Sources Explain Tulare Chief Breckinridge’s Absence

Tulare PD Chief Jerry Breckinridge
Tulare PD Chief Jerry Breckinridge

The whereabouts of Tulare Police Chief Jerry Breckinridge have not been known to the public since May 29. Tulare City Manager Don Dorman announced on June 23 that Breckinridge had been placed on paid administrative leave. Dorman did not explain why the police chief had been put on administrative leave or how long he would be gone.

Last week two sources came forward to the Valley Voice to report on circumstances they had learned surrounding Breckinridge’s disappearance. Each stated that Breckinridge’s administrative leave is the result of an unreported drunk driving incident. The sources also filled in details which they had heard surrounding Breckinridge’s arrest last year on charges of domestic abuse.

The first source referred to himself as “Pat” and is confirmed to be familiar with law enforcement in Tulare County. The second source, who identified himself as Chris, corroborated both stories and added his own details. A motivating factor behind the sources coming forward, they said, was the fact that Tulare tax payers are spending more than $10,000 a month for their police chief to be on leave.

“The citizens of Tulare have a right to know where he is,” said Pat.

On Memorial Day weekend of this year, Pat said, a Tulare Police Department officer was returning to the station in his cruiser after participating in a DUI checkpoint. On his way to the station he saw a Prius swerving on the road in front of him. Before he could turn on his lights to pull the suspected drunk driver over, the driver pulled his car to the side of the road, got out of the car, and said something to the effect of, “I’m drunk, take me home.”

The officer, who had not yet finished his probationary period with the department, recognized the man as Breckinridge, Pat said. Not feeling comfortable arresting the police chief for drunk driving, the officer called for backup. Three more Tulare Police department officers showed up and it was decided, after a phone conversation with the city manager, to take Breckinridge home, Pat said.

Early the next morning, Dorman went to Breckinridge’s home and strongly suggested that he take time off of work and enter a rehabilitation program, Pat said. Breckinridge has continued to receive his monthly salary since. Tulare Police Captain Wes Hensley has temporarily taken Breckinridge’s position as chief of police. Because Breckinridge has not been seen, both sources speculated that he is still in rehab.

Breckinridge’s alleged drunk driving incident in May came just over a year after his arrest on domestic abuse charges in March, 2014. Both sources suspect that alcohol may have played a role in that incident also, prompting Dorman to suggest Breckinridge get help.

According to Pat, on the evening of March 15, 2014, Breckenridge’s girlfriend caught him viewing internet pornography. An argument ensued and a physical altercation followed. The girlfriend went home after the physical altercation and called a friend to commiserate, revealing the fact that she had been physically assaulted by her boyfriend.

The victim’s friend happened to be a CHP officer, who, as such, is a California Mandated Reporter. Mandated Reporters must report child or domestic abuse cases when they become aware of them. The CHP officer called her superior to report the domestic abuse incident. Her superior called the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department due to the conflict the Tulare police would have investigating their own chief, Pat said.

Pat heard from sources close to the Tulare County Sheriff’s department that Lieutenant Robert Moore and Captain Scott Logue were sent to Breckinridge’s girlfriend’s home. While at the girlfriend’s home the lieutenant and captain called Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux for advice on how to proceed with the domestic abuse case. Pat said that Boudreaux directed them to not contact the detective on call that night who specializes in domestic violence, but to use a newly hired detective who specialized in violent crimes, such as murder and kidnappings.

According to Pat, after receiving instructions from Sheriff Boudreaux, the lieutenant and captain contacted the violent crimes detective and requested that he meet them at Breckinridge’s home. Though it was the detective’s duty to collect evidence, take pictures, secure a search warrant to investigate the crime scene and obtain statements from each party, it is unclear if any of that took place. Pat stated that the detective’s report contained none of this information.

Chris, who is also familiar with Tulare County law enforcement, said there were two other serious breaches of protocol that night. According to Penal Codes 243 and 273.5, during cases of domestic abuse, all firearms are to be taken from the accused’s home. Also, an emergency restraining order is to be obtained for the safety of the victim. To the contrary, Breckinridge was allowed to keep all of his firearms and no restraining order was issued, Chris said.

