Former Long-Time Grace Homes Employee Sues the Ministry

On December 18, Sherrie Kuns-Fehlman filed a complaint against her former employer, The Grace Homes. The charges are discrimination, harassment and retaliation resulting in termination.

Her suit claims that The Grace Homes, “Denied a work environment free of discrimination and/or retaliation” that ended in her losing her job. The complaint revolves around the actions of The Grace Homes’ current chief financial officer, Phil Luna.

Complicating matters, The Grace Homes is a ministry started by Kuns-Fehlman parents. Her father Gale Kuns was,until recently, the CEO and Kuns-Fehlman, her siblings, and her daughter were all employed at various capacities, making for a legacy of three generations.

The Grace Homes was started in the 1980’s by husband and wife team, Gale and Glenda Kuns. They were motivated to start a home for pregnant teen-age girls after witnessing a right-to-life rally. The participants of the rally were only interested in the fetus rather than what happened to the mother or the child after it was born. The Kuns decided to buy their first group home for $800 and started out with six pregnant girls.

At the ministry’s height they had 11 homes with 85 beds, a foster center, and a boys’ home. In 2014, the state paid them $3.2 million in compensation for taking care of the emotionally high-risk pregnant girls. Grace ministries was the only place in the state that was licensed and had the ability to deal with the emotional needs of sex-trafficked pregnant girls and other victims of sexual abuse. Kuns-Fehlman made this possible because she was a licensed forensic counselor among her many other social work capabilities.

Gale Kuns said that he and Luna attended the same church, Visalia First Assembly, and that Luna contacted him through Linked-In to ask for a job. Luna was in desperate straits as his unemployment had run out and he was unable to pay his mortgage. Luna was recommended by other leaders in their church so Kuns thought he would give Luna a chance. Luna had been the CFO of First Assembly and Kuns wanted to see if he would work out as CFO of Grace Homes, then Kuns could retire. Now looking back at it, Kuns feels like Luna could just smell the money after such a successful 2014, Kuns said.

Kuns-Fehlmans said that the sexual abuse started with his first walk through of the Ministries in January of 2015. Her complaint alleges that Luna inappropriately touched her on several occasions and created a generally hostile work environment. After a particularly bad incident she refused to ever return to the office if Luna were still there. She and her father allege that eight or nine female employees were also not comfortable working with Luna and went on stress leave. Some of the women were allegedly fired because of their complaints about him and one was pregnant.

Luna’s responsibilities as CFO included creating budgets, being the benefits administrator and other administrative duties. Reports started coming back to Kuns that Luna was sleeping on the job and sometimes went to one of the group homes and fell asleep on the couch.

Melo and Sarsfield, Kuns-Fehlman’s lawyers, said other female employees described Luna’s behavior as “overall creepy.”

By the May board of directors meeting, Luna still had not put together a budget for 2015 or started his other duties as CFO. Kuns also said he received complaints from employees that Luna and a female employee would go into his office, lock the door, draw the blinds and turn off the lights and not emerge for a lengthy period of time. Because of the alleged sexual harassment, sleeping on the job, and nothing to show for his five months of employment, Kuns fired Luna May 12. Kuns stated his case to the board of directors at the June 8 regular meeting.

As a result of firing Luna, The Grace Homes governing board held a special meeting June 29 and decided to completely remove Kuns from the ministry and replace him with Luna. They passed several resolutions stating not only was Kuns unjustified in firing Luna, but that Kuns had mismanaged the ministry and misappropriated funds. The resolutions also made clear that no employee will communicate with the Kuns family lest they lose their job. Luna was reinstated as CFO and all members of the Kuns family were banned from coming onto The Grace Homes premises.

The board had posted warning letters on the doors of the ministry that if Gale Kuns or any of his family tried to enter to call the police. Kuns said that, “I just got up one day from my office and never came back.”

Kuns-Fehlman explained in her Additional Complaint Details against The Grace Homes that, “After becoming the agency head, Mr. Luna then caused me to be fired from my job of almost 30 years. I believe the firing was done in retaliation for my complaint. In addition to being fired, Mr. Luna and the agency tried to wrongfully evict me from my residence on both Sumter and Princeton Streets and tried to have me arrested for trespassing in my own home. Also, they withheld my pay. After complaining of the withholding of my pay to the Department of Industrial Relations I was fired on the day my complaint was successfully settled in my favor.”

Kuns-Fehlman stated that six hours after she won her labor case she was fired.

The Grace Ministries Board Member Gives His Side

A current board of directors’member was willing to give his view of the facts if we did not publish his name. He said that Kuns was actually taken out of the ministry after a state investigation. He said the state took their time investigating and that the judge really came down on him. The judge ruled thatKuns could not have any involvement in running institutions such as The Grace Homes for three years.

The root of the problem was that The Grace Homes did not have the right permits for all the types of people they were helping. Now the state, county and city were nailing them for use of permit violations. He said that the ministry is supported by the state for each pregnant girl they take care of but now, because of the permit violations, they can’t take in those girls.

”It’s like Ring around the Rosie,” he said.

According to Kuns. the ministry is on the verge of losing their accreditation this March and acknowledged that permitting problems started in December, 2014, when he was still at the helm. Kuns said that Luna’s leadership has made things worse. Kuns also pointed out the inappropriateness of putting someone in charge of an abused girls’ home who has been accused of sexual abuse himself.

The board member countered by saying that now he believes that from the beginning Kuns wasn’t following the original use permit. The original use permit was only for taking care of pregnant girls. The ministry rescued all kinds of girls then also started helping boys but apparently never got the appropriate permits to do so.

“The whole problem is that Kuns was held in high esteem and never questioned. Then the state took him out of the Ministry because of all of the things he did. I always told the board that I wanted an investigative reporter to research all this and bring it out into the open,” said the board member.

The board member lamented that instead of helping The Grace Homes succeed, that everywhere the ministry turned, no one would help. The sad part, he said, is that The Grace Homes is the only facility in the state that takes sexually traumatized and sex-trafficked pregnant girls.

“You’d think they would be helping us to keep the ministry going, not shutting us down,” he said.“We just haven’t had anyone on our side.”

Both the board member and Kuns agree that the Ministry is out of money and that it is on the verge of getting its license revoked. The Grace Homes is down to 20 girls and four babies.

The board member said with an attitude of resignation, “my prayer and hope is that we will be able to fix it.”

As far as the allegations against Luna, the board member felt that they were all fraud. His opinion of Luna was that he was a man of high moral character and that he was doing everything he could to keep the ministry going. The board member knows Luna and he did not believe Kuns-Fehlman’s nor the other women’s allegations. The board member said that there were a lot of holes in Kuns-Fehlman’s story and that Luna was not even there at the time of some of the alleged incidents.

