Phil Cox

The walls of his office are filled with photographs and mementos – photos of his family and keepsakes from his personal and professional life – from the time he served his ministry in Switzerland to signs and proclamations from his time as a Visalia City Council member and as Supervisor for Tulare County. Born on […]

Scot Hillman

For those who live in Tulare, the names Heiskell and Hillman are fairly commonplace. Scot Hillman, a son of Dale Hillman and Pat (Heiskell) Hillman, is chairman of the board at J.D. Heiskell & Co. He admits that he has a lot of his mother’s traits and some from his father as well, but he […]

Graciela Martinez

Graciela Martinez’ retirement home sits across a small dirt road from the never-ending stream of traffic that is Highway 99 cutting its way north and south along the backbone of California, eventually through Goshen, that fabled area to the east of Eden. It’s a dark sky-blue house, small, with a pair of arches that cover […]

Cheri Taylor

“Cheri Taylor comes from a long line of stubborn Highlander Scots!” is the very first statement on her bio sheet. Isn’t it interesting how people perceive themselves and yet others around them may see something quite different? Expounding upon the word stubborn brings out words like dedicated and strong-willed, or firmly planted and adamant. According […]

Lester Moon

There are many people in this world who make a positive difference in the place where they live. Sometimes it is with intent and other times it ‘s merely the wake they leave as they pass through doors by leaving them open for others to follow. Most times the two go hand in hand. The […]

Allen Ishida

He is well-known by his constituents, who greet him with a handshake or a hug at an Exeter eatery. He is recognized throughout the county as a familiar face–who some see as an authority figure. And, perhaps not yet known by the general population around California, he may soon be. For 11 years, Allen Ishida […]

Dr. Larry Stoneburner

If you’ve been to one or more of the many civic or community events that go on each year in Tulare County, then you will probably recognize this man. He is often seen setting up a sponsorship table for a chamber dinner or one of the people handing out free books from a booth at […]