Pat said that it had been reported in several news sources that Boudreaux, his wife, Breckinridge and his girlfriend had been out to dinner a few nights earlier. Also, according to Chris, Breckinridge personally endorsed Boudreaux’s campaign in the 2014 election. The 2014 primary was only six weeks away from the March 14 domestic abuse incident.

At that time, Pat said, the chief was arrested without being questioned or processed for the crime, then immediately bailed out for $50,000.

The next morning the police report was sitting on District Attorney Tim Ward’s desk. Ward cited a conflict of interest and sent the case to the Kern County District Attorney.

According to Melissa Allen, of the Kern County District Attorney’s office, the case was declined for lack of evidence.

“I have to prove to a jury that the incident happened beyond a reasonable doubt, but there was insufficient evidence,” she said.

Breckinridge’s girlfriend did not press charges.

Chris also said that immediately after Breckinridge’s alleged unreported DUI in May of this year, a memo went out to everyone in the department that said, “If anyone is caught talking or speculating on what happened to Chief Breckinridge, you will be fired.”

Despite the warning, according to Chris, a Tulare police officer was heard saying, “Look, it is what it is. He (Breckinridge) needs some help.”

Dorman is on vacation until October and was unavailable for comment. Tulare City Attorney Martin Koczanowicz stated, for the record, that the city cannot comment on a personnel matter.

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    • It is beyond my comprehension as to why this information has been kept from the citizens of Tulare. As taxpayers, we have a right to this information. It is ludicrous that he is still on paid administrative leave, to the tune of over $11,000 a month and the taxpayer is not entitled to any explanation????

  1. Needs to be relived of his duties and he is a community servant and should not be given special treatment. He needs to be made accountable for his actions just like an average citizen would have to be. Enough of politics and get down to. Business. I don’t want the citizens of tulare to have to continuing supporting this kind of behavior. Shame on u Dorman. We should also consider another city manager with some cajones to deal with sensitive issues and not hide them. U have have cost several thousands of dollars in taxpayers monies.

  2. Why did DA Tim Ward send Breckinridge case to Kern County instead of Kings County? Because Kings County doesn’t tolerate anyone breaking the law and Breckinridge would have been held to answer. Breckinridge girlfriend does not decide if she wants to press charges or not. She was not only a victim but a material witness as well. If it were anybody else his girlfriend would have been prosecuted for obstructing justice. I guess certain people are allowed to be above the law. City manager Dorman and Breckinridge should be terminated for this cover up. Now it’s the job of the Tulare City Council to handle this matter swiftly and properly.

    • John u clearly don’t know much about the law because many dv victims end of not testify and wanting to drop charges and no none of them are held for obstructing justice

  3. Why is this being tolerated? We would never teach our young people that is was right to break the law and then cover it up. Our city officials should all answer to higher standards and this Chief of Police should have been fired immediately. And to ask your staff and employees to keep silent while the offender continues to collect his pay all while his Department continues to work hard and put theirs lives on the line for us. Shame on our Mayor and City Managers for allowing this. Friendships with the Sheriff should not be a “Get Out of Jail Pass” either. The Citizens of Tulare need to be informed and take action against officials that do not perform their duties with honor and integrity.

  4. Finally an in-depth article on Chief Breckinridge and Dorman. Both need to go. Suggestion for next article would be the prolonged paid admin leave on Dorman’s assistant City Manager Margot Farrlott (I am sure that I am not spelling her last name correctly, sorry about that). She has been on paid leave longer that the Chief or at the very least just as long. Good reporting.

  5. And of course everything that is in print is the truth, such an unbiased article, citing so called facts, then armchair administrators thinking they know how the world according to garp is run, oh yea, hicktown, usa.

  6. why are they both since being paid? heard that margie is working for tulare co. if so she is double dipping!!! was told she was fired so why are the people of tulare city still paying her? just asking?