“I don’t think her case will go anywhere,” he said. It’s just one more stick in the spokes of the wheel to bring down the ministry.”

The Valley Voice will be doing a series of articles on this situation as the facts reveal themselves and the court case proceeds. In a phone interview, Luna said he was unaware of a suit filed by Kuns-Fehlman, and doubted a current board member spoke to this reporter. Luna will be giving his side of the story in a follow-up article, after he has a chance to read Kuns-Fehlman’s suit.

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  1. I have to say I have known Sherrie Kuns-Fehlman for over 20 years. I could never imagine questioning her honesty or her moral standing. I give her credit for standing up for herself against someone who has done her wrong on many different moral levels. I believe her wholeheartedly. I pray for the truth to prevail and I hope when it does there are criminal charges facing Mr Luna. Stealing is one thing, but thinking you have the right to make sexual and improper advances, etc.. That is far worse. Its sad our society still has issue with believing the victim, usually a woman or a child, instead of embracing& trusting them for not cowering down and standing up for themselves.

  2. Sherrie has my full support. I know her to be a truthful person of high integrity. She worked there for 30 years and is then fired within hours of the complaint coming down in her favor – how ridiculous for the supposed ministry. I’ve run large departments before and you don’t fire people who have had legitimate complaints. Do they think that labor law does not apply to them? Mr. Luna has brought shame and discredit to the ministry, and the board was foolish and opened themselves to liability for reinstating him. He should be out and a new person put in place to get this ministry back on track.

    • I don’t agree with Sherri being a person with high integrity. She was rude with several clients and police officers in my presence. She has a sense of entitlement and needs to be bought down to reality. I do agree with Luna being replaced! He does nothing for Grace Homes. He collect a hefty salary for holding a title and nothing more. It’s the administration, minus Luna that have gotten that place back on track. A CEO is not even needed there. Valley Voice? Ask Luna who the girls are that live there and to tell you a little bit about them. Better yet ask him about his employees.

  3. I am a former employee of Grace Homes , I work there for 5 years. Mr Kuns was my Boss, he loved those kids and he is a great man with a great heart. I knew Mr Luna and the board and they are not stand up people. They allowed others to lie and they did not check the facts. Chico CCL, Phil Luna and the board were lied to and not one of them check the facts. I have no respect for them.
    Mr and Mrs Kuns I wish you well.

    • Says the lady that caused the shut down of an entire program.
      Weren’t you under investigation Lanell? Let’s be honest

  4. As the editor I have to weigh in here. Sherrie Kuns-Fehlman did not, according to the headline of this piece, file a lawsuit; instead, she filed a complaint, as the first sentence says.

  5. What is disingenuous is to quote a board member who is unwilling to identify him/herself. None of this persons statements holds any weight and must be dismissed. The board member can say anything. If the statements are true – and can be proven have the courage to state who you are. . . its called spinning the story. To dismiss Kuns – Fehlman and the other women’s allegations is a derelict of duty and unbecoming of board member. I encourage the writer to fully investigate this further to discover the process if any the board took in response to these women. Regarding the statements made regarding Mr. Kuns there are means and ways to discover the truth separate from this unknown board member.

    So what was and was to remain a vital ministry not only in Visalia but serving the whole state of California has become a victim of the selfish and misdirected leadership.

    Literally what is at risk is “throwing out the baby with the bath water. . .”

    The list of victims is beyond these dismissed women, beyond the attempt to dismantle the Kuns family legacy and the good work the staff which served all these years. Not this isn’t painful enough. The list of victims grows to all the young girls, pregnant young women, baby’s and boys who will remain dismissed, denied and demeaned.

    Who now will be the hands, the feet and the heart of God and will over the very grace that is the very motive of this ministry. Thus – “THE GRACE HOME” – Who will meet these where they are with the gift of this truth “my plans are not to harm you or hurt you, but offer you a hope and a future.”

    • This was merely the first in what is promising to be a series. From here it looks as though even more articles will follow a second installment. The writer did speak at length with the board member, who requested anonymity.

      • It – doesn’t matter how long the reporter “spoke” with the unknown board member. . . this does not add any validity to what the board member told the writer. It doesn’t make the statements true – actually it leads me and it should lead your readers to dismiss completely everything the writer included from this hidden source.

        Just the facts – publishing speculation makes this report less as investigation. Rather it could read more as an editorial piece. If the board member has something to add at least have the courage to be identified and take ownership for the stated conclusions.

        Again it is disingenuous is to quote a board member who is unwilling to identify him/herself. None of this persons statements holds any weight and must be dismissed. The board member can say anything. If the statements are true – and can be proven have the courage to state who you are. . . its called spinning the story.

        To dismiss Kuns – Fehlman and the other women’s allegations is a derelict of duty and unbecoming of board member.

        I encourage the writer to fully investigate this further to discover the process if any the board took in response to these women.

        Regarding the statements made regarding Mr. Kuns there are means and ways to discover the truth separate from this unknown board member.

        So what was and was to remain a vital ministry not only in Visalia but serving the whole state of California has become a victim of the selfish and misdirected leadership.

        Literally what is at risk is “throwing out the baby with the bath water. . .”

        The list of victims is beyond these dismissed women, beyond the attempt to dismantle the Kuns family legacy and the good work the staff which served all these years. Not that this isn’t painful enough. The list of victims grows to all the young girls, pregnant young women, baby’s and boys who will remain dismissed, denied and demeaned.

        Who now will be the hands, the feet and the heart of God and who will offer the very grace that is the very motive of this ministry.; Thus – “THE GRACE HOME” – Who will meet these displaced ones where they are? with the gift of this truth “my plans are not to harm you or hurt you, but offer you a hope and a future.”

        It’s a sad statement – but often true when a ministry goes through transitions – there are wolfs dressed in sheep’s clothes seeking who they can devour. I know for a fact for the Kuns and all those were there at the beginning it was never about the money. Hell there wasn’t any money- it was about meeting the needs of those who were set aside even within the Christian community – these young pregnant girls or girl/moms who had no place to call home.

        As the years went on – the ministry grew, as well as the staff and so did the salaries allocated according to the function and title – allowed by the state of California’s guidelines.

        No one got rich or expected to. . . this is where Luna got big eyes like a kid in the candy store – this is where he made his mistake – it’s not about the money – it’s the ministry – stupid!

        If you take care of those God places in front of you – the rest will take care of itself.

        For this ministry it took many years, many long days and sleepless nights – not just the Kuns but the whole dedicated staff.

        It looks like the evil one may have won this round. . . But God is greater than a misdirected board.

