Is My Husband Still with Me?

This is Part II of the series “Speaking to the Dead – Are Mediums Real?

Losing a husband or wife is one of the main reasons that someone will seek out a medium. The following is Valeria’s session with medium Michelle Tedrow.

Valeria lost her husband last November, and then the grandmother who raised her a month later. Her brother-in-law died the same day as her grandmother, and of the same genetic disease that killed her husband. Valeria’s biggest question for Michelle was, “Is my husband still with me?”

Valeria’s Reading

If there is such a thing, it was a perfect day for a reading. Valeria and Michelle had picked the Hanford Municipal Park in which to meet and conduct their session. We sat at a table near the carousel and Michelle quickly entered that zone where she sets aside anything that has to do with her own life. She put her entire focus on any of Valeria’s loved ones who wanted to come through. Valeria and I were easily distracted by the people coming and going, but Michelle didn’t notice the loud talker at the hot dog stand or the people scraping their chairs against the concrete as they sat at the tables next to us.

The following is Valeria’s reading.

MICHELLE: I call in my guides and angels on the other side to help us and then ask anyone on the other side who wants to come through. Many times it’s more than one. They work together to bring in the information then I step aside and just bring through what I’m hearing, sensing and feeling. What I like to do is validate your husband’s energy and give you validation it is him. I try to feel his personality. I feel like he was a very loving and gentle man.

VALERIA: With me, yes, with others no. With others he could get real dangerous.
(Valeria’s husband was one of ten children and, after his mother died, he and some of his siblings joined the Norteno gang. His mother was the glue that kept the family together but ultimately succumbed to the same genetic disease of the liver that would take his and his brother’s life.)

MICHELLE: But with you he could be gentle and loving. Are all five of your children with him?

VALERIA: No, just my son.

MICHELLE: Just looking at him right before he passed, I feel like I can see his true essence and feel a lot of love. He had gotten to a point where he really loved his family.

VALERIA: He did. What do I do now? Will I see him again?

MICHELLE: Do you have a small dog? I hear a yappy little dog. When he is yapping it is a sign that your husband is around.

VALERIA: We have two big dogs but a little dog that is always barking and there is nothing there. We always know it’s serious if the big dogs bark but we don’t pay attention to the little dog.

MICHELLE: You will see him again. He is around. He says that you were the best thing that ever happened to him. You were his rock. There was a huge change with him, a shift in energy with him in what is important in life and it started when you met. He wanted to make it right and gave 100%. He is sorry he had to leave. Did he have achy knees?

VALERIA: In the beginning he had really bad leg cramps and charliehorses in his legs. He felt like he had torn his Achilles tendon. For a year they kept misdiagnosing him with low potassium, diabetes, then just said it was old age. He was 49.

MICHELLE: He keeps showing me his legs.

VALERIA: It was a symptom of his liver disease. When they let him out of prison he hid how sick he was. He said that he was going to get a liver transplant and everything will be OK. But he died nine days after he got home.

MICHELLE: He felt like he was going to beat it. He liked cars didn’t he? He could connect with his heritage and he enjoyed going to car shows with you.

VALERIA: He liked to do hydraulics and auto body work.

MICHELLE: He had a lot of friends and liked to laugh. You could see right through him but he had to put a front for everyone else. But really, he had a big mushy heart. He was close to his mom. He was a real mama’s boy. He keeps saying, “My mom is here.” Your son is really stepping up to the plate and helping you through this. He has a lot of his father’s personality. Your husband tried to teach him the right way so he wouldn’t take the path he did. He loved the animals too and that yappy dog. I see him in the household trying to get through to you and if you pay attention you will feel his energy around you. I saw him move aside from the people you were associated with because he wants something better for you. There is someone there in your life but he knows that you can do better. I see a door shutting and now you will have a whole new life.

VALERIA: Since he passed, old relationships have started popping up.

MICHELLE: Those are the ones you want to avoid. I see these guys trying to swoop in. He is concerned about your not being treated right. There is someone he sees right now that won’t be good for you. You are on a journey. You need to take your time and he will be there to guide you. It’s not like you will never be with someone else; he is not saying that. He will be there for you as a friend.

VALERIA: As soon as he was on his deathbed men started coming out of the woodwork. They would say, “Let’s do coffee,” “Let’s reconcile. Give me another chance.” “You’ve come so far.” I might be good for them, but they won’t be good for me.