    • According to Dorman in a VTD article on August 27, 2015, Margee Fallert was put on paid admin leave on April 27, 2015 and he had no idea when that might end. No reason was given and Mayor Macedo reportedly suggested that paying Fallert was probably the safest way to handle that situation suggesting the need to ward off possible pending lawsuits. HELLO!!! Have not heard anymore about her situation. Was she finally fired? quit? rehired somewhere else? This city council and city manager do not believe that citizens need to know anything about what is going on within our city and with our tax dollars. Last I heard Tulare was not a private firm where confidentiality for its employees takes precedent over the peoples right in general. Tax dollars pay the salaries of everyone who works for the city and we have a right to know who, what, and where, in regards to our tax dollars and the people who work for we the people. I’m not asking for anymore than just general information, no need to get into the nitty gritty “personal details” unless of course criminal acts have taken place.

  7. How can anybody be sure of the sources? Its all unsecure accusations that everyone just believes… I garuntee not all of this is true..

      • Well at least John Doe has a brain n his head unlike the rest of these people… How hey there are aliens n outer space just waiting to take us all… Must b true cuz it’s written on the internet no need to validate the source or the information

  8. Even if half of this is true, and I believe most, if not all of it is , then a demotion at the very least is called for, as for doubting the source cited for these claims, Valley Voice isn’t the National Enquirer and I have full confidence in their judgement when using anonymous sources. And can anyone tell me what’s more “hick” than being named after a mediocre has been singer?

  9. Judging by the number of comments to this article, this so called journalistic virtual paper won’t be winning any Pulitzer’s any time soon. I didn’t even realize the “Valley Voice” still existed till now.

    For all the talk about the news media, much of it online, is there anyone so credulous as to believe they’re getting unvarnished facts in a “news report”.

    I bet you think this post is about ya, don’t ya.

  10. This is sad. Not the Article. Valley Voice prints no fiction than any paper around. What’s sad is that TPD officers know what happend and none of them are saying.
    As a councilman in Tulare this article is useless. If you know something. Step up and do the right thing. If one cop watches another cop commit a crime and does or says NOTHING. I would say they are both bad cops.
    I believe we have some good officers. If you are out there contact me. Tell me the truth. As a council member the CM doesn’t have to tell us how he deals with personnel matters. If he instructed officers on how to do their job that night that’s a problem for me.
    So is there a good officer willing to do the right thing?
    I’m my opinion who ever submitted this letter is a coward that needs to visit OZ and ask for courage.

    • Bottom line is, being in the posistion of Chief of Police means you are suppose to be a leader, obviously at this point in time, for whatever reason Breckinridge is not up for the job. Its also obvious that there is a cover up of some sort, he wasnt injured on the job, if he had a family crisis we would have heard about it, im wondering what other secrets there are that would make protecting Breckinridge the road that Dorman chose to go down.

    • I want to commend Carlton for being the first person involved with city government willing to come forward asking for the truth. I hope one of the good officers comes forward. When they do, the truth will be revealed. Maybe more truth than most of us want to hear.

    • Jerry and Wes have NEVER had an issue terminating any officer in the past. They DO NOT live by they’re own rules. Carlton. Do some digging. There are many many officers who are fed up with the PD administration and they’re “do as I say, not as I do” attitude. Tulare NEEDS a Chief who is not a Tulare good old boy (Wes Hensley). Hire a good honest Chief who will insure that he lives a clean honest life and sets a pure example for his people. You can’t make people forget what they have seen these people do. Good Luck Carlton your gonna need it with this group.

  11. Carlton, I totally agree with your position on this matter. However, as a City Councilman, you have the right to put this issue on the CITY COUNCIL AGENDA, and don’t forget, Mr. Don Dorman is your employee. There is always a paper trail that will lead to the true facts. It’s a matter of doing some homework. However, the challenge of finding the true fact is due to the Officers Bill of Rights and “Code Blue”. This reminds me of the million dollars hit the tax payer took with the proposed race track, where the secret deal to transfer the money from Tulare was arranged at the Fresno Airport instead of council chambers.