        • i totally agree with you mr wilsey the grace homes is my testimony .i am one of the girls that was there in the beginning who had no place to go because when i became pregnant at 13 my mom abandoned me to the foster care system and moved out of the state so i could fend for myself i had to stay behind every holiday cause i had no family here to go on passes with and it was sherrie gale and glenda who would be there with us it was also a dark time in my life but i changed my behavior and graduated thus my life scripture is that jeremiah 29;11 for i know the plans i have for you. the kuns are Gods elect to shine a bright light in a very dark world thank you so much mr wilsey for your comments on here .if it wasnt for this ministry i wouldnt have a place to call home its who i am today God bless you

  6. The real issue here is that the Kuns are corrupt. They stole money from state by claiming to be good people! It’s all an act people! They are the best actors. Now Sherri is crying wolf because they are out of all the money they ripped off from the state. I’d be in a frenzy too if I wasn’t making $8,000 per kid a month! I worked there, and left after I how the money was being used there! They never cared about those children!!!! Those children were walking paychecks to them! Now that they can’t have what they want they are crying wolf!!!! Which is unbelievable!!! There are people have actually been sexually victimized Sherri, and you accusing an innocent man!!!!

    • i cant help but be personally offended with the statement that the kuns never cared for us girls. that is not true . they do to love every last one of us .its not fair to judge people. if you wernt there when the sexual harrassment happened how can you say she is crying wolf. its her word against his .the kuns are very God fearing and respectable people and knowing this family for over twenty years i have never had to question their honesty or integrity. and it doesnt make sense that they are mad cause they cant get what they want. mr luna was hired because gale and glenda wanted to retire. what they wanted was staff they could trust.

  7. Yes the is out there the home was good at one time but people get greedy and things go wrong it is not for the kids anymore but just the money!!

  8. I am a former employee of the Grace homes. I worked there while it was still being run by Gale Kuns and his family. When I originally started working for this organization I thought it was a great organization. I was wrong. The Kuns family cut corners on a lot of things including staff training. They put staff and clients at risk regularly. During my time working there I had worked in almost every position. I was a campus supervisor for most of my employment there. The staff were supposed to be trained in non-violent crisis intervention which is usually a minimum of eight hours of training for the certificate. Sherrie Kuns stated she was certified to train the staff for this certificate. The staff received only 3 hours of training and was given their cards. I was demoted from campus supervisor shortly after this training for making a CPS report when my supervisors failed to do so. I worked as a house staff for a few more months. My last night of work at the campus there was an incident with a client who was trying to kill herself. I did everything I was supposed to do according the training I had been given by the Kuns family. I learned that night that my training was not valid or long enough to hold the certification that I was given. I was placed on administrative leave due to the incident and was not given a date to return. I contacted the Labor Board the following morning and had learned that according to state law I was terminated illegally. I filed my claim with the labor board. during to time I was filling out the paperwork at the labor board I also learned that they were short paying us for the time we worked and had us working illegally. I filled additional claims and won all of my law suits against the company. I was the first of ten employees who filed additional claims with the labor board. The Kuns family is corrupt and takes advantage of people on a regular basis. Before they start trying to criticize anyone they need to remember that there are still plenty of people that know that families dirty little secrets and it will all come out. I as well as several other staff are the ones that reported everything to the state and community care licensing to make sure this family could not due any more damage to staff or clients. It may have taken three years but I am very thankful they were finally removed from the property and not allowed to be part of the operations anymore. The only regret I have is that it took 6 years of employment before I stepped up. If I could do it again I would have reported sooner and been a better advocate for the staff and clients.

  9. I personally know former employees that have nothing good to say about the Kuns. They have wrongfully fired anyone that questioned anything about the group homes. There were suits filed against the Kuns and Gail settled out of court. These girls were used as pawns for money. They were not given the proper clothes and items upon arrival. I think it’s ironic that a family member would bring more attention to an already embarrassing situation.

  10. They are actually now down to 2 pregnant girls, 3 moms with babies, 2 girls 18 yrs of age and 1 single girl. I was laid off and wasnt even told. This place is a joke.

  11. I worked for the Grace Homes on two separate occasions. First from 1993-1995 I also worked for the Group Home for a short period of time in 2003. I returned after working for 8 years at a higher level group home in Fresno. When I came back the second time the person they had in charge of human resources was upset that she was not the one who hired me. When the Kuns went on vacation she retaliated against me. She started giving a bad schedule cut my hours and did not put in in the position I was hired for. She prevented me from talking to to the Kuns. I ended up giving a proper two week notice and moving on to another job where I spent five. In 2014 I went back to Grace Homes and got my home certified for Foster Care. Mrs. Kuns was not even aware of why I left in 2003. I decertified my home in September 2015 after my last kid turned 18. Actually the records my decrestifcation until November. By this time the Kuns where out of place and when this happened I was not rembursed as per the contract for my child. Since the kids mean more to me I couldn’t push the issue to hard without risking my foster child being displaced so I waited and terminated my dealing with Gracehomes after my foster child turned 18 and was out of my home. I never had any issues with payment or training while the Kuns where in place. Sherry is honest and highly educated and capable of dealing with the children that we served. In fact never stopped educating herself over the years and passing it on to staff. Any staff who worked there knows that we where working with a high risk population and it wasn’t the safest job. The risk was part of the job and we where trained to handle it. The Kuns are the farthest from curropt that you can get. The only thing they are guilty of is hiring people who wanted what they had. The problems when I was there where ones caused by people that they hired and put into supervisor positions.They where a little to trusting that those supervisors would all properly do their jobs. They had a vision to help pregnant teens and they did that. It is really wrong how people are throwing dirt on them now. The board member who won’t identify himself deflects Sherries compliant by saying the Kuns mis handled money. What do they have to say about the mishandling of money after they where out of place? I know the Kuns founded the Grace Homes but they are also hired a lot of people who took a role in running it. So let’s not forget that. The Kuns had a good vision and are still stand up people in my eyes!

  12. Sherrie Fehlman was the main problem when I resided at Grace homes for a period of close to four years. I must say she was once an amazing woman that almost became my adoptive mother. Needless to say without putting all of our history into a comment. I left grace homes in October of 2012 with a 3 month old son. I got into a new placement after Sherrie herself (not the company) withheld my mail and emails that were going to her out of my trust for her. This caused me to acquire thousands of dollars in schooling debt. During my stay there i had worked two different jobs and kept a hefty savings account to help me and my new born child have a life after aging out of the system. I received a $87 check when I arrived to my new placement. I had deposited well over $10,000 into savings through Sherrie. After months of dispute involving my placement worker, myself, community Care liscencing, and my home county’s county council I finally received my checks for the full amount. Through this process I received many threatening emails from Sherrie stating that I needed to leave her and her family alone. Long story short, as a now 20 year ole that spent nearly a year trying to recover what was stolen from me by Sherrie and covered up by her family I will say Sherrie was once an amazing woman, but greed got the best of her to say the least. She should have been in jail years ago for embezzlement and terrorist threats. I am very grateful to know that the youth that go through that group home will no longer have to be set back by her selfishness.

