Marijuana Laws Costing Farmers Money

Rick Trojan thinks marijuana has given cannabis a bad name it doesn’t deserve, so he’s launched a nationwide mission to repair its damaged reputation. In June, his Hemp Road Tour stopped in Visalia between visits to major hemp manufacturers and meetings with legislators who can help change the way the plant is viewed by the […]

The Man Behind the Microphone

If you’ve switched on a radio in the Central Valley during the last five decades, there’s a good chance you’ve heard Kent Hopper’s voice. It’s deep, mellow and resonant–a lot like the man who owns it. These days, Hopper, 66, is headman at KTIP in Porterville, a 24-hour news and talk station broadcasting at 1450 […]

Tulare Hospital Board Discharges Entire Medical Staff

TULARE HOSPITAL BOARD DISCHARGES ENTIRE MEDICAL STAFF OF 135: UPDATE Dave Adalian Following the publication of the article “Tulare Hospital Board Discharges Entire Medical Staff of 135,” the Valley Voice was contacted by a publicity firm and attorneys representing Tulare Local Health Care District (TLHCD) and Health Care Conglomerate Associates to raise objections to facts […]