  12. What a way to pass the buck Carlton….. Dorman works for the entire City Council and is answerable to each of you. Dorman’s memos to all city employees (which included ALL policemen) instructed them to not talk about the Chief to anyone, even to each other or they would be fired. There is no Blue Wall Of Silence here…. there is a Dorman Wall Of Silence with encouragement of the City Council. Don’t ask more of city employees than you do yourself. Your position as a council member is far more safe than theirs. Do the right thing and share ALL the general facts that you know about this matter. If you have never insisted on hearing the facts from Dorman it is never too late to go to him and find out. You can then share that info with the folks who actually voted you into the position of City Councilman.

  13. Carlton,
    You worked for the city of Tulare Fire Department years ago. You know the politics and policies the city of Tulare firefighters and police officers have to deal with thru their career. When to say something and when not to…….knowing if you hang out with the wrong people or right people or say the wrong thing to the wrong person who relays it to the upper management. Your career can be derailed in law enforcement or the fire department for those actions. You know how the politics work in Tulare. In regards to your request to the Officers coming forward to you to report this incident and your statement about doing the right thing, courage and Oz ……….The Officers there believe they are doing the right thing and they know that and if they were directed by their supervisors not to talk about this incident to anyone………They are not going to come to you or the council. If you as an officer of the Tulare Police Department are direct by your supervisor not to talk about it, you run the risk of destroying your chances for promotion / advancement if you do. If an officer comes forward to you, they believe with what they have been instructed, taught and seen in the past, that they could be disciplined for violating department policy for disobeying their respects supervisors directive. They also know that if they come forward to you, they run the risk of being alienated from the management (Brass) team especially when it comes time for reassignment or promotion / advancement. There have been officers in the past who have tried to do the right thing for the betterment of the department and have found themselves reassigned from coveted assignments and & sent to undesirable assignments. Carlton, this story has been floating around the community for months now about the Chief and his paid administration leave and I am sure that this is not the first time, u or any of the council had heard the circumstances of it. If the city council wants to “Really” get to the truth, doesn’t the council have the power to speak to the probationary officer that first contacted the Chief that night of the alleged incident …….2nd speak with the on duty Sgt. that night because I am sure he was there for an incident involving the Chief and notified his direct supervisor ……..Third speak with the on Duty watch commander Lt. that was on duty ( He is in charge of the entire shift and with a matter involving the Chief, he would be contacting the Patrol Captain who is in charge of the entire patrol division ………4th Speak to the Patrol Captain….. Find out why he or any of his officers involved in the stop didn’t make an arrest if the Chief was driving intoxicated? Last…… Speak to the City Manager and ask him if he directed to have the Chief arrested or not arrested and processed for DUI or taken home or if he even spoke to anyone from the police department that night???? Last: Find out what time the call is on the log for the stop with the chief and ask for the voice recordings and call logs for that time frame. All dispatch centers have them and are mandated to keep them for a period of time. If there is no record on the log for the stop…….find out where it is or who deleted it? Thru that chain of command ladder, you should be able to get to the bottom of this embarrassing situation. If the council maintains that it cannot do that type of investigation, contact the Attorney Generals Office and request they conduct it. Does the City Manager have the power to direct the police department to make or not make an arrest. Did the Officers and Command Staff violate Department policy in regards to their respective DUI Policy????? There is a promotional test question about this exact type situation for upper police management command staff that deals with this exact type of event occurring and an intoxicated city official stopped for DUI? To get promoted you in a command police leadership role have to know what is the right thing to do to get it right on the test in order to pass the test and eventually get promoted. Everyone on that Police Management Command Staff team along with the Chief knows the correct answer to that test question. Its not a grey type of question…… It’s a pass or fail question……..Carton, find out for all of us If and when it came to the real world situation, did they Pass or Fail? Carlton, one last thing, It’s not about Fear for the officer as to why they have not come forward…….or going to Oz for Courage……. Its about career suicide and department discipline in their minds if they do.