  13. The kuns family is not to be trusted they messed up Grace Homes and Phil Luna came to fix the mess they made, Sherrie as the Kuns daughter just wants to stir up trouble because she got what was coming to her and her family. Phil is doing his best to help the girls in Grace Homes sad to see such slander of a man with great character.

  14. Gale Kuns is supposed to be a Godly man. Well i can tell you he is the most HIPOCRITICAL person I’ve ever known. He is greedy and thinks he is above the law.

  15. The issue is that the Kuns are greedy people. The state is the ones that removed the Kuns and their family members because of embezzlement and violating the girls rights numerous time. They have also been operating the facility illegally when they were accepting single girls when they were licensed by the city to only be accepting pregnant or parenting teens. I can’t recall how many times the Kuns and their family have went on vacation while I was working there. At one point, they freezed our pay and cut our hours, in return, Gale and Glenda purchased a brand new Mustang. The Grace Homes had numerous donations from the community, at one point, an RV was donated for the girls to go on trips. The Kuns had the clients deep clean the RV from top to bottom and one day that RV was gone and a newer model was parked right in front of were the Kuns were living. The Kuns were the only ones to use that RV, clients never did. The Kuns are just upset because they are no longer living in the life of luxury, they say they are godly people who want to help these girls, in reality, they only wanted to help themselves.

  16. I worked at Grace Homes for over 5 year’s. Christmas gifts were donated by many churches and the Kuns kids and grandchildren would pick what they wanted from the Christmas donations for themselves . Leaving the girls what was left. Sherrie was there and allowed it. A truck was donated and their son drove it before it was turned it in for a new car for himself . A work program called Pro-Star was started so these girls could get work experience (Kiah B.) and earn money for when they transition out . The t -shirt shop did so well that its changed names and still does business but not for the clients, for the family. Ive witness foster families shorted money on their reimbursement checks because they didnt speak or understand english well. I’ve witness and was told to lie to counties to keep clients . We were all told if a client runs away that we need to chase our pay check or we will have no job by Mrs. Kuns herself. Sherrie is a behaviorist but her sister Leann was known to curse at clients in the school, punch walls , yell at staff and was also a behaviorist as well. Well ,thats what we were told , by Mrs. Kuns. Papers were forged , Law papers were kept from clients by Mrs. kuns. She would read them first then decide if she would give them to the clients or lie to the county and say she never received them. Board members have paid for the school with he understanding they would be paid back.Employees bring clothes for the clients and the foster care. Some houses are licensed and some dont have one but have kids…need more …like they said before, speak to the right people. They have real estate in other states and bank accounts in other names. I did accounting! !! The things you see…

  17. There are so many false statements and false accusations in these negative comments…

    The article has lost its integrity and is no longer of interest.

    It’s unfortunate.

  18. I lived at GRACELESS homes for around 3 months before I ran and got away ( so far the best thing I ever did). The only reason I stayed as long as I did was because the few amazing staff I had the pleasure of spending my time with. The Kuns family are the most scandalous, greedy, dishonorable, wicked, immoral people ive ever met!
    While I was there sherrie had put a bruise on her arm and said one of the clients did that to her after a big blow out argument, the client was in the wrong for the way she was handling the situation but their would have never been a problem if sherrie did not provoke clients. I was present the whole time of the incident and the client did not in any way touch sherrie.
    I had mail witheld from me, ive had my personal items (such as pictures, letters, and comforting items) stolen from me by staff, I later found out that a certain staff took these items from me while I was sleeping. I only found out because a couple other staff came up and told me. When I told the kuns what had happened they laughed and said they already knew..
    The clients got the bare minimum and we only got that so ccl wouldent have a reason to pull their license ( that they apparently didnt even have for everybody)
    They had the psychiatrist dope us up on so much medication we were like zombies. I constantly told them I didnt like the way certain medications made me feel and begged them to switch me but they never did. if we didnt take the medication we were prescribed we would get consequenses and eventually get 7 day’d.

    Graceless homes was hell and a very dark time in my life.I thank all the wonderful staff that understood and did their best to help. As for the Kuns family.. I was always told by your staff you guys would get what you deserve someday… So glad to hear the truth is finally coming out! Im happy to know nobody will ever have to live in that facility under your corrupt way of running a group home!

    • i very seriously doubt that sherrie would lie about a resident doing something to her when i lived there the other residents were down right ruthless . some girls would straight up cuss staff yell spit at them spit in thier food blow there nose in there food leave baby toys in the way where staff would walk so they would fall and one staff did fall and hurt her back really bad . one time a resident was going off over a peice of gum pat hurt was called in to give her a time out . pat was holding the residents baby in the office behind french doors and the resident kicked and punched out all the glass she didnt care that she was endangering her child or staff . i mean come on i dont think troubled youth have changed since i was there if anything they have gotten worse instead of saying all kinds of stuff like that is wrong instead of doing that why dont you put yourself in sherries shoes . but what im curious about is why were you put in there i know i deserved to be there. in order for the program to work for anyone ,including myself, the girl has to make a mental commitment to change their behavior which it sounds like you were unable to do .its very sad really

      • It is good that you caught on to the importance of working a program after your third placement at Grace Homes, and changed your behavior.

          • It is good that you caught on to the importance of working a program after your second (edited) placement at Grace Homes, and changed your behavior.

  19. I lived at Grace homes for over a year with my child. It was really bad for us. The kuns made us feel like we were in juvenile hall. We could not go outside or even go to stores. We had to stay inside and clean all day saturday. We had to wash vans and do yard work. We could only watch cartoons and we had to be in bed at 8 oclock. I was so glad when I left grace homes. I would have to ask over and over to get items for my baby and never got them. I could never talk to the kuns only rosemary who would forget everything and was always to busy to help me. When I left grace homes had new supervisors and new office staff who changed grace homes and made it better. I wished that they would have made the changes sooner. It’s good that the new girls at Grace homes will have a better experience then I did.

