John Hernandez Confident of Victory

John Hernandez
John Hernandez

John Hernandez, running for the 21st Congressional District, is confident of a victory in June. He isn’t trying anything flashy during this campaign, just going back to the basics. Referring to his last match-up with Fresno City Council member Xiong Blong he said, “This time it’s a little different but we still think we can win. We have put in the time and know our community. We have a team in each one. We will find a way to win.”

Mr. Hernandez campaigns on the issues, which is evident on his website and during debates. He feels fellow Democratic candidate, Ms. Renteria, goes light on the issues and heavy on Washington D.C. ‘s support. One of Mr. Hernandez’s biggest issues is water. He pointed out that in the 1930s, California invested in the water infrastructure by starting the construction of the Central Valley Project. In the 1950s they started on our modern highway system. This infrastructure is coming to the end of its life, and he wants to see it brought back to its original glory. It’s hard to attract new companies and create jobs with a failing infrastructure. Mr. Hernandez touched upon creating an infrastructure bank, a proposition he plans on fleshing out after he wins the primary.

Mr. Hernandez has offices in the three communities he hopes to be representing, Fresno, Bakersfield and Hanford. His Fresno Office phone number is 498-0327, and the Bakersfield number is 599-2835. Check out his website to learn how he stands on the issues.

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