  14. This news paper sucks for printing an article without a source. I was hoping someone would come forward and tell what they know that’s not the case. Anyone can send a letter to the “Print Anything” Valley Voice” and they will print it. If you are not man or woman enought to stand behind what you say, then don’t say anything. The only person I can talk to is Don. From what I’m told. Who ever sent this letter in doesn’t know anything. So if you sent this letter in and your not a liar. STEP UP!!!

    • Carlton–
      This is the second time you’ve referenced a letter. Could you please describe what you mean by that? Thank you.

    • Really? The newspaper sucks and is the “Print Anything” Valley Voice? You’re kind of jumping to conclusions rather quickly don’t you think, based on the assumption that this info was taken from a letter? Every newspaper in the media occasionally use anonymous sources, thats how the Watergate story was reported for months, remember Deep Throat?

    • Gee Carlton…did this sucky newspaper keep you from your appointed duties as councilman at tonight’s meeting?? Quote from VV “At tonight’s regularly scheduled Tulare City Council meeting, Mayor David Macedo and Vice-Mayor Carlton Jones were not in attendance” Maybe you were headed to Oz yourself, not to get some courage, but a brain!?

      • I’m at my brothers wedding out of state. Out of every paper, news channel and radio. Why do you think VV was the only outlet these invisible 4 went to Larry?

  15. Joseph. I’m referring to how V.V. Recorded this information. Was it a letter? Or an interview.

    “John Doe”. Something needs to be done
    “Me”. Ok LETS do it
    “John Doe”. Not me. You do it…..

    Council members can not be involved with personnel issues.
    Whistle blower protection rights is a federal right.

  16. I thought it was clear from what I read that the sources were interviewed and at least one was confirmed to be in or around law enforcement. How anyone would get the idea that all this information was received in a letter sent to the Valley Voice is beyond me. Maybe the sources cut out letters from magazines and pieced together the words! What a assumption! The only thing I can complain about is how the article states since Breckinridge hasn’t been seen, he must be in rehab, okay…….really? For 5 months? I seriously doubt that.

    • Kelly. How is any of this confirmed? What does “in or around law enforcement” mean? I can tell you it doesnt mean anything in court.
      As a citizen I think Jerry mad a huge mistake and it’s being swept under the rug I think other officers know the truth.
      As a council member what I think about what happend with Jerry doesn’t matter. We only deal with the CM. I have asked. I can say someone is lying. If you’re telling the truth, why hide who you are?

  17. Carlton,
    Just like what “Tired of Backdoor Politics” explained to you. You know u have the power to speak and interview Don Dorman. You have known about this incident for months. This paper is actually one of the more respected papers in our community. Don’t blame the paper for reporting a story that should have been exposed months ago. It’s out there now. The powers that be wanted this thing to just disappear. Well it hasn’t. The city has a serious problem & a possible cover up of a crime involving the Chief and some of his command staff & The City Manager. The possible D U I is a misdemeanor, the cover up is a Felony. No one is going to come forward to the Council for fear of what being persecuted and villified and being accused of having some kind of agenda (Federal Whistle Blower Act) Lol….. With what has gone on in the past in this community with the Politics and past events, you and the council don’t obviously have the trust of the people interviewed for this article to come forward to u or the council. You have the story now, interview Dorman. If you continue to vilify the paper and use the excuse that if you don’t personally have a named source there is nothing you can do. You lose your credibility with the public. You don’t need that named source to put it on the councils agenda (You have this story published here) and Bring Dorman in and have him explain to the council. Do the right thing for the citizens of Tulare, they deserve your best! If we don’t get the best representation, then The Attorney Generals Office needs to be contacted so this can be investigated properly. The community deserves the truth.

    • Redskins Fan. Tulare has a lot of redskin fans. What’s your name? You say we have the story. Where I’m from. Telling a story is telling a lie especially when you say “don’t tell them I said it”.
      Stop hiding. Come out of your hole

      My name is Carlton Jones. Henry’s son. Class of 91. TFD to FFD. a proud Tularean and I aprove this message.

