Sheriff Mike Boudreaux suspends campaign for Congress, endorses Fong for CA-20


Boudreaux and his wife at a fundraiser before the primary

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux announced Monday that he has suspended his campaign for California’s 20th Congressional District and is endorsing Congressman Vince Fong for the seat in the Nov. 5, 2024 general election.

“I’ve known Congressman Fong and worked closely with him and his team for more than a decade. While we were on opposite sides of this campaign, at the end of the day, we’re Republicans, we’re family men, and fighters who are committed to protecting individual liberty, reducing the cost of living, and maintaining safe communities for our neighbors,” Boudreaux said.

“That’s why I am suspending my campaign for the 20th Congressional District and endorsing Congressman Vince Fong.”

Boudreaux issued the news in a video to supporters.

Boudreaux entered the race for the open Congressional in December amid legal uncertainty over the qualification of leading candidates.

Ultimately, the Tulare County Sheriff advanced as a top-two finisher in the March 5 Primary and March 19 Special Primary elections, winning incredible support from all four counties of the 20th Congressional District.

Congressman Vince Fong would prevail in the May 21 Special Election run-off to serve in the seat through the remainder of 2024.

In his announcement, Boudreaux announced that he will be committing the remainder of 2024 to supporting common sense, public safety-focused candidates across the San Joaquin Valley and California through a new grassroots organization, Golden State Justice.

“It’s time to bring our region together and deliver big wins for the Valley,” Boudreaux said

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  1. He quit because he was going to have to explain why he’s pictured in uniform shaking hands with and welcoming neo Nazis to Tulare County.

    Now we wonder why Fong would accepted an endorsement from such a weakened candidate.

    • Fong is a Trump Republican, there isn’t any endorsement he would refuse. Is he still on the ballot for two different seats? Will there be a coin toss? Heads up he wins; tails he wins. That’s the Trump Republican way!

  2. Even Fong is better than the feces Democrats! BTW, to show how great the feces Democrat economy is, another business has closed in Visalia, as Rubios is now gone!

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