    • my name is robin godinez and i am proud to be a former graduate of the grace homes under the leadership of kuns family . i can honestly say to the former residents that they are lying about a lot of stuff.we always had everything we needed while there.the 1st of every month i was given a clothing allotment as well as my son and a seperate allotment for diapers . i had chores but i also got paid weekly money in allowance and thats not including the yearly clothing money of 600 $ that was given to us . oh yeah then there is the yearly camping trip all of us including the kuns and sherrie would go on and the trips to the coast like 4 times a summer and trips to disneyland magic mountain universal studios monterey morro bay the zoo you name it .who has heard of doing all that while being in juvenile hall? during the time that i lived there i completed all of the programs that was required of me and then some,like graduating highschool in one school year . but we also were part of ilsp through cps . while going through that training i got money to attend that also 100 for every 6 weeks of classes i did we took countless trips with them also dave richards . wich when i graduated highschool i got paid 500$ for a copy for cps of my diploma . i was also chosen by cps to represent the state of california foster kids to speak in front of cps probation at the 13 th annual mental health fair .then there was also mentor moms that we took part in and thats how and when i got saved in the Lord. and to the staff that mentioned christmas and the donations .you are lying .christmas time there was never nothing like it .all of us and sherri would make arts and craftsthe whole school vacation we would go christmas caroling at the old folks hospital and looking at christmas lights ther was the around the table christmas carol sing at the kuns church to hear mr .kuns sing where us girls and staff sherrie and pat hurt would all attend we would all go out to eat to sizzlerthen come home to a front room so full of christmas presents we couldnt even find a place to sit
      nobody had to go through donations to get the gifts they were all already wrapped .who do you think did all the wrapping for presents for a total of 16 girls and at least that many babies?sherrie did thats who . whats happening here is the wicked are trying to call evil good and good evil .all of you who had nothing good to say might want to look in the mirror and reexamine their own motives for speaking malicious lies about sherrie and her family .oh , there was also easter every year we would get big easter basketsfor us and our kids .we had a birthday party for every single one of us and our kids. they gave us valentines day presents .when i graduated highschool the kuns family bought me a dozen long stem red roses and 150 dollars . and even after doing all this while i lived there i didnt know how good i had it until after when i aged out and left and got a taste of the real world and what it is like to be an adult. the bible says that we should show extra respect for the elders who rule well in thier place God placed them in and thats why i am writing this comment and also because what i said is the truth gale glenda sherrie God bless you because great is your reward in heaven when people say all kinds of horrible things about you because of me . a person dedicated to serving the Lord should be the best role model for us and thats why i love these people so much .but my experience with grace homes didnt end there when i left they have always been there for me up to this very day i have a lot more that i can say on thier behalf , wich is why i have been writing my testimony of Gods grace for two years dedicated to this family titled The Group Home Girl . remember sherrie greater is He that lives in you than that that is in the world and its Him God that upholds you in his right hand even as the apple of his eye

      • Thank you for sharing. I am sure you where not there when I worked at Grace Homes but I have to say the successes is why I did the work for so long. You should be proud of yourself and keep telling your story!

        • jen i was too there when you were there i lived at central house you were our live in night staff.i think you dont remember me probably i didnt leave until 1996 in august
          i have a lot more i can say on thier behalf

          • In 1996, maybe the taste of greed had not yet set in. You were fortunate. Also, you said Central House, meaning you did not live on campus with the girls, correct?

      • Robin, I was staff at Grace Homes when you and your son were placed there and returned as staff several times until 2013. Things changed there. Clients no longer received a monthly allowance for clothing. Instead, they were given clothes from the ‘Grace Mart’, in which the majority of clothing were either recycled from previous clients or donated to the program. I have, on occasion witnessed where administration had gone to the extreme in trying to charge clients for diapers that had been donated to the program, once their ‘allotted’ number of diapers had been used. Unless the placement agency demanded receipts for the monies allotted in the form of an annual clothing allotment, the clients did not actually receive the clothing in addition to their normal ‘clothing needs’. The administration developed a clothing inventory sheet which was filled out monthly by staff and then signed by both staff and client. Clients rarely received any clothing additional to what their ‘needs’ were (as determined/defined by Grace Homes administration). Annual trips, as you mention had (prior to Mr. Luna becoming administrator) become a thing-of-the-past. I could provide numerous examples of how clients were encouraged to raise the funds to finance such trips as you have mentioned. Gone were the days were the lead staff could take clients out shopping, or to have a meal out at a restaurant to acknowledge and celebrate the combined efforts of the clients having had achieved their levels. I refrained in participating in the ‘Christmas Hands’ for clients after having experienced that the items that I purchased for the client were given to another (more worthy) client. I have been given first-hand accounts from colleagues who never did see items that they had purchased present on evenings when the clients and their children opened their gifts. I have helped organized various activities and arts and crafts projects. I am not the only staff that found it to be rather frustrating that getting even the most basic supplies for activities was like pulling teeth. In the most recent years that I can recall, staff donated their time to come in and help wrap gifts for the clients. While birthdays were once celebrated with cake and ice cream (and often other various refreshments as organized by the house staff) and a monetary gift, this has not been the case for nearly the past decade. I honestly do not remember the last graduation or sober birthday celebration given in honor of the achievements of the clients, at Grace Homes.
        There was a time when, during the Christmas season, staff were shown that they were appreciated through generous bonuses. My final Christmas bonus consisted of a $10 gift certificate that was never even given to me (or a number of my colleagues), as they were collected by an individual within administration before they could be given out to us.
        This Robin, is the reality of what Grace Homes had evolved into. Your perspective on Grace Homes is based entirely on your experiences, while placed at the Grace Homes over 18 years ago. The Kuns’ were ‘gifted’ with a remarkable program and the ideal facilities to continue in this ministry, in which I know that Mrs. Kuns once possessed a great passion for. While I have admired the Kuns’ on many accounts, I am saddened that the Grace Homes has become, in which has resulted in the Kuns’ being prohibited from the Grace Homes property.
        The Kuns’ have provided me with the opportunity to work with the youth placed within their care. Having worked with this population of youth, I have been inspired to continue in my education and I look forward to working with at-risk youth on a therapeutic level.
        In closing, I give my regards to the new administration. It could not have been easy to transition into this position, considering the issues and obstacles at hand. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my former colleagues as well as the clients [both male and female] that I have had the privilege to work with. I have acquired a wealth of education, information and training from each of you, equally.

        • my experience with the group home didnt end 18 years ago last year i was at grace homes as a volunteer .i am a carpet cleaner and i donated my services to cleaning carpets at all their facilities and i used to go back to grace homes and give motivational talks to the residents for a couple of years after i left .but i was there at least 5 times last year

          • After you graduated I only did see you there at one of the Christmas Dinner fund raisers. I was there a total of 13 years. The majority of which I worked in the Admin. My point though, was that you were not there in any capacity to provide an insightful perspective. I understand that you hold the Kuns in high regard, but you’re opinions are biased and your ‘inside’ knowledge of the program is very out-dated. I would have agreed with all that you have presented had I not remained as an employee at Grace Homes and witnessed all that I have which has led to the reality of what remains today. CCL (Community Care Licensing was not on a witch hunt. If you refer to the visits and cites that are available on the CCL website, you will see the decline in the quality of care and disregard to CCL regulations by Grace Homes Administration.