      Valley Voice is a news paper not an attorney. They have every right to say where they got this information and not use fake names

  18. Carlton why don’t you quit trying to dig yourself out of that hole you stepped into and start using that God-given brain that voters thought you had. If you truly can’t recognize that you and your City Manager and fellow City Council members are perpetuating a cover-up of possible wrong doings then I seriously question your credibility as a leader in our community. You are being asked to be the “Whistle Blower” by the citizens who voted you into your seat at the City Council table. Quit trying to shoot the messenger (Valley Voice and other respectable news outlets) and state your true position….”I don’t know anything…I don’t want to know anything….I will refuse to say anything if I ever do find out anything”.

  19. I’m not it a hole.
    I can’t blow the whistle. I wasn’t there.
    Don’t say 4 people came forward if they went to Valley Voice. I call that 4 people are still hiding the facts. They are in a hole. Not me. You know who I am. I’m not using a fake name and I’m not taking my comments to someone else to say them on my behalf.
    If you use a fake name or you are one of these mistical 4. You are in a hole!!! Not me. Sometimes it take courage to raise your hand and say “this is what happened”. As a public servant you disrespect your oath when you don’t. When you keep your mouth shut because you think it will hurt your promotional opportunity. You are a good ole boy and lack integrity.
    The respectable media outlets didn’t cover this. I doubt they will unless they know the source.

  20. Wow! As a voter in Carlton’s district I want to take this time to thank him for affording me the opportunity to gain access into his thought processing capabilities and his mind set.

  21. At the end of the day. Someone made a mistake. Let’s focus on that. Barbara it’s ok if you don’t agree with me but. The sad truth is. This anonymous information is circumstantial and hearsay. As an elected official in your district we are all forwarded the same respect. If someone tells me you are watering on your off day. I wouldn’t just mail you a ticket. I’ll call and ask you. And I would go check and see.
    So know that I have to be far. Even when I would want to just fire someone

    • Carlton. DO YOUR JOB. You are in a position of power placed there by the citizens. Quit blowing smoke. There are things you can do. YOU STEP UP. Wizard

  22. Fair enough Carlton. But at the end of the day Pandora’s box has been opened and the City cannot put back into that box all the information that has been made public thus far, no matter how much some would like to do so. I believe that you just might be the only one sitting on that City Council who supports the public’s right to know. So unless I am wrong (and I hope I am not) I will be waiting for you to somehow find a legal and ethical way to apprise citizens of Tulare of just what has been going on. After all Carlton, Dorman works for you…not the other way around and the only way you can be fired is by the voters. So far you are one up on the other council members as at least you are communicating with the public and they are not.

  23. Plain and Simple….What would happen to one of us if we drive drunk or beat on our significant others?
    There would be fines and jail time.
    Everybody makes mistakes!!!It’s just not acceptable for a person with his job title.I believe he does need help for his issues,but NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF OUR TAX PAYERS MONEY!!!!People say it’s his personal issue and should be kept private!!!Well again it should not be with our tax dollars!I’m sure some of the article is spiced up a little,but if this isn’t correct info. Then maybe we all need an explanation of where the tax payers money is going!

    • Caprina–
      The Valley Voice does not “spice up” articles. It never has, and never will. If anything, we tone things down so as to get at the facts cleanly. And when we’re incorrect we have no problem issuing a correction.

    • I agree with you. An article came out I. The VTD and Dorman said he did not give instructions to officers that night. Dorman used his real name. We still don’t know who Pat and Chris are. We still don’t know if Pat or Chris are real people at all. That’s my issue with this article.

  24. Catherine Doe is a very respected journalist who has consistently written very thorough thoughtful and insightful articles….whatever the subject matter happen to be about. Someone of her caliber doesn’t need to resort to trying to spice things up.

