ramparts as it were? He makes a good deal more than many of his constituents, so he’d better explain himself.

    • Thank you for confirming to me that my opinion of you is correct. Let’s hope that you are never called for jury duty to sit on any trial no matter where the jurisdiction is.

    • In this country one is considered innocent UNTIL guilt is proven. When it comes to allegations that is all they are….ALLEGATIONS! Allegations are not proof. I can no more prove his innocence than you can his guilt. It is up to a DA to make the decision if there is enough evidence to go forward…..not you or I and most definitely not the news media or an extremist group whose has made their agenda well known.

  4. Beyond Reproach – This is a position that a leader should always strive to keep him/herself in. Sacramento is a sewer but whether I chose to believe he is “innocent” until proven guilty, it’s just difficult given the seriousness of the allegations. SMH

    • America Children First is a conservative right wing factious extremist group who is a cancer on society as a whole. They seek out and destroy anyone who rejects on any level their personal philosophies and political agendas. I guess that Devon Mathis did not toe the line so he must be destroyed at any and all costs. I am not a Devon Mathis supporter. I have not nor will I ever vote for the man. But I do believe as a fellow American that he is entitled to the presumption of innocence until verifiable facts NOT allegations prove him not to be. A word of caution……..unless you too follow the practice of seeking out and destroying those who disagree with you…….keep in mind who is behind the “outing” of these allegations. This group freely admits to waging war in the most extreme manner toward those GOP Representatives and Senators who do not vote as they are told to vote or say what they are told to say. How can anyone trust anything they say when they have no sense of honor or humanity. The actions of this group and others just like them are now apparently sanctioned by the current Republican Party. This appears to be a political hit job and Devon Mathis is the intended target. I don’t believe in coincidences and this has a terrible smell to it.

  5. Politicians are scum! Having said this, why is it so difficult to behave in a manner that would be above reproach? The guy made himself a target. Had he kept his hands to himself, nobody would have been able to use his apparent misbehavior against him. He was not sent to Sacramento to hang out at drunken partys. If he is as innocent as you claim Barbara, why has he not proclaimed this fact?

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