  20. I agree. Sherrie was a victim here of sexual harassment. This is not about the Kuns family or how your feelings were somehow hurt or offended. So your comments you all believe she deserved it? Where are the out crys for women’s right and victim rights here?????

    • Sherrie was not sexually harassed. She was never there. She was on leave. Yes it is about the Kuns family. Who did you think had this article put in print? The Kuns and their lawyers. Why would two people (Lanell Wren & Joel Wilsey) read our little paper when they live in Redding and Hollywood. Because they were told to post something. The harassment is garbage. Its hard to believe a thing the Kuns family says when everything that comes out of their month is a lie.

  21. Mr. Luna I do not know you but I can say I do know the Kun’s Family, Gale is only trying to ruin your reputation I have seen this before, if things don’t go their way it’s always something sexual with this family!!! 8 to 9 other staff complaints I doubt it!! Maybe 2 that are more than likely related that’s how this family works. Kun’s Family get over it you all lost your jobs thru fault of your own quit embarrassing yourselves enough already!!! The only victim here is Mr. Luna!!

  22. It’s all coming out now, the Kuns tried lying again and look what happens. Thank you for sharing this story, it is giving people a chance to share the truth about these con-artists. The Kuns convinced the poor reporter that their story was true and accurate. But that’s what they do. They manipulate and convince people that they are victims. They have been doing this for years to Doctors, Lawyers, the Labor Board, ect..They are angry because they got caught. Their sins are being revealed. They want to blame everyone around them. The more they try to fight the worse it will get for them. For every time they lie, the truth comes out. If they keep this up, their going to end up spending the rest of the pathetic lives in prison.
    Sherrie goes through men like we change underwear. Her mental illness and use of prescription drugs are making her crazy. She’s angry because she isn’t getting free money anymore and she’s not getting her way. She wants revenge.
    She is a liar and she knows it, Her accusations against Mr. Luna are false. These accusations will come back to bite her in the ass. She must not realize that she can end up facing legal or criminal consequences for filing a false or frivolous harassment claim. I agree with “happy to be gone”, Mr. Luna is the victim here.
    If you know someone that has been a victim to the Kuns, encourage them to share their story.

  23. For every negative story there is also a positive one. I know many people including myself who felt loved and helped and feel that this family, the employees and the program saved our lives from juvenile hall and from further destruction. Helping us to make better choices. I’m thankful for the help and support I received there and have only good things to say. Thank you!!!!!

  24. I have known Phil for over 20 years and Sherri is upset because the Kun’s family finally have to pay for their greed and mismanagement of The Grace Homes.
    I don’t feel sorry for any of the Kun’s family.
    Phil is a man of God. The bible says we will be tested as followers of Christ.
    I know God removed me from employment there to protect me.
    God will be on Phil’s side as well

  25. The only problem that Grace Homes has now is the fact that too many people have their hand in the cookie jar. Too many chefs in the kitchen. Too many Chiefs and incompetent followers. There is simply no unity there at Grace Homes. You have an accountant who pokes her nose in everybody’s affairs. She yelled at me regarding my schedule, and I have no reason as to why. She is rude to everyone and filters a channel of bad energy through the staff. Beware she bites! Also, there are still employees that run back and tell the Kuns what they “think” about Grace Homes. Gossip travels fast there at Grace Homes. Anyone working there would know.
    I don’t know Mr. Luna on a personal level, but I am sure that he has done nothing wrong. Grace Homes has the potential to be a very rewarding and successful program with the right staff. Rosemary does nothing but break promises to these girls time and time again. She is a liar. If she feels the heat, she quickly passes blame. She is of no service to the girls at Grace Homes.
    The supervisors, while I don’t like a couple of them, they are much better at handling problems than the office staff. If I try talking to Rosemary, she will start gossiping about other staff and redirect the conversation to something other than the girls and their needs. Jerry simply is not approachable, however, he does get more results than Rosemary. Ms. Kellogg, simply needs to go. She is the seed of the Kuns and should have stayed gone when she left the first time. She had Kundensies that will only bring Grace Homes down to its knees.
    I am hoping that Mr. Luna can make it through the storm that is quickly approaching. As for the Kuns, you all made this mess. Let the others who are willing to clean up your shit, clean it, before you wind up in the same system in which Grace Homes was meant to prevent the girls from landing in.

  26. This is ridiculous! How can the Kun’s and Sherri live with themselves? They are willing to destroy a man’s reputation for what? Money? Revenge?. Phil Luna is a man of integrity. He lives by the rules. He is a husband to a sweet-beautiful lady, a father and grandfather and a loyal friend. He is an inelegant man with a ton of knowledge. I also know that the Kuns and Sherri picked the wrong guy to accuse. It is just a matter of time before the Kuns and Sherri get what is coming to them. Time will reveal so much about their lies and tactics.
    We are praying for you Mr. Luna.

  27. i lived at grace homes and i hated it. i would rather be in juvi then living there. rosemary and sherri where the worse. sherri and leanne i heard say the n word before and sherri and rosemary talked down to us and even hit kids. liz was really mean to. we had to clean and stay in the house all the time like we were in jail liz and marline would make us clean the vans or we could not watch tv. we could not go to the doctor when we needed and we never got any money or clothes. i hate living there. it was years ago but i heard that when i left it got even worse. i would beg for things and never get them. they got over 7000 for me every month and they never bought me nothing. girls with babies would be sad becuase the babies never got things they needed for a long time. it was a nightmare i was so happy when i went to juvi it was better then gh. some of the staff was nice like adrine and debbie but i hated the other people. they made me feel like they didn’t want me there. we did not get to go to school we had to go sit at the building on campus they call school and the staff just sat around deserae and tifany would be on the phone all the time. we just sat there and played cards every day for hours i hope they make the kuns pay for using the girls they had living there.