  25. This is easy. The council can go into closde session, and direct the CM to tell them what the **** is going on. As the ultimate city authority, they have every right to know.

    • That’s not true. Council has no right to question the CM on day to day operations. We can question how he deals with them but. We can’t get involved with personnel matters.

  26. Glad to see the Chief took this matter serious enough and did the right thing (resigning) saving the City of Tulare further financial hardship & embarrassment. But we must all not forget as responsible citizens that the chiefs actions were not the only intentional wrong doings in this whole ordeal. If you recall the Sheriff and members of his senior staff acted in collusion to actively cover up a felony committed by the Chief and usurped state laws. The Tulare County DA failed once again to do his job….and the Tulare City Manager ordered an entire department to cover up the crimes as well. Of course the VTD has not covered these crimes, but the VV did not wavier for fear of angering the Sheriff, the DA Tim Ward or the ineffective City Manager

  27. Carlton, at what point do you think you should have kept your mouth shut. Enjoy the rest of you term, I’m sure it will be your last. You have made a lot of noise and have said nothing. The council is looking for ways to save money all the time and you guys let them throw away money.

  28. You all sat on the cartmill overpass with your pretty white hats yesterday. Look what we did, and you get buried today with this story. You all ought to be ashamed. Welcome to the Tulare puppet show

  29. Now that he has agreed to resign is he going to be allowed to keep his pension? I think we have paid him enough to do nothing.

  30. Jesse,
    I just read the article above and then all the comments below and this is a response to your question about keeping his pension. After reading todays Times Delta news paper this morning, it said that Breckinridge picked the date of November 13, to resign. Today is October 7. The Times Delta also said that he was unavailable on May 28th of this year and he has been on paid leave since. If you add it up, he will have received over 5 and 1/2 months of paid compensation at a rounded off figure of lets say $10,000.00 He will have received approximately $ 55,000.00 in tax payers Dollars for just his time off on paid leave. Plus at that time in November when he does leave, I bet his vacation time bank and sick leave bank are maxed out in hours not used. If that is true, he is going to get a very large amount of money for those banks as well when he gets his last check with the city. One last thing that is interesting, Why stay till November 13? He chose not to resign yesterday but he chose to extend his resignation to November 13, (and the city agreed to this date per the article in the Times Delta) to be his resignation date. He is not at work now, so the taxpayers will fund one more month of paid leave vacation at $ 10,000 a month (approximately) for him. I wonder if his resignation date is just beyond his appointment date as a police officer for Tulare? If November 13, was just over his appointment date, he would be able to receive another year of service credit from what ever retirement company the city has for their officers so he would get a higher monthly retirement salary per month when he draws his retirement based on his years of service. Does the City of Tulare have a Big Pile Of Extra Money to work deals like this? If so, I know I have moved into the right community. What do u think about your Tax Dollars At Work now Jesse?

    • Excellent questions and points Roger. I only wish that the news media would ask Dorman and each and every member of the Tulare City Council for an in-depth response. I hope that the Valley Voice doesn’t wait until the end of the month for Catherine Doe to cover “the rest of the story”. I don’t know that Visalia Times Delta has a reporter with grit and drive as well as the contacts to do an in-depth piece (hope I am wrong about that). Time is not on our side with Dorman at the helm…..he thinks that city tax payers won’t question whatever he decides to do with our tax money especially when he knows that the City Council won’t (they never want to know anything….I think it is called plausible deniability).

