Congressman Devin Nunes Puts Tulare County on the Map

Devin Nunes

There is only one lawmaker on President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team who hails from west of the Mississippi. That person would be our own Congressman, Devin Nunes.

The appointment to the transition team came out of Nunes’ and Trump’s several encounters during the presidential campaign. During the primary, Nunes reached out to all of the Republican candidates and Trump was the only one to respond. Nunes’ team started helping Trump in April when the vote in California’s Republican primary actually mattered for the first time in decades.

Their first collaboration happened in May and resulted in a successful spring fundraiser in Fresno, which is the bulk of Nunes’ 22nd Congressional District.

During his time in Fresno, Trump made a huge impression on local farmers when he sat down and listened to their grievances about California’s water policy, infrastructure and how it adversely affects Central Valley agriculture. Trump left that meeting saying he was going to fix the Valley’s water problem and that he agreed with Nunes’ assessment that the Central Valley is experiencing a man-made drought.

California ended up not making an impact on the Republican nomination as Senator Ted Cruz dropped out three weeks before the primary, making Trump the de-facto candidate.  But Trump’s impact was lasting as political signs, rallies and debate parties continued in Fresno and Tulare Counties through the election.

During another fundraiser in August at Corky Anderson’s Tulare home, Nunes and Trump spent more time together on the ground and in his private plane as Nunes accompanied Trump on several fundraisers in northern and southern California.

So when Nunes got the call a day after the election to discuss the possibility of joining Trump’s transition team, it did not come as a complete shock. Three days later he was part of the exclusive group that included Trump’s three children and son-in-law and some of his closest friends. The only other executive team member from the West Coast is Billionaire Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, who was an unlikely, but  staunch, Silicon Valley supporter of Trump during the election.

There are actually two transition teams. One is the transition landing team that is comprised of hundreds of people working in Washington DC to staff the many agencies. Nunes is a member is the Executive Committee of the Transition Team that works out of Trump Tower in New York and Trump’s estate in Florida. This executive committee advises the president-elect on cabinet and other high level appointments and helps shape public policy for his first year in office.

Because Nunes works in Washington DC, he participates on the team through private phone conversations with Trump and bi-weekly conference call meetings with the team.

On December 16 Nunes flew to New York to work in person with the executive transition team on Trump’s tax policy. When asked how he liked walking the gauntlet of reporters. In his typically understated fashion he said, “I went in a different entrance to stay away from the cameras. I didn’t want any of that.”

Nunes helps with many of Trump’s decisions but was tapped for his expertise on intelligence, defense, and tax policy. As Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Nunes’ advice was sought when deciding to appoint fellow committee member Congressman Mike Pompeo as director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA.) It was also Nunes who suggested retired Marine Corps General James Mattis as Defense Secretary. Both appointments need to first be approved by the United States Senate.

On the local front Nunes is focused on water. That focus influenced his advice on who to hold the position as the Secretary of the Interior. “All the West is concerned how Federal lands are managed. We were happy we got a Westerner in to that position,” he said. The new Secretary of the Interior, if approved by the Senate, will be Congressman Ryan Zinke of Montana.

As number two at the House Ways and Means Committee, Nunes and his colleagues have been putting together a large tax restructuring bill that they plan on introducing to the House floor in January. He and Speaker Paul Ryan started working on the main principles of the bill more than a decade ago.

Nunes initially proposed the American Business Competitiveness Act, focusing only on the business side of taxes, not personal income taxes. Main elements from that bill — which Nunes called revolutionary, saying it would “do away with complicated pieces of the tax code and let business do their thing” — were merged into the House GOP Tax Reform Bill.

“The United States needs to fix its tax system then reevaluate how we go out and make trade agreements.” He said the problem is that American products are taxed in other countries but then other countries’ products don’t face the same level of taxes in our country.

Part of his work on the transition team is walking Trump’s tax team through the bill and integrating Trump’s own tax plan.