  28. God i cant say how happy i am and upset that i wasnt there when all this went down. These ppl the KUNS their daughters, the tshirt making son and their slow ass grandkids all are gettin wht they deserve and its goin public 😂😂😂 thank god all u ppl still sayin these are good ppl u must be gettin paid cuz yall lyin out the neck DEVIL COMES IN MANY WAYS

    • youre calling me a liar you dont even know me. im glad you wernt there when i was there i dont think we would have gotten along whatever your name is ms jelly or whatever
      but i will pray for you

      • Jelly did not call you a liar. Her comment was not even directed to you. She was merely expressing herself, which she has the right to do here as this is an open forum. Again Robin, I must reiterate that you are completely biased and lack accurate information regarding the circumstances in which the clients lived while placed at Grace Homes. What will you be asking God for when you pray for Jelly? Now, I was working within admin when both Jelly and her sister were placed at the Grace Homes. I for one can tell you that Jelly was not a bad person. She was one of the most successful clients that I ever did know. She earned many privileges while there. She even was able to develop such a relationship with staff that they trusted her and she never failed any staff that I am aware of. I lived up north near the city where she lives and spent much time with her and her kids. She is an exceptional mother who is conscientious of more aspects in her life and surroundings than anyone else that I know her age. She is the only person that I know that independently coordinates clothing drives for the homeless within her community. You are very biased and jumping to conclusions about someone that you admit that, “you do not even know…” There is two-sides to the story. I suggest that you consider any comment(s) that you do not agree with more critically. The position that you have and are defending is based on what you are being fed. You have not been at Grace Homes as either a client nor a staff for nearly two decades. You have been a guest and a volunteer. So, if you are actually going to be praying for her then I suggest that you pray that God continues to give her the strength and tools to continue in the work that He has entrusted in her to do.

        • and you might want to reread her post if she wasnt directing her comments to me then whobeing there are only like two or three people on here saying anything good . i beleive she said we were getting paid to say nice things and talking out the side of our neck

      • well good for her im really glad for her and i didnt say anything rude but since you knew me when i lived there then say who you are

        • You are correct. You did not post your comment to Jelly in a manner that would have been perceived as rude. You did, however appear to me to be exhibiting in a passive/aggressive manner. Offering to pray for Jelly… as if she were the entity here that is in need of prayers. Have you read the article posted today?

          If you were contacted by the Kuns’ and asked to comment here then you were used and mislead. And I am genuinely sorry for this, Robin. Again…Omnia Vencit Veritas.
          Anyone that I have worked with at Grace Homes, who has read my posts, knows who I am. It is not advisable that an individual who works, or is planning to work as a professional within this community reveal their identity in an open forum, such as this.

  29. Ctfu im talkin to anyone who feels they fit the shoe grace homes was horrible worst place ever only thing i can be grateful for is the bonding time with my son….. and for robin girl u commenting on every response. …..why ?everyone is entittled to their opinions i see why they kept u on the team tho lol plz pray for me too thanks ✊✊ i would pray for u but i have bo reason 😂😉😉 and AKA former staff i love u one u kept me goin while I was there. …

    P.s robin its been decades lol get over it the place went to shit GRACEHOMES is HELL

    Pray for the girls still trapped 😂😈😈

    • i will pray for whoever i want wether they have good or bad things to say about the kuns. and i did grow up back when i was still in there thats why i left on good terms . i graduated . and thats why they have always been there for me and my son up to this very day . but jelly if you dont have no reason to pray for me thats ok too. my prayers goes out to everyone involved and it breaks my heart that this is happening .my experience with the home is one of Gods graces to me in this life but the ministry of Grace goes with me to the next

    • Thank you Jelly. It was the collective effort by [the majority] of staff that contributed to your success, while placed at Grace Homes.

  30. I also had the privilege to work for grace homes while there I witnessed the kuns treat the clients and staff like animals. One time I saw the kuns give a client conditioner in a zip lock bag and made them pay $2.50. I know who these people are and after dealing with then I came to know christ because of the hardship I endured with all the manipulating games and flipping the script. I now know maybe once upon a time there motive was to help teenage pregnant girls but somewhere along the way they got greedy. God don’t like ugly. After the years of cheating clients and staff i’m glad their being confronted about the mismanagement of money and conduct. Hopefully they repent for the many clients they misled. In they bible it says Jesus Warns of Offenses 42 “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble , it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck , and He were thrown into the sea. Grace homes was supposed restore these girls with the love of christ instead they further hindered them. I pray they get it together and I’m glad I have had the opportunity to work for other group homes and the clients are treated very good.

  31. I was a client that had been placed there more then once. The whole place is a mess. Every time a staff would start to get us what we need they were fired. One was even Sherri daughter in law. Every time she would help us get what we need they would fire her then she would come back and fix the mess and they fire her again. She bought our food and made the menus we had to follow. She let us wrote down what we wanted to have for dinner and she would make it happen if they let her. Sherri daughter worked there too and she never got fired even though she did nothing to help us and was mean. She talked to me like I was stupid. Rosemary was the worst. She was mean, didn’t care about us and even made me miss court and she never got fired neither. Linda B worked in the daycare and sat in the office there or would come be mean to the babys when they cried. I hated it there. The Kuns never helped us. They kept us locked up. Supposed to be cool to go to church then wouldn’t let us. Mrs Kuns would yell at the everyone. They had good staff there and that’s what help me when I had to be there. I hope the Kuns get what’s coming

  32. I once was cared for for 14 months as a young girl at Grace home’s I have lots to say about it but not willing to do so on hear I’m a person who likes to speak out to whom ever needs to hear me not hid behind my phone and judge or try and be on ether side that’s all for now wish every single person involved the best god bless.

  33. It is amazing to me that the tone of some of these messages are so angry.
    I worked for Gale and the Grace Homes for a period of time in my life when things were tough for my family financially. Although I had worked in a ministry before, I had no experience with the kind of requirements needed. I quickly learned the ropes and I saw Gale as a very caring father figure for the girls that came into the program. So many came in with so much emotional baggage, that it took weeks or sometimes longer to be able to help. Many of these girls come off of the street. Some were third generation prostitutes with mom and grandma all making a living off of the street.
    My point is that many of these pregnant girls would have gotten an abortion if their had not been a place like the Grace Homes to take them in and care for them.
    The Kuns did not live off of the money that many of think they pilfered. The costs associated with the mortgages, the insurance, payroll, utilities and the like took everything that came in. There is no rainy day fund. Gale drives an older model beat up car and definitely does not spend his money for the latest fashions. So where you all think this money went.
    As far as the amount of money that comes from the state for each child, the schedule is the same for any provider in California giving the same services. Grace Homes had to show that they had a certain percentage of their employees with college degrees.
    I found it personally very satisfying to work in an environment where positive change for those in the program happened every day.