  31. Hey Carlton,

    I guess there must’ve been some validity to the story that the Valley Voice printed. You can’t say no one told you something was up. You could’ve at least asked the council to go to closed door session and talked to him after reading the article to ask him if this was a valid or not story, but you weren’t even willing to do that. In your response to Barbara, u said that if somebody anonymously called u about watering that you just couldn’t issue them a ticket to the mail and that’s right. You said you would go investigate to find out if they actually were . But you weren’t even willing to do Investigate and speak to Doorman. This is much more serious than watering on the wrong day. Bottom line is that the chief resigned after this story appeared in this paper. He didn’t come out in a press conference and deny any of the allegations. This paper was the only one that actually printed the detailed story which actually says a lot about how this paper is and the fact that it’s going to report more in depth than others and won’t be swayed by politics. Maybe the Advanced Register & Times Delta are the ones that aren’t that are reporting accurate information to the public. Was the council just willing to standby for the next six months and then let him reinstating himself hoping that the story never came out? At what point would any one of the council come out and started asking questions if nobody would’ve come forward and they did keep this from the public? Do you realize the city is gonna pay this guy over $55,000 in wages for his time spent at home from the end of May until the middle of November. Do you realize that this guys is padding his pension right now because he got to pick his own resignation date which is a month from now he’s probably going to get an extra year of service credit which will make his monthly retirement check even more. Does our city have that much extra money? Is there going to be any further investigation into the city manager’s actions in regard to this matter or is that just going to be put to rest since The Chief resigned? No one in the Council in the last five months has called Don doorman and asked him what is going on with this ? The councils maybe ok with this, but the citizens of Tulare are not. Go read what the citizens of Tulare are writing in the comments of the times delta about the Chief getting a free ride on the DUI In the article announcing his resignation. The councils actions on this speak louder than their words.

  32. Macedo is being quiet, his favorite saying “You got it”. Does it apply here? Born with a golden spoon and acts like he has worked for everything. When is the last time you have seen him dirty? Ask him who owns the property on the northwest corner of cartmill and blackstone. In-out is supposed to go there from what I’m told. Sure Macedo wants growth on that side to feel his pockets. Now’s the time to step up David and let Tulare know what your push was for with the new overpass. To add money to your pocket. “You got it” no actually we Tulareans got it. You blamed Pyle for the race track issue, who you gonna blame for this, not Dorman cause you lay in the same bed with him. By the way, you looked kinda cute with your gay white hat at the overpass ceremony. What a phoney………

  33. As a drug and alcohol counselor in Tulare county, I am amazed at all the addict behaviors going on and the codependent enabling. I work with teenagers that have more backbone than these people. OWN YOUR OWN JUNK… CLEAN UP YOUR SIDE OF THE STREET…YOU ARE ONLY AS SICK AS YOUR SECRETS. I struggle to get teens to live by these simple instructions. I am absolutely disgusted that people in your position can justify a criminal conspiracy to cover up domestic violence and DUI. NO WONDER OUR COMMUNITY HAD AN ARREST OF 52 GANG MEMBERS! ! Let’s be sure to shine the light on that, so we can divert attention away from the criminal activity going on with the City Council. I love my community. Can someone please make this right!

    • This act started with one person, Jerry. The first mistake is his. The next mistake is what happened when he was confronted by another officer. No I don’t know what happened. I have no way of finding out. You should all ask Jerry. I will do the same. What I can ask is are we rewarding bad behavior. I hope we are not and plan to stop it if we are.
      This is not a sign of council committing a crime. It’s all on Jerry. I feel he owes the city an apology. But to “Humble” you comments are tasteless. I see why you hide behind a fake name. If you want to see the mayor dirty go, out to his livestock yard. What does a white hat have to do with being gay?

      • Why am I not surprised that you continue with your “don’t know nothing and have no way of finding out” ??? The Chief of Police owes the City an apology, the City Council owes the City an apology, the City Manager owes the City an apology. As far as I am concerned the entire City Council and the City Manager should resign along with Breckinridge. You guys have cost this City way too much money.

  34. Let me just clarify something, I do consider it a job well done that 52 gang members are off the streets. My concern is that there will be 95 hours of media on that but if we (taxpayers) want to know about what is going on with the people running the city; we will have to find out on social media. Then they can beg the argument “don’t believe what you see on Facebook”. Like I tell my children, if you confess your faults before you can be accused then you are considered honorable and able to justify your defense and worthy of a pardon or at the least a lesser punishment. However when your faults come out behind your sneaking, hiding and lying then you are more than guilty and deserve whatever punishment fits the crime.

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