MICHELLE: That’s exactly what he would be saying right now. There is someone better for you. You are going forward. He says keep going forward, don’t go backward. There was nothing left unsaid when he died. Everything was already good between you so there was not a lot to say.

VALERIA: Is my husband with the whole family? My grandmother passed a month after he died. It was like she was waiting for him to come home from prison and the hospital before she left. They released him 19 days before he died. He spent ten in the hospital and nine at home. When he died, I called my grandmother to let her know. That’s when she told me it was now her time to go. She was 92.

MICHELLE: She was tired. She kept the entire family together. She was like a workhorse. She knew everything. She knew everyone’s birthdays, anniversaries, and she kept it all in her head. Was she diagnosed a long time ago? It seems that she was supposed to go earlier?

VALERIA: She was like a mother. My mother was never around. My mother only wanted me around for the welfare check. Will my husband stay until my time comes?

MICHELLE: He will be in and out but he will be around. He can influence your life from where he is at. He can almost make more of an impact from where he is now. You will have your own connection. You can talk to him in your mind. You don’t have to say it out loud. You can still talk to him when you need help with something. He can go wherever he wants. He is not stuck anywhere. I feel like you are going to get some healing. Take some time for yourself and listen to your gut before you make any big decisions. Did you get a scent that smelled like your husband?

VALERIA: Everything is the same. All his stuff is still in the drawers.

MICHELLE: Leave it like that until you feel like it’s time to move it.

VALERIA: Who all is with me?

MICHELLE: Someone since you have been little. I feel one main person but a lot of angels too. When you turn in, and get closer to your center, you can just invite your guides and angels into your life and ask. Start consciously paying attention and be aware of your environment, the energy around you, and the people in your life. Learn to know who to trust. Does it feel right when you are around them and do they have the right intentions? Before you met your husband you didn’t do that but now you have to use some discernment.

VALERIA: I lost my best friend in 2005.

MICHELLE: You can still have that communication with her. Everything you had before you can have now. I don’t feel your grandmother blasting through here. Did you best friend OD?

VALERIA: She gave up. She pulled out the IV, wouldn’t take her medicine and wouldn’t have the open heart surgery.

MICHELLE: Something is not right with that. It feels like a buildup of something.

VALERIA: I feel like she is here.

MICHELLE: It doesn’t mean she is not here. It’s just that your husband is stronger. She almost died before and when she did die she wasn’t cleaned up. She is blasting through now. She knew that physical abusive stuff first hand.

VALERIA: Her batterer did OD, in 1986, and she was never with another man.

MICHELLE: I feel like she couldn’t leave that stuff alone.

VALERIA: She liked it.

MICHELLE: She just couldn’t keep clean or straighten-up. She kept falling off the wagon. Her heart just gave up. She just threw in the towel and said I’m done.

VALERIA: That’s how her son described it. She said I’m done, pulled out her I.V., closed her eyes and passed. We had just talked an hour beforehand. I thought I had the wrong name when I called the hospital. We never had a chance to say goodbye.

MICHELLE: You guys had a lot of past lives together. When you met you were instant soul mates.

VALERIA: I reminded her of herself. She knew all of my secrets and rescued me every time.

MICHELLE: She was tough. She beat the crap out of some people.

VALERIA: At the end she only had me, her son and a daughter. She was burning the candle at both ends. She always told me, don’t overdo it, it’s not worth it. I don’t feel like I hear her but I know what she would do. Lately I’ve been drinking a lot of water. I started drinking water at night.

MICHELLE: Water conducts energy. The water keeps the energy flowing. You should meditate also. You can look on YouTube for a guided meditation. It’s a time to relax and get into your body and into your senses. I meditate and ask for guidance and I get answers. I meditate to get out of my logic and clear my attachment from it.

VALERIA: How do you know who to call on?

MICHELLE: You have to use discernment. I have my circle of angels and guides around me. No one else is allowed. I have a gatekeeper and that person only lets in my team members who need to be here. If you are too open you attract some spirits that should not come home with you.

VALERIA: Do you have to practice?

MICHELLE: You have to practice every day. I’ve been practicing for ten years and am still learning.

Read in next issue’s continuation of the series “Speaking to the Dead, Part III” – “Anyone Can be a Medium.”

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