As for his first year in office, I asked if Trump will keep tweeting. Nunes said that Trump doesn’t always actually do his own tweets; rather, he has a team, even at 3am. Nunes also dispelled any rumors that Trump doesn’t receive his Presidential Daily Briefings (PDB). He said Trump gets the PDBs  just like President Obama did. The problems arose, he said, when different entities wanted their material as part of the briefings, and when that didn’t happen, they spread the rumor that Trump wasn’t getting the PDBs.

As for the future administration, almost all of the transition team will find a place in Trump’s administration except for two.  Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York, removed himself from consideration early December, and Nunes himself prefers to stay in Congress to continue working on some bills many years in the making.

President-elect Trump has lived and worked all his life on the East Coast, so it made sense for his closest advisors come from the same neck of the woods. When asked how a member of Congress from such a poor county in California was chosen to help Trump’s transition to the White House, Nunes said, “I don’t see it that way. Tulare County is a great county. I feel sorry for all those people who live in Hollywood or San Francisco. Those are the people who are deprived.”

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  1. Wonder if he will be as unproductive for the team as he has been for his district. Still, I would rather an ineffective rep in Congress than the wackos who ran against him recently.

  2. So who are we to believe? Trump, who says he doesn’t need daily briefings, or Nunes who says he’s getting them?
    I also wonder if Nunes voted with other Republicans to gut the Congressional Ethics office?

  3. We, the constituents in CD-22 judge Mr. Nunes on his past performance on issues that have a direct impact on the district and its people. His voting record continues to be one that benefits the top end of the economic ladder while denying help to those most in need. It has been especially shown that he agrees with the Ryan/Price efforts to gut
    Social Security & Medicare leaving seniors currently retired and future retirees in dire straits. We have been denied access to his staff & office many times in the past; this past December a coalition of concerns citizens met with his Legislative Assistant and although promised a on going dialogue with CD-22 we have are doubts based on past failures.
    We are absolute in Congress keeping their greedy hands off Social Security & Medicare….in fact we would like to see it Protected, Increased & Expanded……..We are a million strong in California alone. & we vote at a very high percentage.

  4. Then give us a credible alternative. Thus far, you have failed to do so. Since clearly your side doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about the moderate earner. Democrats have taken more from Social Security than anybody else, starting with LBJ.

  5. Putting TC on the map is nice. BUT,
    people are more important than place names. Medicare and the Affordable Care are safety nets for many of my neighbors and I see across the street from me every day living examples of a good policy.

  6. Devin Nunes seems to suffer from “Afluenza”. I see little to no good that he has done for anyone who is not part of the upper elites in this valley. He is from the poorest county yet he serves only the rich. He seems to be a good fit for Comrade Trump.

  7. It’s wonderful that Devin has so much “expertise on intelligence, defense, and tax policy”, perhaps he could do something for the people of CD-22. It takes real leadership to stand up for the people of his District, instead of the Trump leadership team’s political plans.

    Catherine: please tell the readers of the V.V. what Devin has accomplished for DC-22 during his time in Congress – specifically.

  8. Don’t bother emailing him.I received a typical staffers answer.We need term limits for our congress,Senate and supreme Court if we expect different results every 4 years.

  9. while the dissidents continue to say what they will about nunes he does his job on the house intel committee and the house ways and means committee you know the important legislation that effects all of us constitutionally ! I do not have any faith whatsoever in the democrat super majority here in California ! devin is one of the last of the good conservatives here in the valley ! especially when it comes to our farming and dairy and manufacturing bread and butter ! just because he is a diligent quiet worker doesn’t mean he doesn’t serve the valleys interest ! because if he wont the democrats sure will not period !

  10. Devin Nunes is a commie loving punk ass bitch & when Hair Furor Trump is impeached & executed they’ll cut Nunes balls off (if he has any) & shove them down his lying throat ! The fact that he was elected in the first place is indicative of the shocking stupidity of local voters & I’m embarrassed that these idiots are my neighbors !! Nunes supporters are lower than egg sucking dogs & only striking them repeatedly on the bridge of their noses with a rolled up copy of this bird cage liner could possibly correct their insolence !!! It’s time to neuter Congressman Nunes & keep him from siring any further progeny,let’s cut his balls off now before he can fornicate any of us again !!!!.

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