  34. Awe Perry, i wish you could have seen the bank accounts that were opened. when chase would offer 100 dollars for a new account .they would open a new one under every kids name for that 100. Times that by every girl , boy , baby and foster kid. The kids didnt get that money but it was in their name. Davids kids were on payroll and never came to the campus. Ask Merced county how they were lied to. They didnt know where their client was placed. Pro star was started with the money/grant for the help of these girls. Would these girls have had abortions? Your assuming that but i never had a girl ask for one and i was there 6 years. I went on plenty of medical appointments. Sherrie has now opened another home for troubled kids in another state. Not sure if her husband knows about this. So this law suit sounds like its needed to get the new place started. How many people who were case workers had degrees? Our CPR class was done online by someone in the office. We just got the card when it came in. Leann issued blood stained Clothes to kids. We charged them for stuff donated by Wal-Mart. Beth lived on campus and her kids went through the clients stuff and took what they wanted. The money paid for groceries for the kuns house and Beth. The place was a food pantry but ask the foster parents if they were able to come get food or if they were given food. Food Link gave them food weekly. How come Tulare county wont place kids there. ? A family memeber,, , who came on campus and cant be around kids!! Perry, you were there for a short time, i mean real short.

  35. Now it’s so sad that this group home had to get shut down because of their greed. I was there last couple of weeks before it got shut down and it was so sad that the girls that were still there didn’t want to leave because they were getting stuff done but because the kuns and sherri being so greedy they had to leave. I’ve worked there for years and there was plenty of times I was told to lie to clients and almost lost my job all because I wanted to take a client home to better her life but mrs. Kuns didn’t like that because I was taking their money from them but because of the fact that they couldn’t fore me for that my job was saved. I loved my job and did everything I could for those girls I even wanted to buy all the girls pizza one time but was told by mrs. Kuns and Leanne that if I did I would be in a lot of trouble because the girls didn’t deserve that. Oh then there was a time when we had a client on campus that was out of control so I was told but mr. And mrs. Kuns to take a drive to tulare and trick Her and pretty much leave her there and mind you it was winter time I f r lt horrible about it before we went to tulare I stopped at my house got her a jacket because I knew she would be cold! As we got to tulare I knew what I was doing was wrong so I turned around and drove back to campus and told them I wasn’t going to do this to her. So for everyone defending this family need to realize they were horrible greedy money hungry people!!!!

  36. I worked at grace homes for about two weeks, it was the worst two weeks of my life, I worked at the boys program ,and it was a complete disaster, the boys ran amok, there were two clients that needed to be in level fourteen programs, but for some reason they hung on to them while the whole time they were there they would cause chaos, and would bring the other clients into their mess, the documentation was so disorganized you could not find anything, and it was clear that the people running the kuns simply did not care about the clients or the condition of the house.
    the closing of grace homes was clearly a long time coming, unfortunately they have done a lot of damage before they were done

  37. The whole bunch of The Kun’s their extended families and friends where all crooked greedy people. Covering up for themselves doing double books. Forcing the clients to buy donations with their own state fund’s issued to them for their babies and selves. Not getting fresh food, except what came in a beat up ghetto delivery truck with wilted fruits/vegetables.
    Oh, do not forget that the donations ment for the children from food to clothes was kept and sold back to the children with their God given funds from the state. Or the Kun’so and their favorites would go through those donations and keep it for themselves.
    Those children did not active outings other than what CA. States requiredo which was 3 programs only. And, church if lucky.
    There was maybe one trip to Disney land 10 years ago….huh
    Oh and not all the children or Staff got equal treatment or respect from the Kun’s or the Administration office staff or certain other staff who worked the campus. Because it was all about a…kissing, being snitches and GREED along with a POWER TRIP by these people.
    The staff on campus worked hard took blame for the brown noses and Kun’s family…not giving a d,,.. about overworked staff or the childrensocial needs.
    That’s why they had an unbelievable high turn over rate of employees. Because the Kansas and their followers where RUDE,, GREEDY and down right LIARS.
    When they had staff meetings the Kun’s would say Do NOT let $ 3,800 run out the door, Meaning don’t let the girls run threaten them with the Police and they will lose their Babies if they Run or want to make complaints to the state licensing. How awful for this family to do these children and staff so badly and so unjust.
    What? That’s right this place was a pit of misery for both children and staff.
    God finally stepped in after so many complaints from everyone who knows right from wrong.
    And by the way none of the Kansas treated those children right they put on a show and used threatening conversations with them. Just as they did with the staff who TRIED to DO RIGHT and the staff who was favored by the Kansas LIED Disrespected the good staff and lined their pockets as well. Not doing their job!!!!
    Hell they had cutters in rooms with broken windows….they had to children that did not get along in same room. Or older children at 16 with 9 year olds…not good.
    This place was pure Hell…

  38. They had really bad male supervisors in the boys home from 2009-2010 and the clients used that to there advantage that’s why the boys home collapsed right from the beginning

  39. I was also in grace homes it was the wotst place i have ever been in my life i have been litterally messed up for years im now 34 pat hurt told me if i was to speak to licensing they would make sure i never got my kids back after of course i would be terminated for threating the staff by asking to contact licensing our food was always locked nevwr cluld we gwt and medical attention tgey kept you so druged up i saw them take babys from mothers for no reason i am to over whelmed to get out all the dettails but i can get out that my two children i had livimg withe there had multiple times had bruises after we had to leave them with. Who ever. I cant even begin to tell you how horrible the list of chorse white glove for real once my son was found by the maintance man frank walkong down. Mooney blv 19 months old no one even knew he had been missing he said he saw him put him in the van and brought him back linda chaberlin was supposssed to be watchimg while i was at some class .the charter school was in an empty house we were not allowd to talk all day long quiet for eight hours in an empty house with nothing except plastic tables in the kitchen and a stack of books not once did i ever ever hear anything taught or any one get any kind of schoolomg work at youre own pase bull. I cant even begin how horrible this place was for me i was 17 im 34 and im still so emotionally distraught and damaged .

  40. I, too, am a former employee – a very short-term, Christian employee – that was lied to, cheated out of wages, and fired illegally by Mr. Kuns. Scripture says “revenge is mine” thus saith the Lord. I certainly was angry, for more than the personal reasons in which I shared. No, it was genuinely more for the mistreatment and abuse of power the GH girls had to endure that angered me the most. I personally observed and daily witnessed unethical and abusive treatment against the girls entrusted to the care of Grace Homes and the Kuns – as well as other administrative staff. I wanted revenge, but I was more fearful of disobeying God’s word than seeking revenge for myself – besides there was nothing in my power that could begin to affect them in ways that God could. So I prayed for the girls, the program and waited for God to do what He does with those He loves – discipline!

  41. I was one of the girls that Grace Homes helped. There was only a couple of staff that showed that they cared for us. I’m only going to mention the one staff that made a difference in my life her name is Erica Longoria, we all called her Big Mama. When she got fired everything changed for us girls. She would make sure that we were all treated equally, and that we were all safe, she was on our side and made sure that we girls had everything we needed. Made sure that our food wasn’t expired. I truly missed her. She fought for our rights against the Kuns.

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